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Justin Timberlake & Madonna Have "4 Seconds to Save the World"

Justin Timberlake & Madonna Have

A 17-second clip of the upcoming Madonna and Justin Timberlake song has been released. The new track is called “4 Seconds to Save the World”, which was produced by hitmaker Timbaland and Mr. J.T. himseslf.

Check out Justin Timberlake & Madonna‘s “4 Seconds to Save the World” here (mp3).
WHAT DO YOU THINK of the Justin-Madonna collaboration so far?

UPDATE: Download the clip Timbaland partially debuted during a Philadelphia Christmas concert in December here.

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# 1

I need more.

# 2
Orange Clockwork @ 02/07/2008 at 5:51 pm

It sucks, TBQH.

# 3

Hot Hot Hot!

# 4

agree with #1. i need more to decide. the chorus from the philly show that got leaked earlier sounded promising though

# 6

I don’t like it. they both sound horrible.

# 7
kristique @ 02/07/2008 at 5:59 pm

crappy music,would not say it is going to be a new big hit =( i expected MORE! *think that the whole song goes in the same way*

# 8


she’s the co-producer too.

# 9

Don’t like the preview – hopefully the full version will be good.

i agree with roadwork. NEED MORE!

ive heard e live one (n im sure sum of u hav too hehe) n its real, real hot. Those of you who arent impressed, hey its only a 17 s sample. wait n listen to e full song. meanwhile check out e live version (if u can)

It’s great!!

It sounds better than I thought it would, that preview timbaland did a while back of it wihle he was on stage didnt sound so good. I think it will do well.

maverickboy @ 02/07/2008 at 6:22 pm

This is obviously just in demo form…but the vocals are crisp and clear. They sound great. But the track Timbaland played in Philly is obviously from the completed track, which sounds 100x’s better than this snippet.

Again, how these ‘leaks’ get out are highly suspicipous.
We’ll see how long it takes for WBR to take it off this page.


bill clinton @ 02/07/2008 at 6:26 pm

I think madonna should be flown to mars and left.

It’s quite nice!

I’m looking forward to listen the full version!


I think it’s called 4 Minutes to Save The World right?

she looks somewhat better since she got the filllers/botoxed
, but she just says ”grandma” to me..and those hands..aged horribly..yeah and my friend and my thumbs are down on the music

Dipsticks that don’t know anything.

mmh… i don´t like it. madonna shouldn´t have worked with them. everyone is work with timberland and gay timberlake and it all sounds the same. the preview doesn´t sound really fresh – sorry

The track is HOT!!! Madonna will once again prove to the masses why she is Queen.

aussie made @ 02/07/2008 at 6:58 pm

Need more to make a judgement.

But so far sounds cool.

Cant wait to see the video.

They both are very talented people, it will work.

well it’s only 17 seconds and it sounds like it COULD be hot but that could easily be destroyed with a sucky chorus, so we’ll see….

Lets Just See If In 10 Years Time Any Of These Celebs Will Give A Damn About Malawi

Lame and lamer.

i was having a hard time searching the song, then i realized you gave us the wrong title…its 4 minutes to save the world!

this is a leaked REMIX of the song — the original version, people, is much better…although, i’m taking a liking to the remix as well. gosh, jared, get your facts right!





edicsonhades @ 02/07/2008 at 9:14 pm

link broke :(

I thought this was Jennifer Anniston, NOT Madonna!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Golly!!!!!!!!

I think it’s sweet when todays youth are nice to the elderly!

It’s totally sad for Madge, she was once young. Now at 50 she’s still trying to be relevant having to associate herself with a ‘boy bander’ and an American Negro rapper. It’s rather sad non? Age is so cruel.

dont like it. it sounds just like any song timbaland and timberlake do, sad. plus all of them are so full of themselves… i bet karma is going to catch with them in the near future. ego maniacs

**** you post #34 “donna.” Seriously, be glad your shielded behind a computer, because in real life, a mouth like that would get you socked in your ****. **** you, and **** your crack ***** mother for not aborting you after she conceieved your idiot ass in that back alley in exchange for a smoke. *****.

Sound Very Good! God bless the Queen!

I resent the expression “save the world” and add the “4minutes” it really turns to be ludicrous. It’s okay if celebs try to do something but do they really believe they could save the world by either charity dinners or songs or designed clothes and bags??? It’s a very showbiz way of thinking, I really doubt it will be efficient, just a mean for celebs to get something to do together, to get connected and yeah to give some portion to others.

Madonna’s idea in “raising Malawi” is great I think b/c it doesn’t have the pretention to “save Africa”, it tackles on a single country and its own issues. It would have been better if instead of wearing designed clothes and wasting money in a very glam ceremony the list she invited directly donate to her foundation b/c I guess if they came out there they ought to believe and trust and know what Madonna was doing. But the showbiz world still be the showbiz world no matter what.

yeah the link is broke =( !

Justin can do no WRONG!!!!!!

yeah its a remix of the song…. its not the original!!… the original is much faster ..its sounds good any way and its just 17 secs !

This is really HOT! Can’t wait till the single is a available!

i like the CD it`s amazing!!!

i like the cd it`s amazing her songs, in special 4 minutes…

wowww what a cooool song.
if you wanna see more from JT come to my website.

i absolutely love the song. i once heard it on the radio, yesterday i think it was. it’s a great song, madonna was great and always have been, and JT is awesome as always along with timbaland so when i heard the radio state who the song was from i wasn’t surprised, because it’s a good song, awesome.

de Sascha @ 04/02/2008 at 7:10 pm


I lurve Madonna’s re-inventions & I don’t think she’s going to retire either, since her ” 4 Minutes ” just jumped from 68 to Number 3 in the USA!
She hasn’t been Top three in almost 8 years …. Her ” Music ” single was the last one of this kind to make it into the Top 3 & No.1 too!
If ” 4Minutes ” delivers just that, then she would have her best come-back in years!
And all that after 25years when she appeared for the very first time in American charts with ” Holiday ” back in 1983!!!

Gruß de Sascha

donna wrote:
“It’s totally sad for Madge, she was once young. Now at 50 she’s still trying to be relevant having to associate herself with a ‘boy bander’ and an American Negro rapper. It’s rather sad non? Age is so cruel.”

Actually Age is not cruel to Madonna. It is age-discriminating people like you that makes it cruel for older performers.

I am sorry, I love them both, especially Madonna. But from my understanding I thought it was about actually saving the world, not having a dance off and sexual jesters. The song has a good beat and meaning. It could have had more wording instead of repeating so much and the music video doesn’t go good with the song at all. over all I would give the song and video a 4 out of 10.

why do they only have 4 minutes to save the world?

its actually
4 minutes to save the world.

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