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Justin Timberlake Travels "The Open Road"

Justin Timberlake Travels

Justin Timberlake is going full-speed ahead on his acting career, starring in a new film called The Open Road.

According to Variety, the 27-year-old Sexyback singer will play a young man trying to reconnect with his father (Jeff Bridges), a legendary athlete, as he struggles to get him home to his ailing mother’s bedside (Mary Steenburgen).

Kate Mara (Brokeback Mountain, We Are Marshall) will play Justin‘s girlfriend.

Production for The Open Road begins this month in Louisiana.

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30 Responses to “Justin Timberlake Travels "The Open Road"”

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  1. 1
    juC Says:

    he is uguly. he had this really stupid commercial for pepsi on the super bowl too. it sucked

  2. 2
    lola Says:

    ooh! Love him and Kate-from Shooter- both.

    –read my blog at

  3. 3
    Orange Clockwork Says:

    He can’t act worth ****.

  4. 4
    MovieMadness Says:

    Justin can not act. Plain and simple…

  5. 5
    leia Says:

    juc; are you gay? he maybe a lot of things, but he is not ugly…

  6. 6
    Nuff said Says:

    JT is a ******.

  7. 7
    Ro Says:

    Hey losers – JT is gay. And I’m not talking…happy.

  8. 8
    abby Says:

    The Pepsi commercial wasn’t the greatest but it’s getting a lot of air play more then the rest .

    I,m courius to seeing how well he does in this film compared to the others
    Is this a old or new photo ?

  9. 9
    Sophie Says:

    You all seriously need to get lives. Look at Justin, he’s made something of his life whilst you sit there and criticise him. There’s only one name for people who criticise all day.
    Jealous. Get over yourselves and move on!!

  10. 10
    shaky Says:

    ohhh just the **** up that kid is hot !!!

    and you guys think zac efron is hot go
    take some pills

  11. 11
    juC Says:

    hey im just surfin through just jared and when somethings new and i think it look s stupid i comment. so no expletives please.

  12. 12
    goldend Says:

    Man, I already saw that movie…it is called “ABERDEEN” and starred someone who can actually act: Lena Headey

    Timberlake needs to understand that we don´t want him everywhere. Enough is enough.

  13. 13
    peanut butter chips Says:

    His so ugleh ^_^

  14. 14
    big bang Says:

    What a wiener!

  15. 15
    lily Says:

    He needs to stick to what he is best at and that is being an imitation Usher. For real though, the dude is a douche. He used Cameron to learn the acting road and then now he is stealing Jessica’s thunder.

    I hate when these fools think they could do other things besides what theya re known for just becaus they are famous and then people who really study acting and can act never get the exposure or the roles that should have gone to them.

    HATE JT. he and timbaland can go suck each others balls.

  16. 16
    maggie Says:


    allow me to enlighten you…it is C U R I O U S.

  17. 17
    abby Says:


    I do know how to spell curious I just hit the wrong key by mistake if there was away to edit my comment I could of fix it .

  18. 18
    Jennisyn Says:

    KaraMara’s family owns the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers; she is the great-granddaughter of Giants founder Tim Mara, the granddaughter of late Giants owner Wellington Mara on her father’s side, as well as the great-granddaughter of Steelers founder Art Rooney on her mother’s side.[9] Mara’s uncle is John Mara, the president and CEO of the Giants, and her father is the vice president of player evaluation. Mara attended almost every Giants home game while growing up. On Sundays, after attending church, her family would head directly to the games. When asked who she roots for when the Giants play the Steelers she replied, “that question is not allowed. I can’t answer.”[9] Mara missed the Steelers’ winning Super Bowl in 2006 because she was working in Los Angeles. Mara was so disappointed, she added to her contract that if the Giants or Steelers go to the Super Bowl, she can attend. She attended almost every game of the 2007 Giants season, leading up to the team’s appearance in Super Bowl XLII.[17]

  19. 19
    amber Says:

    I love J, but he’s a little overexposed at this point – people are sick of him. If he keeps it up, he’ll find himself having JLO’s career….she had the same problem. And he really can’t act so I hope he got an acting coach this time around….but I’ll still see it, lol…..eventually…..when it comes out on DVD.

  20. 20
    AnIntelligentMind Says:

    Glad he is pursuing various avenues

  21. 21
    sizz Says:

    he’s a fantastic actor! cant wait! :D

  22. 22
    sizz Says:

    hater are just jealous and very pathetic and sad

  23. 23
    lovely Says:

    haters go and burn! jt can act he’s funny and cute. every guy on this planet kinda hates jt because he’s doing great on his career and he can get any girl he wants! guys, leave jt alone! you’re not cool by talking crap about others, and by the way you haters make jt more popular for every stupid thing you say! lol…….

  24. 24
    juC Says:

    hahahah so what am i a guy or girl? thou shalt never know

  25. 25
    Ali Says:

    just not interesting on any level – not musically or as a man.

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