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Spice Girls' Apology to Fans

Spice Girls' Apology to Fans

The Spice Girls recorded a video message apology for fans, saying sorry for canceling their tour a bit early.

“We have children,” Posh said. “Kids need to go back to school and we’ve always said that our families are our priorities so we want to thank all of our fans. Sorry we haven’t got to see everybody. We had a great time.”

Watch the video message below!

Spice Girls’ Apology to Fans
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  • kendra

    “We have children. Kids need to go back to school and we’ve always said our families are our priorities. Unfortunately, not a single one of us, nor our management, nor the concert promoters, thought about this before scheduling part of the tour during the school year. We apologize for being idiots.”

  • Natalie

    Bullsh*t. THEY ALL HAVE NANNIES. Use them for a couple more weeks… it won’t kill you.

    I think its disrespectful to fans who waited years for a reunion, spent hundreds on tickets, yet the Spice Girls couldnt deliver.

  • http://baza343 baza

    haaaaaaanahhhhhhhhhaaaaaa soo funnny



  • SHe-who-shall-not-be-named

    Obviously Spice Girls will never be the same without Posh, so I”m sure if Posh wanted to finish the tour dates, the other girls would have gladly jumped onboard to make money before to o back to no career w/out Spice girls.But Posh needs to ensure that David Beckham is in her sights at all times,especially that Hollywood got game. We don’t want another Mc Carthy /Mills divorce/seperation of assets, don’t we?

  • Elle

    seriously i dont buy the story that is just about the family. if they knew that they couldnt keep on going during this time of the year and agreed from the very begining to go to Australia, Argentina and all the other places, why did they added more shows in UK and America, and left the rest of us in the dust? that’s what upsets me the most. they should’ve stick w/ the plan and if they had time after that then they could add more shows

  • http://baza343 baza

    But mummy how put thame to bed and do homeworks and look after moore than the nannyes even if they dont help tham the just see tham

  • Nando

    LOL @ the fighting at the end.

  • http://baza343 vicky

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  • eastern promises

    How stupid and anti-feminist and unprofessional ! You never hear the male popstars cancel tours because they need to stay home with their babies! With all the Nannies and millions of $ they still could not fulfill their professional obligations. I swear, the western women think it’s cool to be subservient ! Not only do they allow rappers to degrade them , but women think it’s ‘fun’ to call themselves and eachother b*tches ,s*uts and hos and now this. Feminism is officially dead . How shameful.

  • AnIntelligentMind

    vicky, you have too much time on your hands

  • AnIntelligentMind

    you can’t please everyone. Don’t know if I believe their reasoning but you know what it is a done deal. Nothing gained by name calling

  • slug

    that is the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard from an artist forced to cancel the tour dates. didn’t they know before that kids had school? meh.

  • lola

    I’m not mourning.

    – read my blog at

  • andy

    not buying it

  • lalalala

    Hmmm… well they certainly LOOK sorry now don’t they?

    Why ppl. insist that they are a “true pop group”, I will understand- they are NOT~! They were 5- young girls’ who GOT LUCKY, had amazing PR ppl. to back them up as well as sound vocals added in studio and whilst they were on tour- other than that- they are old, washed-up has-beens who could care less about their “fans” than they do about stocking their greedy, selfish, already overflowing bank accounts! They’ve made their millions from this “reunion tour”- long & short of it- that’s all they “care” about – certainly not their “fans”, can’t even believe there are still some out there~!

    They are RUBBISH & PATHETIC!

  • inmomar

    Isnt it funny when posh has to go to JAPAN she dosent consider the kids and Doivid – when she has to go to paris for fashion shoots the kids can go to hell, as for the others, they have to do wot they are told because this is all about POSH getting exposure in the usa and her and Doivid HAS GOT TO PUSH BECKHAM BRAND – look in Boston she HAD TO PROMOTE HER JEANS. All to do with Beckams pr guru.

