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Kelly Rowland is a Bikini Babe

Kelly Rowland is a Bikini Babe

Kelly Rowland looks bikini-licious in a green two-piece, soaking up the Floridian sun in Miami on Sunday.

Listen to this recent interview of Kelly with UK DJ Steve Sutherland here (mp3). You can also watch Kelly perform “Work” (Freemasons Remix) at BBC (timestamp 25:40).

The former Destiny’s Child member turned 27 this Monday.

10+ pictures inside of bikini babe Kelly Rowland

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kelly rowland bikini 01
kelly rowland bikini 02
kelly rowland bikini 03
kelly rowland bikini 04
kelly rowland bikini 05
kelly rowland bikini 06
kelly rowland bikini 07
kelly rowland bikini 08
kelly rowland bikini 09
kelly rowland bikini 10

Photos: Kadena Press/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Lorraine


  • http://justjared Lips,tits,ass and paris money

    Girl likes it all natural!!!!

  • Orange Clockwork

    More like a cellulite babe.

  • heather

    jared you’re such a jerk. why would you post a pic showing her thigh dimples when you have plenty others to choose from?? you’re just looking for a bunch of comments on it. clicks=hits=more dollars for your at times tacky site. i’m just waiting for the bashing to begin, like it always does on here.

  • Vanessa


  • shiva

    Cellulite Alert !!

  • Frida

    So? Lots of women have cellulite, get over it.

  • alicia

    her dark skin looks soooo good against that green swimsuit!! it would look awful on me : [

  • Didi

    She isnt fat. You want to see fat? then I suggest you go to Orlando, Florida where its heavily populated with walking heffalump eclipses. Ive never seen so many fat f*cks congregate in one place in all my life. My husband and I were playing a game called “spot the thin person” in Disneyland. Each skinny person was worth 2 points. Funny thing was all the tourists were normal and the fat f*cks were all American and classed as ‘disabled’, so the cue for the handicapped toilets was longer than the normal ones. Ive never seen that before.

  • Chelsea

    hopefully she shaved her armpits!

    that’d be embarrassing!

  • http://soap,waterthenarazor soap,water then a razor

    that is one dented azz.. did she ever shave those pits ??
    still wearing the black horse tail i see. um ew.


    not very cute…mmmmm


  • Didi


  • kathy

    LOL @ DIDi.. Kelly is beautiful

  • Lila

    i’m with did orlando is full of slobs. it’s a family tourist city tho, so it’s to be expected. most women have kids and keep the baby fat on and just keep gaining, then the husbands feel the can as well and usually end up fat too.

    i’m so sick of seeing people classified as “disabled” because they’re simply a fat lazy pig who did the damage to themselves. nobody held them down and force fed ‘em oreos.

  • h

    People who give a shit about women not shaving their pits need to go cut themselves and cry more. idiots, it’s natural :] also cellulite is something just about every woman will have.

  • menna

    its a shame she’s in beyonce’s shadow…

  • Natalie

    She looks fine to me. Almost every woman has some cellulite. Yes even skinny women. I dont know why but it happens. lol!

  • Chelsea

    Cellulite is perfectly fine, she looks gorgeous

  • marina

    normal chick, well a good bodied mother of two hope I kook like that, cellulite or not at 30 something and after 2 kids

  • carlo

    hi [b]
    hi [s]

  • gag

    when did she get implants? she used to be flat

  • Susan

    There is nothing wrong with Kelly’s body by any means. She has a beautiful build. This is just proof that she’s just like most women out there who have cellulite and stretch marks.

  • lola

    She looks hot. I can understand criticizing women over their weight, but this is cellulite. Everyone gets it after a certain age.

    –read my blog at

  • Original Amber

    Every woman has cellulite. It isn’t a sign of being fat because my iddy, bitty, skinny waif of a girlfriend has it all over her backside. Cellulite is a sign that you’re a WOMAN.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    She looks good, she is not fatt, she cant do anything about that part.

    If you guys liked the hot Freemasons mix you can dwonload it here >>

  • CelebreXXXViagara



  • Cathy

    People who are crying about unshaven srm pits are wimpy, impressionable teens who buy into everything the society snd commercials tell them. Its natural and feminist. Do men shave their arm pits to go to pools? Women have as much right as men to use pool/ocean in their natural hair wherever they may be.

  • Mo

    Yeah they do have the right Cathy but it doesn’t mean it’s not weird looking….

  • Nicole m

    It’s nice to know celebrities don’t know the cure to cellulite either. You have to give her credit for showing off her legs even if she has cellulite, it shows she’s human and doesn’t give a flying **** what people think of her.

