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Katharine McPhee's Wonderful Wedding

Katharine McPhee's Wonderful Wedding

Katharine McPhee is married!

The 23-year-old American Idol season five runner-up married producer Nick Cokas, 42, on Saturday in Beverly Hills.

Here are the details of the wedding her rep Justin Gray Stone and friends close to the couple shared with People and Us Weekly:

– Vow were exchanged in a 45-minute late afternoon ceremony at Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church
McPhee wore a strapless ivory Manuel Mota gown and Neil Lane jewels (diamond and platinum chandelier earrings and diamond and platinum bracelets)
Cokas wore an Armani tuxedo
– Fellow season five Idol contestants Kellie Pickler and Mandisa were among the 305 guests
McPhee‘s bridesmaids wore floor-length pink dresses
– Floral arrangements included pink, purple, peach and white roses as well as green hydrangea and pink cherry blossoms

McPhee was recently dropped from her music label but can next be seen in the Anna Faris comedy I Know What Boys Like, out later this year.

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Photos: Michael Buckner/Getty
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  • antonia aka toni






  • Mimi

    FIRST !!!!!


    <33 I WISH U A HAPPY LIFE WITH .. <33

  • Mimi

    FIRST !!!!!


    <33 I WISH U A HAPPY LIFE <33

  • CG

    He is way too old for her

  • Carlie

    Twice her age almost. That’s really sad. Nothing like marrying someone who could be your daughter.

  • CG


  • lola

    Wow! Fantastic! I love her.

    –read my blog at

  • Bad news

    Oh my gosh, it married a revolting hairy horse, with horse teeth, shame on you! Katharine McPhee is going down, it’s not human, now she got dropped by her music label! Vanessa Hudgens is hot, McPhee is mouldy.

  • Nileyfanxo

    That is sad!! She could be his daughter. And I actually thought she was a great role model! Well I think she made a VERY bad desion.

  • shiva

    eww she actually married that guy?

  • the_original_nika

    wow, a surprise wedding.
    off topic: theres video of shia on tmz making a move on a hot girl. oh darn it..

  • the DQ

    Blahhhhh……………..who cares! Now she can go about becoming what she’s always wanted to be, a SAHM.

  • stephanie

    wow, that is disgusting, she could be his kid
    and she could prolly do a lot better

    hahaha, and she got dropped from her record label?!
    that sucks, lol i wonder y..did she not sell enough albums?

  • nancy

    23 and 42???

  • http://d johhnythecarzymothafucka

    well he is alittle old for her, but in that picture he doesnt look 42, more like 30 something.

  • manny

    holy shitt!
    thats almost a 20 fuckking year difference!!
    thats disgusting
    he must be rich

  • antonia aka toni

    Age is nothin but a number

  • Nileyfanxo

    ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew




  • Didi

    how is she f*cking famous jared? american f*cking idol reject? are you taking the piss again?

    and you were doing so well with the gerard butler thread today, too.

    such a pity.

  • lol

    I don’t even know who this twit is, but she married this old man? Ew! Did she need money that badly…and how long have they been going out? :(

  • lily

    i give it 3 years max with daddy.

  • Lenny

    Age is more than a number, just wait unti she gets about 35 and he’s 54 she’ll be peaking and he’ll be just like me. At my age I could never handle a woman 20 years younger or would I want to.

  • georgina

    who cares about age? i don’t think i would date someone THAT much older personally, but they’ve been together since before American Idol, which is longer than most hollywood marriages already.

  • Alwayslearning

    Congratulations to them on their nuptials

  • http://deleted Jill

    I did the same thing at I did peak at 35 and guess what…the marriage ended. Nobody listens to anybody when they are 23 and in love.

    Oh well, life moves on and actually I have no regrets because regret is not an emotion or feeling that contributes in a good way to my life.

    It is what it is, and

  • Sam

    She is so beautiful!!! :)

  • luckyL

    Beautiful couple and she is truly a stunner.

