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Hayden Christensen Sans Rachel Bilson

Hayden Christensen Sans Rachel Bilson

Jumper costars Hayden Christensen and Jamie Bell hang out with their director Doug Liman outside of Hostaria dell’Orso restaurant in Rome, Italy on Wednesday.

The trio was seen chatting up a hot blonde outside of a party for Jumper, which opens in theaters nationwide next Thursday. Liman can’t seem to put the camera down–he filmed the entire encounter. Strange!

Where was Rachel Bilson?!

Check out this recent interview of Hayden, Rachel and Jamie from Cairo, Egypt here. Half the interview was about footwear! Ahem Rachel‘s $1,500 Christian Louboutin boots

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  • Joanie


    I think they make a nice couple (:

  • Joanie

    I think they make a nice couple (:

  • bruno


  • Smilehexe

    This is like what? The third post about these two (and even without one of them this time LOL), and again by Bauergriffinonline of course… it’s getting insane. One can only hope for all of them (including Liman) that this movie really can hold finally what all this set up promotion intends to promise…

  • Smilehexe

    The third post in just two days I meant… ;-)

  • Ally

    @Smilehexe : when they do nothing, they got a post, so when they promote a movie = do their job, it’s totally normal, in this twisted world, that they have three posts in a couple of days!!

  • where ?

    so what ? now he is cheating on his supposed girlfriend ? this is just too funny ! maybe the guys /paps/rachel’s buddies in Bauer Griffin can shed some light on this “couple” ?

  • boo boo

    do they not have men in thiere life. because Hayden do not want them and they definatley arent that hot blonde in the picture! post #8 ,9 and 10. i could give a less sh*** about that jen girl shes UGLY I seen what she look like.nobody wants that !!!! LMAO


  • Noromance

    Go Hayden! Keep it mysterious. This is great. I love that he knows how to keep things interesting.

  • Smilehexe

    You are so right about this, and “twisted world” hits the nail on its head indeed, also including other topics… like the poster above (probably one pretending to be more people) just proves right now (and has before)… does that really have to be brought in here now on all topics concerning Hayden & Miss Bilson?! MAJOR EYE ROLL!!!
    Best would be if all these threads on them would just stop and the people who want to see their movie shall go to the theaters and make themselves an own picture about it, and the other ones shall stay at home and do/go watch something else… and finally there would be some peace about it. As right now it feels like an overkill, and in more than only one aspect…

  • where ?

    anyone who has a problem with jen and her site, just go there and complain TO HER ! not here, where all we want to do is see who hayden is with, what he is doing, be it rachel or whoever !

    and please could the people at Just Jared spell his name right !

    CHRISTENSEN. thank you

  • Valentina

    It’s Osteria not Hostaria!

  • Luciana

    C’mon, go get a life and leave Jen alone. You tell her has no life, but you’re HERE complaining about all your problems in a non-related-Jen website. You’re getting so childish.

    About Hayden and Rachel, they make a pretty couple.

  • hydnfn4evr

    err..people.. if anything the blonde is with JAMIE not hayden..pleae see the pic where she is holding on to him :)

    ….and for the losers coming on here spewing hate about

    Get over yourself Bitches…you think you could run a better a better job? Do it..or shut your fucking fat mouths up

  • oh brother…

    @9 – you’ve got a moderator wrong dummy.

    Plus, you really suck. You get a life and stop worrying about Jen’s okay? I’m sure she’s fine and dandy.

  • Raven

    Let’s focus on the subject. Please stop taking about Jen and her website. This is not the subject matter!
    Oh Please!!! Hayden is still young and single and he is going to flirt! That sexy blonde is hello??? A billion times better looking then Rachel by how she is dressed and her hair and the sex appeal. It is probably nothing. The woman looks older but does not mean Hayden can’t have no fun! :lol:

    He’s not stuck to one woman just of yet. I have the feeling he does date a lot of other woman and he by every right should! :)

  • maxie

    she appears to be with Jamie

  • where ?

    i agree @ 18.

    looks like jamie pulled ! LOL

  • Raven

    I think this woman appears to be with no one! Just all friends hanging out drinking some wine and having a good time.

