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Hayden Panettiere Talks Politics

Hayden Panettiere Talks Politics

Hayden Panettiere stocks up on groceries at Whole Foods supermarket in Los Angeles on Monday.

The 18-year-old Heroes hottie loaded her own car with eco-friendly reusable grocery bags and shared a laugh with the parking lot security guard. She wore white track pants and Uggs and toted around a gold Kooba handbag.

Hayden continued to wear her support for the Save the Whales Again! campaign by wearing a gold Save the Whales! pendant on her necklace. She just returned from Washington DC after attending a rally to support the cause.

As for her politics, Hayden has been talking to parties from both sides of the fence.

“You know, I haven’t really picked who I’m going to support yet,” she told E!. I have spoken to Barack about the whales and the situation going on there, and I asked him his views on it, and he grew up in Hawaii. He’s got a very wonderful outlook on it. Hopefully later on, [I'm] having a phone call with the McCain party and also in the midst of contacting the Clinton party. I’ll hopefully be hearing from them on the whole situation and what they’re willing to do to stop it.”

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  • zoe

    she looks really cute. love how she uses environmetal friendly bags for shopping!

  • t

    love her, love that she’s actively working on a cause

  • kate


  • Justina

    i work at Whole Foods in NY, so I’m happy to see she bought enough reusable bags for all her groceries ^_^

  • t

    Lol….. I applaud her efforts but has she heard the news about the economy? None of these candidates give a fcuk about the whales

  • fresh

    she looks nice. But there are other issues out there besides the whales. Like #5 said I doubt whaling issues are anywhere near a top priority for them.

  • rp

    why is this idiot wasting her time on whales ??/ you know there are humans suffering every day, war, middle east tensions and she is talking about whales

  • Jamie Insider


  • http://notengo carolinaa


  • The Arab Aquarius

    Man, I love this girl. She is trying to do as much good as she can. Which is great for any young person, let alone a young celeb

  • teddy-booboo

    OMG… young & naive.

    how do people feel comfortable in hair extensions?
    How do you wash it & have your man run his fingers through?
    run in the wind on the ocean?
    it seems to be the most uncomfortable thing to me.

    I’m buying the MakeitRight pink bags..environmentally friendly & it’s made by the blind AND it helps Brad Pitt’s NOLA project.

  • null

    She’s still young, so I guess this is a good start for her. Better than going out partying. Still hard to take her seriously, though.

  • http://deleted tia

    shes so pretty!! ahh i love her! i think shes way more talnted and classy than all of thoose disney girls put togther! sorry vanessa, you aint got nothing on hayden!

  • Ashleeey

    7# She’s talking about whales cause everybody alse are talking about people… is there the ohter calebrity who’s talking about whales exept Hayden?

  • Rae

    Saving the whales is great but surely these candidates have other things to focus on and worry about right now than dealing with this girl.

  • Delphi

    haha…silly spoilt little rich girl. Her biggest issue is whales. Aww. The country you live in has a poverty rate of 12%, and it’s the richest damn country in the world! China (!) has a 10% poverty rate by comparison and Norway has 1%… And this is the economic system that the US is trying to export to the world through institutions like the IMF. 47 million people in america don’t have health insurance. But she’s upset that japan and iceland are killing a few whales. Way to prioritize.

    If we don’t start taking action in the climate issue soon then none of this will matter…there will be mass extinctions of several species of animals, not to mention more frequent and more serious hurricanes, floods and droughts that will effect PEOPLE aswell as animals in parts of the world that are already weakened. All of this will also cause huge migration of people trying to get into safety and conflicts aswell as economic crisis will inevitably be a result of this.

    But oh what about the cute little whales and dolphins…well…they’re important too but you’ve got to see the big picture. You shouldn’t base your voting on simply one, small issue.

  • lise

    kudos to her for finding an issue – she leveraged her celebrity and used it to bring one issue to national attention that otherwise would have received none amidst the admittedly bigger issues. if others like her were doing the same, everyone would be the better for it. i think its loathsome to call her a silly spoilt little rich girl, if you need a celebrity to tear down, look to the scores of people her age (~99% of them) wasting their apathetic miserable lives away at the clubs and bars every Thursday through Saturday night


    Who cares about whales? I love seafood. It tastes so yummy ^_^

    Save the chickens, foxes, cows and pigs.

