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Jennifer Garner Goes Back To School

Jennifer Garner Goes Back To School

Who puts a book on your head and studies by osmosis? ME!

Jennifer Garner plays peek-a-boo with photographers on Tuesday as she attends to some medical business at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, Calif.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Pregnant or not, we wish Jen the best!

10+ pictures of Jennifer Garner putting her mind to things…

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jennifer garner hospital 01
jennifer garner hospital 02
jennifer garner hospital 03
jennifer garner hospital 04
jennifer garner hospital 05
jennifer garner hospital 06
jennifer garner hospital 07
jennifer garner hospital 08
jennifer garner hospital 09
jennifer garner hospital 10

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  • armin


  • Susan

    I like everyone here likes to see celebrities…but something about seeing Jennifer Garner looking miserable while being hunted down at a hospital…just takes the fun out of it.

  • !!!!!

    She looks pregnant,but she looks miserable too.

  • the_original_nika

    why does everyone think that whenever a an actress goes to a hospital has to be pregnant? LOl

  • LINA


  • hi

    Are celebs allowed no privacy at all?

    I likely wouldnt be smiling for the paps if my picture was being taken in a hospital either regardless of why I was there!

  • Adoring Fan

    Jen is such a sweetheart. I can’t believe how those paps were hounding her. She is not deserving of this treatment. I would like to give her a hug. She looks so sad. Jen, you are a beautiful person. I hope you’re OK.

  • Josie

    I’m a fan. She’s beautiful, yet is humble about it. Solid actress. Seem normal, loving mom. Hope she and Ben can stick it out for the long haul. Saw a clip of him on YouTube groping a “reporter” (who was slutty anyway). But hopefully he is sober now and realizes he’s got a good thing with his fam. I know, I’m boring.

  • Jughed

    She just seems like a normal person now, although I kind of miss when she was “Sydney” kicking butt and wearing skimpy outfits! :D

  • Adoring Fan

    Did anybody notice that the hospital is an outpatient cancel center?

  • Adoring Fan

    I made a typo. I meant to type cancer not cancel. Sorry.

  • Mya

    She is def. preggers look at her stomach in the first picture. She is thin and even if she had a little bit of fat that would not be in that area and looking like that ..
    I dont believe she has cancer what are you guys talking about ..maybe she was visiting someone?

  • Mya

    @ Adoring Fun I think you have it wrong. Look at the other picture where it says WEST…Out Patient center is IN THE NORTH it again..:D ..she might be there because of the parking..i mean entering from that side..?

  • SHe-who-shall-not-be-named

    Jen seems to care less about her appearance these when she’s off red carpet and I found he such a beauty the first i got to know her from the Daredevil dayz. In fact, she’s really a plain Jane, this goes to show that a lot of those Hollowood stars still get some make-up done when they are living their daily lives in public. Even us regular folks, people will start talking if we don’t fix our hair when running errands or dropping the kids in rags!

  • wea

    she is. congrat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • buckeyegurl

    Yeeesss, this is pretty sick that she is hunted in a fu*cking hospital! There is no sense of decency whatsoever by the press. Really sad.

  • Get some new clothes

    She has been photographed in that cardigan too many times. Also, who wears running shoes & jeans. Every picture I see of her out & about she has on running shoes, jeans & one of the two Juicy cardigans she always wears. Get some clothes girl. You have money so spend it & help the economy.

  • MaryJ.

    I don’t think she is pregnant, she’s going to filming a movie in 3 weeks! Maybe she went to the hospital just for a check up…

  • brazilian_fan

    She looks cute!

  • Mediterranean

    I would like to know your definition of beauty. Jennifer Garner is not a beautiful woman at all, especially in these photos all of us can clearly see it. She is not even pretty, almost ugly.

    Yes, she is married to Ben, yes she is rich and B or C list artist, so? None of them changes the truth about her that she is not beauitful.

    With make-up, hair-do, fine dresses she manages to look pretty sometimes like her namesake. Surely, definitely I am NOT talking about JLO.

  • cammy

    She cannot be pregnant, she will filming in 3 weeks!

  • to Mediterranean

    You have your opinion but it doesn’t mean everybody thinks like you! Jen Garner is pretty and beautiful, and I don’t think J-lo is pretty, she looks miserable and horrible without makeup but I don’t go at J-lo’s post say she’s ugly!

    I think she’s cute in these pics, normal and cute!

  • lakers

    I’ve notice that everytime Jen Garner pictures, either with Violet or once in a while Ben, are on JJ fans are always on here aggressively defending her. This is a blog and people come to blogs to pretty much say what they want. A lot of times in Garner’s case the comments are not so nice. So knowing that, why even come here? Why not just enjoy her fan sites where she’s worshipped? You pretty much know what you’re gonna read when you come here.

    If I were a fan of her’s this would be the last place I’d want to read comments. lol I would just visit to look at the pics.

  • I agree with Mediterranean

    Absolutely right about the fact that Jennifer Garner is no beauty!
    She’s just a PLAIN JANE!

    With make-up and a stylist who dresses her, Jen does clean up quite nicely on the red carpet.

  • Didi

    why are the paps stalking this poor woman? leave her alone. hound someone interesting at least.

