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What is Sexy? Kate Walsh.

What is Sexy?  Kate Walsh.

Private Practice star Kate Walsh busts out at the Victoria’s Secret ‘What is Sexy’ Superbowl Party held at Taste Ultra Lounge in Scottsdale, Arizona on Sunday.

Check out the video of Kate talking about her new darker hair color at the VS event.

On Saturday, Kate climbed into a Cadillac CTS before taking it for some hot laps around the race course at the Bondurant School Of High Performance Driving outside Phoenix.

10+ pictures inside of bustin’ out Kate Walsh

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Photos: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin
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  • amanda


  • amanda

    Oh, she still beautiful!
    Kisses from Brazil!

  • ally

    JJ….thank you!!! Yeah,,,,Kate is very sexy! you’re right!
    But…where are the pics???? This is the first news about kate in weeks….so…pics please!!!

  • http://justjared star

    she is so not sexy, not a pretty face at all, her boobs look stupid

  • LL cool beans

    She’s gorgeous but this isn’t a good look for her.

  • echo star

    she looks awful, her face looks plastic/leathery and boobs look weird…

  • S.

    YAY! JJ! thanks!

    She does look hot. We all know now what she got at the swag lounge of Victoria Secret earlier that day. They own her a major endorsement, for showing of their/hers assets so well. LOL.

    She sure can pull off black on black simple outfit without looking dull and drab. Even without the fiery locks. I guess it takes a personality to do that.

  • hell

    ahm, what is with her bOObs? are the real???

  • someone

    Huh, was beginning to think we won’t get any posts about Kate anymore since she supports Obama… (vote for Hillary ; ) )
    So I’m glad that isn’t the case…
    Love her. Can we get more pictures from her (and Katie)?
    Are there pictures/videos from the Cadillac event, please!!!

  • arabian girl


  • Amanda

    Yay Kate pics! Thanks Jared soooooo much. Loving the outift and the new hair color, it is smoking hot!

  • fakename

    As usual, I just don’t see the appeal of her.

  • indiesr

    Yeah Giants. :)

  • cĂ©line

    are you all blinds???she looks gorgeous.that new hair color is’s different but good different.she’s still the most beautiful woman of the world.fuck to all the anti-kate walsh,you guys are so pathetic,i almost feel sorry for you.we love kate,she’s the best,you’re just mean and jealous.

  • anti kate walsh

    Ugh! She’s horrid. Her face is a mask

  • Yay kate pics!!!

    Thanks JJ it was abt time!
    Kate looks super sexy.
    She is gorgeous!

  • loves kw

    OMG KAte is so GORGEOUS!!! beautiful beautiful!
    thanks JJ!

  • Brenda

    her hair is horrible
    she looks liike a hooker

  • Jen

    WOW :)

    She looks fantastic. Dressed appropriately as ever for the event.

    Glowing skin. Fantastic figure. Classy lady !

    She is one of the few celebs that can pull any hair colour off. On most people dark black hair would completely drain them, but Kate has been blessed with a great complexion.

    Thanks Jared :)

  • Kirsty

    “The best-dressed celebrities of the night were Kate Walsh of Private Practice and rapper LL Cool J. Walsh wore a short black leather jacket over a snug black dress that framed everything just right. And, surprisingly her usually red hair was shaded black.”


    Love that she has been so cative lately speaking at Uni campuses for Obama.

    Isn’t she hosting a fundraiser for the writers strike fund tonight ?

  • ANNA

    Fabulous pics. I love how Kate varies her style & always looks so stylish & groomed.

    I prefer the red hair, but the darker color is a nice change during the strike down-time.

    Can’t wait till Private Practice returns. Is Addie going to get serious with HotCop ?

  • Matt

    she is beautiful.

    looks a lot younger than her years

  • Matt

    she is beautiful.

    looks a lot younger than her years

  • Pamela

    Kate knows how to look classy without looking trashy.

    Other celebs take note.

  • kim

    Thanks Jared – thought you were neglecting Kate lol, although I’m pleased to read she has been spending her time on good causes.

    Love the fact that she stands up for what she believes in & puts herself on the line. I love the speech she gave at Arizona Uni (& I’m not even an Obama supporter !)

    The black hair is a change, but she looks amazing. That dress is a great outfit for a Victoria Secrets show. V appropriate.

    So glad she now has her own show. I have given up on Greys.


    I LOVE those shoes. Anyone know what designer they are ?

    I know Kate loves her Louboutins.

  • LT

    boob job?

  • i-love-kate-walsh

    Yay ! Kate pics at long last. Thanks JJ

    Love the video – does she glow, or does she glow ? lol

    A funny, intelligent & beautiful lady.

    Has everyone seen her in the Obama music vid ?

