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TomKat Loves Joan

TomKat Loves Joan

Katie Holmes takes husband Tom Cruise to lunch at celeb fave Joan’s On Third restaurant in West Hollywood on Friday afternoon.

Earlier this week, Katie ate at Joan’s sans Tom.

Yesterday, Tom and Katie, joined other friends and celebrity colleagues – including Sienna Miller, Lindsay Lohan, Josh Hartnett, Ellen DeGeneres – on the Sony lot in Los Angeles to remember Heath Ledger. British supermodel Lily Cole was also present–she was in the middle of filming The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus with Heath in London.

Last week, ex-girlfriend Naomi Watts and other close friends and family paid tribute to the 28-year-old actor at a smaller service at an L.A. cemetery.

Katie costarred with Michelle Williams on Dawson’s Creek.

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  • Lily


  • The Arab Aquarius

    Oh yeah, I forgot Katie was with Michelle Williams on Dawson’s Creek. Nice of them to all show support.

  • wow

    he is so much smaller than her

  • Didi

    that looks like a mum walking her little son across the street. hope he knows the green cross code.

  • nina


  • Mary

    Thank God they are not pimping out little Suri today.
    They must have the most boring marriage ever.

  • Anon

    I’m glad all those people went for Heath. He deserves to be remembered, and not disappear like a ghost in the night.
    Good for TomKat! Katie could have gone alone, but I am glad he went, too.

  • http://shedone sad

    tom made sure robot katie didn’t eat a thing, that’s a fact.
    that hair does not a thing 4 her- should have saved the surgeries on her nose- face ect..
    tom is just ugly when he smiles it creeps me out. he holds ”kate’s ”hand as if he’s presenting her to the world,
    not as a real man holds his womans hand.
    michella and keith shared true love.
    these 2 the alien and his faux bride are disgusting.

  • how uncomfortable!

    I hope Katie brought a few pictures to show Josh what his daughter is doing now.

  • nokia

    TomKat # 1
    TomKat # 1
    TomKat # 1
    TomKat # 1
    TomKat # 1
    TomKat # 1
    TomKat # 1

  • dude

    LOVE HIM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • david

    looking wonderful together. they r just lovely
    viva tomkat!

  • lini

    good job TomKatt ~ love you guyz

  • tomkat lover

    the most beautiful family. they loook so happy !!
    woo hooo for the cruises!

  • dido

    They really look wonderful together. More power to them. I love Tom and little Suri. She is spitting the image of Tom. Daddy ‘ s little cutie

  • me

    Katie went back to Joan’s cause she was photographed there just the other day. Wouldn’t want the famewhore to miss out on another photo op. The memorial service was just another opportunity to get their picture taken. These two freaks care nothing about anyone except themselves.

  • gelida

    actually..tom does look hot here

  • DDc

    lovely parents to lovely suri


  • me

    BTW, they would have taken Suri with them but her daddy, Josh, was there and they didn’t want people to noticed the resemblance.

  • lilian

    wonderful couple !! !! missing adorable suri !!!

  • live from LEBANON

    tom cruise is a very respectable man and he’s looking very young and hot here
    this couple is just so classy and wonderful

  • Vanessa and zac fan

    Love them – they’re gorgeous!

  • pr person

    Tom Cruise is NOT aging well and he is most definately NOT hot! Yuck!

  • renal

    they are great and make a beautiful family

  • montana mike

    that’s great that all those people showed their respects to heath-he definitely deserved it, but why is lindsay lohan’s name mentioned with the rest of these people.

  • Dieter

    I love Katie in black !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • they make it about them

    I’m betting Katie has not spoken to Michelle since she hooked up with Tom. Michelle is not a Scieno, and Katie has lost contact with her old friends. This is just another photo op for this desperate couple. Tom is not young anymoe and he is taking Katie down with him.

  • http://justjared e

    I thought I had heard that Katie & Michelle were not that “great” of friends. In fact, if I am not mistakened, didn’t Michelle get annoyed by all of the Tomkat questions during the awards period when she was nominated for “Brokeback Mountain”? I think it is just an excuse for Tomkat to primp for the cameras since they feel it is all about them.

  • 007

    they absolutely look gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

  • about to throw up

    Tom needs to button his shirt. Yuck…his pasty white chest is grossing me out.

    The desperados are crashing memorial services/funerals now for publicity. The funeral crashers……..hahahahahaha

  • jiny

    First she is taller because she’s wearing heels,she’s not taller than him and if it was the case so fuckin what ?
    How can you bet that she hasn’t talk to michelle? close friend ? I don’t think so.

