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Brad Renfro Died Of Accidental Overdose

Brad Renfro Died Of Accidental Overdose

Brad Renfro died from an accidental overdose of heroin, reports the the Los Angeles County Coroner.

The cause of death was “acute heroin/morphine intoxication,” and the drugs were injected.

“The final manner of death has been ruled an accident,” the coroner’s office reported.

The 25-year-old actor was found dead mid-January at his Los Angeles home.

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    again :]

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    lol. i feel no way about these idiots fcuking up their lives.

  • Natalie

    Hopefully these deaths will get peoples attention and make them realize that alcohol and drugs are not a joke

  • juC

    who is this?

  • erin

    i am one of those people who does not feel at all bad for anyone who tries heroin. it’s a widely known thing that if you try heroin, you will get addicted. and the only person who can make you stick a needle in your arm is yourself, so thats what happens when you made very bad decisions like he did.

  • erin


  • crap

    o my goshhhhhhh 2008 begin BAD for hollywood :
    HEATH LEDGER’S death (rip heath)
    THE STRIKE …………
    what the hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • jennn

    R.I.P. please stop letting celebs die young!


    How in the world is this and heath ledger’s death considered an accidental overdose. It is sad and tragic, but since when do you accidentally inject heroin into your body or take a bunch of pills and not expect anything to happen. I understand they want to protect there legacy or the perception of the situation, but come on.

  • Russian Girl

    I remember him in “The client”…It so sad.Brad was lovely boy and probably good person. Sad =(((

  • lily

    #9, I was thinking the same thing too. How do they know that is was “accidental”. I am not saying it iwas or wasn’t but my point exactly is that NOONE knows. They could say medically-blah blah blah but motive is inconclusive.


  • AnIntelligentMind

    I really hope people will stop doing drugs. Even a little is not OKAY

  • palvasha

    998 bottles of beer (rich idiot celebs) on the wall…… jk

  • lola

    Poor boy. The horrors of a hollywood life.

    –read my blog at

  • OMGG

    OMGG!! what is happening to the worldd?????
    year 2008 is starting off really really weirdly!!!!!!
    is everyone in hollywood gonna die of intoxication this year or what??


    Rest In Peace.


  • like omg wtf

    Who the fcuk is he?? I’ve never even heard of him and then all of a
    sudden he is all over the place.
    People who take drugs are idiots. Especially illegal ones like
    heroin and cocaine, you are fcuking yourself up while funding criminals
    who are involved in all kinds of stuff like sex trafficking.
    I mean yeah, people are depressed and have problems
    so they abuse themselves by taking drugs so whatever……blah
    everyone is gay.


    poor guy
    so sad.. =/

    he was very talented, handsome..why my Lord, why?!

    worse things that can happen w/ paris, mischa, 4 example
    cuz hilton is NOTHING worthless

  • cristine

    maybe he just wanted to feel better that’s why he took heroine it doesn’t mean he wanted to die. Same for Heath he just wanted to get some sleep but had become tolerant to pills and took one too many
    if somebody really wants to die they take excessive amounts of pills or drugs. In their case the quantity was not excessive but it was enough to kill them
    did you know that Brad had a son too? As messed up as he was I don’t think he really wanted to die

  • jenny

    drugs you buy on the street like heroin are not quality controlled so you don’t know what dose you get or what kind of quality you are getting, and no one is supervising you…and then the addictive properties of a drug like heroin doesn’t help. this guy probably just built up tolerance and knew he needed more to get high but took too much :( sad.


    like omg wtf

    Who the fcuk is he?? I’ve never even heard of him and then all of a
    sudden he is all over the place.
    People who take drugs are idiots. Especially illegal ones like
    heroin and cocaine, you are fcuking yourself up while funding criminals
    who are involved in all kinds of stuff like sex trafficking.
    I mean yeah, people are depressed and have problems
    so they abuse themselves by taking drugs so whatever……blah


    everyone is gay ???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    do you have problems with GAY?

  • http://none SoHo

    The death of Brad Renfro is a tragedy, nothing less. Yes, he abused drugs. There are sooo many people out there (you know who you are, and yet you are in denial) who are just a pill or a drink away from the same fate. My hope is that those people will open their eyes and get help before it’s too late.

    My sympathy to his family and his friends.

    Those of you who think it’s OK to be judgmental about this issue either haven’t had a loved one in this situation yet, or aren’t aware that someone they care about has a problem. This is an epidemic that cannot be ignored.

    Brad tried to get clean. And though his attempts to come to grips with his demons ultimately failed, but he was so much more than a junkie! We as a society need to reach out to each other without judgment.

  • athena

    This is VERY DISAPPOINTING!!!! I understand you need a thick skin to survive in Hollywood….I’ve had friends that have recovered from their drug addictions and they’re nobodies…they didn’t have the luxuries of the Renfro’s and the Ledgers, and the other stars that have accidentally overdosed from prescriptions or from pimping their drugs…This is very, very, dissappointing to read that it was an accidental overdose….I don’t buy it!!! I understand it was a struggle for him, but what is the purpose of his friends, his support group? Wasn’t he off drugs…?

