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Jessica Alba - "Marie Claire" March 2008

Jessica Alba -

Jessica Alba dishes on sex, power and pregnancy in the March 2008 issue of Marie Claire.

The mom-to-be also talks a bit about working with Step Up Women’s Network, a national women’s and girl’s empowerment organization to help young females in the inner city make their way to success.

Interview snippets below!

On being a role model: “When I was a little girl, I always wanted someone to look up to. I think identity was a big deal to me because I didn’t fit in with one certain race. I always wanted someone who looked like me, who was a positive role model.”

On being bullied at school: “I had a lot of haters. They’d unzip my backpack so my books would fall out. They’d tie my shoes together. They’d ‘accidentally’ spill lunches on me.”

On Hollywood’s perception of women: “There’s a lot of pressure on women to fulfill certain fantasies. They expect you to be a little bit of a tart, to flirt with all the men. A lot of women do it. But I’m not doing that. I talk with these guys about their wives and kids right away. When they say inappropriate things, I let them, because boys will be boys, but I’m not looking to participate in their conversations.”

Jessica, 26, and fiance Cash Warren, 28, are expecting their first child together in late spring, early summer.

The March 2008 issue of Marie Claire hits newsstands nationwide on Tuesday, Feb. 12th.

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  • carruthers

    she is so pretty, put somehow i think her personality sucks..

  • amy


  • Maria (Shorty)

    Good for Jessica! Glad she puts the ‘boys’ in their place. I also like her organization. Giving back is something I admire in a person. I may not like the actor, or their acting, but when it comes to giving back to the community, they’re OK in my book.

  • MovieMadness

    natural beauty, now for her acting, she needs to improve

  • LL cool beans

    She never sounds like anything but a self-absorbed whiner who bitches about where she came from instead of letting it go.

  • lola

    She seems like a very smart person.

    -read my blog at

  • bejeebus

    she needs to shut her piehole and just sit there looking pretty. every time she speaks tries to come across as humble, misunderstood, victimized, and “unintentional” sex-symbol and sooooo insecure…when she’s none of those things by a LONG SHOT.

    she also makes comments that make no sense… she has stated that she only wants to speak spanish to her child for the first 2-3 years of it’s life…when she can’t even speak spanish herself. i mean wtf is she even talking about???? arggggg

  • TheTabloidsChic
  • Russian Girl

    she is perfect on the cover!!!

  • bullshit detector

    “she needs to shut her piehole and just sit there looking pretty”

    Misogyny lives!

  • the shiznack

    alba go take ur head for steaming pile of sh*t

    then fu*k off for good

  • bejeebus

    i’m a woman, dum dum!

  • the shiznack

    what happened to her ONE NIGHT STANDS!!!!

  • bejeebus

    i’m a woman, dum dum.
    the asinine things she says in interviews make her come across as very UNLIKABLE. when people don’t like you they don’t go to see your movies.

    for example, if you were in a movie…i wouldn’t go see it.

  • bullshit detector

    #12 and #14

    Women are just as capable as men of misogyny. It just makes it sadder.

  • bejeebus

    bullshit detector,
    and you are waaaaay too uptight. you shouldn’t take everything so seriously. apparently, you have had a “rough” life which has made you hostile and defensive. only a “victim” would let something like a supposedly “mysogynistic” comment get them down.
    on that note…..
    here’s some misogyny for you…..
    how about you shave your overgrown leg hair and arm pits, feed your cats, put on your prettiest moomoo and go down to the local bar and see if you can get/pay a man to give you a charity f*ck….it might loosen you up and make you less uptight and b*tchy.
    just a suggestion, dearheart!

  • emma

    the only reason she was bullied, if it’s even true, is because she’s a bitch

  • Ha!

    Wow, no overreacting going on on THIS blog. Holy crap.

  • bullshit detector


    I am a lesbian, so I won’t be following your suggestion. You *really* don’t like women very much, do you?

  • bejeebus

    tell me about it….we have a femi-nazi who’s attempting to put me in my place but, at the same time, is saying that women should not be put anyplace…….very confusing. LOL

    apparently, me saying that someone should “shut their piehole and look pretty” is a women’s movement trigger…..
    i guess that means that i have to stop saying it to my husband!!!!!

  • bejeebus

    bullshit detector,
    lovely…like i said, you’re obviously have a HUGE chip on your shoulder. get over it. embrace yourself. i love women and i enjoy being a woman..that’s why i am able to sit back and not take it all so d@mn seriously. take a lesson and chill the f*ck out.

  • Trickz

    I really don’t get her sometimes. I could have sworn she indicated that her father raised her not to embrace her Mexican heritage but to embrace her “American” heritage. I thought she also conveyed a sense that she did not want to be labeled as a Latina. Yet as of now she’s trying to embrace Hispanic qualities by participating in Latino/a oriented events/magazines and teaching her future child Spanish. I really have no idea what’s going on in her head. However, one thing comes to mind. Since she is “mixed” she may have been “too white” for one group or “too Latina” for another. A lot of mixed people go through that and feel like they don’t fit in with either group. It kind of sucks.

    I do appreciate her standing up for herself by not letting men think that they can talk to or treat her in any distasteful manner.

  • Helena

    #6, for someone who picks so many bad films, she’s not smart at all!

  • bullshit detector


    I have to go and attend to my “overgrown leg hair and arm pits” (oh, the irony of classic misogynist responses), but please do carry on. This is fun. Like shooting ducks in a barrel.

