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Jennifer Aniston Keeps Traveling and Traveling

Jennifer Aniston Keeps Traveling and Traveling

Jennifer Aniston shoots more scenes for her upcoming drama, Traveling, which is still shooting in Vancouver, BC.

On hand was Aniston‘s love interest in the movie, costar Aaron Eckhart. Aniston, 38, and Eckhart, 39, seemed to have great chemistry on and off the set–laughing and joking in-between takes.

Synopsis: A romantic drama about a widower (Eckhart) whose book about coping with loss turns him into a best-selling self-help guru. On a business trip to Seattle, he falls for a woman (Aniston) who attends one of his seminars, only to learn that he hasn’t yet truly confronted his wife’s passing.

25+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston doing more Traveling

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  • Elizabeth

    Aww Jennifer looks so cute! I love her outfit and hair

  • lilon

    miss boring back again!! loool i don’t know what she’s thinkin’ , i don’t care about the whole angie brad and jen circle (and it’s been years now so people shoulb be over it by now) yet she’s turning 40 or something and still is “waitin’” to find herself a man and start a family!! how dumb is she

  • bea

    cute outfit.

  • Sc gal

    I think the long hair, short skirt days have left JA behind. So 3 years ago. I think a cute pencil skirt and shorter hair cut would be adorable on her. Friends is over.

  • wow

    she looks great ! It should be a great movie

  • casey

    Jennifer Aniston, the beautiful girl next door!

  • ssss

    she looks great, I am sure this will be a better film than THE BREAK UP

  • laurie

    The movie sounds so good can’t wait . I like Jen & she looks great

  • Celeb watcher

    Jen looks great!

  • lol

    Is she doing other “romantic comedy”?
    she never will be a serious actress poor woman

  • You/Me

    love her love her love her love her love her love her… :-)
    Glad to see her working!
    She looks happy as always, whether she is working or vacationing Jen looks really at peace with herself.
    It is something we should all aspire to.
    I don’t know who the wardrobe person was on this film but they should seriously be fired because the outfits they are picking for Jen are atrocious sad to say. There are killer outfits that would rock her body if the stylist had better taste!!!
    Thank goodness this is only how Ms. A only has to dress for the film!!!!

  • ahh

    her face scary me

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    She looks good!

  • ClaireBabyGirl

    Sorry to break it to you Angeloonies, but if she wasn’t with

  • coalharbourqt

    As a Vancouverite I’m very disappointed that they are using Vancouver as a backdrop for Seattle – why not just say they’re in Vancouver? That’s Gastown they’re filming in – a very beautiful and historic part of Vancouver. The restaurant in some of the photos is the Water Street Cafe and has great food!

    Wasn’t that skirt she’s wearing already worn in an episode of Friends like 10 years ago??? Maybe she’s doing her own hair and wardrobe these days :lol: :lol:

  • ClaireBabyGirl

    Sorry to break it to you Angeloonies, but if she wasn’t with Brad Pitt, Jolie would still be doing all those tiresome Action movies, so you fans are not one to talk.

  • Jessica1

    she is looking very good again. Hair and long legs, very good indeed.

  • pp

    She is back wtf!angie is out for very important matter her outing is predictable. hahaha This meida ho whose who lives through her ex like a person.

  • pp

    I this she live her life through her ex like a person. She is an embarssment to all woman.

  • Helena

    “She is an embarassment to all woman.”

    And your grammar is an embarassment.

  • Love these two…

    I am truly surprised she hasn’t changed her name to Anniston-Pitt.
    Let’s face it, she is mostly remembered for the woman who was married to Brad (the God) Pitt…and didn’t have a baby.

    I have straight male friends who would have had Brad’s baby if it was humanly possible.

    Jennifer Anniston= Loser. She won the lottery with Brad and didn’t cash her ticket, most of us only get one year to cash in a ticket; this mediocre ‘friends” actress had her ticket for more than five years. I don’t know why GQ named her “Woman of the year”, they should have named her “Loser of the year”….perhaps of the century.

    Go away Jennifer…..

  • http://jew1 skoolooks

    moar zanessa!

  • bet

    it is refreshing to see some one like her, after we see all this overexposed , slut out there. She has the leg and knows how to dress with class .