  • wtf you love it

    I just think its a waste of time to come on and comment on someone I cant stand. I skip right by the Jolie, Lohan, Brit etc. pictures because I don’t care. So people who come on here and comment they don’t like her I believe should use their time less negatively and more constructively. That’sall.

    By the way, I would say she’s def. not preg. because she has a film to shoot but I said that right before she did Catch and Release and the 5th season of Alias, and Violet happened anyway. I other words, Jen works while pg. obviousy.

  • to lakers

    Yes, thi is a blog and people can come here to say what they want… and we can come here to defending her too… same rights… everybody can say what want… just like you and me!

  • sweetGRRL-frenchGRRL

    I hope she’s preg. Ben and Jen must have another beautiful baby like violet!
    Love her!


    She looks very dumb and stupid walking covering her face with a book. No A-list celeb ever walks covering their faces only D and Z list celebs do that.

  • to didi

    Paps love her because everybory love her too… everybody come here to see her pics (fan or hater)!
    When I don’t like of a celebrity I don’t lose my time seeing her/his pics..

    And Jen maybe are pregger… who know? Well, Jen and Ben are looking for a bigger house, she has a little stomach and was leaving a hospital… maybe she is, or not…

    I love her, I hope the best!

  • no-nick

    This sux. People hunting when they go to hospital.

    I would like that justjared ignores those kind of pics.

  • no-nick

    This sux. People hunting when they go to hospital.

    I would like that justjared ignores this kind of pics.

  • he he he

    She is NOT pregnant,at least for the best of my knowledge,since she doesn’t even sleep in the same room with Ben anymore,so how can someone get pregnant when she and her husband are in their trial seperation and they will leave each other’s side in less than 3 weeks?Jen is going to Boston and Ben will stay in L.A for a while and then will leave for D.C.

    and the reason why Ben goes out with Jen more than before recently is that because they are supposed to leave each other in afew weeks,they are trying to calm down rumors alittle.because definitely rumors will start after these movies’s schedual these two plan for themselves.

    so see people in their trial seperation won’t get pregnant.unless you get pregnant with other people’s child.just sayin

  • Bella

    he he he you are on crack. I would hope if you did know info that nobody else did that you would at least know how to put a sentance together, which you don’t obviously.

  • to he he he

    Are you living in the same house of them? Are you a close friend of Ben or Jen? Lol… you are pathetic!

  • Mediterranean

    We shall see if he he he is right after 3 weeks anyway.

    I mentioned the name of JLo because I said something about the woman who is the namesake of Jennifer Garner. I didn’t want people to mix up this namesake with JLo.

    Yes this is my opinion, I have seen JLo’s very natural photos and believe she looks much better than Garner in everyway.

  • to he he he

    WTH are you talking about ? What trial separation? How do you know she doesn’t sleep in the same room with Ben anymore?

  • Clarck


    You must to be a very unhappy person! I feel bad for you girl…

  • den tist

    why is she showing her stomach, she’s no teen.

  • Didi

    #30 what a sweeping generalisation. everybody does not love jennifer garner as she hasnt done anything to warrant such adoration or love. shes just a bland and boring person who happens to be an actress and married to the worst actor in hollywood.
    i just dont get why the paps follow her. they’re unlikely to catch her giving blow jobs to shopkeepers down the market or robbing old ladies outside the post office, are they? theres nothing juicy or scandalous to report so why keep following her. she just does normal day to day activities like pick her daughter from nursery or go to college etc. just leave the woman alone and let her go about her business. go hassle britney instead cos shes a mentalist and will most likely do something bat-sh*t crazy in real time.

    and dont bloody frown at me you lot. i dont care if shes mental, shes not getting any sypmathy from me. britneys the orchestrator of her own demise and now shes in a looney bin. boo-f*cking-hoo.



  • to 33

    Lol, they are actors, they worked in differents places before! I don’t think when a couple are getting divorce they buying a $22 milions house… lol!

  • Jen was the face of ALIAS

    the best show ever ugly Didi, she did a lot every episode especially in the first 2 seasons fely like a movie, and I loved her in all her movies even if the movie wasn’t so good every scene she was in I enjoyed!

  • Didi

    Alias the show that got cancelled after 5 seasons ? hahaha. Even sh*t shows like Charmed managed 8. and Alias actually should have been scrapped after 2 seasons. All her films have sucked except Juno which which was slightly overrated and only saved by Ellen Page. Her acting is the same in every movie she does, however, you keep believing your idol is great. its your prerogative after all. but dont go pushing your opinions on other people who dont worship her.

  • Lola

    I told U she looked pregnant weeks ago :-P

  • Jen was the face of ALIAS

    she is Not pregnant get over it!!!

  • Mediterranean

    Isn’t funny?

    When a person doesn’t like another person’s comment; the insults start by calling her fat and ugly!

    Firstly, we are not able to see each other, that’s why calling the person ugly is not logical.

    Secondly, most of us admire the famous woman with full figure but love to say the word of fat so often as an insult.

    Isn’t it pathetic??????

  • HANRY (to Mediterranean)


  • Noooo

    you can tell when someone is ugly by what he/she says
    she is saying mean things and that makes her an ugly person inside and probably out too!
    got it now???

  • katie