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Halle Berry is in Love with Cartier (And Gabriel Too)

Halle Berry is in Love with Cartier (And Gabriel Too)

Halle Berry and her boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, 32, grab some takeout on Monday at P.F. Changs in Santa Monica, Calif.

Halle is due sometime next month. Can’t wait for the beautiful baby!

Halle, 41, and Gabriel, both sported matching Cartier Love bracelets.

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  • kate


  • AnIntelligentMind

    I really think she’ll end up delivering in February

  • LINA


  • sammantha

    I wish she would go back to how her hair was before :(

  • lily

    I like Halle, but without the make-up she is not the prettiest.

  • lola

    She look tired- and about to pop.

    –read my blog at

  • melianna

    Halle is looking rough! Good to know she is feeling the late stage pangs of pregnancy like the rest of us do!

  • michelle depp

    He is HOT, but that 2nd pic makes him look retarded…..NOT that there’s anything wrong with that!!


    He is hawt!! I’d tap that!!

    Zanessa ‘fo life!!!!!!! Zanessa, the future of mankind!!

  • Adrian

    Umm…Jared, you have Gabriel as 32 and 30.

  • http://justjared Lips,tits,and Angie’s da bomb!

    It’s good to see baby daddy with her.

  • cristine

    finally some pictures of her baby daddy I was starting to think he disappeared off the face of the earth

  • mudkipz

    Halle doesn’t look pretty in that picture.


    Hoping the baby will arrive beautiful and healthy..I hope the couple chooses a name that won’t curse the kid for life! We don’t need another Hollywood baby with a ridiculous name..Halle carried the pregnancy well I must say

  • lady t

    Glad to see Halle still able to move around…I think she will deliver this month as well. Gabriel’s still hot. God bless them and their family…

  • jeannified

    No one’s commented on the fact that they are supposedly having trouble. Gabriel supposedly wants to stay in New York for his modeling career, and Halle wants to stay in LA and have Gabriel move there with her to help raise the baby. However, I think that once this baby is born, they will split. There haven’t been hardly ANY pictures of them together in MONTHS! Look at these pics…they’re finally together and they look MISERABLE! His jaw is clinched and there’s not a trace of a smile on her face. It looks like they are going through the motions, and that they’ve already determined that they will split once the baby is born. I’d bet on it!

  • nikki

    They don’t look too happy together

  • ghetto

    She is looking hard! A little on the ghettooooo side.

  • Hey Jen

    There were pix all over the internet of them the beginning of last month shopping and going to the doctor’s office causing hot debates on several of the blogs, where have you been? Because of that I am not going to comment nay or yay on the validity of your statement.

  • crazy

    Is she stil crazy!

  • Lillianne

    Why on earth did she do that to her hair? Not a good look.

  • celebpsychic wench predicts?

    Here’s the latest prediction from that celebpsychic wench who keeps doing a Miss Cleo saying that the will get married sometime later this month. Let’s see if her crystal ball or crack pipe are right on this one? I am surprised she hasn’t posted here yet, which she almost always does when they’re together or Jared has a pic of Halle.

  • JL

    She isn’t looking too great here. I agree with others, a split right after. Frankly, I think they are already done and putting on a front until after the baby is born.

  • CP link
  • of course Jen and JL are right

    Of course your right, looks like more damage photos to me. Even on the blogs of them holding hands still looks like there going through the motions. Who knows how long he’ll still be in the background after the baby is born, depends if it really is the real deal or what their arrangement was.
    Check out the other photos on icantandiwont and blackcelebritykids—do a google blog search for Halle and Aubry.

  • Jared-where’s Halle’s bracelet

    Jared–where’s Halle’s bracelet? Only see Gabe’s in the pix. Cute thought, but it ain’t no Cartier bling as it was reported he gave her last month. He may be able to afford a bracelet, it ain’t no $10K. Think the bracelet thing is kinda like when Halle used to wear his bracelet Rolex watch and stopped when bloggers said it made her look like she was still in highschool wearing a bf’s highschool ring or fraternity pin. Maybe some of the other sites have her wearing it, definitely can’t see it in these pictures.

