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Sophia Bush is a Discovery Channel Nerd

Sophia Bush is a Discovery Channel Nerd

Sophia Bush is sizzling in red at the the BCBG fashion show after-party during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Fall 2008 at NYC’s Bowery Hotel on Monday.

Yesterday, Sophia was asked what TV show she was embarrassed to admit she watched. She told Glam Scene, “I don’t have that much time to watch television. It’s sort of like when you’re making a TV show, you don’t have time to watch television shows. But I try to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy. I’m a big Discovery Channel nerd – Discover Channel and National Geographic. I love The Deadliest Catch, Man vs. Wild, Survivor Man. I love Dirty Jobs with Mike Roe. I totally want to go work with him for a while. So I’m one of those kids who watches a lot of educational television.”

10+ pictures inside of Discovery Channel nerd Sophia Bush

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sophia bush discovery channel nerd 01
sophia bush discovery channel nerd 02
sophia bush discovery channel nerd 03
sophia bush discovery channel nerd 04
sophia bush discovery channel nerd 05
sophia bush discovery channel nerd 06
sophia bush discovery channel nerd 07
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Photos: Amy Sussman/Getty Images
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  • jenny

    im from overseas and i dont have tv….
    so could anyone please explain to me who she is or want she has done???
    cause she is popping up eveywhere lately and im just wondering why :S

  • elba

    She is on a show called One Tree Hill and has been in the movie Stay Alive.

  • LL cool beans

    I want to look like that when I grow up.

  • sam

    I love Sophia!

  • kat

    she looks beautifullll

  • m

    i want her dress!! she looks sooo pretty in that!

  • jane

    she watched educational tv? lol when? she’s always out partying! mediawhore. and she also looks like a bitch with those shoes

  • Sam

    Jenny, she’s from the tv show OTH. She’s also been in a couple movies, her latest one is called “The Narrows”…which i can’t wait to see, btw <3

    anyways, yeah, i love her! She’s the epitome of gorgeous && so classy.

  • kate


  • eden love sophia

    O-M-G YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is the best look from all what she wear in fashion week usually i dont like her hair up but this ponytail is so cute and i am in love with her dress and i like the color red on her
    LOL who is this CUTE old men that hug her?!?!?!!? he look like her grandpa
    thanks jared this pictures are SO CUTE :)

  • Tonya

    she was also the start in the hitcher and one of the main in John Tucker. She’s actually really smart. she was a political science major. That dress looks so much better on her than a few things she’s been wearing lately. whenever she wears something flowy it looks odd. but tighter things look good on her.

  • lee

    whats up with sophia bush being at EVERY event and seeing her in every blog?? I dont hate the girl, but she must want some attention! Its actually annoying b/c Im seeing her everywhere and im over it!

  • Kristine

    Tonya, wasnt she a Journalism major??

  • kim

    She’s everywhere right now BECAUSE it’s Fashion Week. She loves fashion! Have you ever seen her during the shows? She’s ALWAYS taking notes. And of course she’s going to support Max Azaria b/c they’re really close. She was his muse for a while :)

    I guarantee if it weren’t for Fashion Week we wouldn’t be seeing as much of her….that’s why I LOVE Fashion Week :D

  • Nikki

    She is sooo stunning! Love her

  • the shiznack

    #11 she was a journalism major not science – also a college dropout

    sophia has been trying way too hard to be a fashionista at these past events and it isnt working

    her head is too big and she has broad shoulders

    she should have replaced tom brady at the superbowl but then again i dot think they make helmets her size

  • Kelsey

    It’s funny because the Discovery channel has become significantly less “educational” in recent years. They’ve peppered it up with more stimulating shows like Cash Cab and Dirty Jobs… but ultimately you learn nothing or very little. Unless you think it’s relevant to know how to remove tissue from dead animals so you can mount the skull. Hahaha.

  • the shiznack

    also stop wearing the same earrings

    btw i used to like sophia but the exposure is too overwhelming and bobble head is beginning to get on my nerves

  • heli

    the shiznack -
    and you look better from her?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    G-O-D people look in the mirror before you speak about other

    she is a gorgeous young girl

  • lola

    I love her style. She looks phenomenal. But she has NO CLAIM TO FAME. This isn’t a fashion blog, ergo, why should she be the subject of every other post when she’s a D-list celebrity and pathetic actress, even if she dresses amazingly?

    –read my blog at

  • jo

    Heli – people don’t have to look better than her. She jumps in front of every camera she can find. She’s putting herself out there for both the praise and the bashing.

    And she dropped out of college after like two years. People want to make it out like she was so smart, but she wouldn’t have even actually been working on her journalism degree at that point. She’d have barely finished her prerequisites.

    There are times when I think Sophia is pretty (not here because that dress is awful), but its the fact that she shows up at absolutely everything she can when she’s not filming OTH and her constant self-congratulation that makes her so unlikable. “Oh, look at me! I’m so perfect! I love fashion and I’m a big old tomboy! My favorite show is Dirty Jobs, just like a man’s! And I’m so smart and funny and blah, blah, blah!” Its annoying. Get over yourself.

  • the shiznack




  • Kelly

    Can anyone tell me who the designer of that dress is and the price? Thanks!!!!

  • the shiznack



  • steph

    I agree with the shiznack.

    I don’t see the appeal. Yea, she can dress but I never thought she was that pretty.

  • mossy

    eh.. her smirk irritates me the most. and for those who look up to her, that’s good ‘coz at least she’s not a stick, a healthier body image is always better. but seriously, who watches that lame show?

  • CSJ


    Alot os Sophia Haters up in here!