  • bejeebus

    bullshit detector,
    i think you have an incredibly skewed sense of reality……but that’s probably for the best eh? “fish in a barrel”…..are you talking about your underpants? b/c that’s not a very palatable come on line.
    thanks for the offer but, if it’s all the same to you, i’d rather not continue to carry a conversation (by the way, you aren’t doing a very good job holding your end of it up) with such an unamusing bitter “human being” (was that PC enough for you? LOL).
    have a nice life and say “hi” to Rosie for me!

  • sara

    Yeah you are a positive role model…getting pregnant to trap a man into marrying you. Can I be as positive and smart as you?

  • Confused

    This conceited person thinks she’s an actress? Does she ever stop bitching? I’m surprised that any magazine wants to hear her wining. Is the paying THEM to do these covers??

  • Tealeaf

    Why does this chick get so many covers, she isn’t a talent actress…

  • Polly

    go away you talentless hypocrite!!!!!!!!

  • shay

    yeah and making a video with dane cook pretending she was the penguin who dane was going down on .. lol she’s a joke.. and really who bullies kids that way .. NO ONE! loser bitch

  • Mia

    she goes on about the same shit all the time i ain’t heard anything new from her in ages she needs to get over herself

  • the shiznack

    and her new movie bombed

    it only made 13 million and cost 12 million to make


    she blames everyone else but herself – she refuses to take responsibility for her crappy @ss acting

    the problem is YOU jessica – yes you, do i have to say it again


  • Paola

    Okay. I’m half Cuban and half Irish and I have NEVER been teased by ANYONE for being half Latina…..and I grew up in B.F.E. How is it that she was teased all the time about this same thing???? I don’t believe her and think she is lying to try and gain sympathy for her on inner conflict. Deal with it, biatch. Get a therapist or something.
    *shakes head & rolls eyes*

  • Ha!

    Well, according to IMDB, she was born in southern California, her family lived in MS for 3 years, then the rest of her growing up was in TX and southern California again. I don’t think people of Latina/o descent are rare in those areas. Maybe in MS, but in Texas and southern Cal??

  • hoey

    Yep she put those boys in their place, she is so full of sh#t.. She was F#cking marky marc not so long ago, how about Jeter from the Yankees and all the boys she screwed in between her baby daddy. Now she is trying to act as though she is a good girl. She also is rumored to have herpes, she is trash and trying to act like she is better than anyone else. The Ms. I don’t want to be Latina, hoe b#tch she needs to be slap bit#hed.

  • stop,

    #22, the btch fits in very well with hispanics, there are a lot of third generation hispanics that were never taught Spanish…so she fits in very well with those Brown people…she doesn’t look white…she looks very chola.

  • Didi

    This bitch gave my husband a 4 hour erection when she signed her picture for him at the FF4 premiere. She’s going to get a slap if I ever see her.

  • Janeee

    she doensn’t look like herself…and yeah…looks like she’s changed in one night…yyeah right!

  • Melissa

    Jessica Alba is a lesbian……….

    I’ve slept with her.

  • pshhh!

    lol! # 37

  • rachel

    bejeebus — you are awesome and i agree with everything you’ve said 100%.

    alba needs to stop playing these charades and just admit that she’s just a pretty face…

  • anonymous

    She may be young but, she’s quite intelligent. I’m sure there are older actresses in H’wood who still haven’t learned how to deal with this sexpot pressure in entertainment.

    #30, I have a sneaking suspicion you are/were a bully. That may not be the way you bullied kids, but, I say it while growing up, and I experienced it.

    I commend her for not engaging in salacious talk with her fellow industry people. Once you open that door, gossip starts, and, she will get a reputation. I don’t understand why people hate this young woman so much. Is it because she doesn’t consider herself a “latina”?.

    If you’ve never been faced with choosing a culture to associate yourself and to get our values from, then, you’ll never understand why she considers herself an American.

    I respect her intelligence and her thoughtfullness at such a young age.
    The Spears’, Hiltons’, Lohans’ et al of the world could get an education from her.

  • amber

    #42 – Don’t be fooled. Jess is no better than those other girls you named, trust. She just hasn’t been outed yet.

  • luv vanessa

    she’s not a good actress…
    but she’s a really gorgeous natural beauty.
    i think she looks better as a brunette.
    her hair looked bad in fantastic four 2.

  • http://deleted wtf

    jessica alba wants to be known as the good girl now how pitiful, after all the blind items on this broad when she was dating jeter from the yankees is laughabble. She also made it with mark waldberg and countless other men from hollyweird,so it strikes me funny how she thinks the public is going to forget her ho days lol. This broad has been around the block.,so many times it ain’t funny. She should also stop putting down her co workers like she did with dane and made fun of little zac, the nerve of her.

  • april

    So tired of her….she puts down other actors every chance she gets – bad form !

  • Vanessa


  • bataglio

    beejeebus, maybe you can make an effort to gather – at one time – all the feeble thoughts that occur in your lone gray matter cell, and spare us your multiple, highly inane posts. think you can do that? for fuc_k’s sake.

  • isaac

    love her!!

    she is so gorgeous !!

    i believe she will be a great mom.

  • kath

    Another *** KNOCKED **** Up uneducated bimbo ?!!!

    Why are magazines celebrating these young and dumb idiots?

    These are not single educated career women carefully decideding to have a baby, these are silly, vapid starlets who change men every year.

    It’s not a badge of honor to be preganant without being married.

    What a messed up generation. What role models!

    Great USA Just great! Babymamas on fashion mags