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Clinton-Obama: That's the Ticket!

Clinton-Obama: That's the Ticket!

Rosie O’Donnell likes both candidates (Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama) equally and even wants them to run together! She writes:

“It’s still early yet, but so far I find both candidates believable. They are different, with a different mix of talents to bring to the political table, but they both seem to have the passion, plans, drive, and intelligence I want in my next president.

“Could a Clinton-Obama or Obama-Clinton ticket be our future? I hope so. I think America would benefit from the strengths of either individual, but if those strengths were combined, we might just have the Democratic powerhouse the country needs to turn itself around, and back into peace, prosperity and opportunity.

“May they both release the desire to receive for oneself alone — and save the world together.”

Read the full post at The Huffington Post.

DO YOU AGREE with Rosie that Barack and Hillary should run together?

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64 Responses to “Clinton-Obama: That's the Ticket!”

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  1. 1
    [marie] Says:

    I don’t think either candidate wants that. Hilary wants to be president no matter what…

  2. 2
    Nando Says:

    I agree w/ Marie but it’d be nice for one of them to settle for runner-up. LOL

  3. 3
    Clarissa Says:

    Yes, and why not?

  4. 4
    fresh Says:

    Hilary wants to have sole power you can tell. Thats why her is up there crying every night. But It wouldnt be a bad idea really.

  5. 5
    Lili Says:

    well, I prefer Barack Obama – I think he is able to handle most difficult situation…while Hilary, in times of crisis, would probably turn to her poor acting skills – trembling voice, teary eyes blah blah blah…

  6. 6
    lu Says:

    Even though I don’t think either of them are going to back down, I agree.

    I think Hillary should be president and Obama vice. Hillary is getting my vote today!

  7. 7
    eden love sophia Says:

    i prefer Hillary Clinton :)

  8. 8
    Stefanie Says:

    hillary for president!!! obama coult be her vice president!

  9. 9
    Dina Says:

    I think Clinton – Obama, or Obama – Clinton team would be magnificent.
    Both have what to offer: Clinton has the experience, Obama has the thirst for changes, for actually doing something different. Together they would be wonderful.

    Perhaps a Gentlemen deal like Blair/Brown did? Clinton gets the first term, then Obama. Or visa versa.

  10. 10
    reba Says:

    Obama all the way!

    He doesn’t need (or want) Clinton. If he truly plans to united people and reach out to Republicans, he doesn’t want a Clinton anywhere near his White House. Besides, there is no way that Hillary would play second fiddle.

    And if she got the nomination, I highly doubt that she would risk being upstaged by Obama or that Obama would want to compete with Bill Clinton as second in command.

    It’s called a dream for a reason…’cause it ain’t never gonna be reality…

    OBAMA ’08!

  11. 11
    sillyme Says:

    No way they should run together. Whichever wins, they need to get a white male (Edwards) to run with them.

    And, actually “reba” I think you are incorrect about Republican voters banding together against Hillary. Anne Coulter (far right conservative) has publicly stated that she would back Hillary against John McCain. And, conservative commentator Mary Matalin pretty much said the same thing on Meet the Press. And, if these two conservative Republican women, who have bashed the Clintons in the past, would back Hillary, then I suspect others would, too. However, they DID NOT say the same thing about backing Obama. I think Republican men would vote against Hillary, but Republican woman, I’m not so sure. The lure of the first woman president is just as strong for some women as the lure of the first black president is for liberals and African Americans.

    As much as Obama thinks he can get Republican voters, and as much as his supporters think he can, he’s much too liberal, even for me. He’s a great speech maker, yes, and inspiring…but, he’s as liberal as they come, which I guess is why the Hollywood types all love him.

  12. 12
    jane Says:

    Usually the presidential nominee chooses his closest rival for the vice presidency, so the ‘dream team’ does make sense.

    In reality, however, it would be a stretch to put a black and a woman on the same ticket–that may be too much change at once for people to handle.

    Go Hillary!

  13. 13
    Amy Says:

    Obama stands a better chance running alone. Ugh.

  14. 14
    Heather Says:

    I hope this happens. I think Hillary would make the stronger president but Barack was make a great Vice!

  15. 15
    stefanie Says:

    I prefer Edwards and voted for him today too.

    I think Clinton/Edwards is the ticket!

  16. 16
    stefanie Says:

    Please everyone, if your state is voting in the Primaries today…

    PLEASE VOTE!!!!!! I don’t care who you vote for (~whisper~ Hillary), but I want to hear that everyone who could vote, did vote.

    This is America and it is your duty as citizens to help chose our leaders. When you don’t do anything, you get Bush Crime Administrations…and that’s bad.


    Thank you.

  17. 17
    Just me... Says:

    I’m not Americain but European so of course can’t participate in the election. But if I could, I would support Obama 100%!!
    I wish to see Barack Obama carrying on his way.I have been it for several months and this man is really somebody. He crowned one personality, he seems to be an amazing person very genuine and inspiring.

    Hilary, there is not great a deal to say. The couple proved reliable, in particular in international relations.

    At all events, if the White House is still directed by a republican
    I will not understand you, YOU the US’s voter.

    So for me…obama is the man of the situation!
    He can do much for the advancement and repair of the US’s reputation on the world stage.

    Good luck to you OBAMA!!! ;)

  18. 18
    lily Says:

    If Obama wins- then he would pick Hillary but if Hillary wins she would pick John Edwards and her excuse would be “he has more experience campaigning for presidency.”

    Both Obama and Billary will make an awsome team but Hillary has turned into some kind of manic-caniving(spelling?) cow, playing the race card against Obama. She was the first to fight dirty when she should have kept that to fight against the republicans.


  19. 19
    AnIntelligentMind Says:

    Voted for Obama. Preferred Edwards over Clinton. I’ve actually grown to dislike Clinton a bit during these entire primary season

  20. 20
    anononymouss Says:

    No, I hope he has better sense.

  21. 21
    lily Says:

    WORD on the street in NYC they have the list set up in such a way that it’s almost rigged for Hillary. Scandalous.

  22. 22
    [marie] Says:

    I used to have some kind of respect for Bill and Hilary. However, after the stunts that they both have pulled in the last few weeks (i.e.: crying, attacking Barack, etc.) that respect has diminished completely. If you are in a Super Tuesday State and able to vote. I urge you to vote Obama ’08.

    PS. I live in New York (Hilary’s home state) and still am voting for Obama.

  23. 23
    ken Says:

    Yes, Clinton-Obama will be great. That would give Obama the necessary experience in D.C. to run for president next time around. He is great in many ways but very green on foreign affairs, etc.

  24. 24
    obama 2008 Says:

    No, I don’t agree with Obama sharing the ticket with Hillary. She is running a dirty campaign, and has been smearing Obama from the start.



  25. 25
    Mr. T Says:

    Tired of the Clinton drama. Will these carpet baggers just fade in the sunset? We don’t need ******** Bill and Shrillary running the country into the ground anymore. I hope Obama kicks her fat ass out of the picture once and for all.

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