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Heath Ledger's Death Was an Accident

Heath Ledger's Death Was an Accident

Heath Ledger‘s death has been ruled an accident and the result of the abuse of prescription medications, according to the medical examiner.

The toxicology report says Heath died as the result of acute intoxication by the combined effects of oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam, and doxylamine.

The five different medications found in Heath‘s apartment after his death included three anti-anxiety medications Alprazolam (Xanax), Diazepam (Valium) and Lorazepam (Ativan), the sleeping medication Zopiclone (Lunesta) and the sedative Temazepam (Restoril).

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  • jk

    very sad!

  • Frenchy

    I feel like crying…..

  • Coco

    Sounds like he was just desperate for some sleep. So tragic.

  • crazydaisy

    and a doctor gave him all of those drugs?

  • Clarissa

    It is so sad to know, that he felt he needed those prescription pills – all six and perhaps more…

    What a tragic way to go.

    Rest in peace, Heath. All my love.

  • winki

    such a loss, such a tragedy…Crying for you, Heath

  • Damn

    Heath :(

  • Just me…

    Just tragic :(

  • a realist

    My heart goes out to his family. His heart couldn’t take all that medication.

  • sufiyan

    may peace be upon you brother…

  • !!!

    @#4 Probably several doctors prescribed the meds to him – and probably without knowing what else he’s on already. :(

  • cristine

    they say he took only 6 pills but the mix was lethal
    I always thought it was suicide but now I know he didn’t want to die…I’m sorry Heath…May you rest in peace, beautiful one

  • Kai

    that’s a lot of drugs, i agree, no doctor should prescribe all that. A true loss :(

  • kel

    Oh Heath, Heath, i’m so sorry!

  • simona

    for some people and some doctors all that pills are like candies.
    stop taking pills and instead eat healthy, go to church and return to nature. i feel sorry for heath for being so fool.god rest his soul.

  • woop!

    i feel better that it wasn’t intentional but am still sad that he accidentally took his own life. he’ll miss out on so much. and so will we.

  • Lola.

    Accidental death? People, this is a suicide..

  • Dal

    so sad :(

    Rest in peace Heath.

  • yuck

    #17 i agree. no one accidentally takes all those prescription pills. taking 6 of anything is dangerous. i hope he’s at peace now

  • Violette

    That’s so sad.

  • chloe taylor

    yeah.. that was a suicide.. thats a lot of pills.. a lot of crazy pills. that aint no 6 advil people! its sad none the less



  • inmomar

    Lola – If he wanted to commit suicide he would just take A BOTTLE OF JUST ONE DRUG ASSHOLE – not a combination like this. The bottles werent empty when they were found in his apartment. Obviously he took pills for sleeping and pain, and sometimes when u take these drugs on a regular basis they fail to work so u think if u take more and more it will help, it dosent. I KNOW BECAUSE IT HAPPENED TO ME but I am alive, Heath was unlucky. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT SUICIDE U WANKER.

  • meamelia

    I believe it’s suicide..they wudnt say if it’s true..rite?..they wud have to deny it after all..

  • Anon

    The Medical Examiner said the “cumulative effect” that means over time, not all at once! And If Heath was working in London and he was in need of a doctor, they would give him a prescription. Then he was in NYC, then he was working in Chicago before all that. So when you travel for periods of time and you aren’t feeling well, then you get different docs and different prescriptions. And if you had meds in London, but you forgot to pack them, well it’s not hard to figure out how he would get so many prescriptions. My heart just aches!!! So very sad. Our beautiful Heath just wanted to rest. All the haters who said he was a dope addict should all die!!! He was NOT a cocaine/heroin addict. He never was.

    I once took valium for muscle spasms, it is a muscle relaxer. Then at night I would take a sleeping pill, too. That could have been me!

  • weller

    no, taking 6 of any pills isn’t dangerous. a close friend of mine had cancer and he had to take way more medication than that per day. it’s about how they react in your body.

