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Violet Affleck's Starbucks Stop

Violet Affleck's Starbucks Stop

Ben Affleck takes daughter Violet, 2, for a quick stop at Starbucks in Brentwood, Calif. on Saturday morning.

Wife Jennifer Garner reportedly has said Ben‘s a bit of a couch potato: “You just can’t get Ben out anywhere. You can have a great conversation with him just so long as you’re not willing to leave the couch. [But] I’ll promise you one thing, Ben is not boring. I think you have to be prepared for anything when you’re married to someone like him because he’s such a talented guy.”

15+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck‘s Starbucks stop…

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violet affleck starbucks stop 01
violet affleck starbucks stop 02
violet affleck starbucks stop 03
violet affleck starbucks stop 04
violet affleck starbucks stop 05
violet affleck starbucks stop 06
violet affleck starbucks stop 07
violet affleck starbucks stop 08
violet affleck starbucks stop 09
violet affleck starbucks stop 10
violet affleck starbucks stop 11
violet affleck starbucks stop 12
violet affleck starbucks stop 13
violet affleck starbucks stop 14
violet affleck starbucks stop 15
violet affleck starbucks stop 16
violet affleck starbucks stop 17
violet affleck starbucks stop 18
violet affleck starbucks stop 19

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  • Lillianne

    She’s growing right before our eyes

  • Courtney

    Violet is just SOOOO CUTE!!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    you can see the pain in ben’s face, even he’s embarrassed!

  • Courtney

    Might I add that she looks JUST like her mom!

  • Nice

    Awwww, she is simply adorable! And I love the way her parents are so low-key about themselves. How they don’t sell pics to magazines or flaunt themselves for all to see their personal business!!!

  • nina


  • Lillianne

    Aren’t those dimples adorable?

  • just wondering

    She’s cute and all that, but I wonder if pictures of a little girl, not in showbiz, should be so prominently displayed? I know that in other countries there are rules restricting that. I don’t know – I just don’t feel that it’s right. And to even name threads after her…

  • just wondering

    Oh, and when I said “little girl,” I actually meant little kids in general, boy or girl.

  • Madonna

    Ben’s a Q.T.!

  • Here’s The Deal

    She’s so adorable!

  • awwww

    She’s adorable. I think these are the first pictures I’ve seen of Ben and Violet where I can really see a resemblance. In some pics they have the same exact facial expressions.
    Ben must be excited about the Superbowl tomorrow, Go Pats!!!

  • JI

    She definitely looks like Jennifer xD.

  • To Just Wondering

    I understand what you’re getting at, but just earlier I was thinking how lucky some of the celebs are to have so many amazing photos of their kids in everyday ordinary circumstances. I don’t know if they appreciate it. Think about all the sweet pictures of Kingston, Violet and all the others that document some of the loving attention their parents give them. It’s kinda cool.


    there should be laws. the parents are the celebrities not the children. leave them out of the pictures. she is ultra cute though. but so is ben.

  • alexia mackenzie

    simply adorable

  • Jane

    We see pictures of her every day. Of course the most overexposed child in Hollywood is growing before our eyes.

  • so bad

    That girl must be so spoiled, she proabably doesn’t want her parents to put her down to walk. I can just hear her sying pick me up, pick me up.

  • oh dear

    Poor Jennifer, she must be so bored with the dufus.

  • http://shedone puhleese

    she’s making excuses passively -about why their never seen together much. ben is tired of the family thing. dads who want this kind of life couch potato or not (i dont believe herexcuses) make the effort more than every blue moon to partake in family going ons.

  • Karena

    aw, adorable. :)

  • anonymous

    Why do Jen and Ben act like a couple who has seperated, why not spend time together like a normal family like Gwen Sefani does.

  • Mya

    Violet is adorableeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and you people stop HATING on them.

    Ben does not want his FAMILY LIFE to be exposed. Can you blame him after JLO crap?

    Gwen Stefani did not go through that!

    Violet looks just like her dad in that first pic. Look at the facial expression; it’s just cute.

    P.S. There is some new pics of Ben and Jen together and some with Jen and baby Vi’ ..Jennifer looks sooooooooooo preggers in the ones she is holding Violet. Her coat was pushed to the side so you could actually see her belly hanging out in some navy shirt.

    She is sooooooooo 101% preggers and probably thats why they are searching for their a new house.

  • Mya

    I am sorry the website with the pics I was talking about is

    1 Page I believe it is :)

  • Violet

    ITA with you Jane (#17)

  • too cute

    Precious! her dipples are to DIE for!

  • kenny

    ahhhhhh stop making excuses jennifer garner!her statement fits to ben and her acting outside damn!! sure a 35 year old guy likes to spend the time infront of the TV instead of spending time with his wife and kid IMO there´s something wrong then!

  • anonymous

    Ben does not want his FAMILY LIFE to be exposed. Can you blame him after JLO crap?


    If that is the case then why would he take Violet to starbucks where he knows the paparazzi are waiting to take pictures of them, he is exposing his family by doing this. Ben hasn’t changed from the JLo days at all, it’s shameful he’s using his daughter for publicity just like he did with Jlo.

  • angie

    JJ why do you post pics of this kid every day, she’s the most overexposed celebrity spawn, but then with Bennifer as the parents it’s to be expected. Enough already with Violent Affleck, please post some pictures of Shiloh, I don’t remember the last time I saw pictures of that beautiful little girl.

  • 808

    wow. i forgot how handsome Ben is.

  • cissa

    Thanks for the pics! The best family, I love the affleck, I love see pics of violet! The cutest baby…

  • martha

    I see pics of Ben and Jen together every week… just because JJ doesn’t post this pics, doesn’t mean they don’t spend time together! Please people, look in others sites or blogs…
    Ben looks hot!, Violet looks like a doll!!!

