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Ellen Pompeo is a Fashion Week Freak

Ellen Pompeo is a Fashion Week Freak

Cute couple Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery enjoy New York Fashion Week on Saturday.

The couple first made a front-row appearance at the Rock and Republic fall/winter 2008 fashion show (pictured), then headed to celeb fave Waverly Inn for dinner.

Also sitting front row: Tyson Beckford, Joss Stone, Christina Milian, Natasha Henstridge and Russell Simmons.

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ellen pompeo fashion week freak 01
ellen pompeo fashion week freak 02
ellen pompeo fashion week freak 03
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ellen pompeo fashion week freak 05

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  • antonia aka toni


  • sarahB

    I love how she can so easily change her style!!!
    Thanks JJ

  • nina


  • nina

    never been first =(

    and i meant third**

  • Violet

    She’s so cute! Thanks Jared!

  • carry

    Pretty as always :)


    I’m so happy that I can see her so much!!!

  • kamy

    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • JuLIA

    love her

    that hair color is great

  • ………

    Not exactly my favorite sighting from fashion week with Ellen *shrugs*. Too each their own.

    Just Jared think you can upload Katherine Heigl and Kate Walsh at the superbowl party from last night. Now those girls be smokin’ hot last night. Please :).

  • Dieter

    jared – you got a picture of her hot butt? I´m dreaming of being spanded by her !!!

  • Stefanie

    awwwwww thaaaaanks jared! she’s such a hottie!

  • La française

    Ellen est magnifique, ses cheveux à l’air sont super, elle est vraiment mieux en blonde!!!
    Merci JJ pour toutes ces photos d’Ellen et de son mari.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    I like Rock and Republic. They have really cool stuff

  • Lisa

    They are well match each other. He is very hot, she is very beautiful and sexy. It is said that they met on celeb mingle com Is it true?

  • Reema

    In black yet again. Sigh. Boring & dull.

  • Fay

    Look so pretty!!

  • JD

    Her roots looks horrible. She’s giving the paps enough pics recently. Fed up of seeing her.

    Jared is right – ‘freak’ sums her up.

  • kate



    Gorgeous. I agree with #2 I love how she can so easily change her style and looks. she looks amazing in everything. and they ARE a very cute couple.
    thanks JJ. you’re the best.

  • feen

    This girl always looks the same. Black clothing. Pale & insipid.

  • Claire

    she’s pretty. I saw a Walsh pic at the superbowl party. she was horrid.

  • Mint

    ELLEN sure loves fashion :D and I love her for that because we got to see her a lot this month. thanks to you JustJared.

    I like her casual jeans look. they look soo adorable.
    Love them. Ellen rocks!

  • paul

    she’s such a beauty !
    don’t listen to haters and keep on posting about her. That’s why i love your website, you’re rich of information and don’t discriminate.

  • Mint

    I saw some pics for Kate at the obama thingy, she looked real nice.
    it was at WENN. kate fans go to they have some pics there of kate from the obama thingy. nice ones.

  • Sarah

    I like her style. I love her black’s clothes (it’s an elegant color).

  • Cleo

    Kate Walsh is a slut. Her fans should stay away from this space.

  • lara

    Ellieee.. I love seeing her soo much. makes up a bit for missing Meredith Grey :( .
    Ellen and Chris are just fabulous I really love their style and how they carry themselves with the press and how much fun they have with each other. thanks JJ

    check this out, this is really cute:
    From magazine:
    (but it was lovebirds Ellen Pompeo and her new husband Chris Ivery who had all eyes on them as they whispered back and forth to each other. At one point, he made her laugh so hard she had to cover her mouth to keep from disrupting the show. )

    How adorable are they… lol :)


    I’m not fan of Sophia Bush but I noticed that she intend the same events as EP so , I went check her thread and she gets the exact reproaches as EP!!!
    Hey guys, they doesn’t work, what should they do, stay closed in their house?

  • St Heath of Cracktown

    That guy looks like Barack bin Saddam Hussein Osama-bama-rama

    Someone call Homeland Security.

