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Eva Longoria - "InStyle" March 2008

Eva Longoria -

Eva Longoria Parker opens up in the March 2008 issue of InStyle.

Here’s what 32-year-old Mrs. Tony Parker had to say:

On attaching Parker to her last name: “I love my new name. In Texas people are so formal, so it’s ‘Mrs. Parker.’ I feel old! But I love it.”

On what Tony likes about Eva: “The way Eva dresses – she’s always elegant. She’s a stylish girl who likes to wear hats, sunglasses and have all the latest looks.”

Check out the video of Eva‘s cover shoot at

20+ pictures inside of Eva Longoria featured in “InStyle” March 2008

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eva longoria instyle march 2008 16
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eva longoria instyle march 2008 18
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eva longoria instyle march 2008 21
eva longoria instyle march 2008 22
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eva longoria instyle march 2008 24

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  • Soph

    Wohoo first!! Eva Longoria is so pretty!!

  • juC

    yeah. cool. whatever. fish.

  • Jeremiah

    no, she looks cheap

  • Baby

    don’t like her

  • ladybird


  • Jess

    Gorgeous!! And she scored the best looking guy in NBA these days too !!!

  • lils

    I don’t know why, but I never could understand her appeal. Can somebody tell me??

  • lilon

    so this is what tony likes about her… her outfits and so-called fashion skills…..talkin about real mariage of luv looooooooooool!

  • ej me

    She looks greats in the metalic looking dress (bottom row of pictures) and the blue one. Looks very different in each dress and hair. Others are ok too.

  • cg


  • http://deleted believe

    this lil bit of nothing is such a friggin wonker

  • lola

    Very pretty, but not very interesting.

    –read my updated blog at

  • LYB

    LOL@ what Tony like about his wife.. “the way she dresses, she wears hats and glasses.” haha.. this is hilarious~ he married a woman because of how she dresses? how mature!!! what about her personality?? lmao

  • http://deleted mmmkay

    desperate for attention?

    stop whoring yourself out.

    nobody cares about your spam BS.

  • pingy_ponga

    He can he loves the way she dose this or that, her smile or he likes her height..etc..

  • gia

    her smile looks very awkward on the cover. but oh well…yay for petite girls.

  • cristine

    boring boring boring !

  • cristine

    why do people still talk about her? there’s nothing interesting in her career or her life

  • Helena

    Surprised you haven’t posted any of the pictures of a happy looking Michelle Williams at Heath Ledger’s wake.

  • ej me

    Anybody can say I like her personality, smile and this and that quality and then get separated the next week. You could say any number of fancy things and they don’t matter if the couple is not long lasting.

    Still I agree it is somewhat unsavvy of parker to say that. He needs PR help.

  • Carmel


    You should know. Because you are in one of her threads and talking about her.

  • Regina

    I’m sorry, but she has one of the most annoying faces in Hollywood. Glad Over Her Dead Body bombed with the critics.

  • moly

    You will never guess who Tom Cruise ex girlfriend was …. I’ll give you a hint …old and secret …. Go to Why Fame . com and see to believe !!!

  • http://billowrinklestinks zzz

    uhhh how drab..rat face again over exposing her over bite face and azz with young tony. ,retouched as usual and did i mention her movie BOMB…!!!

  • Amri

    Sure she’s pretty, but I thinks she’s always overdressed, and she wears the totally wrong colors of make-up. She has the potential to be stunning, but she’s far away from it at this point.

    Also regarding her marriage; it seems to me that she’s really in love (maybe even in love with “being in love”), and she’s pulling hard to make it work, and Tony’s just tagging along, and probably really didn’t wanna get married, but did it anyways cause he didn’t really care either way.

  • LOL

    i hate the san antonio spurs. therefore, i hate tony parker.
    by the way, shouldn’t parker be rehabilitating with his sore heel? way to focus on basketball, mr. supermodel.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    the magazine design color looks really bad. not a good choice

  • Anna


  • riley

    get zanessa pweez

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    this bish sucks. but what sucks even more is the way my stans keep running around this site trying to be me.

    little mimicking mini-me’s, mimicking me. lol

  • HA

    The b*tch is trying too hard to look better than the model Tony alleged had the tryst with.
    All that make-up on, trying to look better than the model. Sorry Eva, that model looks way better than your plain tail..

  • musicisourhigh

    She looks nice on the cover. A darker background might have helped though. But not bad

  • http://deleted NANA

    little eva looks like a tiny litle rat. there is nothing cute about this tiny person. her movie just bombed. I cannot see this little person having any romantic movies with any of hollyweird’s leading men. could you just see her with pitt ,clooney ,damon i can’t for the life of me. maybe funny movies but nothing romantic. she kind of looks out of place with her older lovers in desperate housewives but when she does the younger guys it doen’t look too bad,even though she is in her thirities, but for how long.

  • http://haaaaaaaaaa stick to tv borin evah on that

    let’s see-2 of the over-exposed no listers Movies completely Bombed-

    1) Eva the RAT
    2) Parasores
    3) hahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Yily

    Eva Longoria is what I call a “fame who**re.” Like all the other talentless bit**ches in Hollywood, Eva is no exception. She stinks in acting and her looks aren’t that great to begin with. You could only call her a star with all the make-up on and the fake tan, and nails and hair. Her celebrity status will probably end soon once she reach her 40s. This bit**ch will quickly disappear just like her fame has begun.

  • Jae

    As some have already mentioned, is that the best tony could come up with?

    if i were married and someone asked my husband what he loved about me, I would not want the first thing to pop into his head to be “she keeps up with the fashions”….can we dig a bit deeper here? Intelligent, kind, caring, empathetic, funny, SOMETHING! not “ehhh i like her hats”

    either he’s been hit too many times in the head on the court or she apparenty hasn’t made that deep of an impact on him…

  • cassie

    Very overrated

  • Janeee

    there’s just something bout her :P

  • alex

    this woman is so annoying. she comes across as being really cheap and trying too hard. if i see another photo of her ( and Sophia bloody Bush) i’ll puke!

  • Alexa

    how shallow is her husband’s answer? i use to like her…she7s really pretty but the more i see her the more i get tired of her face. and she’s so skinny

  • katie

    shes pretty but shes been getting 2 much attention lately…call me jealous all u want

  • Len

    eva, you’ve been 32 for 4 years now. You were 32 when I was 31 and I’m now 34, so I know you’re not 32. I don’t get the appeal, she’s got a boy’s body & a bird face,,,, ewwwww

  • Len

    eva, you’ve been 32 for 4 years now. You were 32 when I was 31 and I’m now 34, so I know you’re not 32. I don’t get the appeal, she’s got a boy’s body & a bird face,,,, ewwwww

  • eva
  • Danielle

    LOVE EVA!!! Eva is amazing! She is absolutely beautiful and such a great actress!

  • Danielle

    PS – if everyone is so bored with her and Tony than maybe they shouldn’t be checking her out online. Obviously she rocks!

  • travaris turner

    I love you will you dump tony for me PLEEEEEEAAAAAASE?