    It sounds like some wish she was with Jamie. Rayden fans especially. I think the woman is with no one in particular but is having a good time with Doug, Hayden and Jamie that is all I see.

  • Azzurra

    Sorry…but JEN IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    are you crazy????have your life and leave her!!!

  • Azzurra

    Sorry…but JEN IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    are you crazy????have your life and leave her!!!

  • Lana

    Do they have like a flippin deal with Bauer Griffin or something? A lot of these pictures are taken by them.

  • nova lee

    well all i can say bout the girl is that she is not with any one!! hello there is nothing wrong with hayden flirting and all! he is not attched !! so the raydens get your minds out of the gutter and let hayden has his fun. HAYDEN YOU GO BOY HAVE YOUR FUN!! hayden is the greatest. :)

  • boo boo


    IM NOT TRYNA GET OFF SUBJECT BUT…..I HATE THE OWNER OF cover your eyes if you don’t want to read this but:

    **********JEN JUST RECENTLY PUT UP A RULE TO NOT POST UP ANYTHING FROM JUST JARED AND IF YOU DO,SHE WILL BAN YOU FROM THE SITE. OK. I laughed at that soooo f**kin hard. Jen comes on here everyday to stalk Hayden and to see what the hell he is. and she also have the forum members beleiving that Hayden and Rachel are dating.

    **********The people there kiss her ass like she’s a GOD. and there is only one God and it sure as hell aint her! Im sorry but I was just realizing some stuff about her,she’s so protective over Hayden like she’s his mom. and reality is He really dont know her,she’s just another obsessed girl fan, that Hayden is familiar with everytime she shows up at an event (talk about NO LIFE!)

    *********I DO NOT GIVE A **** if her supporters come on here and attack me…call me jealous,call me what ever you want,cause I know Im not. I just HATE FAKE PEOPLE!!!! ugh! I’ve BEEN IN THE DH.NET FORUM EVERYSINCE 2006(im not gonna give out my name,obviously) I still go there,but Im starting to realize how she can be.

    1.she uses people.
    2. she’s fake as f**k
    3. she wants it her way or no way at all.
    4. she’s strict about her site and Hayden like she OWNS him as well as that site.
    6.She lies!!!!
    7. She checks out GOSSIP SITES ABOUT HAYDEN (just jared, popsugar etc.) BUT SHE TOLD IF ANYONE ELSE POST PICTURES FROM THERE,THEY WILL GET BANNED! (that is crazy!)
    8. She’s like a cult master,They kiss her ass more than they wipe their own.
    LAST BUT NOT LEAST: when I would give her stuff ( or anyone else in that matter) SHE WILL NOT GIVE YOU CREDIT. and her copyright stealing is AWFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *let the jen members start coming in* I do not give a sh**


    Ok people lets stop the fighting. cant we all just get along.

  • Sonia
  • hardly

    @ 26.

    i hate to burst your bubble, but that isn’t him ! i thought it was as well, but this guy’s hair is too well groomed for rachel’s manager !

    dont worry, if you are an ardent rayden fanatic, i am positive she would not leave him to his own devices around a real woman for too long. one that might actually be abe to carry on an intelligent conversation with him, as opposed to using really big words, like “awesome & cool”, and “ah hayden, my new boots are all full of sand. how gross is that ? why is there sand in the middle of the dessert ? what country are we in again?”

    that is rachel. not excatly a poster girl for MENSA

  • K

    that is definitely Jim Toth, you can totally tell it is him.

  • hardly

    it is plain to see that that is just security for the restaurant. i am not doubting rachel is there or that they are in fact a couple. although what hayden is thinking, i dont know. though i can imagine what he is thinking with. LOL.

    i know he has the same floppy type hair, but it is not as unkempt as rachel’s manager. stop clutching at straws rayden fans. they are possibly a couple. but for how much longer after Jumper remains to be seen.

  • Irishdreams

    I’m sure Rachel showed up HELLO this is a photo call tour they are ALLLLLL doing..It is in the contract like hanging out to make some kind of statement..I see Hayden Again HAPPY when he isn’t around playing at being some whimmpy b//f that the press have made him out to be..He is happy and he is in his element socializing he doesn’t need any woman to help him do that especially Rachel..This lady to me isn’t with anyone she sure doens’t look like Jamie Bell’s type she is much older and I would say she is possibly part of the PR crew that are helping to promote the movie..seems she knows everyone there..

