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Nicole Kidman: Baby Bump Watch!

Nicole Kidman: Baby Bump Watch!

Only a few months into her pregnancy, Nicole Kidman shows off her wee baby bump as she goes for a morning run with her personal trainer in a park in Sydney, Australia on Friday.

Earlier this week, the 40-year-old Aussie actress repeatedly showed off her tiny bump to her gal pals.

Nicole and country superstar husband Keith Urban (both 40) expect their first child this June.

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Photos: INCO/Fame Pictures, eNewsbuzz
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  • Helena

    She appears to be hiding her forehead now…I wonder why. Has it melted?

  • juC

    jared, get zanessa. it has been tooo long. i cannot take much any longer. im starting to comment on these people i dont even care about like nicole kidman. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • carruthers

    Is she 4 months pregnant? jesus she looks bloated at the most

  • lady t

    Congrats, Nic! I am so happy for her and Keith…God bless them!

  • Mary

    wow she doesn’t even look pregnant!!

  • lily

    She needs to be careful. She is a high-risk pregnancy.
    Can’t wait until the baby is born.

    Just a side note, but these actresses are so underweight that even when pregnant they don’t even show.

  • Helena

    #2, it’s actually brilliant that he hasn’t posted those idiots in a long time. Now he needs to ditch Lauren Conrank and Heidi Montwat. Now it’s a Kidman topic, TALK ABOUT NICOLE!

  • hf

    I thought the baby was due in July, not June.

  • Violet

    I’m really happy for her!

  • magnolia

    Oh look she is finaly getting curvy, I think she will make a great Mommy, and I also think she is going to look beatiful pregnant.

  • victoria

    I like her, she keeps her privacy, always classy, stuck by her husband through his rough times, and she is beautiful. She donates to hospitals, both her time and financially. She’s not the least bit gross like most celbs. She deserves much happiness.

  • She-who-shall-not-be-named

    I don’t see anything JJ. Stop scraping the bottom of the barrel . Slow low day, anyone?!

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Hope she has a healthy pregnancy. I like her

  • Daisy

    Tall women, like Nicole would not show as early as shorter women. No matter how far along they are.

  • Daisy

    Oh & she always wears a hat when she works out outside even when she wasn’t pregnant. Nothing new.

  • ina

    for all the aussies out there :

  • Dogvill

    She is STUNNING !!!

    Love u Nicole



    thats why I doubt the scientology pregnancies a la JHO..jho even with twins hardlyshowed any boobs..WIERD..i think she has bene fattening up to go get her twin from peurto rico..probably her father picked them up already

    By the way months and months back I came across a press release that said she waspregnant and having this day I cant find that site anymore…

    now all we hav to do is wait for the divorce and the both of them can go victimize the next person


    seems like her doctor on her is claiming a high risk pregnancy…some people jus tlike to speculate….

    who says her pregnacy is high risk, ifyou are impregnanted with psycho L orn hubbards sperm and it doesnt take, something tells me your body is healthy enough to expel that foriegn substance

    And who says she is not being careful..when is working out not being careful and do you even know what kind of working out she is doing


  • Jessica

    It’s technically not Nicole’s first child. She has two older ones. Let not forget those

  • ihavenolife

    happy for her. :)

  • Maria

    You are so beautiful!

    Congrats! :D

  • lily

    Actually #20 I am a med student and also for your info I never said working out is not healthy.

  • oya

    Hope she is a better mother this time!

  • really

    What happened to the belly she had with her buddies the other day? The woman has a bloating problem – no baby bump whatsover! Nice how she told her other two kids by phone that she was pregnant because she never sees them in person anymore!

  • yawn

    So she’s healthy enough to go out running and finish out her movie commitment but can’t travel with her hubby. Hmm ….maybe hubby doesn’t want her around on the road.

  • magen
    THIS IS A VERY CUTE PIC 4 ZANESSA AT ZAC’S HOUSE … BABY V IN BIKINI AND ZAC SHIRTLESS ENJOYING THE SUN SO NOW WE KNOW WHAT VANESSA DO AT ZAC’S HOUSE … it was taken by neighbour ……. vanessa looks hotttttttttt of course zac too

    WATCH IT !!!!

  • well

    maybe when she actually is supposed to be showing, she will. You don’t get a belly the moment you find out you are pregmamt. Women don’t show until 4 months and I doubt she’s that far..maybe two months.

  • http://pplrreallystupidiftheybelievethetabs..itsallabouttheifmeanitridiculouswhyevenfeedinto..bradandangiehavingbeenbreakingupsincetheymet samara

    she needs try to see her kids

  • Didi

    There is hardly a bump there so what is she showing off exactly? She is still a rake

  • pork

    Vote Obama!!

    Can you imagine USA being run by a W-0-M-4-N??
    Nope didnt think so!!
    America will be CRUSHED by Russia if a woman wins this.

