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Lauren Conrad Collection -- Now Sold in Stores

Lauren Conrad Collection -- Now Sold in Stores

Lauren Conrad just announced that her fashion line is now being sold in select stores!

The Hills star says, “I’m excited to announce that my clothing line, Lauren Conrad Collection, is now available in stores. My spring line has been shipped out to stores. Last night, I launched my line at Intuition in LA and I have to say that it was amazing to see my clothes hanging in a boutique. The spring line is also available online at”

Added Lauren, “The complete collection should be on the website by the end of this week. Also, the Dolly Print scarf, which has been sold out, is back in stock. I hope you all like it and thank you for your support. My Linea Pelle handbag collection is also available at Intuition.”

Shop the Lauren Conrad Collection ’till you drop!

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  • uni brow

    ooooh my gawd im going to go directly to the stores and look for her clothes…NOT!!!
    Who in their RIGHT MIND wants to dress like this Fug azz Beefy beyotch.

  • jblove

    omg! i love you lauren thats awsome!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]


  • lol

    Hahaha! I love your typo- “Lauren Conrad just announced that her fashion line is not being sold in select stores!” I wish!

    –read my blog at

  • Ha!

    Why is it that all I can think of when I see a picture of this girl is Marcia Brady??

  • Jules

    a ridiculoussss mini dress for 150 $$$$$…that is so lame, the clothes are so bahhhhh! she is lame…lolololol

  • no

    Her clothes are SO PLAIN.

  • no

    She’s not a good designer. No talent, just like Heidi.

  • !?!Queen12!?!

    am sorry but she way too fake :(

  • emilie

    the clothes are nice
    but very expensive

  • a scam

    Go get a PRoject Runway contestant they have more talent-
    and I have ben saying on this blog 4 the longest that helga pataki lauren was a jacked up Marcia Brady.

  • nad

    Aww I totally disagree…she’s got brilliant dress sence and always looks great. I personally wouldn’t wear her line bt she’s definately got talent!

  • hannah

    wow. all the dresses are more than $100! that is so ridiculous. i can get all those clothese, which aren’t even special or unique in any way, for like $20 at H & M or anywhere else! who actually BUYS her crap???

  • hanni

    i would :D LC FAN!! Love the bag and hair

  • mandy

    I like Lauren, BUT her clothes are bland. There’s no spunk to clothes. The colors are so colorless. And very overpriced for sure. Some dresses look like there from wal-mart. I thought she had more imagination than that.
    Didn’t teen vogue teach her anything?

  • mandy

    I like Lauren, BUT her clothes are bland. There’s no spunk to the clothes. The colors are so colorless. And very overpriced for sure. Some dresses look like there from wal-mart. I thought she had more imagination than that.
    Didn’t teen vogue teach her anything?

  • Burgernoodle

    well, whether or not her clothing line is any good, at least she’s trying her hand at a respectable career…unlike some her nemesis, Heidi Montag. aHEM….

    barf, watch it:

  • Helena

    I’d be scared to touch her collections, in case I’d get herpes.

  • Katie

    I love her clothes. I actually own the Audrina dress. They are the perfect style for me and well made. H & M sells crappy “made in China” clothes that falls apart after 2 washings, so don’t compare.

  • Kim

    Her clothes are made in the US, and are extremely well made. Very high quality. This was her first line so obviously it’s semi basic. She’s still learning, still in school. Her first line was just a 10 piece line. At least she’s working hard and doing it herself!

  • Belen

    She is so pretty and I love her collection. I am going to inverst in a couple of pieces, too cute

  • NAty

    the dress are not horrible but they are noting special, you can buy better quality cloes for a better prices, she is just a reallity star but is not the best designer out there.

  • plumpy

    why is this whore famous when her reality show ends she wont get so much attention and i cant believe that she thinks she and justin timberlake would be together he hates her lauren you can’t design so
    continue sucking dicks thats what your good for.

  • y u ck

    fame h o e. -i rather wear clothes out of the Goodwill box, be4 i give this pathetic poser a cent..

  • bill clinton

    what, nobodys going to mention that suckerbite on her leg?

  • cgy

    her stuff isn’t bad, whether you like her or not. There are worse things on the market for sure.

  • Alison

    I think it is good that she actually works for her money by doing something she is interested in. Sure, it doesn’t hurt to cash in on your fame at the same time….

  • haha

    why does this bytch’s smile alway looks fake? she looks annoying as hell and i don’t even know her.