  • Ezequiel


  • alwayshungry

    I think the outfit is odd, but I think her hair looks great.

    The premise of the film seems interesting. Just curious, is it a drama or more of a romantic comedy? It doesn’t seem to fit a comedy but nowadays you can never tell

  • ///

    Jen has class? You’ve gotta be kidding! After she exposed her vajayjay in Mexico to the papz (waving her legs in the air, not sitting still, trying to attract the attention of those two guys with her)? She is only “classy” looking here because she is dressed for a movie role. In real life nothing is farther from the truth!

  • Jill

    Sc gal @ 02/08/2008 at 7:35 pm
    I think the long hair, short skirt days have left JA behind. So 3 years ago. I think a cute pencil skirt and shorter hair cut would be adorable on her. Friends is over.

    I agree. She looks dated. She needs a more nature look but I don’t think she has the confidence to carry it off. In her mind she’s still a 20-something, and that is pathetic.

  • Jill

    Oops.. that should have been mature look. She’s pushing 40, time she starte.d realizing it. The best years of her life could be coming up if she finally learns how to let go of the past.

  • Anonymous
  • Cuckoonight

    It’s a MOVE SET folks, she’s not wearing her own wardrobe. Some people are so dumb.

  • mydreamgirl

    Oh Jen looks soooo cute, she’s stunning, what a body…phew. Jen I love you.

  • aNN

    personally I think JA can’t act herself out of a paperbag. All the movies she’s been in since Friends have been flops or even worse when she tried branching out. She should stick to TV. Without hooking up with BP she would never be news.

  • bet

    Jen look cute , classy, buetiful . all the cloth fit well on her, becuase she has one of the most women body. I admire her for being strong indpendent woman. No man can tell her what to do with her life, that the new century woman with strong independent mind.

  • pokeman

    damn, her chin is ugly.

  • mabuhay

    ClaireBabyGirl @ 02/08/2008 at 7:47 pm
    Wrong. GIA is not an action movie. So do your homework first and your facts straight before you make a comment.

  • hOT DOG

    Beautiful girl next door?? Um…she’s no girl. She’s near 40. Grow up!!

  • zanessa sucks!

    #24 we don’t care Zanessa

  • scarlett

    She was good as Rachel, but the other stuff is just more of the same. The outfit is gorgeous but something is just off. She should do something with her hair. She is either hiding behind it or fooling herself into believing it keeps her looking young. Also, friend Courtney Cox needs to cut her mess, also.



  • scarlett

    Also, quit drumming up some fake romance with every guy she acts with. I think she was burned and it will take a long time before she can trust again.

  • cherene

    Sorry to break it to you little Jolie bots, but Jennifer looks fantastic. Oh, and this isn’t a romantic comedy. Its a drama. But too bad Jolie and Pitt couldn’t do comedy if their lives depended on it.

  • gwen

    If you’re going to have a nose job, minus well go all the way. The tip of her nose is still too big. AND why are the dressing her up like a little girl? The only thing nice about her is the hair.

  • hanna

    love this girl!

  • ROXY

    the important here are the fans not the harters, so don’t fight

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    who is she?!?


    yawn. god. just reading the description of this sh*tpile movie I fell asleep. lol she’s one sad b*tch..why would you radically change your face from one movie to the next…if the critics worked her over before for just being a bad weak actress, they’ll go at her ten times as hard for being a cosmetic surgery fiend now. what. a. vain. shallow. homely. dummy.

  • bataglio

    …she keeps traveling, just not to iraq, to do something significant. and to the aj detractors – sure she’s not in any more action movies, why would she be when she’s LIVING the action, unlike your idol who keeps starring in romcoms w/no romance in her life!? let’s see, aj: hot man? check! cute kids? check! flying at 7mos pregnant? check! iraq? check! cambodia? check! namibia, france, italy, eastern europe – you get my drift – check! vs. ja? more like checkmate, thanks for playing.

  • omg

    surely you are joking with the comments on her clothes….she is on a movie set!

    are you people really that out of touch that you would think that those are her clothes, and base your opinions on what she’s wearing in a movie?

    dumb azzes…her botoxed face is beginning to look like Cheryl Ladd (and that ain’t a good thing)….

  • Maria

    IS AMAZING!!!!!!!