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Rihanna @ NY Fashion Week

Rihanna @ NY Fashion Week

Rihanna continues to rock out her short hair at the Max Azria 2008 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2008 at The Tent at NYC’s Bryant Park on Monday.

The 19-year-old Barbados babe recently denied dating Chris Brown and says the two are “best friends”.

Rihanna is also set to perform at a Grammy fashion event. InStyle is teaming with the Grammys for the first-ever Grammy Salute to Fashion, which will take place February 7 and feature a performance by Rihanna. The event peeks at the spring collections from the fashion houses of Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Diddy, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson. It will be hosted by producer Jimmy Jam and also feature a showcase for the Recording Academy’s own fashion line, Grammy Brand.

50+ pictures inside of Rihanna @ NY Fashion Week…

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53 Responses to “Rihanna @ NY Fashion Week”

  1. 1
    rachel Says:

    :D shes pretty

  2. 2
    Lyn Says:

    yep, she looks great

  3. 3
    shenanyginz Says:

    I LOVE the way she dresses… I want that jacket thingy lol

  4. 4
    Nicole m Says:

    I want that necklace!

  5. 5
    Lisa Says:

    Like her but not the hair

  6. 6
    ok Says:

    she looks exactly like her mom-dionne warwick-except dionne doesnt wear fake contact. hair snat cher.

  7. 7
    mklovr Says:

    she looks fantastic.

  8. 8
    t Says:

    wow love her hair more and more each day, looks so good on her

  9. 9
    unknown Says:

    does she ALWAYS have to show her breasts??????

  10. 10
    yep Says:

    that hair style is fugly ,thats weave on the side like parasites.
    btw her nose is wide.

  11. 11
    piggy Says:

    rihanna is so ****** fly, beautiful chick, and her hair look really good

  12. 12
    chick Says:

    beyonce and her stans need to stop coming on these blogs to diss rihanna dang keep it moving jealous a s s people and rihanna don’t wear contacts her eyes are naturally green stop being jeaous it’s not a good look

  13. 13
    chick Says:

    beyonce and her stans need to stop coming on these blogs to diss rihanna dang keep it moving jealous a s s people and rihanna don’t wear contacts her eyes are naturally green stop being jeaous it’s not a good look

  14. 14
    SHe-who-shall-not-be-named Says:

    Posh needs to move out of the way, Rihanna is the new fashionista in town! I can’t imagine she’s playing her trend setter cards pretty well, after making her debut in the biz not long away. I say the Rihanna camp is working overtime on their gimmick. The Riri-cut is still hawt!

  15. 15
    Lux Says:

    That outfit is hideous.

  16. 16
    Tara Says:

    Such an ugly woman. She needs a bath, her hair looks dirty.

  17. 17
    bad bad bad Says:

    I think she’s average looking at best.

  18. 18
    May Says:

    she’s a doll, an uglie one.

  19. 19
    wtf Says:

    uh, why is she famous?

  20. 20
    true dat Says:

    what a hoe!

  21. 21


  22. 22
    Didi Says:

    She is so fugly

  23. 23
    Alison Says:

    Rihanna is cute, but poor girl has such a large fore head.

  24. 24
    hide the kids Says:

    WHAT A W-H-O-R-E!

  25. 25
    Carrie Says:

    cute hair & makeup but she needs a stylist!

  26. 26
    This is da 20th cetury Says:

    Granny in drag ewwwww
    more plastic surgery is so needed.

  27. 27
    [~F a m o u s~] Says:

    omg, she’s fcuking ugly.

  28. 28
    Jim Says:

    She’s begun to look like a female impersonator.

  29. 29
    miss cherie Says:

    lumberjack chic!

  30. 30
    Salty Peanuts Says:

    PRetty face but you could land a plane on that forehead

  31. 31
    annabanana Says:

    she looks like she is 30. does not bode well for the future

  32. 32
    trezea Says:

    yeah her forehead is large, and YEP she’s black what kind of nose do black ppl have???? what the **** do u expect? any way her fashion is different and new dats why yall dont get it yet. try thinkin outside the box for a change, the predictable bleach blond LA look is very worn out for white folks and the I_MUST_USE_WEAVE_LIKE_BEYONCE look is on its way out for black girls too.

    come on ppl time to upgrade

  33. 33
    The Arab Aquarius Says:

    She’s damn stylish. I think she should still model each now and then

  34. 34
    cristine Says:

    she’s beautiful – not drop dead gorgeous but beautiful enough – but that hairstyle doesn’t flatter her at all, long hair is always better

  35. 35
    pitchajarun Says:

    I’m so happy that my opinion of Rhi-BLAH-na is the same as most posters posting on this post… she’s so boring!!! What a drab, boring, flash in the pan, boring celebrity identity is Rhi-BLAH-na….. I’m praying that she reflects on her obnoxious snicker to britney’s VMA performance and realises that her ultimate peak performance is boring compared to Britney’s all time low performance and can’t be compare in any way shape or form, let alone allow her to snicker at Britney…

  36. 36
    shannon Says:

    i dont care what you ppl say this girl is a fashionista!!!! plus her hair looks amazing

  37. 37
    hairball Says:

    She looks horrible.

  38. 38
    palvasha Says:


  39. 39
    lu Says:

    i do not like her hair!

  40. 40
    maria Says:

    i like her coat too, only i think it would be better on a taller girl.It kinda makes her look like a dwarf-hobbit

  41. 41
    Whyyyyyyyyy Says:

    The Evolution of Rihanna

    It started with Beyonce – Next up FeFe – After that Beckum – Please let it stop at this one – KELIS.

    I know every body copies sometimes, but DAMN………all the time…..

  42. 42
    stefanie Says:

    I like her hair cut…it’s a style I used to wear many years ago.

  43. 43
    kate Says:

    she’s ugly

  44. 44
    mudkipz Says:

    I don’t like how she looked before…but with her hair that way, I don’t like her even more.

  45. 45
    Dach Says:

    Love her new cut!! Has for her “needing a bath”. lol I’m so glad peeps can finally smell through the damn computer. So senseless

  46. 46
    Sarah Says:

    shut up y’all Oo !
    she looks great !
    she has a beautiful eyes, beautiful haircup !!!

  47. 47
    ew Says:

    her new hair cut is soooo ugly…
    i dont like her voice…she souds like a cat

  48. 48
    mrs channing tatum Says:

    i luv her she is really cool

  49. 49
    lennie Says:

    she looks fresh, but the coat really sucks

  50. 50
    boygeorge Says:

    Now Rihanna is swagger-jacking Boy George!!! I’m not impressed with her style because she has none of her own. She looks ridiculous. IMPRESS ME WITH SOME SINGING – OOPS FORGOT – YOU CAN’T – LMAO!!!

  51. 51
    pam Says:

    All who are saying bad stuff about RIRI u are just jealousy, she is always HAWT!

  52. 52
    erick Says:

    hi just came from Brazil talks about rhianna all love you here in Brazil we are very Tristram Chisa because you ugly that tragedy with you more hope that this fine kisses erick

  53. 53
    Yes Says:

    luv her…real pretty girl…but she do wear contacts, if u look at her first video “pon de replay”..u will see that her eyes are dark brown. still luv her

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