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Gwyneth Paltrow Catches Adoption Bug

Gwyneth Paltrow Catches Adoption Bug

Gwyneth Paltrow hops into her SUV with 3-year-old daughter Apple and 1-year-old son Moses (not pictured) in New York City on Saturday.

At Madonna‘s latest benefit gala, A Night to Benefit Raising Malawi and UNICEF, Gwyn may have caught the celebrity baby-adoption bug:

“People who have a lot also often feel like they have a lot to give,” said Paltrow. “I have a good friend who always says that if you’re a person of means at all, then you have to adopt because there are so many kids in the world who need homes.”

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    aaww she looks cute and has a cute name, Apple

  • You/Me

    I don’t like her…. and if she is going to spout off quotes like THAT then she needs to get off her *ss and adopt already.
    She has more than enough to give so she needs to put her money where her mouth is.
    Honestly, though, her kids look happy and she has plenty of money and apparently friends who support adoption so she has a support group. What’s the deal? What is she waiting for?

  • Lori

    GP doesn’t seem like the adopting type, at least not an ethnic child. You just know she will go for a kid from a third world country because it is the trendy thing to do. What happened to her living in England? She always seems to be in US these days, which I thought she hated.

  • Janell

    Aww, Apple looks just like Gwyneth and Blythe.

  • Mary

    Please dear lord don’t let this crazy women buy no I mean adopt any children.
    For sure she is trying drag in children to change the media’s opinion of her.

  • Sara

    African babies are the lates fashion accessories for celebs. It’s so sad

  • Yorick

    Paltrow doesn’t hate the US

  • Lisa

    GP and CM seem racist, I can’t see them adopting an African kid.

  • Kim

    Then she should not have said mean hateful things about the US. If you love something or someone you just don’t make those kind of nasty comments.

  • AnIntelligentMind

    Whether she adopts or not the decision lies with her family. You can support adoption without adopting yourself.

  • Yorick

    “Then she should not have said mean hateful things about the US. If you love something or someone you just don’t make those kind of nasty comments.”

    Are you kdding me? People are still on this?

    Didn’t Paltrow long since explain that that anti-America comment wasn’t true? She was misquoted due to her faulty English.

  • Nicole

    She never seems to put her money where her mouth is, does she?

    Hopefully the kid will have a normal name.

  • Amy

    Movie promotion time=spending time in the states faking like you like the US, popping up at every function, a$$ kissing and her pimping out the kids.

  • lurker

    Adoption is not a “bug”. You adopt a child because you want to have and raise a child. Many celebrities themselves are adopted. i think 25% of Americans are adopted. All the major religions encourage adoptions. Gwyn should just stick to having her own bio. there’s nothing wrong with that.

  • lurker

    I meant to say 25% of Chinese Americans are adopted into non Asian families.

  • Yorick

    Paltrow doesn’t even have a movie to promote

  • lola

    Aw, cute kid. But has Gwyneth been doing ANYTHING lately, career-wise?

    –read my updated blog at

  • Kim

    I don’t buy GP’s explaination. I believe she was kissing up to the people in England by dissing the US. She just got busted because she was to stupid to know it would get that much media coverage.

  • Madi

    “If you’re a person of means at all, then you have to adopt because there are so many kids in the world who need homes.”
    That is the most ridiculous statement I’ve ever heard. I want to adopt, but if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be any less of a meaningful person than someone who did.

  • Telly

    Paltrow doesn’t even have a movie to promote

    ^^ Ironman is not her crappy movie huh? news to me. I really wish they did not put her in that movie NO WAY will see it.

  • Yorick

    “I don’t buy GP’s explaination. I believe she was kissing up to the people in England by dissing the US. She just got busted because she was to stupid to know it would get that much media coverage.”

    But WHY do you believe that?

    I mean, why would Paltrow ever want to risk doing that? And wasn’t her explanation completely plausible?

  • sarah

    Apple’s a cute kid but they really should do something about her eyes.

  • Telly

    She’s not to smart…. so at the time kissing up to the people of England must have been a little more important than sticking up for the Country that gives her a pay check.

  • Yorick

    “Ironman is not her crappy movie huh? news to me”

    Isn’t that film three whole months away?

  • shut it!

    gwen paltrow gets award for most annoying celeb ever.wish she would shut her mouth permanently.always yapping.