  • marie

    I thought they would be so happy together, but Ben is beginning to do to his wife, what he did to J-lo. I felt sorry for J-Lo, but now I see, he’s just a spoiled jerk, probably missing his nights out with strippers.

  • lisa

    why do you never see the whole family together – usually you just get piccys of Jen and Vi

  • lisaP.

    There are news pics of Ben and Jen looking a house, to me, they look a normal family, making normal things… my favorite family, Ben just want to protect their privacy as a couple because he had a bad experience when he was dating J-lo…
    They don’t need to kissing in front of the cameras to prove their feelings… they are a great couple to me!
    And violet is the most beautiful baby of HW!

  • cammy

    Yeah, I saw this interview of Jen…
    Here’s more things jen talk about Ben and Violet:

    Garner is also rather brighter than many of her peers, a quality she shares with Affleck, though she is the first to admit that even she is a little intimidated by her husband’s brain. “Sometimes I think, ‘Oh gosh, I’d better read the paper so I can talk to my husband!’” she laughs. “I can hold my own with him, though. I hate to break it to him, but he likes to think, ‘Can you believe how smart I am?’ He’ll be teasing me and I’ll say, ‘Yes, actually, I can. I’m astounded that you can keep up with me most of the time.’ And I’ll promise you one thing: he is not boring. You can’t get him to go out somewhere, but at least you can have a good conversation with him. Just as long as you’re willing not to leave the couch.”

    Nevertheless, she is ready for some lighter fare. She hopes to have a cameo in JJ Abrams’ upcoming Star Trek film: “I just want to be a Klingon in the movie,” she laughs. Another possible role could be that of political wife, since Affleck has long toyed with the idea of entering politics. “I think you have to be ready for anything when you’re married to someone like Ben. But I do believe that after Gone Baby Gone [the film Affleck directed, unreleased in the UK due to similarities to the Madeleine McCann case], he’s going to be stuck in directing for a long time.”

    Garner seems most content chatting about life at home. “I can make a beautiful loaf of wheat bread and I love to cook dinner. Last night I made grilled chicken with roasted sweet potatoes and broccoli from the farmers’ market. I did a load of laundry, too,” she adds, as if wanting to emphasise the normality of her life. Most of Garner’s female friends are out of the business, with exceptions like Keri Russell ? with whom she worked on another JJ Abrams series, Felicity – and Reese Witherspoon.

    There is no prospect of Violet becoming an actor, not yet anyway. Affleck was a child actor and does not have fond memories of his experiences. “She absolutely can’t work professionally until she’s a grown-up,” says Garner. Instead, she would like Violet to inherit Affleck’s “curiosity” and her own “happiness. My mother has always had this mantra: ‘Happiness is your own responsibility’, and I really believe that to be true.”

  • zefron wife

    violet is sooooooooooo cute so is her dad i think ben and jen are a great couple true is that there a great family so low-key

  • http://shedone yyyy

    dimples are a deformity of the skull.
    the kid is average at best.
    and seen much more than any other celeb kid. on purpose of course. ben needs hair plugs.

  • to yyyy

    your existence is a deformity of the planet, idiot!!!!
    Violet is sooooooooooooooooo beautiful and cute
    oh and there are newer pics of Ben, Jen and Violet together
    at Jen-fans sooo cute!

  • jason

    To YYYY:

    What pics??? I want to see it… I love violet’s pics… I love this family!

  • to jason

    you have to be registered, and the pics are here:

  • Didi

    I feel sorry for violet, her dad is so fugly

  • jason

    Thankssss, it’s nice pics!

  • Mary

    I can’t help but think something has gone wrong like Ben is a family man at all. I think he’d rather sit at home and read a book or go out with friends rathen spend time with the wife and kid.
    Jen is trying to hide that fact. When you do see them in public he never looks happy. Kind of like she made him come.

  • vanessa and zac fan

    Ben’s looking even yummier than usual! Violet’s adorable.

  • full of crap

    #36 She is full of s#it about knowing how to cook. Ben was on the Regis and Kelly show and he implied that she didn’t know how to cook. It was also evident to me when she was on the Martha Stewart show a couple of months ago, she didn’t know what the heck she was doing in Martha’s kitchen. My friends and I were watching the show and we were laughing at how full of s#it the girl was because she was pretending she knew how to cook, lol! She didn’t even know how to hold the knife or whatever she was! She is trying to promote the image of homemaker and down to earth, that’s fine but I know she is full of crappo. She can fool some people but not me.

  • violation

    Ben’s wife’s goody two shoes persona is crafted by her publicists and the people around her. I heard she is a pompous b#tch like her husband, they deserve eachother.

  • to Mary yyyy lisa so bad

    Mary, your FOS Ben doesnt like being photographed, that is the only reason he looks unhappy. When you see him candid (before seeing the paps) he is always smiling. His friends have said the contrary to what people think, he doesn’t like the pap attention, it embarrasses him. Just because he doesnt go along with Jenn on daily errands to the grocery store doesnt mean he doesnt spend time with them. You all are definitely not married people. My husband never goes on daily errands with me but is a great dad at home.All the haters are upset Jen is happier with Ben than Vartan, and Ben is happier with her than Lopez. Tuff luck get over it that was 4 years ago!

  • TO full of crap and violation

    Sorry you are so full of hate over the fact that Jenn dumped Vartan. Get over it! That was YEARS ago! You are too invested in that former relationship. ITs not healthy!

  • LeytonP&L4eva

    Cute pics! I saw some new pics of Ben, Jen and Violet in Bel Air yesterday, Jen looks happy, smiling and ben looks hot, I think they found their home… well, I hope so!