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Justin Chambers' Road to Recovery

Justin Chambers' Road to Recovery

Recently rehab-ed Justin Chambers takes a quick smoke break outside his house in Los Angeles on Friday.

The Grey’s Anatomy star was recently admitted to a psych ward for a sleeping disorder.

Justin, 37, had a box of donuts delivered to his home and two official-looking gentlemen visit the Chambers household. One of Justin‘s twin daughters and his son Jackson popped their heads out of the bay window.

The father-of-five was later seen carrying his packed bags and hopping into his Escalade with his wife, Keisha.

15+ pictures inside of Justin Chambers‘ road to recovery…

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justin chambers road to recovery 01
justin chambers road to recovery 02
justin chambers road to recovery 03
justin chambers road to recovery 04
justin chambers road to recovery 05
justin chambers road to recovery 06
justin chambers road to recovery 07
justin chambers road to recovery 08
justin chambers road to recovery 09
justin chambers road to recovery 10
justin chambers road to recovery 11
justin chambers road to recovery 12
justin chambers road to recovery 13
justin chambers road to recovery 14
justin chambers road to recovery 15

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  • Sophia

    Aww, I hope he gets better soon. :D

  • nke

    yeah…i hope he gets better..

  • dimi

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  • dimi

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  • http://justjared Lips,tits,ass and Brad’s lap!

    I hope so too. Those kids need him.

  • Leanne

    Seeing as people always bash Katherine Heigl for smoking, I expect to see as more commen ts bashing Justin. But no, double standards !

  • Angie

    The paparazzi are disgusting to go to Justin’s house and take pictures of him. Good for him for leaving.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    usually jared bashes guys who r smoking in his posts as well, but i think he didnt bash chambers this time because of his situation. gotta be a lil sensetive sometimes when someone is down

  • Suzz

    He might be the first casualty of the writer’s strike …

  • elodie

    i hope he’s ok now.

  • Diana

    Even after he asked the press to leave him and his family alone during this time, they go to house to take pictures. WTF!?

  • Chris

    Gawd! Why don’t these paps leave him the f*** alone! I hope Justin gets well soon. I miss Grey’s and especially Karev!

  • JuLIA



  • lily

    i don’t buy the whole sleeping disorder story though.

    Also he can’t sleep but he is drinking red bull and smoking cigs?

    Anyway, i am glad whatever he is suffering from that he seeking help on his own free will.

    good luck to him and his family.

  • Lisa

    They are well match each other. He is very hot, she is very beautiful and sexy. It is said that they met on celeb mingle com Is it true?

  • Anon

    They have beautiful children! It looks serious whatever is going on. Too bad the paps are there spying on their privacy so we can play guessing games about what we think is giong on. How sick is that!oi

  • kenza

    i think he’s ok now.

  • Didi

    justin maybe you cant sleep cos you’re glug-glugging Red Bull like its going out of bloody fashion.

  • lola

    Poor guy…I know firsthand that sleeping disorders are no fun at all. Sort of like hell on earth, without the flames.

    –read my blog at

  • Puce

    hey JJ when are you gonna talk of Jamie Spears who take over Britney’s affairs ? It’s great news !!

  • Brenda

    rehab he goes?

  • JI

    How is smoking going to make him any healthier :S?

  • LT

    Yah, Justin…put down the Red Bull!!! That is liquid adrenaline!!!
    And smoking cigarettes is also a stimulant. Duh!
    He’s still so frickin’ hot!!!!

  • hmmmmm

    Just to let you you know….. people do not check themselves into a
    PSYCH ward for a mere sleeping disorder, a PSYCH ward is meant only for people with mental disorders NOT sleep disoreders…..

    Get Better soon!

  • shiva

    I hope he gets better too I don’t wanna see anymore tragedies…
    but why is he drinking Red Bull if he’s trying to get rid of a sleeping disorder?

  • Chris

    Just to let you you know….. people do not check themselves into a
    PSYCH ward for a mere sleeping disorder, a PSYCH ward is meant only for people with mental disorders NOT sleep disoreders…..