  • ken

    # 29 Mo

    It looks ‘weird’ to you because you buy into these ‘what is normal’ media messages given to you everyday. Women who try to transgress these sexist expectations should be admired. the more women do this it becomes less and less ‘weird’ and in time becomes ‘normal.’ All these ‘what is right and correct things to do’ are socially constructed. They can be changed by ourselves as well.

  • rp

    cellulite is normal if you are a fat pig…lol@ cellulite being normal…that is why america is considered the fattest most disgusting country in the world because people here say cellulite is normal

  • Miapocca

    she didnt get implant she just gained weight since destinys child..I saw her backside earlier and almost didnt recognize it was kelly with a-rse…she must have put on about 20lbs since her skeletal days..ahahhah looks good though and she is still smaller than beyonce…

  • Original Amber

    32, you’re ignorant. I agree that the USA is fat and disgusting, but cellulite isn’t a symptom of being fat. Cellulite is complicated, that’s why they haven’t found a “cure” for it yet. It’s inevitable, much like wrinkles and other aging factors. As I stated before, my very skinny girlfriend has it. She’s Korean, skin and bone, about 90 pounds, and her backside is covered with it. I hardly have a lick of cellulite and I weigh about 40 pounds more than her.

  • Iris


    That’s the first thing I noticed! She’s definately my favourite of the Destiny’s Child line up but she was also the flattest. I really don’t think they are the result of a little extra wieght because she is still thin. Nevertheless, she’s beautiful.

  • Jennifer

    I want a body like hers…. she’s so luscious and curvy and beautiful!

    and sheesh, to all those braindead people who think cellulite has anything to do with your weight, get the facts. about 8 out of 10 women will have it to some degree during or after puberty. it’s because of hormones, because of what women’s skin tissue is like, and it’s partly hereditary (as well as diet, lifestyle… so many factors), so you can be skinny as a rake and still have it (and I’ve seen some near anorexic girls who did). besides, that angle from which that second picture was taken is impossible to give her a dimple-free butt. the first one clearly shows how amazing she looks.

    bottom line: let’s get all those haters in a bikini, and see what they look like. and THEN, let’s talk again, aye?

  • palvasha

    no one is perfect and evry woman has a little cellulite, thos that dont r supper skinny or plastic surgery. anyhow y is she sunbathing? im brown and i dnt sunbathe.

  • remember da truth

    Nicole M #30 You are so right!
    I saw that cellulite, and thought WOW! Finally, not airbrushed, what women even with a rocking body like Kelly Rowland really look like! And I can just hear everyone criticizing her, the same people who if they see perfect legs scream “airbrushed!”

    I don’t even want to read the inane comments, after I saw one idiot say if she’s black she shouldn’t be on the beach sunbathing. This is a beautiful woman, inside and out, and I’m glad she is enjoying some time at the beach.

  • remember da truth

    #32 RP
    Cellulite has NOTHING to do with being fat. Some fat people have no cellulite because the skin is stretched over all the blubber. Skinny people have cellulite.
    Obviously, you have not been out in the real world much. Get off the computer, and go see what real people look like.

  • andrea

    some of ya’ll are so disrespectful and just stupid.

    i just can’t understand that.

    she’s a natural beauty, the biggest sweetheart and she is blessed with probably the most beautiful angel voice on earth.

    better look 4 ur own assez….. ZzZZZzz

    just gotta love her…. she’s a hottiiiiiieeeee like always.

  • cathy

    #31 Ken

    Great comment. Exactly my thoughts, but better worded. If you are a man (seems like it from the name) it is a beautiful day. Yes, everything is as ‘weird’ as we make it. and most women do not see that when they ‘ewww’ natural way of being a woman they are buying into their own enslavement.

  • cathy

    I am saying this because I go to water aerobics 3 times a week at 5.30 p.m. I get off work, run home and shave in a hurry and get knicks and cuts all over. We women are all shaven and exercising in one corner of the pool and these extremly hairy men just get down in the pool with us at th other side. There is chest hair, facial hair, arm pit hair- you name it they bring it to the pool. Why do we women have to abide by shaving god given hair.

  • dextra

    well to all morons that say you dont need to shave your hair: it has esthetic hygienic purposes, so one should do it.

    but in kellys case: there are only tiny bits of hairline visible, i would count that as shaved, i mean no one can demand that you tear out the very roots of your hair….

  • alessandrajordan

    Dang! you guys are some massive HATERS. wtf? is wrong with having cellulite on your thighs. shoot shes all NATURAL and loving it.!
    You go Kelly! show them how a real women looks like. All NATURAL.

  • Nix

    She looks good i wish my chick had the figure.The boobs cool.

  • Yabam

    She looks cute in video but too fat on the fotos :(

  • Yabam

    @Lorraine: I can do it for her :)