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Katie Holmes' Night to Benefit Raising Malawi

Katie Holmes' Night to Benefit Raising Malawi

Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise attend a reception to benefit Madonna’s charity, Raising Malawi, and UNICEF during Fashion Week Fall 2008 at The United Nations on Wednesday in New York City.

Madonna and Gucci hosted the gala benefit.

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katie holmes night to benefit raising malawai unicef 02
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katie holmes night to benefit raising malawai unicef 05
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Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for IMG
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  • http://no al iens

    Olive Oyle stooping near her midget.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


  • meli

    work it.

  • Suzie

    WOW–that’s the best she’s looked in a while. Red is a great color on her.

  • leon


  • Mary

    She forgot to iron the hem of the dress after it got hemmed.

  • cami

    that looks soo wierd…

  • johnythacarrzymothafukca

    tom is lucky.

  • me

    she should probably refrain from wearing heels next to her husband. he’s shrimpy

  • cmo

    Such a beautiful women with a gorgeous child yet she fell for a man who’s devoted himself to a warped ‘religion’ that holds all their deepest darkest secrets and cant escape their hold, how sad.

  • Lillianne

    Mary, that’s the first thing I noticed too. What a shame, such an expensive dress and it looks like mom took it up at the last minute.

  • tc

    wow, she looks stunning! Tom’s looking a little stumpy – he needs to hit the gym :)! When he’s fit he is still so very hot. Makes you wonder if he’s feeling a little depressed about all the nastiness. I really think that at the core he is a really decent person who truly believes that he can help people.

  • pr person

    Is that a velour jacket that Tom has on? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a crazy, fugly, piece of work he is.

  • jo

    She just looks so dead in the eyes! He has really sucked the life out of her!!!!

  • Lillianne

    I can’t look at him without thinking about those flabby white man boobs.

  • mel

    Scientology is not so bad after all. Ok so it totally killed her career but she’s transformed herself into a style icon. And who needs a career anyway with a $3 million contract for every year spent as a Robot Scientolo-Wife! Where do I register?

  • emily

    strange dress, weird hem, weird high heels, bizarre smiles, strange couple, strange woman towering over man (by choice), weird fake people, strange desperate social appearances because nothing else is left for them…………please G.. above help this world, and please make TC & his GF go away. they are finished, dying, done.

    now the magazine tabloids are flashing their valentine’s day “love”.
    for eachother, they are left with eachother & they deserve each other, sickening pair. can’t even tell who is the man & who is the woman,
    maybe both are bi-.

  • yolly

    She is acting like Victoria B. she needs to go back to her real self. What ‘s going on with her? She’s been brainwashed by Tom C? She is pretty but very fake to me.

  • tom c

    Why she always insists on wearing really high heels next to her man in beyond my understanding. I guess fashion is more important to her than letting Tom have some dignity.–And she always has this weird look on her face, like a smirk. It’s not even a smile.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    other than becks, is there a better dressed man (white man) alive? i think not.

  • katie is a beard

    She looks so PHONY and uncomfortable. Just a cheap imitation of Nicole kidman.

  • She’s embarassing him

    Tom forgot to put it in her contract that she could not wear heels, so she takes full advantage that she is taller around him.

  • the fake,the fraud,the crazy

    Work it, and work hard. LOL

    Hay, Fcak Famous, you mean dressed gay man? LOL.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    Can’t stand the 2 of them…

  • http://deleted Poor girl

    She doesn’t look normal compare to Madonna, Rihanna, Gwen and the other women. Katie Holmes is so weird.

  • my god hes short!!

    i bet hes a real bastard at home – cut out the fakeness in public, Tom Thumb !!! ha-ha ha ha!!!

  • http://no tom borrowed Prince boots

    tomgay has on UPlifts and is still a chubby he is butt ugly now. ‘Kate” lay off the surgery–tell the little middy NO MORE..
    oh and he won’t let Ms.Thang eat look at her ,he is molding”Kate” like he did NK..into a skeleton…
    i see he made her get her hair pressed straight ,cuz she had pratically a ”fro” the other day on the blog..these 2 try 2 hard and Kate needs 2 get off the Posh diet of 1 veggie a day.. no glam to me tHese 2…just freakishly weird ..

  • nOAM


    but did HE have to come….???

