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Violet Affleck is a Farmers Market Fanatic

Violet Affleck is a Farmers Market Fanatic

Jennifer Garner takes daughter Violet, 2, to the Farmers Market in Brentwood, Calif. on Sunday morning

The mother-daughter duo ran into Disturbia actress Carrie Ann Moss doing her own grocery shopping.

Jen, 35, was seen giving Violet a dollar so that she could pay for their fresh fruit as they walked around the market. Mama Garner also tickled Violet and made her laugh throughout the day.

45+ pictures inside of Farmers Market fanatic Violet Affleck

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violet affleck farmers market 01
violet affleck farmers market 02
violet affleck farmers market 03
violet affleck farmers market 04
violet affleck farmers market 05
violet affleck farmers market 06
violet affleck farmers market 07
violet affleck farmers market 08
violet affleck farmers market 09
violet affleck farmers market 10
violet affleck farmers market 11
violet affleck farmers market 12
violet affleck farmers market 13
violet affleck farmers market 14
violet affleck farmers market 15
violet affleck farmers market 16
violet affleck farmers market 17
violet affleck farmers market 18
violet affleck farmers market 19
violet affleck farmers market 20
violet affleck farmers market 21
violet affleck farmers market 22
violet affleck farmers market 23
violet affleck farmers market 24
violet affleck farmers market 25
violet affleck farmers market 26
violet affleck farmers market 27
violet affleck farmers market 28
violet affleck farmers market 29
violet affleck farmers market 30
violet affleck farmers market 31
violet affleck farmers market 32
violet affleck farmers market 33
violet affleck farmers market 34
violet affleck farmers market 35
violet affleck farmers market 36
violet affleck farmers market 37
violet affleck farmers market 38
violet affleck farmers market 39
violet affleck farmers market 40
violet affleck farmers market 41
violet affleck farmers market 42
violet affleck farmers market 43
violet affleck farmers market 44
violet affleck farmers market 45
violet affleck farmers market 46
violet affleck farmers market 47

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  • ver

    Good mom.

  • daisey

    love them

  • daisey

    love them

  • zoe

    love the two of them! precious!

  • Carrie ann

    Carrie Ann Moss looks like she so didn’t want to be bother by Jen and her entourage.

  • Sal

    Time to pimp the baby out to hide the bad marriage. I don’t think she can stand to stay in the house with Ben in it.

  • janet

    Carrie Ann looks more upset about being photographed looking like crap in the morning. She’s been photographed before at this same farmers market, I remember seeing photos before so she shouldn’t be so surprised.

  • amy

    Carrie Ann Moss is a natural beauty. She looks great even without make-up. I loved her in the Matrix and Memento.

    Garner looks . . . well. If you can’t say anything nice.

  • http://weddinplanswhen bad bad mom

    a g a i n her average looking kid.

  • Whos pimping who?

    Jared’s the one pimping them out. What’s with all the babies Jared? First Kingston then a minute later its Violet again.

  • gefsd

    too many pictures of a baby

  • aww

    Best mom Ever haha so cute :)

  • http://deleted wtf

    Is jj getting paid to print this fugly woman and child, because no other blogs care, or are they just fillers. This woman calls the paps they already know where she does her shopping. Notice how happy she is when ben is not around and friendly with the paps. She loves this shit. Ben on the other hand hates it and the fool acts like she hates it too when ben is around what an ass. But we all know how much she wanted this attention! What a media whore, and an ugly one at that.

  • stroller

    Is there something wrong with little Violet’s legs? You never see her walking. She either carried or strapped in a stroller.

  • so sick

    I’m so sick of all these baby pics. I don’t see an end to it either, with so many actresses pregnant, their kids will be the next target, these kids have become some sort of accessory.
    BTW, Jen has always gone to the farmers market even when she was single, she’s just living her life. We’ll see less of her when she starts shooting her new movie later this month. When she was still on Alias we hardly ever saw pics of her because she spent all day on a closed set. So haters there is an end in sight.

    Jared, can we have atleast one day without any baby pictures, it’s getting really old, I’m not sure if I’m on Just Jared or Celebrity Baby Blog!!

  • to the above

    There are plenty pictures of her walking. You wouldnt have a two year old walk around in a farmers market unless you are an idiot, which Jen is not.
    PS wtf you love her threads!

  • wtf you love it

    wtf lives to see pictures of Jennifer & she loves her so -thats why she comes on her threads!

  • Marty

    I love pics of cute Violet and Jen, But JJ, there ARE other celebbabies and kids who deserve posts here!

  • kat

    I love little violet…she’s not even that cute, but I just like how jen and her are always doing so called “normal” things without a huge entourage. I don’t know, i’m sure it’s staged to some extent, but it’s nice to just see “average” looking people once in a while.

  • make it stop

    pimp pimp pimp. that is all jen does. pimp out this child. its annoying and violet is not cute. forget kids.
    violet is the most photographed child ever.not one day without seeing this photo op to make everyone know how good a mom she is. stop it. we get it.

  • anonymous

    Oh looks it’s Violet ….again!!! Jennifer Garner is a publicity seeking attentionHo who looks like crap. Why doesn’t she leave Violet at home with Ben like Carrie left her son at home with his father. Carrie is a better mom than Jennifer because she doesn’t parade her child for the paparazzi every day the way Jennifer does.

    Jennifer Garner is a hypocrite smiling for the paparazzi and then complaining they won’t leave her and Violet alone.