  • ver

    Yeah the clothes aren’t that bad but if I’m going to pay $100 on a simple looking dress it better had been made by Chanel or something. The only ones who can afford to spend that much on basics are her neighbors in Orange County.

  • nidyzylc

    i love LAUREN!!

    she’s still new with this stuff so give her a break..everyone has to take the first step..and atleast she kn0ws her craft,she is learning at a school..

  • mel

    lauren is awsome.. use are soo jelous.. and where the hell did u get herpes from just coz u have it… she has said b4 that she isnt into the real bright kinda clothes… so of course she is going to go for the more simple black/white/grey.. colours…. and she dosent brag about saying she is the best designer… so fuk off leave her along coz she is just doing what she want’s… if u dont like her clothes or her… WHY THE HELL WOULD U BE ON HERE TALKING ABOUT HER.. jelous Assholes… only one word for ya’ll…. and that would be it… Keep it up lauren!!! LOVE the hills! ox

  • aussie chic..

    why if ppl dont like lauren do they take the time to put someone down? Ok u might not like her clothes but speaking such harsh mean words about someone only makes yourself look like a fool.. Ppl that put down others are just showing their own insecurities- so save ur energy on helping yourself.. Now as for lauren i reckon she is great! I wish we could see her in australia sometime…

  • Daniela

    her clothes are whatever clothes for waaaayyy too much money. theyre almost tacky if you will.

  • umm…

    home girl needs to push forward better ideas, step up the game. it’s really predictable and you can find that at a local mall. what’s her perspective, whats her vision? nothing.

  • Meeee


  • kitty kid

    Will you all stop being haters? If you don’t like her collection, fine, but stop making a huge deal about her imperfection! Lauren is gorgeous and I agree with most of you that her products are very plain and the prices are redic, but shut up if you have any insult you’d like to throw at her! Let’s just hope her spring line isn’t as pricey and has a little more to it. ^^;

  • RITA

    ok so what if its her first collection ! 1st impressions are lasting ones if ur gonna do something take a risk i understand her style is basic but come on not one piece stood out.i luv her on the show but i believe she put out a half ass collection because she is gonna make bank off her celebrity what if shes in school or its her first.she chose to do it now & it sucks her line sucks.the colors the style.we’ve seen them all before & for less. kudo’s if u wanna spend ur $$$. but true lovers of fashion know that this was a half ass attempt . so dissapointed & bored to death.her collection murdered me

  • RITA

    by the way i am a huge fan ,never been a hater,i came on here to see what others thought because i wanted to make sure i wasn’t crazy and the only one that thought her collection was so bad.i realize alot of people have the same views.seriosly i hope she gets better but the truth shall set you free.laurn as a person seems awesome as a designer not so much……toodles

  • debbie

    my daughter has a friend who is a papparrazzi and said she is the biggest b=yotch ever.she looks like a fake and the whole show is fake.even Kristen said last week that it was embellished.Put some good shows on notthis crap with kids who have no personality.She has none,Audrina is cross eyed and whitney whines soooooooooooooooo much

  • Shauna

    I LOVE LAUREN <3333

    I love Lauren Conrads Fashion Line . . . . I dont think its that expensive its designer what do u expect.
    Lauren always looks great out and about.
    Lauren has got great talent for clothes she is made to be a designer. . . . she is only new to this so give her a break . . . .

    All her colthes she makes i love she is just amazin . . . .

    My rolemodel in life <3333

  • nmp2222

    I think it’s great she’s out there and doing what she loves.

    I wouldn’t compare her line to wal-mart or even H&M. I own two of her pieces and they are very high quality!!! I am very picky about good quality clothes. People who are making bad comments don’t know what they are talking about, and are just jealous.

    If you want simple yet sophisticated you will love her line!!

    Way to go Lauren!!

  • Sweetlyk

    You know, for being a REAL FIDM student (now grad!) I must say it’s annoying to see that those pictures were taken in the FIDM L.A. parking garage. That’s where we went to pick up our supplies! Did she actually graduate? Does anyone know? Regardless, I think her clothes should either be more creative for the price or stay at their current level of non-creativity and be less expensive. The perceived value of her items does NOT match the price of them.

  • Cait

    hahah haters, or should I say jealous? I love her clothes. who cares if they’re plain. that’s what she likes… that’s all I wear :) ill be definitely buying some of her stuff.

    good job lauren!