    #22 you will find that many people are starting to see the same thing..The PR for Rachel use the same company’s all the time to ring out her press PR coverage..I read a few reporters that see the same thing..So it’s not a secret..this is pretty much the movie will sell big time

    But I do agree that Hayden is getting his grove on and I’m pretty sure he does date a lot of woman you wonder what other cuties he might have seen while in Italy..he had many there when he did Virgin Territories..

  • ocsethummer
  • Hannah

    I’ve been watching these PR stunts for a while now. The sexy blonde is someone obviously Hayden, Jamie and Mr. Liman know. She is probably a PR assistant. She looks like she is older. More like a sexy looking cougar type to me. Someone in her mid to late 30′s. This woman would not be with Jamie who is only 21. What a stupid speculation! :lol: She is more Hayden’s type. I have heard Hayden does like talking to older woman. Yeah…Someone with some intelligence that can say other then, “Cool or that was sooo amazing! Or I’m getting sand in my boot’s!” Duh!! I can see why Rachel was concerned about the sand in her boots. She paid $1,500. for her new Christian Louboutin studded boots. BTW~all that money for boots that looked hidious! It looked like friends having a good time talking and drinking wine. More like simple party time to me. Hayden is allowed! He’s over 21 for you Rayden fans! :)

    As far as Rachel being their b/c her agent was there. I can careless. There is no doubt Rachel was there someplace. The crew was all there to promote Jumper! Doug Liman, Hayden, Jamie and Rachel. So what?! It is all to promote Jumper. Samuel was not there and does not need to be. He is already a well known in Hollywood and has done numerous great films under his belt. Samuel did not need to attendend. Plus, Samuel is married and has a family @ home. He is not a single man.
    It looked like Hayden was having a good time for a change while Rachel was someplace off by herself @ the moment. Maybe she had to change her outfit or something after seeing that sexy blonde hanging about! :lol:

  • trellis

    Such a “breathe of fresh” air to see Hayden W/O a midget following / tagging him around!

  • lexie coop

    that is a good one. rachel might be jealous of the blonde too. she might want to change into something not so flatering or even ditzier than usual.

    yeah hayden is entiltled to have a drink and have fun. he needs to unwind like eveyone else. so with that thought raydens chew on that if you can.:)

  • Hannah

    @ Trellis,

    I could not agree more! Good for Hayden! He looks like he is enjoying life for a change! :)

  • Hannah

    @ Lexi coop,

    Good!!!! Glad to see less narrow minded typical gullibles on the board! You are certainly welcome here! :D

  • lexie coop

    way thank you!! glad to be here to join the group. more the merrier. lol nice to see hayden having fun. i read that hid hair is not well groomed!! come on that is how he likes it!! rachel is the one with the messy mop.:)

  • Hannah

    @ Lexi Coop!

    Stringy hair! Lovely. She looks like cousin it in high heeled very expensive boots! It is good to see Hayden out and mingling with a classy chick and some friends without a certain batsh*t present!

  • lexie coop

    i like your style girl. yeah her hair looks like an old mop i had to throw out. looks like she never combed her hair. :)

  • Morganlefey

    @ Hannah and Lexi Coop,

    Okay ladies. I can understand you being caught up in this. No need to get worked up. Believe me. I have been around these boards long enough to know that people don’t like what they considered bashing. I can feel your displeasure and I hear you love but, those what do you call it??? The Rayden fans?? That is quite a good one love! Okay!Yes. Some clearly love Rachel even more then Hayen it sounds like. Such a bloody pity that is! :C

    Okay. I’m a solid Hayden fan. I think this is pretty much promotional functions Hayden is now locked into doing. He has to be around Rachel. After all she is the love interest in the film Jumper. So, all the pics of them together to make it seem more like a relationship promotes the movie even more.

    I say to people wait and see after the movie is viewed and see if H/R are spotted glued to the hip together? :lol: Not that they actually are. For pete’s sake! Hayden has his arm around Rachel for one picture and people go a bit loony! It was a picture taken of them both promting Jumper and I did not see anymore togetherness pictures after that.