  • CherieB

    Can you say photo op! Sorry, but Jen is as phony as a $3 bill.

  • Tara

    Where is Shiloh, I want pictures of Shiloh not this ugly woman and her child who needs a bath, her hair looks dirty.

  • Krista

    Ben exchanged one Jennifer fameho for another Jennifer fameho, except this one has no style, can’t act, looks fugly and she sucks.

  • Adoring Fan

    Why are all these assholes on this thread? Go to hell in a hand basket. All you haters. Jen an her baby are so ADORABLE! No one is forced to look at her and her darling child. When Jen is not smiling you idiots say she is not happy. When she smiles you say she loves the attention. Make up your minds. You haters irritate the hell out of me. WHEW! Stop being so damn jealous.

  • ??

    Hahahahahaha. Jealous of Homely Photo-Op Jen and ugly beanie eye big ear Violet. Not a chance.

  • couch potato-yeah right

    she’s always at the farmers mart..with that kid of hers..bens on the couch haha yeah right…jen wants violet to be seen..ben dont care- hes on the couch..haha fake- marriage is a sham- her not wanting violet not 2 be seen is a sham…

  • http://ok ok

    Smile 4 the camera ,, AGAIN!!!
    Don’t tell me JG isn’t courting the paps.
    Where’s BA at ?

  • Adoring Fan

    Anybody who thinks Jennifer Garner is ugly is in serious need of an eye examination. Violet is one of the the cutest kids in Hollywood. Jen is very pretty (she has the sweetest smile) and BTW there is no demand for “Style” Krista #24, they have people for that. All of you idiots dreaming of a JLo/ Ben hook up or a Vartan/Jen hook up ..face it.. it’s over. That is so yesterday. Try to keep up. Come into the present. Talk about slow learners. They are out in full force on this blog. I’m losing my patience with all these adolecent boys and girls.

  • china

    cute baby but Jen looks so skinny.

  • AMS

    Same sh*it different day with the haters. Here’s a hint…are you ready?? If you don;t want to see Jennifer and Violet STOP LOOKING AT HER!!

  • AMS

    Same sh*it different day with the haters. Here’s a hint…are you ready?? If you don;t want to see Jennifer and Violet STOP LOOKING AT HER!!

  • buckeyegurl

    Exactly! Looking at her pics just makes them more popular on the site and Jared, or any blogger, is all about the thread hits. You don’t want to see her? Stop looking morons!

    I happen to think they are a great family. I hope they have another baby soon.

  • Jennifer

    Same shit with Jennifer Garner …different day but still without Ben and still pimping for the cameras because she doesn’t get any attention at home from her husband.

  • Jennifer

    Same sh*t with Jennifer Garner…different day but still without Ben and still pimping for the cameras because she doesn’t any attention at home from her husband.

  • sistahc

    Do you really think she’s pimping the baby? OR do you think she just might be picking up some fruit and veggies?? And the entourage-what entourage? Jen is carrying a huge bag herself and the baby is stuck with the flowers. I think she’s just a normal mommy who stepped out to get some food. No pimping.

  • Tahnee

    You want to see a normal mommy, take a look at Carrie that is a normal mommy, Jennifer is celebrity mommy. There are pictures of Violet virtually on a daily basis at Starbucks, at the markets, at the library, at the grocery store. No celebrity child is paraded around LA for the cameras as much as VIolet is, not even Shiloh or Suri.

  • shiva

    carrie looks sooo bored lol

  • isla

    Jennifer looks great… and violet is so cuteeee, I love both!
    I hope JJ post more pics of them!

  • mandie

    Almost all this haters are the same person! They saying alway the same things.
    When I don’t like of a celebrity, I don’t see her pics… so hatesr please, don’t come here anymore!
    Jen is a great mom, makink normal things with her kid… this is beautiful!
    Love them!

  • violet_doll

    She is sooooo adorable, thanks JJ for the pics!

  • therezaPOY

    Jen really love spend time with her kid, this is so good!

  • brazilian_fan
  • cissa

    Thanks god for violet!

  • Melinda

    Jen looks so good, she looks happy, and Violet I have no words… the cutest HW baby ever!

  • summers

    Ahahahahahah Violet is carrying the flowers that are almost bigger than her… so cute, she’s adorable!

  • aww

    how cute are they?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    oh and all the haters are the same person don’t pay attention just let him/her click away on Jen’s posts…

    Carrie Ann Moss proves how good Jen looks with and without makeup!
    check out Jen – fans for more pics
    and also ben-fan there are more pics with V :)

  • reno

    All you losers on this site calling everyone else ugly, including little children, are ugly inside and outside as well. You have no life..just stuff your fat butts while sitting in front of your computer hating everyone else who has a life, money, looks and talent. All the bashing you do won’t make you more attractive, intelligent or happy. If you don’t like celebrities and their children you should not be searching celebrity blog sites. Your misery does not give you the right to attack people you are jealous of. What losers!!


    shes the BEST celebrity mom for sure. she isn’t courting the paps like angelina whos always dressed head to toe for the photo op cuz shes a attention seeking HO.

    Jen is being a real person and teaching her daughter to be a real person, not some spoiled brat of a celebrity child who thinks they are better than the rest of us!

  • Barnet

    Thanks JJ, I like to see how normal they are!
    Nobody can blame Jen to like spend a lot of time with her baby, a kid needs to go out, and Jen and Ben are giving to their kid importants moments… the best family for sure!