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Christina Aguilera Flaunts Post-Pregnancy Figure

Christina Aguilera Flaunts Post-Pregnancy Figure

Christina Aguilera continues to flaunt her impressive post-pregnancy figure at the Broad Contemporary Art Museum opening at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) on Saturday in Los Angeles.

Christina was accompanied to the opening by music marketer husband Jordan Bratman. The couple left son, Max Bratman, behind to spend some couple time together!

Leopard print heels by Christian Louboutin.

25+ pictures inside of Christina Aguilera loving her post-pregnancy figure…

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christina aguilera post pregnancy 01
christina aguilera post pregnancy 02
christina aguilera post pregnancy 03
christina aguilera post pregnancy 04
christina aguilera post pregnancy 05
christina aguilera post pregnancy 06
christina aguilera post pregnancy 07
christina aguilera post pregnancy 08
christina aguilera post pregnancy 09
christina aguilera post pregnancy 10
christina aguilera post pregnancy 11
christina aguilera post pregnancy 12
christina aguilera post pregnancy 13
christina aguilera post pregnancy 14
christina aguilera post pregnancy 15
christina aguilera post pregnancy 16
christina aguilera post pregnancy 17
christina aguilera post pregnancy 18
christina aguilera post pregnancy 19
christina aguilera post pregnancy 20
christina aguilera post pregnancy 21
christina aguilera post pregnancy 22
christina aguilera post pregnancy 23
christina aguilera post pregnancy 24
christina aguilera post pregnancy 25
christina aguilera post pregnancy 26
christina aguilera post pregnancy 27

Photos: David Livingston/Jeff Vespa/Getty
Posted to: Christina Aguilera, Jordan Bratman

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  • nicole m

    omg! She looks like a wax figure.

  • Lorraine

    im sorry, but she looks really bad.

  • LINA


  • interNational

    she`s got post-pregnancy figure
    that`s normal looking that way
    not really perfect but not ugly too

  • joy

    She’s just swollen….

  • ria

    oh yes. I love Christina but I agree with the comments, she doesn’t look so good here. Its like shes tired or constipated or something.

  • Alison

    She sure looks like she has had more than a few nights up with the baby.

  • sistahc

    I think she’s just wearing less eye make-up than she usually does and we’re not used to it. Give her a break.

  • vlover

    i like her
    please visit my site

  • wea

    she needs to take those implants out…….

  • LOL

    She looks great but she’s wearing too much makeup as usual.

  • neil

    The milk veins are showing and the girls look like they’re about to burst. Yum!

  • M

    Can’t she just close her mouth while posing, geez!

  • sweetface

    i can’t wait to see the nicole richie pics from same event

  • Stefanie

    omg she’s got alot of milk!

  • ok

    waaay too much makeup and overly stiff looking curls. ick, not beautiful sorry!

  • eyecandy

    love her til death.

  • unknown


  • Helena

    She looks half baked.

  • wolfie

    she looks like a stoned anna-nicole smit….

  • Mischa

    ewww, she look terrible

  • anon

    guys give her a break…she’s just had a baby for god’s sake! Do you expect her to look like a barbie doll?

  • Suzz

    She looks like a blow up doll … what is wrong with her face!

    Is not her post pregnancy body that is bad, it is quite good and natural … is her face that is whack.

  • Suzz

    She looks like a blow up doll … what is wrong with her face!

    Is not her post pregnancy body that is bad, it is quite good … is her face that is whack.

  • lennie

    She nas no taste. Everything is too much, from her voice to her looks, blue dress with leopard shoes and red devil lipstick… her boobs are so gross not to tell her make up

  • Delphine

    she doesn’t look so good here
    she needs to take those implants out
    She’s wearing a lot of make-up !

  • poodle puddle

    she looks fucked up and about to keel over

  • anon

    YOU PPL ARE ALL OVER THE TOP…DO you know what your your body goes through when you have a pregnancy – JEEZ….she just had a baby..what…hmmm…less than 1 mth ago – I would really love to see how ALL OF YOU LOOKED post pregnancy! – I think she looks FABULOUS – I see a beautiful lovely “post pregnancy glow” about her – and YES – I am sure – she is tired – perhaps little MAX is keeping her up at nights – perhaps SHE HAS NO NANNY like most celebs – perhaps she is a HANDS ON MOM – which is the way it should be – I think you all need to stop being sooooo critical and for once – all of you take a look in the mirror at yourselves and see what ALL OF YOU LOOK LIKE! – I bet you all dont LIKE WHAT YOU SEE!

  • abby

    I think she has a pretty body for just having a baby but my god woman TONE DOWN THE MAKEUP. Please.

  • Princess
  • msguidedmama

    #29 she has been photographed with her baby “nurse ” ( code for nanny) so she does have one, but most are not complaining about her body- it looks like what it is, a post c/section body with implants and lactation, but hey at least she is breastfeeding! It is her usual poor taste in makeup application and ensembles!!

  • Justine

    I think she should do something with her hair and make-up, something more natural… Than she looks great…
    Right now she looks like she’s made from plastic…

  • AZUL

    to much make up as always! concrete tits fake fake
    in a couple of years she is going to look like Pamela Anderson …..

  • AnIntelligentMind

    I really like the color of her dress

  • niloofar

    i agree with anon

  • sally

    i think its gross to show off nursing boobies

  • jane doe

    its now about the figure, its about the make up. WTF?! who does that to their face? I’ve seen porn stars with better paint jobs than that.

  • jane doe

    its not about the figure, its about the make up. WTF?! who does that to their face? I’ve seen street walkers with better paint jobs than that.

  • AnIntelligentMind

    I really like the picture of her and Jordan because their relationship just seems so loving. People always dog them about their looks but they are really supportive and loving towards each other

  • AnIntelligentMind

    Nursing is a part of life, breasts are a part of life.

    I hang out with or near street walkers so I would not know

    The problem I have with the makeup is – it’s her face. She has always done this and we don’t know. Maybe it is a comfort level for her (which is important). I do remember in an interview she called it her armor. Maybe it is a self-esteem issue. Who knows. What is more important to me is what is on the inside and I’ve respected that she has been in long monotonous relationships, that she adores her husband (who constantly gets dogged on for his looks on blogs), that she seems to be growing and doing things with meaning rather than just show up at parties and such. That her songs are well written (if you take the time to read the lyrics) and that she respects the craft of music .

  • mary

    she looks like a blow-up doll that has been propped up for pictures…

  • mary

    she looks like a blow-up doll that has been propped up for pictures…

  • Mischa

    Well Nicole Richie also just had a baby and she looks fabulous!!!

  • Marta

    as usual, awful hair awful makeup

  • chris

    that is 1 ugly troll

  • tyrana

    God…She looks like Anne Nicole Smith…

  • tyrana

    sorry…it’s Anna

    btw, I think Christina is not the most beautiful person in the world but she is one of the best singers with a wonderful voice so GO GIRL!!! You rock! :)

  • pingy_ponga

    what is it with this woman and make up? light make up would not hurt her.

  • Ingrid

    She looks wonderful ! A bit like a bimbo but I love it !
    She is just herself, don’t try to tell her how she should be, if she loves the make up let her put all the make up that she wants on her face and shut up !
    You are always criticizing and this is really boring.