Daniel Craig's Satsuki Break

Daniel Craig's Satsuki Break

Daniel Craig takes a break with girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell in Panama City, where Craig is shooting the latest James Bond film, Quantum of Solace.

Costar Gemma Arterton was also present.

Quantum of Solace has a tentative release date of Nov. 7 and is being directed by the great Marc Forster (The Kite Runner, Finding Neverland).

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig‘s Satsuki break…

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daniel craig satsuki break 01
daniel craig satsuki break 02
daniel craig satsuki break 03
daniel craig satsuki break 04
daniel craig satsuki break 05
daniel craig satsuki break 06
daniel craig satsuki break 07
daniel craig satsuki break 08
daniel craig satsuki break 09
daniel craig satsuki break 10
daniel craig satsuki break 11
daniel craig satsuki break 12
daniel craig satsuki break 13

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  • lola

    oooh! I adore this guy.

    –read my blog at http://fashionpoirot.blogspot.com

  • CG


  • http://www.flogao.com.br/nicolekidmanmary juhly


  • jjbickett

    smoking hot!

  • Jeremiah

    lame movie title

  • troy

    #2 No offense but !!!! is not a comment. That drives me nuts.

    I’m surprised that apparently there’s not much interest on this on here on JJ. “Casino Royale” was a big hit and since this movie picks up right where it left off I would think there would be more posts. I know I’m definitely looking forward to it.

  • CG

    troy @ 02/09/2008 at 4:16 pm #2 No offense but !!!! is not a comment. That drives me nuts.

    I’m surprised that apparently there’s not much interest on this on here on JJ. “Casino Royale” was a big hit and since this movie picks up right where it left off I would think there would be more posts. I know I’m definitely looking forward to it.

    I know but I found nothing to express so used the sign

  • Quantum


    Troy, I know what you’re saying. I can’t believe there are fewer than 50 posts on this topic.

  • Didi

    It’s cos nobody likes Craig and we think the movie will be a Quantum of Crap.

  • West

    A good actor doesn’t need advertising nor posts !

  • holla if u hear me

    When will he marry her? They have been dating for a LONG time…

  • liza

    # 11, I was just visiting the site “dedicated to daniel”. In the forum called newsroom there sectioning called “news tidbits”. If you go in there and click on page 31 you’ll find an article about the filming in Panama. In that article they say that “Craig left clutching the hand of his wife Satsuki Mitchell”.

    I dont know if it’s a misprint or if the author knows something we dont.

  • moly

    You will never guess who Tom Cruise ex girlfriend was …. I’ll give you a hint …old and secret …. Go to Why Fame . com and see to believe !!!

  • ^&


  • http://arabaquarius.blogspot.com/ The Arab Aquarius

    I cant wait for this movie to come out, when is it due?

  • 888

    The top picture looks like a photo of four men.

  • LT

    I don’t mean to be mean but…WTF does he see in her???
    what does she do I wonder? I’m just jealous of course…
    still is she worthy? I lust after him!

  • ??!

    I’ve wondered that myself as far as what he sees in her. I’ve never been able to see beauty or hotness. I usually react to her pictures with an OMG feeling.

  • http://www.bearotic.com/ Bearotic

    OMG even off the set he still has that Bond energy!

  • http://whatisrunningthroughourminds.blogspot.com AnIntelligentMind

    I like the James Bond franchise


    Whatever you may think of Satsuki, this couple seem spend 24hours a day together, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Which means they are totally in love, devoted and obsessed with each other.

  • troy

    #9 Well as I said “Casino Royale” was a success both critically and commercially so obviously some people liked Daniel Craig. I know I did. I had some problems with the movie but he was IMO a great Bond.

    #10 Point taken. But still the apathy is still surprising. Ah well it’s still nine months away maybe when it gets closer to the release date there will be more interest.

  • ??!

    Why would any man become obsessed with her? FUGLY

  • 33#@

    I find her repulsive in the sense that she brings to mind a parasite sucking off of him. She basks in his spotlight without any merit of her own.

  • hania

    how does she manage to get on film sets all the time? whats her job? does she even have a job?

  • marisleysis

    The hottie (craig) and the nottie (satsuki)

  • liza

    well, hania, she is daniel’s significant other; perhaps by now his wife. that alone gets her on to the movie sets with him. as for a job, i guess she’s decided that it’s keeping other women away from her man. you know, making sure that everyone knows who daniel belongs with.

  • Shango_Hispanico

    It really takes a lot for me to find someone FUG.. But this Satsuki chick is so plain, unattractive and masculine, I am shocked! Daniel is not your traditional “cute”, but he is a handsome man’s man!

    I don’t believe in her being smart nonsense because if she were smart she’d fix herself. I think she must suck a mean Peen!! And Daniel probably is one of those guys that thinks that anything Asian is better. Because I will never understand the attraction. Satsuki is damn oooooooooogly!