    Some of you guys make me sick with all your stupid comments about people you don’t even know, except in tabloids.

    If katie decided to be a scientologist , that’s her choice, even if she did it for tom’s love, that’s none of you business.

    The truth is that they’re happy, with problems like every couple. And if they aren’t, non of your business to speculate everytime they go out.

  • St Heath of Cracktown

    He’s a psychotic Waco terrorist in the making and she looks like she’s about to kill herself and her child due to housewife depression.

    Remember : L Ron Hubbard will get you in your dreams like Freddie Kreuger. Nobody is ever safe from the Scientolo-geists

  • they are losers

    Wrong 31, she is taller than he is. I suppose you know them personally. If I did, I certainly wouldn’t admit it. Tom “Jim Guyana Jones” Cruise and Katie “Bride of Frankenstein” Holmes have never even had sex.

    Michelle Williams wouldn’t give her the time of day now–she’s too good to even associate with the ho. Katie is using that stupid tv show they were in as an excuse to go to the service. They haven’t even talked in years.

    These two are not happy. They are too consumed with $$$ and fame to know what happy is. Cult freaks.

  • jhl

    Katie will drink as much kool-aid as Tom wants. She has no self-respect. I’d bet she would do ANYTHING that he asked her to.

  • !!!

    The only good thing about these pictures is the lack of Suri.

    PS: Get a jacket that fits properly, Tom.

  • Simonette ALANES

    One single person, a philippinno lesbian, is posting all the creepy comments (”Katie is classy” , “go tomkat” etc.) under tens of sham nicknames.

    She is 32 years old pathetic philippinno immigrant which, as her main affective “relationship” , is totally obsessed with C-list Katie Holmes, and dedicating her whole life since more than two years at trying (fruitlessly) to save KH reputation by faking a “fanbase” … of retards.

    Before that, she was enamoured with Catherine Bell from Jag.

    That 32 years old philippinno is a well known gross liar in her family. She once pretended to have been sexually abused by her uncle. She is depressive. And she has obsessive-compulsive disorder. And of course, she is socially dysfunctional.

    That loser is the last remaining fan of Katie Holmes.

  • Emma

    Love this family and God bless them!

  • LOL


  • CM

    Tom looks hot and Katie beautiful as usual.

  • silver

    Both look good.

    Letterman ask Katie if she keeps in touch with her tv and movie castmates and she said yes. She added everyone is busy with movies,some are producers but mostly most are busy with families and babies.

  • myito

    I was there yesterday and saw them. Katie is stick thin and Tom is short. His kids were there too and they were mainly stuck by the back door. Photographers all outside the windows — it was a sight. Katie didn’t look too happy I wonder how long they will last.

    Joan’s has great cupcakes!

  • Yorick

    What a double standard.

    TomKat are merely attending a memorial service that they were invited to but everyone is accusing them and ONLY them of attending just for the publicity even though they haven’t behaved out of the ordinary

  • Yorick

    What a double standard.

    TomKat are merely attending a memorial service that they were invited to but everyone is accusing them and ONLY them of attending just for the publicity even though they haven’t behaved out of the ordinary

  • Bess

    Hi Jared, you didnt mention James Van DerBeek aka Dawson and he was there. Splash and Celebritypuke has videos of TomKat at Joans with LAPD protecting them.

  • jean grey

    Tom looks really handsome for his age. I give props to guys like Clooney,Gerard Butler,Clive Owen,Brad Pitt on their 40′s but they look better and fit than most guys only on their 30′s.
    Katie is simple but stunning and chic. This service was by CAA(Ledger was under CAA), not only Katie is a friend of Michelle and the DC gang worked for 6 years but CAA is under the wing of Paula Wagner’s husband aka Nicita(they are the power couple of CAA)
    and Wagner is Cruise business partner running MGM and United Artists.

  • litalo


  • katia

    yayyyyy Tom’s lookin HOT

    he’s getting younger

    beautiful family !

  • lola

    That restauraunteur is one lucky guy!

    -read my blog at

  • peace

    Celebrity royalty….

  • Donna

    The news claimed the father of Ledger, Kim Ledger had an impersonater last week contacting Tom Cruise,Travolta,Mel Gibson and Christian Bale. He was faking his misery,asking for money,for emotional support,plane tickets etc…
    Ledger’s camp had to contact Cruise and Travolta to warn them about this impersonater.