    Just to let YOU know…. some psych wards DO treat people with sleeping disorders. After all, if you don’t sleep it does start messing with your head. UCLA hospital treats sleeping disorders so stop speculating that there was some alterior motive for Justin to go there.

    And for the people saying he shouldn’t be drinking Red Bull if he wants to sleep, it’s not like he’s going to sleep all day and night now. I’m sure he’s trying to be awake during the day and trying to sleep at night. So, there’s no problem if he has a Red Bull during the day when he’s obvioulsy not going to bed.

  • Alwayslearning

    mmmm, donuts. Hope they were from SK (my favorite)

  • amber

    His kids are so cute….I hope whatever is ailing him gets worked out.

  • Alwayslearning

    I do have to agree with the poster that mentioned the photographers at the home. Actually I would be fine with photographers not having access to homes. I hope that happens in the future

  • giannis

    i don’t like him, he is gubly.

  • giannis

    who the fucj ios that?

  • dimi


  • dimi


  • ………

    I knew paps would stake out his house. Though I find it weird that he is drinking red bull. That there are sightings he’s been out late without his family in PJs according to Page Six, and now this…

    He just flipped out over doughnuts and two guys that look “official”, and he left without the fam. He could very well have a sleeping disorder due to the something else though. Another problem he has, and the sleeping disorder is a consequence of that.

  • dimi

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  • dimi

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  • cyclopticcupcake

    it seems to me if you have sleep issues
    the first thing i would avoid is shit like red bull…
    of course you can’t sleep you’re basically
    drinking caffeine mixed with bull sperm.

  • dimi

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  • hmmmmm

    Chris # 27….. mabey things are done diffent in LA, however most hospitals w Psych wards are only open for patients w mental disabilities………Sleep clinics are where most individuals go for sleeping disorders….. my intentions were not to speculate anything else, I really hope he does get better and most people on this thread are correct SMOKING+ RED BULL are not healthy stimulants, besides whomever spilt the beans on his personal struggles of “SLEEP DEPREVATIONS” and his attempt to get better by attending A PYSCH institution should be ashamed………….I guess HOLLYWOOD isn’t cut out for most people……

  • dimi

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  • fame

    They wanted fame they got it. He cannot play ingnorant of the paps and how bad they are – he knew about them before he went into his work — if he didn’t want it he should have gotten a different type of job. Can’t have it both ways. Fame means fame and you put yourself out there to be known so you can get the $$$$$$ from the viewing public. Then when people try to get the $$$$$$ off your fame you by cattering to the viewing public with photographs you balk. It’s okay for you to earn mega amounts of cash but not others. Get real.

  • fame

    ps I hope he gets the treatment he needs and gets well.

  • dimi

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  • adrian

    The headline the you used is missleading

    ‘Justin Chambers’ Road to Recovery’

    What recovery?

    You don’t recover from a sleeping disorder, it with you all your life and sometimes it get out of wack and you need help to get back on track.

    He has fivef kids and may of felt that he didn’t want them seeing daddy hurting and going to the hospitle was best.

    who knows?

  • Matt

    Sleeping Disorder is code for ALCOHOL ABUSE.

    Only a couple of weeks ago there were pics of his wife Keisha & their close friend Kate Walsh, leaving a Al-Anon meeting – a support group for people affected by someone else’s drinking.

    That someone has to be JUSTIN. Coincidence ? I don’t think so.


    #46 Think Matt might have hit on the truth there. You wouldn’t be drinking Red Bull of you had a sleep disorder. Alcohol is more likely.

    Pity as he is one of the few likeable Greys actors & characters. Certainly a better actor than Ellen Pompous-face.

  • dimi

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  • dimi

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  • Brainysmurf

    Feel better soon, Justin!

    To the people that are speculating a drinking problem becuase his wife was in a church that may or may not have been holding an AlAnon meeting-the whole point of AA and all its sub-groups is to be anonymous. Let’s try to respect his privacy by not speculating or looking for things that aren’t there.