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Justin Timberlake Expands William Rast

Justin Timberlake Expands William Rast

Justin Timberlake presents the fall collection of his William Rast fashion line Tuesday night in New York City, expanding beyond his current denim line.

Mr. JT described the new deconstructed prep-school collection as “high-class, urban couture meets Americana old South.”

Swedish designer Johan Lindeberg and his Italian wife, Marcella, helped Timberlake design the line, which included utilitarian, military-inspired jackets for women accented with feminine curves and kimono-style leather belts.

“Obviously I love it,” Timberlake said of the new collection. “You wouldn’t have seen it if I didn’t love it.”

Check out JT‘s new hair–looks like he’s growing it out again!

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# 1

yeah first! Jt is hott

# 3

if you look at him objectively he’s not very good looking

# 4

He needs to shave – he looks so beat.

# 5


# 6


# 7

NOT HOT. and I am so over all these artist tapping into other creative fields they know nothing about. Leave it to the real people who studied design and fashion etc.

JT needs to go away for a while. I am so over him.

# 8

Justin is hot. :) He looks cute with hair. But the beard is another issue. lol

# 9

He just needs to shave.

I dont get his hype.

[☆F a m o u s☆] @ 02/06/2008 at 3:09 pm

more money.

Oh no. Not the hair again.

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!?!Queen12!?! @ 02/06/2008 at 3:29 pm

GO JUSTIN woo and hes hair looks cute any way :)

has he come out the closet yet?

edison chen @ 02/06/2008 at 4:12 pm

He is so not hot.
lol Girls are dumb, blind and desperate!!

he’s playing out “designer” again? sometimes i really think there are some celebs with absolutely nothing do to, so they mess (read play) around and pretend to be something else.


OH, justin timberlake. he’s definitely not the mutt of the litter, but should he be dating jessica biel? i dunno. if he was someone pushing the cart in the mailroom of your office, then you might not look twice. but because he drops nasty beats with timberlake and belts out ballads about britney cheating affairs, gah-DANG, suddenly he is irrisistable. and i may have spelled that last word wrong, but something tells me y’all won’t care.

let’s see what he does on this sunday’s Grammys…

apologies, i meant timberLAND in the above comment.

all those guys who think justin is gay he is not you just want him because all of you are batty boys

you nees to leave justin alone i bet the reason you guys are tryung to bring him down it is because your ******* want him. oh and back of homoes he does not want men.

he’s effen hot…he owns the world and my world!

most talented guy ever! haters are just jealous!

but please shave justin ;)

He’s hot!
Dump that she-male Jessica Biel and you’re good to go!

He’s fugly and needs to take brittney and go away forever.

J.T. has a big snozz and is losing is hair. He is fugly. Get over it. Plus he’s gay.

he just needs to get over himself and start being nicer to his fans. he sucks the life out of his girlfriends and seriously, when will he stop singing about someone cheating on him and breaking his heart? it’s like, get over it, time for some new material, can you only sing and make money out of your exes? ughhhh.

geez if he wants to make music about someone cheating on him or breaking his heart, let him! personally, i think he makes really good music. yes i do admit he’s sometimes a bit rude to his fans but whatever man it’s not like he’s the only one that does that. you guys who are saying that justin should ‘get over himself’, well why don’t you get over the fact that he’s a good musician and that he can sing whatever the hell he wants, him singing about his break ups or whatever doesn’t affect you so why do you care so much?

Oh yes. So very very HOT!

Time for a shave JT, that pubey mess on your head’ll get out of control again like in the early ’90s if you let it.

I Love J.Lindeberg, he is one of my favorite designer.
But I think JT is wearing a Neil Barrett leather jacket.

William Rast sucks!

First of all JT only owns a 3rd of William Rast, and that 3rd he splits with his good pal Trace. The other 2/3 are owned by Paris68 and Peoples Liberation. JT and Trace have no say so in any of the designs or what gets sold. It’s poor quality denim trying to be passed off as 7 or R&R quality clothing.

Hey Mike P, how do you know the percent ownership?
Is that public info?
So you think JT owns a third and just pays trace?

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