    Also, there was no suicide note found, which is uncommon considering he had a little girl. Nor were any of the drugs found anti-depressants.

  • Lola.

    ahahaha, sure inmomar, and you believe in everything you read? ah ok, good for you. we can never say the real cause. and now, leave heath alone.

  • camila

    that’s so sad…. I dont believe it was suicide… he loved his daughter so much… I only hope that his death alert people about the dangerous of prescripted drugs..

  • eden love sophia bush

    so sad :(

  • leia

    meamelia; It’s a toxicology report, so they have to say what he has taken. Of course they can’t be sure if he did take the them intently to o.d. , but I’m pretty sure if he really wanted to take his life he would have just chugged a bottle of pills. This report shows that i probably just had some serious problems sleeping and was desperately trying to find a way

  • Lola.

    He was a drug addict , Michelle left him for that, c’mon, i love Heath but i can’t say that he was a saint.

  • Lola.

    Oh and sure, drugs are also meds.

  • http://yahoo Yes

    RIP H :(

  • Lola.

    People wake up, taking a large quantitative of pills and meds is a (indrect) suicide.

  • ina

    rip Heath,you will never be forgotten

  • salma

    it wasn’t a suicide!!!!!!!! IT’s not about taking 6 or 10….. pills but the mix of all these drugs is dangerous
    i remenber when i was sick i had like 5 pills to talke almost 3 times a day
    I AM STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’s just THE MIX of them that can be dangerous ESPECIALLY XANAX and VALIUM ………..
    STOP SAYING IT IS A SUICIDE JUST TO GIVE MORE DRAMA TO THIS TRAGEDY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it’s harf enoughhhhhhhh
    he lived for his daughter ………
    he was such a wonderfull human being


    any doctor should know what other things his patient has been prescribed. why didnt they just gave him more pills????
    And why Heath was so desperate for sleeping??? Its sad, really really sad, at least we now know that he didnt kill himself.
    U will be remembered Heath

  • Spicylily, Thailand

    It’s really really tragic.
    Why had those doctors to give him so many medications ?
    Have those doctors ever asked him what kind of medications he already took ?
    All medications have side effects.

    People should not take many medications if there’re other options.
    If I were a member of his family I will find out with those doctors.

    This will not be the last case…………………

    Rest in Peace.


    why did u want to sleep so desperately heath???
    RIP, love to his family
    Bye young man


    i so agree with #17 and #19. why would somebody take so many different pills????
    You will be remembered Heath, RIP, get the sleep you desperately wanted, and take care of your little Mathilda, and poor Michelle, be strong


    i kind of agrre with #17 and #19, why would he take 6 different pills??????
    Take care of your little Mathilda and his mother Michelle, poor girls

  • Mrs Miller

    I always knew his death was an accident

  • Mrs Miller

    I always knew his death was an accident. Somehow, I didn’t think he’d be selfish enough to leave a two-year-old girl grow up without her dad

  • meamelia

    i still believe it’s suicide..i study medicine..i won’t prescribe 6 diff pills at one time..he took it all..he was in pain..maybe depressed..
    but, doesn’t mean i hate him…may he be in peace..

  • Didi

    what a wanker. his stupidity has left a 2 year old girl fatherless. oh well.. one less junkie on the streets is always a good thing

  • SofiaRocket

    No one’s mentioned that the day of his death was FULL MOON. Human organism reacts very strongly at full moon – even to small quantities of medicine. You take the same dozage, but the effect may be double! So I guess it was an accident. Rest in peace, good man!


    sofiarocket: could u explain how does fullmoon interferes in the human body?? cause y dont get it, really

  • Ashleeey

    I knew it was an accident !!!

  • Marta

    I do believe it was a accident.People dont know exact composition of pills they take.
    Same like with painkillers, people take 3-4 different pills and than they are surprised with paracetamol overdose.


    didi: what the F*** is wrong with u?