  • xyz

    They are both wearing shades at night. Aubry must not be doing to much modeling these days because every time you see him he has alot of facial hair. Male models are rarely photographed with that much wild facial hair. He cleans up nice though. Obvioulsy he is not a slave to fashion in his down time.

  • OMG


  • good point xyz

    Good points XYZ. Does still look he’s doing the Metrosexual dress thing.

  • funny thing?

    He only wears the shades w/her or w/her at night. Never wears them when he’s photographed candidly by himself in LA/NYC? His facial hair looks the same to me. He had it in the CK ads. Maybe having down time when he’s not in LA or working at his cafe. Isn’t Fashion Week about to start in NYC this week or over the weekend? Wonder if he will be there?

  • #30?

    Huh? Does he think people won’t recognize him? He wasn’t wearing them in the doc pix was he? Maybe in the furniture ones?

  • xyz

    #29 you are right he is still doing his metrosexual thing but he has toned it down alot. When she first started dating him his metrosexuality was off the charts. He was always wearing skinny jeans(hip huggers) she must have said something to him about his feminine wardrobe.


    #30-Here’s your Fashion Week info:

    Berlin last week (Jan. 27-Jan 31)

    NYC Feb 1-Feb 8 (guess he’s not there if he’s in LA on the 4th, unless he’s gone back already, baby due this month or next?)

    LA Mar 9-Mar 13 (when in March is the baby due, unless due in Feb)

    Miami July 10-July 14

  • XYz

    XYZ think you’re right on that one, he has toned it down some.

  • peace

    They are so cute together hopefully the baby is gorgeous like them I can’t wait

  • RachelSun

    They are in this together. They dated for 2 years before she even got pregnant. I can see her bracelet in the second to last picture and she looks tired because she is heavily pregnant! I guess the people commenting have never been pregnant.
    As for how he dresses, if you travel at all he dresses the way a lot of European men dress. He is French-Canadian and they tend to follow the French fashion. Have had friends who are French -Canadian and they remind me of the way Europeans dress.

    She does look like end of February not mid March.

  • luckyL

    While ignoring any idiots / people hounding a pregnant woman, I love that they have matching bracelets. Wishing them all the best during this pregnancy and in the future.


    My two cents worth. He isnt happy but is honoring the arrangement and thats all he can do for this child. I fear this man is having alot of second thoughts and its quite debilitating when you think of it.

    She looks horrible, and makeup helps a touch but its her personality that ruins it all. She really has no idea. She thinks she is clever but she really should hold hands with Britney. Halle is one whacko!


    My two cents worth. He isnt happy but is honoring the arrangement and thats all he can do for this child. I fear this man is having alot of second thoughts and its quite debilitating when you think of it.

    She looks horrible, and makeup helps a touch but its her personality that ruins it all. She really has no idea. She thinks she is clever but she really should hold hands with Britney. Halle is one whacko!

  • peace

    Love them Love God Bless this Beautiful family don’t worry Halle we will pray for you and your precious family and does who spite you spread the love not hate.

  • tdani

    They don’t look too happy at this moment. Either because they are no longer happy together or that she is just frustrated from the exhaustion of carrying that baby weight. Hope it’s the latter. She doesn’t need her baby growing up without its father.

  • ???

    She does look miserable. Yes, he dresses European, a la Metrosexual. I see the bracelet too when you click on the photo, she does have a different ring on, not the famous/infamous $10K ring. As for them being unhappy or him having second thoughts, I just think it’s the pappis and she’s reached the uncomfortable stage. I am sure they will be fine.

  • cindy

    Ghetto… excuse me but Halle is still pretty and what the hell does looking a litle tired have to do with ghetto… you stupid idiot, i guess Britney must really look trailer trashy and dirty. Why the hell does ghetto have to come in the picture evert time a black is featured, what about saying trailer trash when yoyu see beat down looking white folks and i see a lot of them today… tara reid, jenna jameson and kendra wilkinson.. omg.. they are really beatdown looking at least Halee is pregnant.

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