  • menna

    aww, yah, congrats!

  • menna

    aww, yah, congrats!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    it wont last.

  • gefsd

    ok well that’s gross


    ewwwwwwwwww sick disgusting pervert!!!

    child molester!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    He needs to take a seat over there!!!

    I love pizza, fish’ n’ chips, burgers, curry, fried chicken and ice cream.


  • Queena

    Wow. Some of you are so harsh. My parents are 15 years apart and they’re happily married. Celine Dion and her husband are miles apart in age and they’re doing fine. And just because Kat married someone who is 19 years older than her, it’s disgusting, but Hayden and Milo together is cute?

    Come on, you guys are so hypocritical. The girl is happy and Nick has been with her before, during, and after American Idol. Clearly, he’s supportive and if a star needs anything, it’s to be surrounded by good people he/she trusts. Give the girl a break! I bet she looked stunning at the wedding.

    Can’t wait until we get pictures!

  • imcool.

    ew i think thats gross.
    hes way to old for her.

  • nina

    Married at Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church? I thought I read somewhere Katharine McPhee is a Scientology member…Where is Tom Cruise?

  • Ramona

    Everyone wants to say that age doesn’t matter & of course it does! Maybe not now but later it is a tremendous adjustment. If a woman marries a man much older than she can expect to re-marry in mid life. The older man or woman typically gets admitted to a nursing home and/or dies. Generational differences, libido differences and yes, health issues are all part of the equation that makes it more difficult for a couple to relate no matter how much fame or money is involved in the beginning… these are just the facts of life. I wish everyone the best but compatibility is really important and keeps the love alive! The more similarities the better the chances…

  • mikey

    hey no matter the age diffrence… they are happy thats all that matters… good luck you two.

  • the DQ

    Think her mother did the same thing (eg – is married to a MUCH older man). Like mother, like daughter. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. LOL

  • the DQ

    Think her mother did the same thing (eg – is married to a MUCH older man). Like mother, like daughter. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. LOL

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Congrats to them. I hope she finds a good label that understands her and her potential

  • noelle

    hahaha this couple gives the HALO relaionship a run for their money. A difference of 19 years? come on!!!

  • Madison

    Think of how young she was when they started dating. Yuk! This girl has other issues besides food. There’s no hope for the groom. He’ll stay (and thank his lucky stars)until he gets dumped in 5 years. She’ll still be young and have plenty of time to start again.

  • SofiaRocket

    It’s not that simple.
    1/ She’ll waste her best years on him and when she’s over 30 no young man will want to marry her. So she’ll have to stick to oldies.
    2/ I noticed that girls who marry much older men lose their youth radiance and kinda look older too. Oldies feed on their youth energy!

  • devilgirl

    Whatever. She’s nobody– couldn’t even hold onto a record contract. And the buzz is, no one in H-town wants to work with this guy.

    The most laughable part? They couldn’t even sell the photos to the rags…no one cared enough to pay for them!

    Go away, both of you. Time’s up.

  • pattispage

    My predictions on Katharine are this:

    First I predicted that RCA would drop her.2. I predict this wedding will ruin her sexy image and probably lose her sexy hair contract and further drop her off the celebrity charts.3. Probably by March you will get the news she is pregnant.4. As her money runs out you will probably see her bare it all.My advice to all of you is to find a new Idol to support as AI7 looks very interesting.Katharine had her chance and she blew it.Just think that when katharine was 3 yrs old, this old geezer was 22.YIKES!

  • Kate

    Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart – 22 years
    Warren Beatty and Annette Benning -21 years
    Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore- 16 years
    Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – 16 years
    Kevin Costner and wife – 19 years
    Micheal Douglas and C. Zeta-Jones- 25 years
    There are numerous couples who are 10-12 years apart.

    Point is: this isn’t uncommon, especially in Hollywood.

    I know next to nothing about McPhee, but I hear a lot about what he’ll look like in 5 years,etc, etc. Well no one stays the same forever and if you LOVE someone you accept that.