  • inmomar

    Wot do u want to bet POSH will be at NYC Fashion shows sometime this week. Concerts planned in New York to conincide with NYC Fashion Week – coincidence or wot????

  • Whatever

    So what, they were a no tallent bunch to begin with. And PLEASE!!! Posh couldn’t sing, so they turned down her mic, she got all pissy and quit! Good riddance to bad TRASH!!!!

  • Lillianne

    OMG THEY HAVE KIDS!!! They must have forgotten about the kids when they planned their dates for the tour.

  • leah

    Oh i am actually disgusted by this. I understand the massive concertgigs in the UK, but they are pissing all over their other fans doing this. All of their singles were practically number 1 in Europe and the rest of the world, except for the US! And what do they do, they put up several (!!!!) concerts there including numerous in Las Vegas. Fuck them, i’m glad I didn’t buy their fucking album

  • ok

    they’re using this type of wording so they don’t have killer lawsuits from promoters, but mark my words, in the next few months the first suit will be filed for like 35 million.

  • Didi

    ” kids have to go to school? ”

    ha ha ha ..yeah right as if they’re real mums. as if they get up in the morning and iron f*cking uniforms, feed them brekkie and make sure the little b*stards are not late for school.

    the spice girls pretending they dont have nannies and are actually real mums and not dispensible, is the funniest thing ive heard all day.

    thanks for the laugh, b*tches.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    I kinda believe them actually

  • sillyme

    What? I guess they didn’t realize, when they planned the tour schedule, that their kids had to go school? What kind of mess is that? Although, Posh is the one who said something like the reason they got back together in the first place was so their kids could see them perform, so her kids could see that mummy was a star too – so I don’t think she really was in it “for the group” to begin with. But, that’s really a cop out reason. Either they just got bored, or decided it wasn’t “fun” anymore…or the tickets just didn’t sell.

  • Helena

    I bet as soon as the camerman said cut, they all started fighting!

  • maxxbutler

    These self cantered, fake’ wanna be’ bitches don’t deserve any more attention. The girl power motto went out the window during the first tour when money/power hungry Ginger showed the world how much she really cared about their fans. It just went down hill from there. Spicy Posh is certainly NOT the image of beauty and motherhood that I would want my daughter/sister to look up to. Gold digging Mel b and her several ‘baby daddies’ have shown the world another shinning example of ‘girl power.’ At this point, don’t they all have a couple of bastered children out there. Getting back together! Reunion! Yeah, that was a big joke. I guess 10 million pounds each is enough ‘girl power’ to get theses plastic people to do anything. And now, yet again. These pathetic greedy bitches have shown us that ‘girl power’ has nothing to do with being an empowered woman in charge of her life and decisions. On the contrary, ‘girl power’ means take the money and run! My question now is: which one of these HOs are we supposed to call ‘Scary Spice’ now?

  • njhhj


  • Agus

    they cancel their concert in Buenos Aires. Bitches

  • Yada

    No comment

  • Thanks

    :lol: NO Apology needed girls, as a matter of Fact!!!!!!!!!!


    THANK YOU! very very very much :smile:

  • http://justjared stjglksjflkse

    what a load of crap! they knew all along the kids had to go 2 skoool, so why do more then 10 shows in london?
    in the next couple of days ur gonna c them all doing their own thing right about the same time the kids would be off to school

    hey guys, don’t worry we’ll probably see another tour when the money runs out for them (xcept posh) :)

    **** ya’s

  • sasha

    They were back together?! What the heck?! Who missed them?!

  • Has-beens

    You girls are not that important. So please retire. You are has-beens. Go take care of your children.


