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Victoria Beckham @ Marc Jacobs Show

Victoria Beckham @ Marc Jacobs Show

Victoria Beckham keeps her arm around designer Marc Jacobs at his Fall 2008 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week on Friday in New York City.

Posh is wearing Marc Jacobs (of course) and is the fashion house’s latest celebrity spokesmodel in its latest set of adverts.

Purple snakeskin pumps by Christian Louboutin.

30+ pictures inside of Victoria Beckham @ Marc Jacobs Show…

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victoria beckham marc jacobs show 01
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 02
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 03
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 04
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 05
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 06
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 07
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 08
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 09
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 10
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 11
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 12
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 13
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 14
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 15
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 16
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 17
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 18
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 19
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 20
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 21
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 22
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 23
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 24
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 25
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 26
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 27
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 28
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 29
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 30
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 31
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 32
victoria beckham marc jacobs show 33

Photos: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Moet & Chandon
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  • marisa

    & she should smile
    i dont think ive seen her do that before
    the pouty look isnt working anymore really

  • amber


  • amba


  • zoe

    she looks fierce…but yeah, she should smile and that pout doesnt really work on her.

  • thetabloidschic
  • http://jj blip


  • sara

    she’s really ugly.
    her facial structure is so digusting.
    gain some weight, plz.

  • Sasha

    I hate her face…….. I guess she thinks that is beautiful, geeeeeez

  • flirtlikecrazy

    Oh she can’t smile, she’s a freaking robot!

  • magnolia

    So this is the real reason the spice girls ended there tour, I see which spice girl has the most power

  • Daniela♥

    she looks like a monkeeey

  • Tatiana

    Oh yea, got the time to go to endless fashion shows, but screw the rest of the tour.
    Disgusts me

  • Amri

    She should go back to the shorter, and blond hair, cause she looked 100% better in that.

  • Alisha

    I still can’t believe that what’s-his-face fashion guru could put this woman at the top of his worst dress list. At least the lady’s got a sense of flair! :o) Any woman who can be a Jacobs-freak is a friend o’ mine.

  • Harlow winter

    She has bad skin! He pores are HUGE! She doesn’t smile because she has bad teeth!

  • nicole m

    I really hate how she looks like a Mannequin sometimes. Her face (pores) make me feel better about mine.

    In all honesty it is nice seeing flaws of celebrities, it’s not to judge but to know they aren’t perfect.

  • hello

    she’s hottt

  • Milli

    I really like this outfit. Love the shoes. Also loved Katie Holmes’ Roger Vivier shoes the other day, the pair she wore to Madonna’s charity fund raiser.
    Katie might have lost her freedom, she sure has gained some fabulous shoes and chothing. I wonder if its worth it though.
    Oops, this is supposed to be about Mrs. Beckham. Sometimes I feel if this woman is so empty inside that she always have to look extremely made up and put together outside? Even really huge stars sometimes let their hair down, just throw something on like sweats and take their children for a burger or icecream. I have never seen Posh looking casual.
    Note to Posh, some women who have gone down in the history as style icon such as Audrey Hepburn or Jackie O had style definitely, but that was not all they had. It was just part of their lives, lives filled with purpose,warmth and love.And they had endless charm. All these different aspects of their lives and personalities came together to make them such sweethearts and style icons of millions.
    Posh’s hair never looks out of place , never even a strand. That kind of thing ,particularly shiny hair needs constant attention and styling. It has to be her top priority if she is so dedicated to her looks. I am wondering what comes first? Her family or her hair?
    Mrs. Beckham, you are hollow. Even your fabulous shoes don’t make me feel jealous of you.

  • wanj

    I’m not sure why I feel this way but there’s something unbelievably shallow about all the posing and camera work this lady does. What has she ever done for anyone but herself that any of us is aware of? Jolie deserves credit for using her celebrity to bring attention to people in need. Can you see Posh doing this? Ahhh… Nah!

  • angelina_mmm

    he is so gorgeous
    why does he have to be gay

  • Rae

    I love this dress. She’s so cute when she smiles. I wish she would do it more often.

  • The Arab Aquarius
  • LT

    zexy outfit! come on…you gotta love her, I do!
    I don’t care if she’s a poser, she rocks!

  • melissa

    She looks gorgeous!!! and That’s a lovely dress!

    P.S… For everyone who thinks SHE wanted to end the spice girls tour early is nuts… she said time and time again (even recently) that she’s never wants it to end, she’s had a lot of fun and will be very sad to see it go.

  • boo

    OMG like just 2 yrs ago Marc was dissing Victoria saying she wasn’t the kind of client he had in mind to wear his clothes. WTF is this???
    Fashion people are sooooo effing fickle & flippant.

