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Ellen Pompeo: Cold Hard Kors

Ellen Pompeo: Cold Hard Kors

Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery make fashionable appearances at the Michael Kors Fall 2008 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Tent at NYC’s Bryant Park on Wednesday.

NY Mag had a few words to say about Pompeo at the Kors show: “A few seats down from the [Bravo exec] Andy Cohen Karaoke Machine was a very pretty and blonde-looking Ellen Pompeo alongside husband Chris Ivery. (We also spotted them earlier, patiently waiting in line for seat assignments with the rest of us plebes. But don’t worry. The PR girls rescued them from that special hell.)”

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Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for IMG
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  • Alice =]


  • Alice =]

    Rafaaa… te amo amigahhh!

  • mark

    Classy as always!!!


    OH SHES SOOO ADORABLE HERE. love the whole look.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    boring. every thread about her is the same.

  • carry

    She so beautiful!!! Her hair, her make up, her dress, she’s perfect!!!

    Thanks JJ


    Love the look. can’t wait to see what she wears for the dinner.
    i like the new hair color.
    gorgeous. :) thanks jared.

  • TB22

    daarn……. Her eyes are breathtaking. loving this….


    ooooh she is a doll. how cuter can she get. :D

  • TheGamingamine

    Ellen’s my girl, she’s rockin Fashion Week right!


    love her new hair color as well. meredith will be happy season 1 meredith with his color :)

  • ZIneb



    rocking fashion week is exactly what shes doing. its her picture with eric dane thats in every paper regarding michael kors show. ellen rocks. love the look… very very chic and ultra cute. thanks jj.

  • anna

    #5 And yet you are still there to make her a comment!!!

    Thanks JJ

  • JL

    Love it

    she’s sooo pretty

  • lily

    why are they suddenly like everywhere?

    Anyway can’t wait until the kids come. They will be pretty.

  • serena

    JJ, I’m just going to repeat you words:
    “a very pretty and blonde-looking ”
    “patiently waiting in line for seat assignments with the rest of us plebes.”

    Ellen is a class lady, beautiful and simple!!!


    its fashion week.
    Ellen and chris were sitting next to Eric dane and rebecca in the show.
    everyone was looking at meredith and Mcsteamy .. it was really adorable. and they looked soooo good. :D

    and tonights the Madaonna Gucci dinner the four are going. yay.


    sorry the dinner is actually happening now :D

  • Justine

    Ellen usually doesn’t have time to participate in such events and it created a false rumour about her attitude, now with the strike, she had the opportunity to attend something she loves!
    Journalists realise and are surprised to see how humble and gentle person she is, she’s not at all a diva!

  • leo

    She is breathtaking. very cute.

  • leo

    yay for Elliie… :D

  • paul

    She seems to have become the person with whom you need to be seen, I read on a blog that Sophia Bush followed her everywhere just to talk with her! Helena did the same thing to be photographed with her, PDiddy dined with her and Chrid, she’s invited at very important events……..

    Us, her fans have always known that Ellen was wonderful.

  • Lydia

    She has the total classy look!!

  • Karen

    I love her legs, she should show them more often ;)

    Thanks JJ, you spoiled us

  • Didi

    What the heck is she wearing?

  • Yawn

    Journalists realise and are surprised to see how humble and gentle person she is, she’s not at all a diva!
    Just parts of her are…….just because she’s boring and lame people think she isn’t a diva. There is a reason why she wasn’t invited to Walsh’s wedding, and a why she bitched to USA Today about it.

  • ARON

    There are nice photos of Ellen and Chris with Eric Dane and his wife!
    It accuses Ellen to be individualistic but my impression is that she is the most socialized with GA’s cast!!!!

    #26 It’s called a dress you dumbaSS

  • mARK

    Why bringing KW?
    Ellen was not the only one not being invited, SO, PD, ED also were not invited and are not accused of anything!
    USA Today has questioned her about this, and she responded simply, kindly and hoping her best wishes to KW and her husband!

    When EP got married, KW has also returned to her wishes and complimented Ellen and Chris!! Why so much hatred towards Ellen and always seek something nasty and false to say!
    Journalists are always looking spreading vicious rumors, it’s more sellers, even though it depends on nice people as Ellen!!!

  • Yuck

    Ellen and the McFELON!

