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Hayden & Rachel: In Each Other's Arms

Hayden & Rachel: In Each Other's Arms

Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson wrap their arms around each other while promoting their new sci-fi film Jumper in Rome, Italy on Wednesday.

The pair looks like they had a lot of fun in between takes at the Colosseum as they participated in TV interviews. Cute!

Jumper rolls out in theaters on Valentine’s Day!

Bilson‘s Ariella studded boots are by Christian Louboutin.

20+ pictures inside of Hayden and Rachel (both 26) in each other’s arms…

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hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 01
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 02
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 03
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 04
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 05
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 06
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 07
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 08
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 09
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 10
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 11
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 12
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 13
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 14
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 15
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 16
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 17
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 18
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 19
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 20
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 21
hayden christensen rachel bilson arms 22

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  • sammy

    1st :D

  • !?!Queen12!?!

    aww there so cute frist?

  • sammy


  • mel

    r they 2gether or wt they suit each other alot so it woodnt really be a suprise 4TH

  • Me

    So cute.
    I’m looking forward to more pictures :)

  • Liya

    I looove her so much!

  • eden love sophia bush

    i never watch the O.C but Rachel is cute i like her :)

  • Joanie

    4th ! awww how cute they are :)

  • LINA


  • Lena

    These pics are so cute. But what really cracks me up is Hayden’s face after he tries some of Rachel’s drink. Hahahahaha!

  • Natalie

    Rachels so pretty. I’m definitely going to see Jumper w/ my other single friends for Valentines Day. lol.

    I dont know if I believe Hayden and Rachel are dating though… theyre both attractive and the same age but they could be just friends.. I have a lot of attractive guy friends but it doesnt mean we’re dating

  • Lynn

    Rachel is so beautiful. I always liked her more than Mischa on the OC.
    Hayden & Rachel are sweet together… but Adam looked better on her side ;-) ..when i want to see them together, i can watch the OC :)

  • anna

    soooo cute

  • Meredith

    First Egypt now Rome, Italy. I’m so jealous right now. They have been at the two places I’ve always wanted to visit and in less than a week! They suck! (not for real, though) LOL I need to start planning my own trips to those places! Ah, come on. These are just promotional pics. They’re doing interviews at the Colosseum. Let’s not start reading too much into it people. It’s just promotion at this point in time.

  • CG


  • Sarah

    Very nice! Thanks Jared

  • Sheldon

    They actually look kinda cute together… Rachel is the best!

  • purplehearts

    looks like friends having fun to me

  • Sarah

    They look so good together and no doubt he enjoyed his colleagues taking Rachel and his pic.

  • mac

    Nice to see them having fun, but I have to say, call me cynical but this is the most relaxed, friendly we have seen them around each other IMO it is because they have a camera pointed at them, and they have to promote the movie. it’ll take a bit more to convince me they are dating, as they always look miserable with each other, stand miles apart from each other unless it is work related go figure

  • purplehearts

    yeah you can see the camera crew all around them they were there for interviews…if you were hanging out with a friend and working there wouldnt you be taking pics??? that 1 pic had someone else with them also

  • Irishdreams

    Hey PH…Not sure but I beleive the term is Junket they are doing a many city to city tour of Jumper to promote it..thus the reason we see Doug, with them plus many other people along for the ride..Hayden acted the same way in Canne with Natalie only he showed more emotion there with Natalie..before,during and after..

    But as was mentioned by mac you have to smile when you have camera’s planted in your face..I don’ t expect to see anything less of Hayden it’s s co-worker/Job he is doing and thus this is to be expected of them

  • Irishdreams

    you can soo tell Hayden is acting the tourist..with his own camera with him he had it around his neck when he left the airport…I would love to see his photo albums by now he should have a large collection

  • lol

    They’re cute.

    –read my blog at

  • lissa

    I love Them

  • peter

    Rachel is beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!!!!

  • English breakfast

    ohmygod they are so cute together!!!

    I have been to Egypt before!!!!

