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Sophia Bush: Lights, Camera, Fashion!

Sophia Bush: Lights, Camera, Fashion!

Sophia Bush makes a front-row appearance at the Collection Abaete Fall 2008 show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Salon at NYC’s Bryant Park on Saturday.

What’s not hot about this outfit?

Answer: Nothing!

30+ pictures inside of Sophia Bush rocking one red hot skirt…

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sophia bush fashion week 01
sophia bush fashion week 02
sophia bush fashion week 03
sophia bush fashion week 04
sophia bush fashion week 05
sophia bush fashion week 06
sophia bush fashion week 07
sophia bush fashion week 08
sophia bush fashion week 09
sophia bush fashion week 10
sophia bush fashion week 11
sophia bush fashion week 12
sophia bush fashion week 13
sophia bush fashion week 14
sophia bush fashion week 15
sophia bush fashion week 16
sophia bush fashion week 17
sophia bush fashion week 18
sophia bush fashion week 19
sophia bush fashion week 20
sophia bush fashion week 21
sophia bush fashion week 22
sophia bush fashion week 23
sophia bush fashion week 24
sophia bush fashion week 25
sophia bush fashion week 26
sophia bush fashion week 27
sophia bush fashion week 28
sophia bush fashion week 29
sophia bush fashion week 30

Photos: Katy Winn/Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for IMG
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  • VsPink8


  • VsPink8


  • Orange Clockwork


  • annoyed

    #3…. lame comment… there’s this thing called the writers strike going on that probably makes it hard to find work so shut up! at least she’s smart about her career and doesn’t just jump at the next lame movie that comes along…. She is one amazingly beautiful, down to earth, classy young woman… the rest of hollywood should take notes. Tons of celebs are at fashion week anyway!

  • Daniela♥

    Well said #4 :)

    And for #3, ever heard of One Tree Hill ;) Guess not
    Sophia looks AMAAAZIING!!♥

  • ME

    5th!! (6th?)

  • Jughed

    Nice legs!

  • emma

    glad to see shes finally wearing a decent outfit

  • BORED♥


  • BORED♥


  • BORED♥


  • Natalie

    Love her.
    She is down to earth, beautiful, talented and funny. And a good role model. Ive been a OTH fan from the beginning and its good to see Sophia getting more attention..she deserves it..

  • aj

    Dear Jared,
    Please STOP posting about Sophia! She hasn’t done anything substantial or noteworthy!

  • shannon

    she hasn’t done anything well if your a tru oth fan that u would kno that she does alot plus jared just recently started to post stuff on her and u haters r the 1 who r complianing so get a life!! and i like her outfit the back is amazing totally different

  • wanda

    It wouldn’t kill her to stay home one day. There is such a thing as over exposure.

    And #4. The writer’s strike hasn’t affected movies like it has TV. There are still lots of movies getting made. So, I second the get a job sentiment.

  • Lorna

    Dear Sophia,

    You’re not a fashionista. Quit trying. You’re not Sienna, or Chloe. You try so hard and fail miserably.

  • Lorna


    She’s a media whore. Why would she be worried about overexposure. Pretty soon her show will be off the air. I don’t think she auditioned for any movies (maybe nobody wanted he because of her lackluster talent) and these appearances surely keeps her face out there.

  • the_original_nika

    horrible outfit imo.

  • Madonna


  • mimi

    she is beautiful talented and funny
    love her

  • Manu


  • eden

    she look wonderful really pretty young girl
    i love her outfit jared right is ssssssssssooooooooo beautiful i want one like her (but is probably very expensive)
    keep post about her she is such a wonderful role modle dont like other celebs

  • mike

    Her face is so refreshing!

  • LoveLee

    she’s such a beauty !
    don’t listen to haters and keep on posting about her. That’s why i love your website, you’re rich of information and don’t discriminate.

  • Kamelia

    Don’t try to justify her hunger for attention with the writers strike. This has nothing to do with that. It’s pure and simple search for attention.

  • Manu

    There are so many other celebs at FW it’s not Sophias fault that Jared decided to post about her, so get over yourselfs.

  • Dieter

    I´m just about to wank on her hot pooper – thank you Jared !!!