    I still say H/R are good friends and will more then likely go about their seperate ways after Jumper is aired. I don’t see anything with the older very attactive blonde woman but he knew her as a work associate it looked like and had some good conversation along with a glass of wine. Good God! Some people are foolish and get all bent out of shape thinking otherwise don’t they? :lol:

    Word to the wise I know some of the people on certian boards and they spy out on here. So, if you are going to bash, trash or whatever about Jen?? Sorry. Heard about her and her web site and it showed no appeal to me. Jen has a very popular web site and it is obvious she has her spies looking upon. It is useless to bash her eventhough, I do feel for the certian person who got her feelings hurt. All I can say, “Is move on and forget about it love. If this woman is doing something wrong she will be found out! Okay? Let it go.’ The Rayden fans only love it when you put Rachel down. If, you want to battle against the Rayden fans. Hey! That is quite alright be me. I personally do not care for the woman and I think she is untrusthworthy but expect some backlash back is all. Well… I guess I’m up for a good bloody fight then! Everyone has the bloody damn right to their own say so! I say! Bring it on!

    I just think Rachel is not a very honest woman to me. I also thinks she does participate in her own PR stunts. Whatever. I also think Hayden is wise enough to see through this little shallow twit.

  • sidda lee

    yes what a twit that rachel is. isee why so many dislike her. i for one see that she is a shallow valley girl. with a laugh and voice that can kill a cat.
    i too adore hayden. just a jem. he looks like james dean and dressed like brandon walsh on beverly hills 9210. nice :)

  • Rayen

    @ Morganlefay,

    You are right. It is not best to talk about Jen here. I know since I have been on her board b/c a lot of her posters come on here to visit. So we need to just leave Jen off the subject. She is not the subject anyway. You said very good things Morganlefay. I love your posting name BTW! :)

  • lexie coop

    @ morganlayfey
    i totally agree with you. lets not get bent out of shape here. rachel is a pill. a pill that does not need to be
    @sidda lee
    nice name BTW. i like your style. you took the words right out of my mouth.

    hannah ,
    you made a alot of sense bout this situation. love your moxy :)


    oh by the way,who the f**k is Jen .I know of desiringhayden,but I never ever gave a thought towards her. Im sure she’s not that important so yeah,her name shoud definatley be left off here. Lets just chat on Hayden &…I guess Rachel (boring rachel,sorry just had to say that!)

    you made good pointers,so you’re alllll good in my book, and the more and more I see in magazines and blogs they would always say “Rachel’s boyfriend,Hayden….” and “Haydens girlfriend.Rachel” It seems like they get paid to print that out in the mags. but my opinion again. I see friends.but hey thats just me

  • Morganlefey

    @ 44,

    Very well put yourself! Those Rayden whatever fans let them think whatever? Let them. All I see is good chum’s promoting Jumper with their co-stars is all I see.

  • lexie coop

    yes very well put. those raydens can stick their heads in the toilet for all i care on what they think. not going to spoil my view on this so called are they or are’n't they. i support hayden not the midget in high heeled boots with no fashion sense. the boys just haveing fun so let them be. that is my opinion and i am sticking to my views. so no one is going to change my mind. you got that? :)

  • Morganlefey

    @ Lexi coop,

    People will have their opinions but let them and see what happens in the next thread which, will be more then likely the same. Good night! :)

  • Smilehexe

    Just a “funny” idea, but has anybody had the thought yet that a whole day on these boots just made Miss Bilson dog tired and she preferred to stay in the hotel room therefore? Those things don’t look very comfortable to me.

  • trellis

    Seeing those VT stills, Id say HC got a BETTER screen chemistry w/ Mischa Barton (even if she’s kinda bit of a train-wreck these days – sad to say)…
    And why so? Its becoz BOTH are tall, blond and really beautiful. Their features really do complement each other…


    @ # 48 : Just a “funny” idea, but has anybody had the thought yet that a whole day on these boots just made Miss Bilson dog tired and she preferred to stay in the hotel room therefore?

    Well I could absolutely make a BETTER guess… RB must have (earlier) “spotted” a supermarket or a shopping mall or even a flea market nearby that seems damn too “irresistible” for her not to check it out right away – LOL!