  • jamie

    Thanks JJ:) I forgive you for damaging my eyes the bet couple of days. Kate makes it all better!
    She looks HOT! Gorgeous as always!

    I have so much respect for Kate fighting for what she believes in campaigning of Obama and speakingt at Universities encouraging the young undecided voters to look at the issues. She used her time off for some good, glad she took a little time for fun.

    Tonight she is hosting a Fund Raiser for the Writers!


    #27 – Nah. She’s wearing a corset dress that simply pushes them up. Plus it’s a Victoria Secrets show – where else would you find great support underwear ?

    Kate has said she has never had plastic surgery & will never go under the knife. No need to looking like this !

  • james in la

    one sexy lady

    the only reason i watched greys was for her, now she has her own show for me to glaze at her

    she does remind me of a young catherine denevue circa ‘belle de jour’. bedroom eyes & great cheekbones. so beautiful

  • mimi

    hair, face, makeup, clothes. everything eww. And those boobs are horrible. i like the shoes though.

  • Liam

    Sexy, classy, beautiful. END OF !

  • Chloe

    This girl has GREAT skin. Such a clear complexion. Very envious.

    The few haters are just jealous ! Don’t know good taste when they see it !

  • Kate Walsh for President

    I Love Kate Walsh! She is the BEST PERSON EVER!
    I like that she speaks at colleges and she is sooooo gorgeous and sexy!
    Thank you JustJared!

  • ANNA

    LOL@Kate Walsh for President.

    I second that proposal. She’s certainly a damn sight more intelligent & eloquent than the usual run-of-the-mill celebs.

  • Mike

    Very sexy pics. I like the fact she can do everything – sexy, classy, beautiful, pretty.

    And I would vote for her as President.

  • I met Kate

    She spoke at my University in AZ campaigning for Obama. She is a great speaker. After her speech, we got to meet her and she answered questions. She was so nice to me. I told her I was not sure who to vote for. She was very nice and patient and told me all about at Obama’s platform. She is a very smart, intelligent, and nice woman. I am proud I got to meet her.

    She is really pretty here but she is even prettier in person. Her skin is perfect. She has better skin than me and Im 20.

  • jk

    wow,she`s great like always

  • KWRocks

    Yay! Thx. JJ:)
    She is a sexy woman! I love her so much. She is my idol.

    Can we have more pics of Kate tonight at the fundraiser she is hosting for the writers support fund? Please.

  • sarah

    she’s dark sexy!!!love her sexy hot boobies!!!

  • girl-crush-on-kate

    Nice to hear you met her #38. Very jealous :)

    I think some people underestimate her because she is very funny & goofy in interviews, but she comes across as very quick-witted & extremely intelligent & well-informed which I love. The whole package really.

    People do rave about her skin – I saw an interview with KaDee Strickland (Charlotte on PP) who raved about Kate & how beautiful she was & how she felt like she was staring at her all the time lol.

    Kate was a model before her acting career so I suppose she had to have great skin for that (even though she did runway).

    Bit confused with these pictures. Some on Getty from the same day show her hair as definitely being red still :-

  • Didi

    obama has no policies, he keeps stealing them from other candidates. and hilary stands for absolutely nothing and is more republican than the actual republicans.

    having to chose between one of these two reminds me of that South Park episode where the kids have to vote for either the Turd Sandwich or Giant Douche as their mascot.

  • John

    Jared — any pics from her driving that Caddy on the race course ?

    Her Cadillac commercial is the BEST commercial in years. It’s been winning advertising awards in the industry.

    She looks great in these pics. Beautiful looking woman.

  • katie

    She is smokin’ HOT in these pics.

    It’s been too long without Kate news.

    I hope her show returns soon. It was getting SO good. Loved the last scene with Addie turning up at the cop shop just as Pete turns up at her house !

    Thanks for the photos.

  • jamie

    John, you can find a pic at newscom it is just of her getting in the car.

    I dont care who she supports. For me it is just the fact that she supports and believes in something enough to go out and do the leg work, campaign and speak at colleges. She is not just sitting on her ass.
    She is not like some celebs who have their publicist sign a check just so they can say they gave money to the campaign.
    Kate gets involved.
    I also love that she is hosting a fundraiser for the writers tonight!

  • swedish

    JJ thanks for the pictures she looks fantastics ..Love her to death. !

  • Kate walsh is a cow

    FUGLY as usual.

  • james

    The only reason I watched Grey’s Anatomy with my wife is to stare at her.
    She is a gorgeous sexy hot woman.
    Thank God she has her show which I enjoy. My wife and I no longer watch Grey’s but we love Private Practice!

  • ally

    OMG !!! 38….you met Kate!!!
    Do you attend UA or ASU?