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Kate Walsh @ NY Fashion Week

Kate Walsh @ NY Fashion Week

Kate Walsh continues to work out her new darker do at the Marchesa Fall 2008 fashion show during NY Fashion Week, held at the Chelsea Art Museum in New York City on Wednesday.

The 40-year-old Private Practice star made a very short cameo in‘s Barack Obama “Yes, We Can” Song.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Kate’s feather duster skirt?

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Photos:, Rob Loud/Getty Images for Moet
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  • Lacey

    Love Kate! The feathers have to go!

  • mimi


  • ally

    Thank you JJ!! I love Kate and the feathers!

    Have anyone seen kate on martha stewart yet?

  • S.

    Thanks JJ.

    Love the feathers, Kate is probably the one of the few woman alive that can pull off the fun of feathers. The other I can remember was Dietrich, but she is not from this world.

  • Amanda


    Thanks JJ!

    She really is rocking the new hair color.

  • sarah

    She’s definitely a dark sexy woman! I love her, the dress too, not a big fan about the ffeathers, I prefer them aroud the neck, but she’s hott!

  • Kate walsh is a cow

    She’s ugly and gross!

  • Jamie

    Thanks JJ! She looks HOT! Im loving the darker hair.

    Kate is not in New York for Fashion Week, she is actually there for a whole week of work. She will be on the Martha Stewart Show today and is doing a Pedigree dog charity in Times Square today.

    After all the work she has done for Obama campaign, speaking at different colleges, hosting a fundraiser, and hosting a fundraiser for the Writers Support Fund she deserves to check out at least one fashion show while she is in New York for work.

    Also, she has a movie role in the works so someone needs to find out the details.

    In some pics, she is pictured with the Famous Hollywood movie producer Harry Weinstein.

  • Lindsey

    I love and admire Kate. She is the BEST! Gorgeous!
    I love her campaigning for Obama and throwing a fundraiser for the writers. Go Kate. You ROCK!

  • Ellis

    love her not so big on the feathers. This is a lot better of a picture with her and her new hair color. It’s a cute hair style. But I still have to say I love the red, more. That was one of her best features even though it wasn’t her natural hair color.

  • JOhN

    Her jaw is weird, it seems bigger than the top of her face!!!

  • #1KateFan


    Kate is my girl crush. She is so hot and perfect! Her skin is beautiful.


  • maddie

    I love Kate but i miss her red hair
    that was her ‘thing’

  • jtt

    Fucking hot woman!
    My guy dormmats and I worship Kate Walsh!

  • gy

    OMG Thanks 4 the pics1!! Kate looking hot as always!
    Loving the dark hair, the feathers not so much, but who cares, she is a diva!!!

  • Lil

    Love this woman to pieces, seriously!
    But that skirt……. HIDEOUS!!!!

  • jamie

    I saw Kate on Martha Stewart. She was there talking about dog adoption.

    She looked so HOT! The hair is fantastic. It was down and was so full and healthy looking. She looked AMAZING!

    She is so adorable and sweet!

  • Rae

    I love it but I hate the boots. They’re the problem for me and what breaks up the look. The feathers are fine- just enough to be cool but not crazy.

  • Sandy

    She makes me think at a old version of Sophia Bush; what the hell is this dress, the feathers destroy all her look!!

  • Katy

    Great pics. Thanks Jared !

    Kate is glowing :) She looks great. I love the fact she wears different trends & manages to pull them off. This case being the point.

    Hair is looking great ! I prefer the red, but she’s rockin’ the auburn. And her signature pair of Louboutins !

    The woman with her on the first pic is Corinne Donovan, wife of Tate Donovan & a bridesmaid at Kate’s wedding.

  • matt

    This girl is f****in gorgeous !!

    Great classical bone structure, blue eyes, clear skin, long limbed.

  • Hannah

    Found these close-up shots from the event posted on the previous Kate thread :-

    I have a serious girl-crush on La Walsh. She is SO beautiful. Can’t believe she is 40. Could easily pass for a decade younger.

    Anyone got the You Tube link for the Martha Stewart interview ?

  • Pedro

    Love the dress. Love the leather jacket. Love the boots.

    Love Kate period. A class act.

  • jamie

    Kate opened a Pedigree Dogstore in Time Sqare to give Shelter Dogs Loving Homes! She is so sweet and has a big heart.

    “It breaks my heart to know that there are so many loving dogs in
    shelters just waiting to find homes,” said Walsh. “It’s impossible to
    articulate the happiness that my adopted dog Lucy brings to my life — so I’m excited to be a part of a program that is committed raising awareness
    and funding for these wonderful animals.”

  • Lilo

    I hate the dress, the boots and the new hair.. the whole look is awful. Redhead she was great but this color brings out her jaws and makes her look harder and older.