  • hanni

    100% couple! And I love them :)

  • Burgernoodle

    so are they dating or not? the juice, people, the juice!

  • Sam

    I was a huge Adam and Rachel fan and gotta admit, I was quite bitter when she then started dating Hayden but now I love these two.

  • kroq

    Dear god, they are pimpin’ this movie to the max. It better do well at the box office.

  • Meredith

    Watch out guys. More promotional pics ro come. According to E! News, this is a “jumping” world tour that’ll end with the premiere in New York. They are traveling with a select group of international journalists. Next stop after this in Rome? London.

  • Raven

    @ Meredith,

    Yep. Yep. God! Can’t wait for this premiere to finally be over! Okay?? Hayden’s arm around her having their picture taken it looked like. You know I have posed with my arm around my co-workers and high school students I work with. Does that make me in love with them? NO! Only one time do we see Hayden pose with her like this and the rest of the pics they are not glued to each other. It looked like they were bored waiting around for the press junket and probably got silly taking pictures and such. Hayden does look like a avid photographer and probably has an extensive photo collection/ albums @ home from his many travels.

    Sigh…..:oc the Rayden fans are going to go nut’s now seeing this friendly pic between H/R! I can just hear it! See we told you so! I say, “Don’t count your chicken’s before they have all hatched!” You can’t judge anything by this yet. If they were standing around hugging and nuzzling. I see high school kids doing this all the time. The guy is resting his tush on a railing. The girl comes between his legs and this kiss and snuggle. I don’t see any of that going on. I still see being a bit more relaxed and silly with a co-worker b/c they got bored.

    I love Hayden’s expression when he took a sip of Rachel’s Iced coffee it looked like. :lol:

  • Irishdreams

    It’s all photocalls for the movie..some people want to trust they are a couple but to me Bilson was much better off with Adam..Everything they are doing is very expected for the movie. Jamie Bell is also there with them so all of them are promoting this movie NOT just Bilson, Christensen..Not to mention Liman is also along to make sure the movie is sold big time..

  • mothernature

    I’ve seen Mr. Christensen act this way at Cannes back in 2005 when you are doing a photo call you are expected to express enthusiasm towards all memebers of the cast along with the director. I don’t care what fans want to believe in press gossip to me this is a movie cast doing their job selling their movie and they will do whatever it takes to get people to watch it even if they have to play the part of dating. This is done all the time in Hollywood.

  • Meredith


    I’ve noticed that too with other films. They will do any and every thing it takes to sell the film. And, yeah, it’s their job to do so. I just think people are reading way too much into all this. They appear to have been just friends from the beginning. That’s just how I have seen it. Nothing to say otherwise. They hung out as friends. I think the whole thing is some people think a guy and a girl can’t be “just friends.” They have to be dating if they hang out. Like some have said before me, that’s for from true. Lots of guys and girls hang out and are just friends. Nothing romantic. They shop, they have lunch together, all of it. I think some people just have a mental hang up when it comes to guys and girls being able to be friends. It’s just dumb in my opinion. Like I said before, I shall remain neutral and say only friends until THEY say otherwise and not in connection to the movie.

  • mOTHER sHIP!

    @ Mothernature!

    Good point. I actually saw a lot more of of affection towards Natalie @ the 2005 Cannes. Hayden had his arm around the small part of Natalie’s waist and look like he did not want to or even let for her go for the longest time. They even held hands that night at certian times. The hands were just not photographed but you can tell they were!

    I expect the Rayden fans and Haychel fans to be going over board now gushing over this one so called pic and speculating a couple more and more. Rachel may be more into it. She is obviously playing it up more by resting the side of her head on his chest and snuggling into him like that. Hayden is just is a sweetie being a nice co-coworker and cooperative and taking the pic with her. Hayden and Rachel were selected to go out and promote Jumper. The next stop will be London and this is a part of their contract to go out and promote and sell Jumper.