  • devilgirl

    While I applaud her political efforts and her attempt to save the whales, I question her views and speaking so politically– after all , she’s 18. What does she know? When your parents have you working as a teen, you fly all over the world for whales, and you’re dating your 30-year-old coworker– hmmm. Maybe not the best judge of who should lead our country, non?

  • Ha!

    OMG, you’re 18 Hayden. Shut up. Celebrity doesn’t mean we actually care what you think? Maybe in a few years once you’ve been an adult for more than 10 seconds.

  • who

    celebrity really opens doors, who common 18 years old can speak with presidential candidates about issues concerning him/her?

  • Matt

    This chick is pathetic, fighting that hard to keep an old a$$ man.

  • Jill

    Reaalllly don’t care what she has to say.

  • MMM

    Really, she is starting to truly tick me off. You are going to pick a person to support based on their stance on your whale issue??? Plus, what a spoiled little brat, calling their offices and getting them to get you the information. Go out there and find out where they and you stand on the issues like the rest of us. Educate yourself, there is plenty of information out there.

    Shut up Hayden!

  • Dav

    What will she do when this old guy drop her. Then she will be quiet and hide that ugly face.

  • Zephi

    Some of you asked why does she care about whales instead of more important issues. Most of you answered your own questions: because she is young! Because she is young she has no experience/knowledge towards other issues. In addition she has had a very comfortable life so poverty and health insurance rates do not affect her at all.

  • Drue

    Who cares about the whales?
    Why not try to save the starving children…..?

  • lkt

    She will never let this save the whales shit go, will she? Not until she finds something that gives her even more press.


    Seriously who cares!!
    More updates on important issues like Zanessa please!!

    f.cuk whales, zanessa forever!!

  • who

    i like her and all but theres more issues out there than some freakin whales

  • Delphi

    To lise: well I understand that she’s young but she has chosen to publicly state her political opinions and therefore I feel I have the right to comment, and yes even to ridicule. It’s good that she has opinions and doesn’t spend all her time running around in clubs but is that really the standard on which we should hold everyone against? If she’s gonna start talking politics then she should be able to take some questioning of her priorities. I’m only two years older than her so I don’t think being young is an excuse for not knowing a little more about what’s going on in the world. Look, she can be a whale activist all she wants I just think that statement showed a huge lack of maturity and knowledge on her part and if she indeed is influential to young girls then I hope they base their political decisions on a better basis than she does. There are bigger issues in the world, and indeed in this election.

  • luvmydog

    You go Hayden!! I agree with her on the whale issue. You have to start somewhere to get animals more rights and to be treated more humanely. I am glad she is into this political cause. What a big hearted person she is!!

  • jess

    pretty as always and concerned about the whales let her be she is free to choose what issue she wants to support at least she is doing something good instead of partying like others Go Hayden !

  • jess

    pretty as always and concerned about the whales let her be she is free to choose what issue she wants to support at least she is doing something good instead of partying like others Go Hayden !

  • lennie

    Give me a break, so what the hell happens to whales now that Miss 18 year old has spoken to Obama or to McCain??? Nothing.

  • lee

    First of all, should stop American’s (Alaska) whaling.

  • nazri

    What an impressive job, people love what u’ve done…stay cool…neva give up…make peple proud…dont dissapointed and dont let us look down k, I’ll support you..Keep it up Hayden :D

  • Camille IShee

    Some of ya’ll need to stop hatin. She’s just working for a cause that she thinks is important. People who never tried to change things never succeeded.

  • http://haydenpanettieretalkspolitics coral

    i love her shes a really good actor and shes tha best she is really pretty and i will love to meat her and i am going to meat her at a convention im going to soon

  • http://haydenpanettieretalkspolitics coral

    love her love her loads and loads she is a really good actor and i love her in heroes the way she heals i am looking forward to seeing her soon and getting her autograph i am really exited

    she is a lovely rich girl and she is very famous she is my best actor and she is so fit

    like racing stripes that is good aswell because she is in that and i love every movie she is in i really do wish that she gets to go in more movies but at the moment she is concentrating on heroes.

    i think west is a great actor in heroea and the sentances he comes out with are really nice towards claire and i really wish i could be in his spot because he got to kiss her and i really want to kiss her and be with her in a film or movie it would be great.

  • liana hartman

    hay so i am a big fan i think u r pretty and i relly like ur hair. so how does it feel to be an acter to u really injoy ur job.

  • liana

    yah shes all good i guess.she does need a little help who here thinks that this girl is a little weird

  • love bug

    hay so yes she is a good acter