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Madonna's Night to Benefit Raising Malawi

Madonna's Night to Benefit Raising Malawi

Madonna hosts a gala benefit, A Night to Benefit Raising Malawi and UNICEF, at United Nations headquarters on Wednesday.

The Queen of Pop arrived with her 11-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon. The event is being co-hosted by Gucci as it will celebrate the opening of Gucci’s New York 5th Avenue Flagship store.

Tickets run up to $100,000. A-listers only!

15+ pictures inside of Madonna‘s Night to Benefit Raising Malawi…

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madonna night to benefit raising malawai unicef 01
madonna night to benefit raising malawai unicef 02
madonna night to benefit raising malawai unicef 03
madonna night to benefit raising malawai unicef 04
madonna night to benefit raising malawai unicef 05
madonna night to benefit raising malawai unicef 06
madonna night to benefit raising malawai unicef 07
madonna night to benefit raising malawai unicef 08
madonna night to benefit raising malawai unicef 09
madonna night to benefit raising malawai unicef 10
madonna night to benefit raising malawai unicef 11
madonna night to benefit raising malawai unicef 12
madonna night to benefit raising malawai unicef 13
madonna night to benefit raising malawai unicef 14
madonna night to benefit raising malawai unicef 15
madonna night to benefit raising malawai unicef 16
madonna night to benefit raising malawai unicef 17
madonna night to benefit raising malawai unicef 18

Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for IMG
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  • lily


  • Orange Clockwork

    She looks…good?

  • lily

    Also i am pretty sure that mini-me’s last name is De Leon. Why is the De being dropped. Is it to make us forget her Cuban roots?

  • Kevin



  • Lorne

    i thought lourdes’ name was always Leon. Carlos Leon is her father. Maybe you’re thinking of Ponce de Leon? haha not sure.
    anyway, sounds like a good cause. go M! i’m liking the hair.

  • holla if u hear me

    This is the best Madonna has looked in a LONG time.

  • lily

    Thanks #5. well i looked it up and you are right. I guess my comment should be ignored.

  • cmo

    Finally she looks more natural and not like a mutton dressed as lamb.

  • Lillianne

    Little Lola is going to be a beauty.

  • aussie made

    Looks like all those hours in the gym have paid off.

    Good work Madonna!

  • erin

    I sure hope she gets that childs brows waxed at some point.

  • Mummy

    They are a beautiful mother and daughter. Lourdes is going to be such a stunning woman, tall too. Madonna’s shoes look like they really hurt. They look like they are a size too small, or her feet are just wide.

  • Danni

    Madonna looks like she did back in the 90s!! Finally she looks beautiful again.

  • Marie claire

    erin — I know! (About the brows, I mean — sorry, the brow) And I know it’s stupid to obsess on them (it…) but… I can’t help it. It’s all I see!

  • sharene

    she looks older than 11, I’m not really one for kids acting older than their age and growing up too young.
    But in times like these things need to be done . Get her grows waxed, plucked whatever. Hair removal is required

  • amber

    Lourdes is going to be a knockout! Madonna better lock her up. She’s not looking too shabby herself.

  • asdfghjl


  • Sam

    That kid is in need of a serious eyebrow plucking. I mean, GOD! Lol.

  • Amber

    They both look beautiful. Lola is gorgeous. She’s only 11 and doesn’t need to wax her eyebrows yet. They make her unique and give her character. It looks like she had her mustache waxed which is good and important for her self esteem. The teen and preteen years are such delicate and vulnerable years. I was about her age when I got contact lens’.

  • carrie nae

    OMG… Lourdes is totally working it on the carpet. With her nails manicured and hands on the hips, she is loving the attention. Cute though, in some ways.

  • LOLA

    love her

  • Sophia

    oh my god, the brows. i know she’s 11, but my god.

  • KOB


  • tonya perry



  • Bae

    Madonna looks hot! I cant believe how many A list stars showed up there… Thats a Madonna bash for you

  • buckeyegurl

    Wow, whatever work Madonna had done, it was worth it!! She looks fantastic! She turns 50 this year!! I’m not hating either, it’s a fact, no 50 year old looks that good naturally. I just wish more stars that get surgery would do it so it looks as natural as Madonna’s and not like they’re constantly surprised.

  • LULA29

    How cute!

