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David Beckham: I Want England to Win Every Game

David Beckham: I Want England to Win Every Game

David Beckham just blogged another one of his life updates for his fans. Check it out now:

“Hi everyone

It was good to see England win last night and put in a positive performance against Switzerland. I am an England fan and I always want my country to win any game.

I am sure you will have read a lot of Mr. Capello‘s call to leave me out of the squad but in truth I admire him as a manager and respect his decision. In his explanation, he said that it was purely down to match fitness and that it was unfair to the other players, competing week in and week out for their clubs, to include me in the squad.

A lot has been made of my trips to Sierra Leone and Brazil but these were only a total of four days in six weeks. I postponed my holidays to spend five days a week training with Arsenal and I did everything possible make myself available for England. The only thing beyond my control is the opportunity to play matches. I want to thank Arsene Wenger and his team for making me feel incredibly welcome at Arsenal and helping me to get fit for the start of the season.

I am now back in Los Angeles training with LA Galaxy. On Saturday and Sunday every player had to undergo fitness tests, and I feel good for the start of the new season. There is a real sense of excitement here with [coach Ruud Gullit] at the helm and players like Carlos [Ruiz] and Celestine [Babayaro] arriving. I will keep you posted on how the pre season goes.

Take care


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  • nina


  • LINA


  • kelsei

    Nobody gives a shit about him.
    He’s trying to suck up to Capello so he’ll give him his 100th Cap.
    To be honest, i don’t think he deserves it.
    England are a wayyyyy better team without that fool who goes by the name David Beckham.

    David Bentley played well good last night.
    and he deserved to take David Beckhams place!!!!!!

    c’mon England!!!

  • sam

    he’s so cute and hot

  • sam

    what u’re talkin’ about kelsei david is gd player u didn’t see him playin’ so shut ur mouth

  • Puhlease!

    I agree with kelsei!

    DB is an “AVERAGE” player NOT “GOOD”- the only reason why he is hyped-up soooo much is because he married a fugly-looking spice girl and through her entertainment “connections” they created “Brand Beckham” and basically “sold him” on his model-boy-good looks and flashy lifestyle… NOTHING to do with “FOOTBALL/SOCCER”!

  • jen


  • Lulu

    Kelsei, Yeah nobody cares about Beckham, that’s why the England fans chanted Beckham’s name throughout the game at Wembley last night.

    And Yeah the England team is better without Becham, by the way how’s the Euro 2008 preparation, … Oh yeah that’s rigtht… lol

  • Bre

    Oh he’s so smexy….

  • simon

    david beckham is awesome!! hes the best football player on the planet he shows more passion than anybody for england. Bring him back capello!! Bring back beckham!! Please!!

    by the way fuck people who criticize him your just jealous…

  • SofiaRocket

    He used to be a very good player , but not now. Way too old and lost his skills for sure. Capello knows best.

    Most top class players in Premier League now are foreigners. Not much chances for the local guys any more…

  • bejeebus

    snaggle toothed limey with socks stuffed into his underwear…

  • MM- jealous- that’s right- NOT

    The only thing to be “jealous” about Beckham is his $$$$- that’s it~! And remember- $$$$ certainly does not “make the man/woman”- a little something called “character” does,- which both Mr. & Mrs. are sorely lacking in- and as Mr. & Mrs. B prove over and over and over again $$$$ certainly does not buy one CLASS!

  • kim1891uk

    I swear all the people who slag him off are jelous they should just go and take a running jump
    beckhamm is the bestt


  • Whatever

    So what!! Who cares about a man who cheats on his wife????

  • Lou-lou

    David Beckham….he’s more of a fucking model than he is a footballer.


  • Lou-lou

    David Beckham….he’s more of a fucking model than he is a footballer.


  • helen

    david beckham is awesome!! hes the best football player on the planet he shows more passion than anybody for england. Bring him back capello!! Bring back beckham!! Please!!

    by the way **** people who criticize him your just jealous…

    i come from england and david is well past his best capello is a great manger and knows that david is not fit enough truth is there are now better players than him true he was one of the best and david bent will never be as good as becks was but hes better now coz david becks is past it u no very lilttle about football steven gerrard is a far better player and he isnt all over the press becks didnt do everthing to be fit or he wouldnt have went to see his dog of a wife on tour so there ……….. come on england we dont need him any more he was a greate player and i thank him for what him did but make room for new player sams comment is above rubbish………………………..

  • hehehehe

    Goodness he is looking OLD! He’s a p****-whipped-lap-dog! That about sums it up!

  • mar

    i luv david!!
    he deserves his 100th cap for sure
    and pple do give a shit bout him
    they were chanting his name during the friendly
    no matter what pple think of him
    hate him or love him
    he’s done so much for england
    it would be a shame for him not to get a century

  • donna

    Beckham speaks with a voice that is comparable to that of an eight year old boy or girl. I’ve heard he also has the mentality of a young child and needs constant attention from his large staff of servants in order to get out of bed and to get dressed. Dumping him from the perpetually losing English side is the right thing to do. Apparently he was trying to get all of his team mates to sign up for Scientology , another huge reason he was snubbed from the English side.


    stop hating on david beckham!! He is absolutely gorgeous, an amaaazing soccer player, and beyond that.. if you took the time to actually care to look into his life, he is an extremely caring and genuine person. Its incredibly rude to come on a site and have to say bad things about someone, whom you don’t even know. Keep that stuff to yourself, hes a normal human-being too and Im sure he has enough hardships to deal with without having to log on online and see people bashing him for not being perfect. Get over yourselves…David Beckham seems like an amazing man and Id stand up for him in a heartbeat. David Beckham.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU…forever will, and will forever be a fan. Dont listen to all the haters…you’re unbelieveable and its not your fault those people have nothing better to do then to bash you to feel better about themselves. =) Ive been trying to find some kind of email address for you to contact you with a question. If you happen to find this post.. get in touch with me somehow. I LOVE YOU!!


    its sad too that most of you making posts are from patriotic!! Im from America and Ive always loved David Beckham, I follow his career and life as much as I can..because thats called being a fan. I love how you are all so sure of yourselves too that he cheated on his wife, you talk like you know him!! quit reading tabloids and being so sure you know what you are talking about…those reporters get paid to dig up dirt, true or not true. Im pretty sure if he really did cheat on her..shed have divorced him by now. Get over trying to bring people down..especially someone so influential and SO generous as david beckham. Take the time to look and see everything hes done for your country… im glad he came to least he can be appreciated here and we as Americans know how to treat anyone representing us in a positive way.

    ps. if You wanna call him a bad soccer player, you should be embarassed…hes clearly one of the best in the world, maybe there are others better than him..SO WHAT! you couldnt do what he does and he busts his ***!!! people like you make me so incredibly disappointed in the fact that your life is so bad you have to get on here and bring others down. Id give anything to meet david beckham and to have the chance to tell him how amazing everyone thinks he is…besides the people who pride themselves on bringing down anyone whos happy so they can be just as miserable as them. love you forever David Beckham- no matter who you play for, what happens in your life, and what the tabloids say about you. Keep your head up and keep being the amazing person you are. Thats what makes you such a strong person.