    I woul dspend a dime to see these folks in concert so than goodness they can go back and hide especially that awful skeletal one who seems to be full of herself…she looks fugly

  • luckyL


  • irina

    HA HA HA #19 “DOIVID” that is actually funny….. Anyway, I dont know why but when I see robo and doivid’s parfume or anything that has their name on it I will not buy…… it’s because of their names. It feels like a cheap, getto product. I live here only 3 years but somehow posh and everything associated with her is a big turnoff. Can someone explain why?….Spice girls would be more popular without uptight plastic posh. …….money hungry bitcheeeezzz tehy got enough money for another set of plastic surgery…they dont need fans………

  • irina


  • giselle

    yeah as if pathetic excuse only did this tour just for ta money

  • Sheri :)

    that so SHIT!
    I agree with ELLE, if they had any doubt that they 100% weren’t committed to the tour then they should’ve done it. I’m from Australia and heaps of my friends at school have paid tickets to see them and now they are just let down. I love the spicegirls and i was so happy that they were reuniting and i was planning to buy tickets for myself but now this is a HUGE let down and i’m sorry to say but they have lost many fans over this and I AM ONE OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ally

    Are any of you really fans??
    Instead of just apologizing, what they need to do is film their concert and give it to their fans that did not get to see them as well as little goodies and stuff or donate something. That is why people shouldn’t be so much into celebrities but what do I know, I already went to there show… it was good…lol
    And by the way they are better off as business partners, they should look into that.

  • melissa

    It’s a pretty lame excuse… cause they all have tutors for there kids, I’m POSITIVE… but whatever… I’m seeing them in a week so It doesnt effect me

  • tipperery

    1. Posh has proved to her children that she is ‘as good as” their father … they’ve seen her stage, they’ve seen her be on TV … she has achieved all her goals, why would she care about what the FANS think now? She’s waited a long time to achieve this. That is what has been driving her all this time.

    2. If they had stayed to their ORIGINAL concert plan, they’d have been able to see all the fans, instead of making it clear that the US and the UK ONLY are important to them and the rest of us can go to Hell.

    They might have achieved their goals of being seen as “famous” and filling their bank accounts but they have

    LOST. A. LOT. OF. RESPECT. all around the world.

    Good luck trying to sell anything to those of us who have been dumped on.

  • joneblaze


  • Lauren

    I can’t believe what I’ve read here.
    Not a big fan of the spice girls myself. I used to be but that was like 10yrs ago. They are old news now.
    My sis who’s 12 is a huge fan though and she went in 2 of their shows in the UK. Being the older sister I had to buy the tickets and go to their website to check news, tour dates for my sister since the very beginning.
    What you guys are forgetting though is that they never promised they’d go to all those cities. They were possibility tour cities. Their tour for a start was a 11 cities tour. But because of the fans demand especially in North America and Europe they had to expand. Their website had that whole “add your city” forum but for a strategy, the cities with the largest amount of fans would be picked. That’s what happened, they only went to the cities where the number of fans were largest. The only city that had a large number of fan and sadly won’t be tour city was Sydney. But the other cities like Cape Town, Buenos Aires, Beijing etc., they had fans but it wasn’t a large quantity like their other tour dates. I can understand why those fans that didn’t get a chance to go are upset but you need to understand that they never promised they were going. There’s actually one interview that Mel C gave where she said “we might be going to places we didn’t get to go the first time round” might is not we are going..

    I mean you fans need to be thankful because they expanded their 11 cities tour to like 30 something cities tour! It’s going to be a 3 months tour, for a reunion tour that’s like wow. But they do have lives and they want to get back to it!
    Did you expect the reunion tour would last all year long???
    So before making accusations and writing nasty things, do a bit of research, you’ll be impressed at how much rubbish people make up and how much of it ain’t true. Don’t jump to conclusions!

  • eden love sophia bush

    i love them when i was younger ;)

  • George

    Cut the tour short because kids had to… whatever??? I don’t buy it.

    It probably had to do with the fact that no one wanted to part with their hard-earned cash to watch grossly untalented has-beens on the stage more than their need to return home to their families.

  • jas

    bi.ches made enough money so… bye bye suckers!