  • swedish

    thanks for the pictures. miss her hair doe :((

  • Karla

    Kate just looks amazing!
    Love the dress, hair, boots… everything!
    & along with being gorgeous she is such a lovely person too. My admiration for her has gone up even more now by being involved in re-homing dogs. Animal charities never get enough attention.
    Anyway, Kate I love you!
    Thanks for the pics JJ!

  • Sam

    She’s an angel, seriously.

    I worship at her altar lol :)

    How fabulous can one person be ?

  • Tara

    #25 – it’s called bone structure. Only a lucky few are blessed with it.

    Kate looks far younger than her years. If you check out those close-ups posted by Hannah #22, she has seriously GREAT skin. She always manages to look radiant & glowing. Gorgeous big clear blue eyes too. Fabulous @ 40 indeed :)

  • She makes me want to vomit….

    Wanting claim to have 20 with this look is pathetic!
    Children are abandoned or die of hungry every day in the world and she speaks about dogs!
    Poor woman, if she wanted to talk about her and her new color, she could have chosen a better cause!

  • jk

    she`s is my favourite actress. can`t wait to see private practice again.


    Beautiful pics.

    I think that it is a dress rather than a skirt though JJ.

    I like the feathers – makes a plain black dress a little special & unique.

    Let’s hope the strike ends soon so Private Practice returns. I’m so loving the show. Gave up on Greys last season & in contrast Private Practice is such a better, more enjoyable show !

  • lilo

    This is really cool… so we have Kate Ellen Eric and Sara all in NewYork going to the fashion week. :) nice! loving this…

  • Juliet


    I suggest you check your facts – when did Kate ever talk about herself or her ‘new color’ ? I have seen the few interviews she has done recently & she has only talked about the cause she was promoting. Unlike some celebs, she isn’t attending fashion week every night simply for the PR.

    And I would reply to your first point but your grammar is so atrocious I cannot make sense out of it.

  • swedish

    ok.. #30 .. so if she talks about her hair some one has too tell you because you dont seem to see by your self how great it looks..

  • Jake

    My favorite actress hands down.

    She is so funny & beautiful. Can’t wait to have her back on TV.

  • addie-goodness

    #36 lol@some people. I think that is actually the lining of her dress !

    Thanks for the new photos Jared. I love the make-up in the HQs someone posted. Kate looks very pretty.

  • where aren’t thy red hair ?

    I miss the red hair, but it will be back when she starts shooting her show again.

    Someone needs to snap her up for a hair commercial STAT. She has the glossiest thickest glorious head of hair ever. Always look good.

  • one-sexy-woman
  • jamie

    Ok, I love all Kate fans. But seriously, I have to say something. Kate’s hair whatever color it may be does not make her who she is. There are many reasons to love and admire Kate, which is much more important then the color of her hair.
    She is a intelligent, kind, good hearted woman, who gives to all kinds of causes.

  • jamie

    #30 I should not even reply to you because you are a unintelligent dumbass with bad grammar. However, in reply to your idiotic post, Kate does much more than speak about dogs, she is involved in many different causes. For wks, she has been speaking at many different colleges trying to get the young to get involved in the issues of the presidential race. She also is a spokeswoman for Planned Parent, that provides support for women who cannot afford health care. She is also a big supporter of education and charites for children who are dying of serious medical conditions. That is just to name a few.

    Kate is not a dumb selfish celebrity who sits on her ass and counts her money. She gets involved in all kinds of charities.

  • Olivia

    Kate is beautiful. Anyone found a link to the Martha Stewart interview yet ?

    And well said Jamie. I don’t think any serious fan would think any less of someone changing their hair color though. They’d have to be very superficial if they did !

  • jamie

    Sorry Olivia I havent found it yet. I would youtube it but I cant.

    Pics from the dog store opening. She looks gorgeous and the hair is hot! JJ can you post bigger pics they are super cute.

  • amy

    Those are great pics Jamie. Her hair looks fab loose like that. We are spoiled lately. If only Private Practice starts filming again, I’ll be very happy !

  • girlcrush

    I love Kate. Funny lady, very charming & beautiful.

  • Brainysmurf

    #30-could you point out when Kate talked about her hair color? Or even herself for that matter?
    I agree with you-children are abandoned every year, but you know what-Kate has done a lot for children: She participated in a ski race to help abused children, she participated in raising money for arts in the public schools, she also has been visiting universities to encourage young people to vote. Kate does not ignore people nor does she only do frivolous things. You are just trying to find fault with this fine lady.

    I think Kate’s new hair is pretty, but I miss the red. I think the dress is kind of neat.

  • Dessy

    She looks really great but I don’t like the feathers.

  • Dessy

    Thanks for the link #44 Jaimie! :)

    Animal lovers are awesome!

  • kwfan

    The brunette look is starting to grow on me! <3!