  • Paging Doctor Gorgeous

    Cute couple, and Ellen is stunning, she seems so relaxed!!!
    She becomes the spotlight of this fashin week, thanks JJ, I can’t wait to the pics for the Gucci’s event!!!!

    She will beautiful as always, Harry Josh is going to make her hair!!!

  • Yawn

    Awww…I hit a nerve…the truth hurts……the difference between KW is that she knows not start shit…there was rumor of a gal of starting trouble when her show got a spin-off…and the one missing was KW..

    And hun Sandra Oh couldn’t attend the wedding since she was doing a production in Canada…I suggest to read up on your cast locations…

  • Yawn

    The only started crap on Ellen was EP herself…..face Punk’d will never go away because that how she truly acts…..

  • T

    Who really cares if she didn’t go to KW’s wedding, really i dont think she cares, its not like it was the wedding of the century…get over it!! I dont think EP, PD and SO are crying over it, like they ever were!

    She looks absolutly gorgeous, im so glad she has time to go out and do things now that she’s not tied to the show everyday!! Althought i want mer back on my screens soon, lov her!!

    Cant wait for the dinner and i love that her and ED have caught up, and they will at the dinner too i think. They rock!

  • Yawn

    Oh she cared enough to talk crap to USA Today….she could have simply not comment on the subject or leave out the part she wasn’t invited. She pulls that stunt on the paps with no problem, but she didn’t…..she’s no saint. The reason why she is depicted as bitch and a snob because she is one…”i only do A-List movies with A-List actors and directors”…OOo…one movie no really ever heard of yea…some A-Lister EP is LMAO. She has an ego the size of Bill Clinton.

    I’m sure PD and SO don’t care cause they honestly didn’t say anything. Only EP has the diva bitch moments…oh…I forget EP is a saint…you want people to forget the stuff EP pulled..but hun no one forgets…

  • T

    #35…they asked her a question and she answered, she never said anything bad she said she didn’t go and she wished them the best…seems ur the one that is cut up about it cause you keep on commenting, but please do because we get more EP posts that way…im sorry its such a slow week for ur fav stars.

    “i only do A-List movies with A-List actors and directors” she said thats what she wants not what she gets and hey she can hold out for that cause she’s got a steady job. Im sure any stars would prefer to do the above rather than a shitty project….probably every star wants that except for the trashy ones like Paris Hilton :)

    PD and SO weren’t asked so thats why they didn’t comment, i’d find it a bit stupid if they had….i’d think they were cut up about it.

  • Yawn

    Eh wrong again buddy. PD was asked from USA Today, but he had a far more tactful response than diva EP ;). SO doesn’t comment unless it’s about politics or something very crucial. Like i said only EP commented on it……there was reason why she wasn’t invited. SO and ED never said they weren’t invited…that’s only EP fans making up crap to seem like EP wasn’t the only one…..

    I’m not cut up about it…just telling you to get your facts straight. Yes, more pictures of Ellen going to fashion shows…man, what a exciting career leap she is having these days. Playing one of the worst hated characters and etc….Hell, even Paris Hilton has more in career than she does…..sad…

  • crazydaisy

    thats where my grocery bag went.

  • Amanda


  • diva

    ellen looks beautifull!!! =)

  • raindrops

    i’m happy she’s everywhere….

    i love her hair… nice to see the couple with ED and RG :)

  • Wala

    EP is a classy person what this have to with KW wedding she never spoken bad about her co_stars always said that Kate is talented so get over it

  • tamey

    haters are only jealous poor souled people.

    Ellen is better than all of you and her fans are way better than you’ll ever be.

    Ellen rocks!
    love the whole look here, soo classy and elegant.
    thanks JJ

  • willow

    the four looked gorgeous at the show. they really stole the show.


    I want the dress. and the hair….


    she is soooooooo cute here.

  • totti

    i love ellen.
    love her happy glow and simplicity in life. its such a wonderful thing to see in a great actress. I hope we see Meredith back sooooooon
    she is a beautiful lady. and this dress in just adorable on her,

  • RICK

    how fab is she.
    love her.

  • RICK

    incredibly adorable

  • rm

    love her! she is cute

  • kEnny

    i adore that dress. is it kors?
    she looks sso adorable in it.