  • lara

    cleo, that’s not nice. I love Ellen, but I also like kate and all the grey’s cast. they are all beautiful people. we are all fans of great people we should be able to admire them and have fun with it together. not against each other. :) don’t you agree?

    I adore Ellen though. :) she’s my fav.

  • mark

    In 4 years of GA, it’s the first time we get to see her so much, personally, I enjoy it!!! EP always claims that she loves fashion, and when you don’t work, you do he thing you like……

  • KW supports Obama, smart girl!

    I like the grey’s girl, EP is my favourite too, it’s not nice too bash the other, EP’s fan we should show that we are smarter than EP’s detractors!!!

    Thanks JJ

  • kEnny

    YAY! more Ellen. :D
    I love it. she’s sooooooo cute like this. beautiful couple.

    Mark #32 I totally agree. Ellen has never been able to do all the things she likes because they happen at the same time as GA shooting. so this is really great. I was happy for her for getting married the way she wanted, having that wonderful Christmas honeymoon, spending a long thanksgiving three weeks with all her and his family in Boston. and now enjoying her passion, which is fashion. .. this is really great.
    thanks JJ. you are winning Ellen and GA fans for life… hehe :D

  • JPS

    Um, Ellen fans do bitch about other stars it seems. What has Kate Walsh or Katherine Heigl ever done to you ? Why even bring them up ? Shows the level of maturity in this thread.

  • TA

    Ellen fans seem to hate anyone that threatens to take the limelight away from her. Hence all the un-warranted hatred towards Katherine Heigl.

    Heigl fans should check out Getty for pics of her at the Superbowl party last night looking gorgeous.


    TA did you read the posts ellen fans are posting????
    You are the ones who are hating… they all said they like all GA cast
    and one Ellen fan even gave Kate fans a link to her new pictures they saw…

    Ellen fans are extending the hand of friendship to you guys, but you keep on bashing. why? if you don’t care about our “peace offering” then leave us alone please.

    We ADORE Ellen and Chris and will keep on showing our support, with or without you. have a good day.

  • curious

    Thanks for the tip-off TA. Those Getty pics are great. Cute one of them hugging. My two fav Greys girls together.

    Katherine looks good although I thought her hair was a bit brassy blonde color. Kate Walsh looked classy & gorgeous as normal !! Love her shoes :) Her hair seems to change color with the light, it looked very dark in some pics. Serious girl crush on that lady !

  • madison

    I think Ellen is just soo incredibly gorgeous and a wonderful spirit.
    I really love all her recent pictures, because she looks so happy and relaxed with Chris. and that is soo refreshing.

    Love Ellen.

  • TA

    USHER = I suggest you re-read posts #22 and #27.

    And I didn’t say a word against the saintly Ellen. I merely stated the facts. Ellen fans are always the ones to draw comparisons. No-one else.

  • Brenda


  • Keith

    She looks ok I guess. No great deal.


    TA sorry if I misunderstood you. I just really wish all the fans would just get along. it does get annoying. because I love grey’s anatomy just as much as all of the fans here.

    I just want all the hate messages to stop. towards everyone. they are all beautiful wonderful ladies.

  • ………

    Yea, honestly I normally see Heigl and Walsh compared, generally, by Ellen peeps. Not saying all do it, but I see it a lot when it’s not warranted :(. They are just doing their everyday lives, and they aren’t on the red carpet shopping for their new homes. I just think in these JJ threads to get along the double standards have to go away…..

    I did see the Heigl pictures and looks like her hair color of “honey-blonde” is returning. Which I love she looked very hot last night with Josh and Kate Walsh, and she met up with another co-star January Jones from Love’s Enduring Promise….

  • lauren

    Love her!
    Ellen is really into fashion, loving this. :D shes a fashionista…
    thanks. Ellen and chris look soo cute together. may they always be happy and together.

  • Omalley

    our lovely

  • Liam

    What a sensible comment #44. Yes the double standards have to go away.

  • malik

    Beautiful. I love her. I love how no matter how she dresses she looks amazing. she can dress it down and look cute and fabulous and she can dress sit up and look sexy and stunning.


    Thanks JJ. I love all the pictures we are getting for Ellen. Great stuff.
    they look so cute and happy. :)

  • melissa

    So cute! :)