  • Jon

    One Tree Hill has shut down, so Sophia isn’t currently doing anything at the moment. She’s currently in NY for Fashion Week. I bet you old boring c_unts wouldn’t toss an opportunity like that. Overexposure? Please, Jared just (no pun) likes posting about Sophia, thats why you’re all up in arms about it. Not every site is bothering. So go fuck you sensless twats, it’s Sophia BABY!

  • http://loveya AngelinaMurray

    Sophia i love u SO much ;) (K)
    i love u so much
    i love u so much
    i love u so much
    bubye i ‘ll OMMENT your Pictures later…;)

  • Amazingsophia

    Thats a great outfit :P Sophia seems to be enjoying her free time :) She is well worth it, she has been busy filming season 5 oth last year so she deserves a break from the filming. She is reaaly beautiful, but I believe what is most special about Sophia is that she has an education behind her which is very rare today in Hollywood, and this is probably to her advantage.

  • Polish_girl

    Sophia has always been to the fashion week, so that’s why she is now at every event….

    About the writer’s strike…OTH stopped shooting in december so stop bashing how she is not doing anything…if you are on a show you can’t just film something else…

    And on imdb she has a film, which will be filmed so get over it already…

    Lorna – I’m pretty sure you are a talented beautyqueen…lack of talent…? yeah right…Lohan or the Olsen twins those have no talent but Sophia is a good actress.

  • ana

    she is beautiful.I love her

  • abby

    pretty pretty pretty

    Love Her. Thanks Jared :)

  • Tiffany

    #31 – I agree with you. Sophia seems like a lovely young lady. That’s so refreshing after all of the Britney and Lindsay craziness. Those girls plus MK Olsen look like a mess most of the time. Sophia just has a fresh-faced look about her that is very appealing. I think she looks lovely. I like the outfit, too.

  • Dieter

    I just came on her – I feel much better now !!!

  • Tony

    Sophia looks so stunning. I love her. All this shit the haters are saying – it’s a joke. Sophia is gorgeous. If you say she isn’t – you’re talking shit. LOOK AT HER, And, she is at every event because 1: It’s writters strike, 2: If she’s invited, why shouldn’t she go???


  • Helena

    Shameless media whore. She needs a stylist, too!

  • heli

    Tony i agree with you
    i L-O-V-E this girl

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Nice shoes and skirt!

  • The shiznack

    whats the dealio soph?

    and who was that chubby ginger dude u were with at the SAG awards?

    NEW BF MAYBE? check out the pics

  • Diego

    Sophia, your dad is so mean!!! xoxoxo

  • jane

    omg, can someone please tell this girl how to dress? 9 times out of 10 she has horrible outfits! and please, stay at home every now and then, Sophia! media whore

  • Lo

    fierceeeeeeee. love it Soph! <3

  • nabs

    GORGEOUS. Shes smart, classy, beautiful, funny, and has great fashion taste. My favorite actress ever. And its okay for her to not work for one week! I mean come on all year round shes giving herself to OTH,filming it, and promoting it. And also all her movies, the hitcher, JTMD, and now the Narrows. And she rocks in all of them. This is girl is just pure AMAZING. My Role Model.

    Please Jared keep posting about her!!! Love it!

    Oh and Diego, I don’t know if you are talking about George Bush, because shes NOT related to him. Her dad is Charles Bush, a photographer.

    So basically Soph is the best, everyone get over it.

  • vaness and zac fan

    I can’t tell you how much I’m hating that outfit. IMO it just doesn’t do her any justice at all. She’s a ridiculously pretty girl with a great figure, this outfit doesn’t celebrate those facts at all.

    It conceals them!

  • hania

    i love love love sophia and one tree hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    yay!!!!! please keep posting sophia! she is beautiful, smart, and talented.

  • kors

    What a joke, what is with the zipper?

  • Polish_girl

    “and please, stay at home every now and then,”

    If you haven’t noticed it’s Fashion Week and Sophia has ALWAYS been there…

    You post now that she constantly seeks attention…if she likes fashion week she attends it and before that there were not so many pics of her, so get over it seriously.

    And Diego – not everybody with the last name Bush is related to the president…

  • lola

    Wow! She’s already a fashion icon, even if…she can’t act to save her life…

    -read my blog at

  • http://n/a Jasmine

    I love that outfit, she looks beauitful.

    To all the people that say she has nothing better to do, you should look in the mirror. If you think she’s a loser and you’re posting about her, than you’re a loser. GET A LIFE!!!