  • Ng

    I think she looks kind of sad. Her eyes and smile are not the same of 2 weeks ago when they hit New York to promote Mad Money. She looked euphoric then. In these pictures she looks okay but she has definitely lost more weight and looks fragile. She does not look very happy to me. He looks like he’s trying to help her snap out of it mood but he also doesn’t look like he’s really happy. The lastest backlash really did a number on them. I don’t think they will be married 10 years. Good luck to Suri. Interesting how whenever they want to leave town, a hotel, etc., they manage to do so. Yet, when they want to be photographed they are photographed.

  • dean

    I wonder how long they practice posing together in front of the mirror before they leave home?

  • proud sp

    For the love of XENU ! – let’s BOYCOTT these two drones already

    Why aren’t these two hiding in their $cientology bunker?!
    Poster boy and child bride for $cientology
    No body could care less about either of these two fakers.

    Tom is unashamedly completely removed from reality and Katie is just a brainwashed stepford wife and babymaker. *BORING*


    You are SHUNNED everywhere, even in your own family meetings. Excluded from conversation; not spoken to, almost not looked at, not responded to.

    Ignored by your cousins who look elsewhere while you speak gibberish. Have you noticed that lately ? You annoy them. They think your are abnormal.

    You are pitiful.

  • another proud SP

    Until tommys money runs out, he will continue to pay the paps to take his picture!

  • pr person

    Does she EVER stand up straight?!?! Her dress looks cheap, (I’m sure that it isn’t, in fact it probably cost a fortune), but something about it. Maybe it is the hem.. as other posters have said. Or maybe it is the gaudy gold shoes… I can’t put my finger on it… just looks cheap and tacky.

    “I can’t look at him without thinking about those flabby white man boobs”. OMG! That was sooooo funny!! And so true!


    If anyone wonder who I was talking to on here, it was to the obsessed philippinno who usually fills up those tomkat thread with her 100 creepy idiot comments (“Katie is classy” , “I love Tomkat”, etc.) under her hundred of fake nicknames.

    Looks like she is not babbling tonight, but I’m quite sure she is reading.

  • well

    She is trying to hard (and failing I might add) to be someone she is NOT; Posh Spice! Is she so empty headed that she thinks we don’t see this?

  • JT

    she’s hooooottt

  • SOL

    wasn’t she pregnant??? LOL

  • jaxon

    Is she channeling Princess Di now? Back when Di was actually still Shi Di she looked out at everyone under her bangs like that. She did it better.

  • anonymous

    omg, she is stunning , beautiful face and what a body, she should go in modeling and love the dress on her she always amazes me. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  • i luv Dean!

    To #30-Dean!

    That was hilarious! I just choked and spewed laughing! The posing bit was genius! LMAO!!!!

    As for her looks, this is the best she’s looked in…ummm…ever. At least post COS induction. I agree she needs to stop copying Posh in the pose and fashion path. That pose looks both uncomfortable and un-natural. (Posh/Paris) It makes her look like the Hunchback at a costume ball. Why she chose to wear those tacky a$$ gold shoes, who knows. Black may have been a better choice. Or something to match that horrible handbag at least.

    She started wearing those hooker heels because the “Maniacle Midget” got wind of the earlier criticism that said he was so insecure with Katie’s hieght, he would never allow her to wear heels. After a few months of that ridicule Katie begain wearing 3-4 inch heels everywhere they went. It was to prove he was “manly” enough to accept her towering height and his lack of. She rarely wore heels like that pre-midget she was much more confident in her appearance. She is not a style icon. She is dressed by a stylist. She has no sense let alone fashion sense. The cloths may look beautiful. But she doesn’t wear them well at all. She was much happier in her jeans and sweaters. Tom married Katie and has been trying to turn her into “Kate” the 1st lady of COS.

  • Yorick

    Has anyone here considered that Cruise simply doesn’t care about his height unlike the rest of you bigots?

  • nicole m


  • VHenderson

    Katie Holmes looks like a Stepford Wife. She’s pretty, but she looks like a robot.

  • swing

    what a beautiful couple…

  • zoe

    love her purse and shoes…not so much her dress. she looks good in red but the dress is only okay. i dont like tom that much…they look weird together! otherwise, katie’s gorgeous!

  • Elaine


  • yes

    Thanks JJ. Both look delish.

  • chef

    You can really see Suri in both of them. They look so radiant,so in love,content and happy.

  • Wow!

    I think Katie was a beautiful woman. Lately, her entire look has turned into Victoria Beckham’s. The red dress looks like something Victoria would definitely wear…. Fembot uniform!

    I want the old Katie back. She had such a sweet look about her even if her fashion style was ok. Katie should return to her true self and stop being such a fake.