  • mar

    she looks stunning
    give her a break

  • Vince

    Wow she wears a lot of makeup.

    Is there anything about her thats real? I used to think she was real hot, but now everything about her seems fake. The boobs, the attitude.

  • barbie

    For a 34 year old mother of three, and wife of 10 years, she doesn’t look too bad. In fact, she looks pretty fabulous! Her and her husband do a lot of charity work too, it’s just not so publicised internationally.

  • miss_nyc

    Those are crocodile not snakeskin shoes.

  • Eathan

    She actually looks AMAZING. I can’t believe she’s even rocking those awfull Marc Jacobs outfits.

    People are full of jelousy for her, she’s really good looking, she doesn’t even have much make-up and her face looks great. Her body looks great, we all know she’s diet-crazy, but she doesn’t look sick thin. Selma Blair and Eva Longoria look so tiny next to Victoria, and i don’t see anyone talking how they are anorexic and stuff like that.

    If she is anorexic she wouldn’t have gigs almost every night and she wouldn’t be seen in public so often.

  • Larice

    She is as ugly as usual. That woman is so unattractive.

  • smooth

    wow I’m in love with dress and the color.
    Vic once for a while has very healthy and beautiful look.

  • mouche

    What a beautiful dress and it suits her perfectly!

  • ºO.oMaddieo.Oº

    she should smiley,you know?
    and she looks like a mannequin

  • *shudder*

    10 yrs. back when she first hit the scene as a SG- she DID actaully LOOK GOOD- typical british “cute”… NOW- don’t know if it has to do with plastic surgery, over zealous tanning,extreme dieting or what- but she looks absolutely HIDEOUS! Seriously like something from the planet of the apes or even one of the mutants from HP! No way is she “beautiful”, “pretty” or even “cute” anymore… All she can do is wear expensive, designer brands and at times can “pull-it-off”- usually not., though… the talent of being a “true fashion icon:” is being able to pull clothes from designer lines and match them up with less expensive ones, accessories, etc… to NOT APPEAR as if you are “dripping” in designer duds- VB CLEARLY cannot pull that off- she CONSTANTLY has to be decked out in all the most expensive brands/accessories- she’s truly a waste of a human being!

    I agree with you r post- wanj, # 19

  • http://deleted Caroline


  • http://hg jellofmeh


  • Janeee

    now i knowwwww…she remind me of skeleton :)

  • the only thing….

    The only thing “attractive” about this vile woman is her Bank Account- nothing more, nothing less!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    Just saw the Spice Girl show. Posh does nothing but strut her stuff. Her singing voice is barely a voice.

  • joanna

    The dress is gorgeous, I think she looks beautiful & I think I see a tiny beginning of a smile. She once said on an interview she knows she
    doesn’t smile & she doesn’t know why.

    This woman is more grounded & together than people give her credit for.

    We KNOW who her kids father is, she never is gross or disgusting,
    her boys look fine & are not flaunted to the media like SOME celbs do, her life seems stable & productive, she is not a scientologist wack
    job, not a blob or ditz. I kind of envy her.

  • inmomar

    She has the same pose. Same pose all the time. She is just shallow and ugly and she really think a lot of herself. Waste of space. Never look natural. UGH.

  • inmomar


  • Didi

    she looks like she has something stuck up her arse.

  • Justin

    she canceled the spice girls tour for this shit

  • are u kidding?

    joanna: she doesn’t FLAUNT her kids in the media? Are you serious??? That’s all she does is flaunt those kids in front of the cameras… give me a break! She is a media-whore for herself as well as when it comes to her family! She does not protect/shield those kids- she FLAUNTS them every chance she gets! You want to commend a celeb for NOT flaunting their kids in front of the media- look at Johnny Depp/Vanessa Pardis- Now that’s a celeb couple who sghould be commended for shielding/protecting their kids! Also- Kate Winslet and her husband- Certainly NOT the media-obsessed Beckhams’!!

  • zula

    GEEZ! Close-up of her are NASTY! Close-ups should be AVOIDED at all times! NASTY, NASTY, NASTY!

  • cathy

    Joanna =Wot other man would want this skanky freak.

  • amber

    Milli – Jackie O was constantly dressing to the nines because she was depressed. Read up on her and you’ll understand.

  • She-who-shall-not-be-named

    The MJ dress looks retro 1999 with a new edge. I’m also flabbergasted by Posh bad skin which looked like tons on money have been spent on to tone down the flaws. Today, her face looks cleaned up, but you could tell she didn’t have a good one in the past. Her pores have become so wide from all the dermo-abrasion treatments.