    First of all she Didn’t DROP OUT after 2 years!

    She just finished her Junior Year when she got Cast for One Tree Hill and she took a Sabbatical from USC (w/c You’re allowed to do and you can continue anytime . . . . )

    She Finished Her Junior year.
    MEaning 3 YEARS

    and her advisers Adviced her to Take the Role because Sophia was ahead in her classes anyway.

    She also used to be a Student editor at Annenberg News.

    Sophia is intelligent and that is a FACT.
    Her SAT scores were also impressive according to reporters who looked into her background.

  • chris


    Sophia is FIERCE!

    nothing you say can negate that!


    It just makes you look pathetic!

  • saruhh

    Jared, WHY do you feel the need to come up with the cheesiest titles for your blogs about sophia bush. Also, WHY do you feel the need to post so many blogs ABOUT her. no one cares about her like they do more famous celebrities! shes d-list

  • Jen

    Actually i love that Jared is posting blogs about her. I love One Tree Hill and I love Sophia. I think she looks gorgeous in these pictures.
    For those of you who claim to hate her, you sure do spend a lot of time making comments about her.

  • Ellen

    Sophia is going to events because she was invited and absolutely loves fashion. Young and talented, and lively she should enjoy herself. Better than you critics what have you accomplished. Also if she was so ugly and out of portion would designers want her to wear their clothes? LMAO . Go Sophia!

  • chris

    well clearly, by the massive amounts of comments on her posts (both positive and negative)

    they care.

    whether to hate on her or not.


  • Tonya

    due this is fashion week. its like the same vent. shes always taken this many pictures and gone to this many events. she loves clothes and she loves fashion. people are just not posting about it. and she is smart she was a head in all of classes at her college which is why her academic advisior advised her to take the role on oth

  • Tonya

    oh and at least shes classy unlike most celebs.

  • sammie jo

    She has alot of fans….obviously most of the people posting comments here are haters.

    WTF? “get over yourself”?? They ask what she likes to do/watch or whatever and she tells them. Do you want her to lie? You guys are pathetic && don’t even know HOW to put people down.

    && CSJ–Thanks for people the shiznack in their place cause that person just doesn’t know anything lol

    the “big head” comments are just plain stupid. period.

    “Would you wave at your stalker?” that just proves what big of an idiot you are! If you give them a wave/ be friendly they’re more likely to leave you alone and/or not be so agressive like they usually are.

    Anyways like Sophia says “It’s called ShowBusiness for a reason. It’s a BUSINESS”

    For every hater she has there’s also a fan <3

  • h

    the shiznack -

    i agree with everything…she trys WAY to hard

  • lene

    YO, Jane, NR #7: B I T C H ! Leyton aka PUCAS sucks ratass! and guess what? SO DO YOU! Fucking idiot!

    Sophia bush ROCKS! Hilarie Burton sucks!

    If you want to see great acting, watch the Hitcher or just random Brooke scenes from OTH!

    IF you want to see bad acting, watch the Peyton scenes from OTH! Especially 4×05. * BIG EYES *

  • Sally

    Sophia left school before her senior year meaning he completed her junior year. She was on the dean’s list and had an ACADEMIC scholarship. If you hate her so why bother reading about her. Also the girl is stunning post your pic and let’s see what we have to say about you and you are so successful yet you have the time to try and belittle Sophia. LOL

  • http://n/a Jasmine

    Wow, she looks stunning.

    I love how the haters write that no one cares about her, yet they continue to post on Sophia topics lol.

  • Natalie

    OMG she looks fabulous!!! She always looks STUNNING. She is so cute and a good actress too.. love her on OTH and all her movies.

    New OTH tonight everyone…cant wait =)

  • sally

    I agree. The girl is lovely. Everyone who meets her has the kindest things to say about her. Haters eat dirt.

  • Tonya

    woot woot sophia rocks. shes the only one left in hollywood to look up to. and the reason her head looks big is because of her hair cut, when he hair was longer it looked fine. it is just an unflattering cut

  • mimi

    she looks beautifullll

  • Ellyn

    Her head is big, that one is priceless. I guess being desperate you must say something. Odd that she is on tv and in movies and going to fashion week and being selected to wear the clothes of these well established famous designers with a head that large ans disproportionate. Funniest criticism ever.

  • shannon

    ok this is one of my favorite outfits! she looks really pretty with her hair on one she reminds me of snow white the hair the skin i dunno she just does!!!

  • The Arab Aquarius

    OMG at the dress. Dior is the $hit man!

  • sophia

    Sophia, your dress is beautiful :) I bet you turned a lot of heads that evening. You have a big heart, and I hope you will have a great 2008.
    I believe Sophia will some day win an oscar for some very touchy movie because she does emotional scenes so good :) I always start to cry when she does

  • othlovee

    #29 noone cares if you care about her becuase sophia has a HUGE fan base and your not needed in it. she is an amazing person & absoutely STUNNING shes nothing like any of the stupid celebrities out there shes smart and has a great education ! & for anyone else who is writing crap about sophia why do are you even on this than . leave her alone!

  • Monique

    i loveeeeee sophia!!
    and i think she looks beautiful likke alwayss.
    and i love her style.
    and she is everywhere becauseit is
    fashion week and she loves fshion
    if i could be goig to this events for fashion
    i woud be going to everyone likkke her.

    so people stop being so mean sophia is a great
    actress and person.
    bet you are just jelous

  • Rachel

    anyone whos hatin on sophia can come fucking SEE ME cause shes my girl and i met her and she is FAR from phony and fake.. dont jugde people you dont know… fucking lowlife assholes

    sophia is the shit <3 period.