  • Daisy

    Nobody said she couldn’t go out on the road with Keith! That is their business. People who have no clue what is going on in their lives have no right to make comments like that. Including what is going on with Isabella & Conor. She finished her movie commitment a month & a half ago. She dropped out of The Reader. And you can run take a brisk walk when you are healthy & pregnant.

  • Eva

    So wonderful!
    This baby will be beautiful!

  • nicole m

    Aww, she looks cute. Glad to know she is doing good.


    being a med student doesnt mean you know shit about her pregnancy..first of all you are a STUDENT not an obsterician ..and you migh t as well hit the book so you can assure yourself of a residency in the back of beyond where you will likely be praticing especially if you claim to diagnose women on sight rather than taking the evidence based approach…

    What a crok of s-hit for a medical shouldnt even mention it..


    Chauvinist pigs and Racist a-rsehole–are well and alive in this race…

    Are you at all familiar with Golda Mier and Magaret Thatcher who can both kick the sh-it out of your 25$ sized ball with their gigantic iron ones….

    Piece of uneducated chavaunist P-I-G!

  • WHY?


  • marn

    She looks healthy & four months along.. she’s a tall slender active woman who has not gained fat she will put more weight on later in the pregnancy at this stage the baby is doing all the growing.. she’s probably too high risk to fly will Tom send the kids to her?
    I doubt that!

  • Patsy

    I love her, so happy for Keith and her. It will be a beautiful baby. Look how hot Keith and she’s really cute too. So glad psycho Tom is off her back. I think she will fare much better than Katie.

  • Mary

    I don’t think dictator Tom will cooperate with her at all. I sure feel sorry for Katie sometimes.
    I believe her weight will come much later in the pregnancy. She is beautiful.

  • lola

    I am so ridiculously happy for her!!!

    –read my blog at

  • katiee

    SO SO SO SO CUTE! her little pooch is adoable!

    its going to be one beautiful baby!


    tom is a psychopath with narciccistic tendencie..katie is copendant with no spine…

    Nicole is way better off!!1

  • AnIntelligentMind

    This may be one reason why people do not like speaking about their pregnancy. All of the crazy bump watches. It really is a personal thing

  • jaxon

    There is very little bump because at this stage the baby is about the size of a jellybean. So many women gain 50-60 pounds when pregnant that people thing a huge belly is natural. Most of a 60 pound weight gain is pure FAT! If you stick to the 25-30 pounds that is normal you won’t have much of a belly until your late 5th or early 6th month. Many women don’t even show or wear maternity until then if they control their weight properly.

    As my doctor told me, if you eat for two you’ll be as big as two.

  • jaxon

    And that would be THINK. I hate misspellings.

  • Dextra

    First of all…her boobs grew last February after she broke her ribs in her life threatening car accident from which she walked away…In other words, she had a boob job and pretended her ribs were broken.

    Second of all…she has been exercising up to 3 hours a day and remaining very active since the announcement of her pregnancy. She’s made a big fuss about her high risk condition…miscarriages etc. but there is no evidence that she is moderating her lifestyle for this baby. She has also said she doesn’t want to gain any weight during this pregnancy…that’s very disconcerting. The woman is under weight now…so, she needs to gain some weight for the good of this child.

    Thirdly, she has two children that she rarely sees (By her own admission) … in fact she didn’t even go back to LA for either of their birthdays (one in Dec. One in Jan)…and she wasn’t working … so there was no excuse. She is a sad excuse for a mother and so, I feel very concerned for this baby. Hopefully she’ll find some nannies who will love the child and give it the attention it will need. NK is incapable of the kind of selflessness that a Mother must show.

    Fourthly…even though she said she’d love to tour with her husband, I doubt she ever had any intention of doing that, even though she has no commitments or reasons not to. She will use the pregnancy as an excuse, but any woman who can exercise 3 hours per day and flies in a private jet (and she has flown at least TWICE since the announcement of the pregnancy) CAN fly to the US and accompany her husband on a luxury bus. But the only flight she’ll make is to the US for the OSCARS…cause that’s for HER career. She’ll make him fly back and forth and put his health & career in jeopardy for her otherwise, as she did ALL last year. So much for having any intention of living in her home in Nashville (which she hasn’t been to for over 18 months except for a day or two.).

  • katiee

    Wow dextra your a bitter person.

    And pretty much 99% of your information is false!

    Where did you pull some of those things from!?

    “had a boob job?”
    “she didnt want to gain weight during the pregnancy.” Thats wrong! In fact Nic said she loved how she was getting boobs.

    You dont know Nicole, you dont have any involvement in her life! so why dont you scamper of and get one for yourself… rather than writting essay long comments (false comments) about a person who you dont know, nor will ever know.

  • u said it

    WOW #47 Dextra That was good I agree. I can’t stand that chalk face rotten mother…

  • ellie

    blond & blue-eyed parents . . . blond and blue-eyed baby?
    But her sister is dark haired and brown eyes, just like their mother.
    . . . will be interesting baby!

    Nicole looks adorable!