  • JC

    I’m sick of celebs that skip the legal steps that might count them out for adoption. Those steps are in place to protect the children. It’s not right for them to use money to by-pass rules.

  • mossy

    it’s not about having to but wanting to adopt.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Good for her, i think its great to adopt. many kids need a chance

  • lily

    apple is cute but it looks as though she has a lazy eye.

    as for gywn, ….oh jeebus,….she just makes me laugh for real.

  • essie

    yeah apple’s eyes in that pic is freaky! it just might be the moment but look’s odd, maybe she has a lazy eye

  • Kim

    Isn’t that film three whole months away?

    I’m sure you understand you need 3 whole months to make her acceptable in the media, so that we will be stupid enough to go out and pay US dollars to make her movie a top grossing movie which equals more money and jump starting her dead career. I feel sorry for you-you’ve got a big job ahead of you.

  • sdfBaby

    boy, apple is really sprouting tall!

  • starr

    Apple is adorable and very cute. So what if she has a lazy eye.Gwyneth doesn’t seem like the type to adopt, but since her BFF is Madonna, I bet she will eventually.

  • Nan


  • Daniel

    She doesn’t seem like the adopting kind of person. She comes off as the “I’ll have blonde and blue eyed babies as much as I can to make my world a better place” kind of person. That’s just the way I see her.

  • Paul

    Not gonna get my US dollars

  • Ter

    She and Martin do seem to be hung up in the gee we are such a pretty blonde and blue eyes perfect family. I would feel sorry for a child that ended up in their house.

  • donna

    She is divorced from Cold Play front man Chris Martin. That’s why you never see them together. He cheated on Gywnnie with Sienna Miller.

  • jjbickett

    She’s so full of herself.

  • http://deleted Jenn

    Anyone who listens to Madonna has a few screws loose.
    Madonna should never have been allowed to buy that child.
    She’s such a mean and selfish bitch.

    Gwenyth…I am not impressed much by this spoiled brat.
    Not too smart. She just wants a blonde blue eyed child.

    I think they are both losers with money.

  • neil

    Is it that there is an invasion of haters despoiling this board or is it that people want this to be another place for hate orgies (like we need another one)? Who ever you are, not only is it small minded but it’s kind of embarrasing too.

  • tia

    I could see her adopting but only a white child like Sharon Stone who has 3 blonde haired blue eyed children

  • Amy

    Poor apple. Such a terrible name. Poor kid. She’s gonna be teased so badly when she’s older. Especially as a teenager.

  • moneysuckle

    I don’t understand why anyone would say Chris Martin seems racist. He’s a huge supporter of Make Trade Fair, an organization that works on behalf of workers in third-world countries. He travelled to Haiti, politically one of Earth’s true hell holes, to better understand the struggles of that country’s working poor. Seems like a lot of bother for a photo op.

  • Yily

    Go back to acting! When was the last time Gwyneth was in a good movie? Anyone?

  • yawn

    Apple is cute. Gwyn looks like shit.

  • Kay

    Do Gwyneth really have time to take on more babies with being in the gym all the time. She would have to hire more nannies.
    Look at Chris Martin the way he went after the guy snapping pictures. when I looked at the tape the guy was not close to him. Gwyneth was already in the car Chris Martin had to run up to the guy and snatch his camera since the guy was not close to him what a total spaz
    Chris Martin should have proceeded to his awaiting car then there would not have been any fight. I don’t know who that guy with the camera was but I hope he sue the pants off Chris Martin and win.
    Chris Martin seemed insane when he jumped on the guy. These two loony people need to get lost with their own kids. Both seem far too unstable. Picking up another kid will bring more people out to snap pictures of the new kid and so how is not so smart Chris Martin to handle it.
    These two should take time out to work on the marital problems they obvilously have because he seems to have a bit of a short fuse. Must be hard being married to Gwyneth.

  • Dono

    Bitches!!!! Gwynie so stupid, somedy would make her close her mouth just one time plizz! And her daughter is ugly as hell as ever! Specially on this picture! Dam!

  • Carmel

    I think it is perfectly alright to criticize something/one you love. you do that because you love a country and want it to be better for the next generation. I don’t know what she really said but if it is about unnecessary wars and global warming then someone needs to call on America. It does not mean you don’t love the country but hate the ones who are running it.

  • pennie

    I do not like when she does any interviews. You can sense she not that bright everytime she opens her mouth.