  • 3377

    Agreed. Also maybe he is into the masculine part. She is the only “woman” I’ve ever seen with a adam’s apple. I really don’t know any men that choose to be with really ugly women.

  • @@@

    She looks like a good example of Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome / Testicular Feminization. She looks like she was born with a small set of balls dangling between her legs. She has phenotypic XX female characteristics (feminine fat distribution) but is still essentailly XY genetically male (tall, male features with masculine skeleton and muscle structure). She’s a dude, no ovaries, no uterus, no babies.


    I don’t think she looks masculine, i think she just tall and really, really skinny.

  • liza

    #31 what you say is definitely interesting, i will give you that. i have to ask, however, what your medical qualificatons are. i mean are you a medical doctor; more importantly, do you have access to satsuki’s medical records. if you dont, then what you’ve said is just a theory. if she does end up getting pregnant then what you saying “no ovaries, no uterus, ” would be more than wrong.

  • Unattractive lady

    I also wonder why he’s with her. Sorry, I’m Asian, and this lady is far from the best that my peeps have to offer. She has NEVER had a good picture posted. Daniel can do better. I also heard she’s a raging bitch….so, I am not sure why he’s with her.

  • CelebreXXXViagara

    @ #34

    I just don’t get that attraction. I have never seen a picture where she has been easy on the eyes. She has nothing feminine about her.

    The last dress she wore, her tittts were sagging. She has no butt, no feminine shape. She doesn’t wear correct make up. Look at her in this picture..

    She just appears to be an overbaring nuisance.. very very unattractive..

  • yoyo

    I agree, but does he have issues with women as to why he allows her presence? Marriage just seems like a dumb idea..

    i have also read that she was a superb…h. I’ve never understood them as a couple.

  • ///—–

    If Daniel marries he will never be faithful he isn’t now. He may appear to be but he is not and she seems to be ok with that,

  • question

    What does “superb h” mean?

  • cassie

    #37, maybe that’s why she hangs around him like a clinging vine. she thinks that if she’s always there then Daniel wont have a chance to be with another woman. i just dont think she’s all that attractive, at least not in any picture i’ve seen. she could be much prettier in person.

  • Unattractive lady

    Is he cheating on her? How do you know? Wow…here I thought he was a decent guy totally dedicated to her….they seemed mismatched.

  • #41

    There are varying degrees of dedication. He is dedicated to his marriage but he can have is fun on the side doesn’t mean he is going to leave her, it just means he likes variety. This is not unusal for European/British men to have a wife and a lover. It’s is a practice that is still very accepted in parts of the world and in relationships. They just hide it well or he just hides it well.

  • bataglio

    why is he not leaving this fug for that hot russian chick! ‘course he would make an incredible couple w/eva green too, but he’s always so awkward-looking around women…

    so hot though.

  • stonefox

    According to one anonymous friend, Daniel likes to enjoy his freedom. He would never agree to be on a ball and chain. Satsuki let’s him get on with it and come back to her later when he’s ready. So make of that what you will!!!

  • #clinging vine

    I get the impression that he is the clingy one and she is his blankie (comfort blanket) to hang on to when he is stressed. I think she is ok with this type of relationship. In photos you can see that he is the one upfront who wants the media/fame attention (but can’t really handle it when he recieves it ) and she stands looking scared just behind him. I don’t respect her for allowing herself to be dragged around like this.

  • #chinese love horoscope

    Male Monkey with Female Dragon

    The female Dragon is attracted initially to the male Monkey’s charm and superior intelligence. These two Signs have the ability to inspire and complement each other without developing a species of internecine rivalry. This couple will share many friends and have a full social calendar twelve months out of the year.

    Outsiders looking in might dub the superficial and lacking in character, but they will be too oblivious to care, seeing only each other’s virtues. The male Monkey will be creative in applying the salve of flattery to the sore ego of the female Dragon, and since she won’t be able to find a more silver tongue in any of her many other admirers, she’ll be persuaded to stay ion the relationship for the foreseeable future.

  • #also interesting

    Male Monkey in bed

    The Monkey male is not a prude and has a definite appetite for sex in all of its many forms. You are an inventive and imaginative lover as in all things, and demand that your lover be interesting as a conversationalist as well as a sexual acrobat-good luck finding such perfection! You will soon tire of any relationship that is based purely upon the physical.

    You have great difficulty remaining faithful to even the best of partners, as you crave novelty and are always of the assumption that the grass will greener on the other side of the fence. Learn to appreciate what you have, and you will have less unnecessary turmoil in your life. At the first sign of trouble, your flight response will automatically kick in- resist this urge and work things out!

  • To #44


    Do you think Daniel respects her becasue that is really what matters.

  • to #47

    Yes, blankie. Just like Gene Wilder’s character in The Producers. *In hysterical Leo Bloom voice* ‘my blankie, my blankie, where’s my little blue blankie.’

  • to all

    The gf is so superhot whoooo

  • To #49

    Get your eyes checked

  • (((

    Shouldn’t HE have his eyes checked?? WOW