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Mandy Moore @ NY Fashion Week 2008

Mandy Moore @ NY Fashion Week 2008

Mandy Moore gets chummy with designer Max Azria backstage at the Herve Leger By Max Azria Fall 2008 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Promenade at NYC’s Bryant Park Sunday.

As New York Mag puts it, Mandy “was wrapped, strapped, and stuffed into a classic Léger dress, which is to say a skintight series of wide elastic straps that hug the body and prop up the chest so that it might resemble ripe fruit on a shelf.” Funny enough, Mr. Léger himself no longer owns his name (he’s had to change it to Hervé Leroux).

Additionally, when Mandy arrived (swathed in a canary-colored trench), she caught sight of Friday Night Lights star Minka Kelly, squealed with glee, and gave her a huge hug.

30+ pictures inside of Mandy Moore @ NY Fashion Week 2008…

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Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for IMG
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  • luckyL

    Lol, how tall is Mandy and how tall is Max?

  • cscs

    good looking

  • Helena

    LOL, she’s very tall.

  • http://fastfoodmandyitshows fast food mandy it shows

    pudgy & she has a pouch at her age and what a big azz head.
    keep the bangs- to much face . not talented. has been -who wasnt.

  • Regina

    There’s a difference between pudgy and curvy!

  • leah

    that is one tiny man..

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    fug. she tried to hard.

  • joytothehurled

    she looks great.

  • http://heavym heavy m

    That gut aint curvy its bloated and full of flab. I see a million average looking young women like that a day. ITA her face is wide.

  • ClaireBabyGirl

    Famous, learn some proper grammar before you insult people!

  • kat

    wow a pretty woman that isnt anorexic

  • Anna

    Haha, aww @ how short Max Azria is.
    Mandy looks so pretty.

  • Anna

    Haha, aww @ how short Max Azria is.
    Mandy looks so pretty.

  • Vandalism

    Wow, she’s fat? Wow, seriously, if some of you idiots really think that she’s fat, I suggest that you get a reality check. I really get sick and tired of seeing nothing but overly tan, anorexic, faked breast bimbos everywhere. That’s not what most women look like. As a matter of fact, they have to starve themselves, drink coffee and snort coke constantly to even maintain and/or attain that malnurished look. It’s a shame that 98% of the time, it’s fat ugly men who are calling women fat. It’s really pathetic that some people (and by people I mean fat ugly men) have to put other women down because a.) they’re morbidly obese and ugly b.) their personality sucks and c.) they have low self esteem. A prime example of this would be Perez Hilton. Seriously, go seek some therapy…

  • nicki.

    Lmao Vandalism, very well said. Perez Hilton is so ignorant and terrible. Mandy Moore is not fat, she’s average. I’m 16 and I have friends who look at Victoria Beckham and want to be that size. It’s disgusting. It’s rather comforting to see that someone like Mandy Moore just walks the red carpet with confidence even if she is a bit bigger than other celebrities. She’s a good influence.

  • work out

    What I agree with is her face IS a normal everyday face. As far as on the thicker side, she is for HW’s standard. ,And much bigger than she was be4. Mandy doesn’t appeal to me. No one can always be sweet. If she lost 55 lbs. then she would start to thin out. Do sit ups., cardio.

  • http://FRANK frank

    Whoa- why is her head so big??
    MM arms are as big as a boxer, is she boxing now??

  • Jane

    Never really got her. Seems like she got famous for nothing.

  • jen

    Vandalism, nicki you are both right on. I think Mandy is stunning. It’s nice to see a woman in Hollywood who girls can look up to and women can see a picture of and feel good about themselves instead of looking at Victoria Beckham and other extremely thin women in Hollywood and feeling inadequate, fat and wish they had skipped dessert.

  • cf

    Nice ignoring Ginnifer Goodwin in there Jared.

  • Jughed

    Woah. She’s a giant! :D

  • Hello

    I’ve met Max Azria before when I worked at the BCBG headquarters. He is pretty short. I was taller than him and I thought I was short!

  • http://WWW.IHATETOMCRUISE.COM Jolie is a skank

    at least she looks good and no tlike a stuffed sausage..seems like she lost some of the wight she hides under the flowing dresses….she looks good though..always pretty girl next door look, but she needs to watch her weight IF she intends to have a career

  • cmo

    shes not fat but she needs to leave herve levger alone!