    I love seeing Madonna with her daughter. She’s done such a good job raising her. It must be really special to have had a little girl due to her mother’s untimely death.

  • CC

    She looks so beautiful here

  • K.


    Only Madonna could pull in a list like that.


  • K.


    Only Madonna could pull in a list like that.


  • Susan

    Lourdes is only 11 and doesn’t need to be waxing her brows. Leave her alone.

  • Choux

    M looks Great!!! Lourdes is becoming quite a cute one!


    Nearly 50 years old and she looks STUNNING. This is a true goddess and superstar. At an event filled with so many fellow A-list stars she outshines them all. Madonna is THE star. The bitter jealous haters know I’m right and it kills them to see her still reigning supreme after 25 years. Choke on it!

    Work it Madonna! Your fans are proud of you!

  • erin

    Susan, I feel like an a ss having to say she needs a brow wax, but it is what it is.

  • ^^

    good eyebrows?!?!?!

  • Jordan

    It’s obvious they share the same dental structure.

  • anonymous

    i personlly am one of those people that i don’t care much about madonna but to those who are complaining about lordes’s eye brows you should be ashamed of youselves she is only 11 years old and she has her whole life to wax her eye brows, i think every thing about lordes is perfect for 11 years old girl, what do you expect from her to act like a w*****e , i am sure you haterswould have complained again , she looks beautiful in every way for a her girl her age .

    by the way talk about what the people there doing for raising money for malawi, i am sure if angie was doing this haters would n’t have concentate on a child rather than the benifit for a good cause. you really don’t enjoy people helping the less fortunate ones other wise you would love any body who is doing charties and helping poor people ,and i have seen how you haters insult good people who are trying so hard to help other people , you only like it when angie does it which show you really don’t care about the less forturnate ones, you haters pathetic ,again shame on you haters .

  • MINI

    Long Live the Queen

  • NY

    the fabulous Diva Madonna

  • Manu

    Wow, she looks so hot in these pics!

  • karma

    OMG wax that kid’s eyebrows! WTF? She looks so cute but so weird.

  • anonymous

    i never cared about madonna but ever since she started doing humanitrian work and charties i really respect her for that and appriciate what she is doing not only her i feel that about any body who does humanitrian work, because i know it is not an easy task to do even though they are very rich ,it takes efforts to do these things so please lets not be childish and stop insulting people who are doing good work for the sake of others, no matter who they are.

  • ****

    Courtney Love and her daughter Una Brau were there? They’ll let anybody in these days?

  • The Arab Aquarius
  • hell

    unicef made a big scandal these days!

  • kath

    if all the celebs donated the money they otherwise would have spent on outfits to go to all the functions they go to (sometimes numerous outfits in a day) there would be no third world countries! how stupidly ridiculous it is to ask these people to pay up to $100,000 and then spend thousands on outfits! such as waste!

  • lennie

    I don’t like Madonna, but I have to admit that she looks great b/c for the first time she doesn’t pretend to look younger than she is. Her daughter looks so sweet and balanced she must have a great mom, and people give her a break for unibrows she’s only a child! She will shave it later but not at 13!

  • GG

    I happened to serve Lourdes at a store here in NY sometime last year and she was the sweetest girl. She was with her father Carlos and she was buying jeans. She was very polite saying please and thank you. It took a while before I could find her size and apologized for taking so long and she said no problem and thanks so much for finding it. She was very sweet to her father giving him a kiss when he bought it for her. She’s also very beautiful with long thick eyelashes. Whether you like Madonna or not, it seems she’s raised her children well.

  • shame on madonna

    madonna’s daughter is beautiful. however… she needs her eyebrows trimmed & plucked & needs to bleach that upper lip. madonna should know better. i was that girl being half italian & it isn’t funny to have hair where you shouldn’t. the eybrow thing wasn’t as big of a deal in the 80′s but now it is & no girl should have black hair on her upper lip. come on madonna, with everything you do to yourself something little for your girl isn’t a big deal. it is not like plastic surgery. my mom let me bleach my lip & i don’t want implants or plastic surgery & have good self esteem.

  • geogette

    are u blind guys? What she did with herself is horrible! The liftings made her eyes pulled up. She just like any other old rich woman.
    And her hot flushes make her look so greasy!! I say the rest of her carreer is dead!