    Of course Rachel is damn lucky that Liman hired her on and she is the type to put showmance into it. I can’t say I wouldn’t be nuzzling up to Hayden myself having my piacture taken with him! Hubba Hubba! :p

  • The Arab Aquarius

    I knew it!!!

  • Sebastian

    he’s so hot.

  • helloeverybody

    first off still completely refuse that they are a couple because rachels kinda guy IS adam brody and beleive me… hayden doesnt seem like adam AT ALL. has anyone ever read books like …secrets of my hollywood life… cuz if you have then you would all realize half this crap of them “acting” like a couple is staged for promotional reasons. tell me why people think costars dating would help the box office. who knows.



  • Irishdreams

    Good point Meredith I have said it more then once that men and woman do have the ability to be ONLY FRIENDS but as you pointed out there is this sterotype with many people that friends is an illusion because sex gets in the way..NOPE you find many celebs who do work together will just be friends because they know that working together and romance don’t mix well..Hayden went that direction from what it seemed with Sienna part of me said that was a stage job too but hard to say for real..And I don’t see him jumping for another fix it romance..

    To me I would have to hear Hayden claim I”m Dating before I take anything as fact..and not read about it in some magazine as magazine can makeup what they want you to read..

  • jake

    Who cares about these nobodies

  • lark

    Her boots are just “hideous” – it just heightens up more of how “vertically challenged” she truly is!

  • mOTHER sHIP!

    @ Lark!

    The boot’s were hideous and gaudy! YUCKY! The only thing I liked was the ankle zip jeans she had on. Everything else was largly forgettable! I first I thought she had polka dots on her boots. They are studded boots! I guess she is going for the Smurf biker chick look! :lol:

  • Irishdreams

    I’m not into her fashion I have seen the same things on many other celebrity woman who make it look better..But to each his own on that..most of the time I don’t think what she wears is all that spectacular..

    But I would expect her to be better dressed for a press call..


    Liked Biker smurf that was good..

  • isnt_it

    Poor that talented Jamie Bell (he’s already been an Oscar nominated I believe so) for being OUTCASTED in almost everything that has to do w/ Jumper just becoz the media (as obviously commanded by movie execs & PRs) have been “pimped it out to the max” of this hype-mance!

  • nova lee

    yeah me too. can’t wait for the premire to be over. my heart can not take any more of the rachel show. i agree this is not love people . it is act of support your co stars. so to the rachel fans get your minds out of the gutter.this not love. it more like hate than love. so get a grip. nuff said. if you excuse me i have to go and barf now.

  • mOTHER sHIP!

    @ Nova Lee,

    Right on girl! Loved the smurf comment from Mother Ship! Could not have said it better myself!

    Again! To my estimation it looks like good buddies promoting Jumper and having some fun taking pictures to kill some bordom of waiting around. I have seen all this before with Hayden’s previous co-stars. Hey! The 2006 Bullrun pictures Hayden and his male friend Will were pictured with there arm around each other! Not to say Hayden in no way gay. Just saying…good friends will put there arm around each other like, “CHEERS!” for the camera.

    If some of your call it Rachel bashing it is not. Here is a woman who claimed she will never do nudity. Yet, I saw the Jumper sex scene still’s and Rachel is clearly naked laying on her stomach in bed and one side of her breast is exposed. I know that is all probably what is all that will be more then likely viewed but to me partial nudity or full on nudity or full frontal is all nudity to me. I don’t have a problem with nudity and I dont give a rat’s ass about nudity in movies! The only thing Rachel is contradicting herself by saying she will never do nudity and she clearly does expose herself in Jumper. LOL! Rachel seems untrustworthy to me or she is either that stupid that she does not have any idea what NUDITY is?! So, if people are bashing Rachel well…she has brought that all on her little self! ;)

  • nova lee

    that was a very good example bout the bullrun clips. buddy supporting buddy. as for rachel she really put her tiny feet in her mouth for not doing a nudity scene. you can’t have it both ways. she is dumb as a stump. she should think before you speak that is all i can say. :)