  • Jessica


  • ummm

    Mandy is a super sized big girl, how long has she had that gigantic size head? Just asking. Large hands too, good for grabbing food on the buffet table.

  • Cindy

    What’s with all the negativity towards Mandy Moore, she’s no Paris and Britney yet you people have the nerve to put her down. I don’t get it!

    What does the public want???

  • Cindy

    Trust me she’s not as sweet as she may seem, she’s not a bad person either, just saying don’t peg her as one thing because she looks a certain way.

  • http://notcute not cute

    Mandy Resembles China the ex-wrestler, her face and body. ew.

  • blah

    WTF happen to her…OMG she’s gained so much weight?
    Watch it Ms.Moore you are on the verge of obesity. Too many cookies.

  • Tatum

    wow she looks hot

  • Mary

    Wow she gained some weight. but still be looking good

  • The Arab Aquarius

    oh my, that Léger dress is beautiful. I miss Mandy!!! Show more mandy

  • Sara

    she looks great

  • mrsefron

    OMG I LOVE MANDY MOORE ! …but is it me or this little man is reallllllly reallllllllly little……or is she tall?!?! it’s so weird

  • v2n

    it seems like shes sucking her stomach in all the time. i guess shes gotta watch her weight a little, not that shes Really fat or anything, but at least have a “flatter” stomach or something if she wants to be in the industry.

  • nancy

    Mandy looks absolutely amazing there. I mean wow…!!!

  • o o boy

    fa t t y

  • sam

    Hah! She’s like a giant compared to the guy!

  • bataglio

    not fat, just too thick to pull THAT off. i’m sure moore was less than thrilled w/seating arrangements that put her round-shouldered, pasty size “M” as_s next to that modelesque chick in the yellow herve dress… and isn’t it so funny how the chick in yellow doesn’t at all look anorexic or strung out on coke? nah, she just looks like she sees the inside of a gym past january 31st, when most people’s resolutions have crapp_ed out – that’s all.


    Wow Mandy does favor China. Tell me when she got so large. Her career su cks maybe she should try the WWE.

  • Jen

    She looks sooooo pretty. As usual. Pffft, that is SO not fat. Geez….. People think everyone has to be anorexic these days I guess.

  • Claire

    you know what’s sad? i met mandy moore in person at a radio event and she does not look fat or “average” at all. she’s very slender.. and tall. they say the camera adds ten pounds anyway. so if by fat you mean 115lbs instead of 80lbs, then i guess you have some kind of warped sense of beauty.

  • LANA


  • Tomato

    Shes so hot. i want her so bad

  • hell

    big lady. don’t like the dress… boring.

  • Roxy

    u ppl are so mean, mandy is sooo not fat
    she looks bid in the pic cause she’s standing next to a midget, mandy is like 5’10-5’11, she’s a tall girl. don’t call her fat just because she isn’t a twig.
    she looks great!

  • Frida

    AAAAARGH! I could just scream at you people who call normalsized girls fat. Are you really that FUCKED up! The girl is healthy!

  • Kate

    It’s clear that Mandy has come into a bit of excess. We’re about the same age and it’s not a metabolism thing, she just hasn’t been watching it. Being too thin is very very bad, but being excessive about things is too. That’s when one’s weight slowly starts to go up, because you aren’t monitoring it.

    And to respond to an earlier comment, it isn’t just fat ugly men and fat women who are condemning women for being “overweight,” the problem is, more abnormally thin or anorexic women would be if it concerned them. But most women who choose that lifestyle choose it because it is empowering–they have the strength to overcome those needs and others don’t. If you’re already empowered by that and proud of the physique you’ve achieved, what good does it to to put a woman with a few extra pounds down for it? It’s not of your concern. For all intents and purposes, you’d just look the other way. Mandy could loose about 10 (which isn’t that much) and be a total doll. Just a little exercise and she’d be golden. Just saying.

  • sdgirl

    What a bunch of idiot comments. Mandy Moore looks absolutely beautiful. She not fat AT ALL. You people need to go look in the mirror yourselves you idiots. What do you want her to look like a straw? Grow up you bunch of jealous people.