  • http://jew1 channel 5 pr0n

    Hundreds of millions of chickens, cows and pigs die every year
    but you never hear anything about that. Because they taste too
    yummy. I love chicken wings.

  • Polish_girl

    it is sad that he dies at such a young age…but the words overdose and heorine and accientally don’t match…

    If you taje heroine you screwed…and there is no such thing as accidental overdose…

  • bmoss

    The fact that it was heroin does that mean his family can’t collect insurance, even if they say it was an accident.


    OH MY GODDDD!!!!!!!!

  • Jason

    #25 Polish Girl:

    Of course there is such a thing as an accidental overdose!

    People can take drugs that are prescribed to them and not exceed the stated dose (like Heath Ledger) and perhaps even think it’s ok to take other medications at the same time, again within their limits. But the combination and interaction of some drugs can be deadly, which is why people need to pay attention to the info sheet when it lists the drugs that should not be taken with a particular drug – and tell their doctor exactly which drugs they’re taking!

    So an accidental overdose can be a mix of drugs taken innocently within their limits. Everyone’s body reacts differently, and tragically, it kills some.

    In the case of Brad Renfro, I have my doubts. Ok, so they’re trying to claim he didn’t kill himself on purpose… but fact is, he died as a result of taking heroine. There’s nothing accidental about that.

    For the idiots who don’t know who Brad is check . An excellent young actor best known for playing the kid in “The Client” with Susan Sarandon & Tommy Lee Jones. Excellent movie!)

  • Polish_girl

    Jason I know that there is such thing as acceidental overdose but if you take heroine or other shit like this you should be aware of the risk…I hope you get my point. :)

    But I didn’t say there is no accidental overdose – of course there is…as you mentioned you can acceidentally overdose some prescribed medicine. That’s normal but let’s be honest heroine is no medicine and accidental just doesn’t fit in…I hope you get what I mean…my English isn’t perfect. ;)

  • Polish_girl

    And to those who don’t know him…why do you post a comment if you don’t even know him…srsly people you should check on the person before you post such ridiculous posts…writing posts like: I don’t even know this guy…so inappropriate….before you write please check some details…

  • Karen

    RIP Brad

  • cindy

    crack head , heroin, cocaine , meth, doesnt matter what drug you do they all make you a dope head! some of these rich white folks are dying from prescription pills and mixing alcohol and snorting coke and mixing all kinds of zanax, oxcicotin, and lord knows what else and the crackheads are still running around scatching and talking smack about the next hit of crack!

  • http://jew1 who is he?

    I still don’t know who he is. I know who Benazir Bhutto is. But you
    never hear anything about her. She is alot more significant than
    some drug addict. She was trying to make a real difference to the world.


  • Polish_girl

    He was an actor – most famous for his role in The Client.

  • agathi


  • Shannon

    RIP Brad!!!!

  • Didi

    Another junkie b*stard bites the dust. Good riddance.

    Life is the greatest and most valuable gift a person has. I have no sympathy for those who are reckless with it and waste it.

  • 4l3x

    1st anna nicole smith
    2nd heath ledger
    and 3rd this guy who i dont no

    RIP TO ALL :(

  • Hollie

    I was seriously bummed when heard this…I was hoping that he was going to get his act together. He was a very talented young actor and it’s a shame that this kind of thing keeps happening.

  • katherine

    Omg, I remember him from Bully w/ Rachel Miner, Bijou Phillips and Nick Stahl!!! So sad, I really liked him:(


  • Kel

    all i have to say is that it is sad i loved Brad as a young star he was my first and really only serious celeb crush .. and i think some people should have respect for these kinds of people who find their lives so troublesome … as for some of those who question whether or not it was an accident until society accepts suicide and doesnt think it is disgusting and/or that the people who commit it are evil, ugly, etc the label ‘accident’ will be used .. i really dont think people should judge Brad for doing what he did (i know people will) but people forget that people are troubled out there even celebs (if not even more for them because celeb ‘accidents’ are quite frequent)

  • Kel

    i have accidentally overdosed on pain killers and wound up sick for days so it is possible .. i know people who are druggies and just keep itching to get their fix and keep wanted more and more (it is sad when it interferes with being ‘friends’) … and i have considered suicide many times . i have tried to kill myself multiple times .. and i know people will think im a freak because of it .. and if that is what Brad wanted than it is for the best he is at rest and we will see him in the afterlife (if there really is any).. and the only problem is with society itself and people should be more respectful

  • Cat

    i miss him so much i cried everyday :(
    i love BRAD and the movies TART & BULLY he was such a great actor

  • Cat


  • dave

    Addiction is a disease, not a character flaw or weakness. He needed help which he did not get. Another victim of addiction

  • BradFan

    I love this Actor so much im so sad of his dead cryng everyday im a big fan of him and his work he was so talented and had such a beautiful face like an angel he was an angel

    love and miss you brad RIP our all Angel and lovely boy Brad Renfro

  • matt

    your all just evil… if someone dies they should be respected for the good times, dont remember him as a junkie, its 2011 now and i remember him as a very good actor!