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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr Heating Up London

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr Heating Up London

Kerrbloom is full-speed ahead!

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr were spotted canoodling in London late Saturday night.

Orly was seen with his arm around Kerr–both whispering in each other’s ears. Sweet nothings!

Photos to be published in tabloids later this week, for sure.

Pictured: Kerr at Madonna‘s benefit gala at The United Nations this past Wednesday in New York City. Bloom at the Orange British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA Awards 2008) at the Royal Opera House in London on Sunday.

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

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Photos: Chris Jackson/Gareth Cattermole/Dave Hogan/Jorge Herrera/Getty, Doug Meszler/Splash News Online
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  • nicoleee

    hes not cute anymoree

  • ihavenolife

    much better choice than kate wats-her-face bosworth. not that he’s a great catch to begin with. :lol:

  • johnythacarrzymothafukca

    she is HOT, nice legs

  • Lola

    Kerrbloom? LOL, that’s some funny stuff. I will be so glad when mashing a celebrity couple’s name together becomes passe. Oh is.

  • nychica

    Orlando’s looking a bit old but still cute! I thought he was dating someone from the pirates movies…guess not

  • shenanyginz

    #5 I think you mean Naomie Harris… yea guess not

  • The Arab Aquarius

    they would make such cute babies :)

  • to each his own

    Threre is no accounting for tastes, and is evident in these two. If a two face, cheating publcity seeking odd looking lady does it for him, that go for it.

  • DK

    Her face is ugly and his 15 minutes is up. May be they live happily in oblivion together.

  • mossy

    kerrbloom! how cute! i like these two.

  • wondering

    Well, I guess it is best for two shallow, self absorbed selfish people to get together, That way at least they aren’t screwing over someone else. I am a bit surprised that he has figured out what a user she is. But then I don’t think he is exactly the brightest bulb in the bunch, and maybe he is is in it for the sex. It doesn’t seem like he cares much if they have a brain, or even a personality, as long as they are leggy and hot.

  • kat

    wtf happened to orlando> he used to be hot

  • love girl

    he looks old but i luv him so much!! :)

  • L

    god I can’t stand him anymore, and fuck her face annoys me…actually they both just generally annoy me

  • lovely girl

    he looks old but i luv him so much!! :)

  • ???

    How come there is no source for this story?
    How come no pics yet?

    very odd indeed.

  • jinna

    What you are all beleving this? Its only JUST JARED that is claiming it, theres no original source!

    Deep breaths all. You all dont think that this story has got nothing to do with the fact we have been arguing about these 2 for the past few weeks ON HERE- more so over the last couple of days, if theres HOT pics of these 2 then where are they? We would have them online as of NOW,not later in the week, that sounds very odd. hE arrived at Heathrow ALONE .Sorry but I call bullshit from JJ THEMSLEVES!

    Think about it.

  • for sure

    I have decided he must be gay. He picks girls that are young, want what he can offer in way of fame. and then looks miserable during the whole relationship. He has to be using them as beards, and is unhappy about the necessary deception. He probably should just come out, and maybe he would be happier. I doubt he cares that she is using him, it must be hard for him to keep finding young ones that are willing to fake it for him, it’s not like he as all that popular anymore.

  • wow

    Are you sure it was Miranda, Jared?

    If he knows everything about all her pr crap and still goes for it
    than he is as twisted as she is!

  • becky

    omg orlando looks so much better with shorter hair !!
    gosh i could not stand the long hair he had.

  • jinna

    When all is said and done this place is just a gossip blog, and as Jared isnt siting an original source that means this place is the source!! And how can you believe it? Pap pics areomline same day, yet we arent gunna see anything till later in the week?? Why IS that?

  • jinna

    When all is said and done this place is just a gossip blog, and as Jared isnt siting an original source that means this place is the source!! And how can you believe it? Pap pics are omline same day, yet we arent gunna see anything till later in the week?? Why IS that?

  • John

    What a pile of trash! No reason for the pics to come out LATER this week. If someone has pics already, they have pics. Isnt the whole point of pap pics is so they are up to minute and you get the news as it happens? Biggest load of BS Ive had a whiff of this year :)

  • sup jared

    Spill it Jared.
    This can’t be. Orlando can’t be that good at hiding in NY for days and then get busted as soon as he steps foot in London.

    And if they have something going someone please tell me why he waited 7 more weeks to be seen with her after she looked so silly in OZ. She sure did take lots of hits to her reputation all the way to her home town.

    Could it be another brunette and people are assuming it was her?

  • sup jared


    If you can publish the pics tell us if you have seen them yourself?

  • @18

    I think you are right, maybe that is why none of his love scenes are believable. He looks more interested when he is out with his friends than he doesn whenever he is stuck with a woman. Just come on out Orlando, you will be much happier.

  • @all

    Someone on the last Miranda thread said it was posted some place that she left early on Wednesday night.
    Anyone know where that is posted?

    Whoever is behind this story went straight to JJ because they know this is where all the Miranda talk has been in recent weeks.

  • @18

    I think you must be right. It is always young ones who are wanting to advance their careers that he latches onto. He always looks happier with his male friends, more at ease. Maybe that is why none of his love scenes work he just isn’t in to women.

  • Name Required

    It’s funny this blog is the only place on the net that seems to care about this relationship and now you have a scoop. How convenient.

  • Source?

    What’s your source, Jared?

  • Babs

    Everyone who says this is untrue is probably right.
    I bet Miranda hasn’t even left NY!!
    Orlando arrived at Heathrow alone, probably went through his own VIP check in area, so Miranda could have quite easily have come with him without being spotted,after all he didnt know the Paps were there…did he?

    This is a perfect example of people talking about stuff so much the webmaster notices and this is the consequence, the only way to stop all this Kerrbloom nonsense is to not give it ANY attention, and that is the last I’m saying on here, I suggest we all do the same, then he can go making stories up anout other celebs that people actually care about in the Tabs, and Orlando isnt one of them anymore.

  • pokey

    And they’re off!

    Wanna take bets on how long this thread takes to reach 100?

  • Orlando

    Orlando looked fantastic tonight. I just watched the Bafta broadcast on BBC America, and they kept showing him in the audience. He stumbled a bit during the presentation, but overall he did a vey good job.
    He looks great in a suit. And I love the fact that the curls are back.

  • oooba dooba

    Supply and demand. The more hits JJ gets, the more he’ll supply. It’s money in the bank, helps the site, makes the advertisers on the site smile, and Miranda’s getting more Valentines Day pre-press than she could have asked for, with or without Orlando’s help.

    I smell BS, as in totally fabricated. Pap pictures don’t come out later unless the situation was deliberately set up with timing for careful release, IMO. What does Miranda need, her own Valentine’s Day press? Sure seems like it.

    I don’t have sources, but heck, I’d just as soon believe the latest rumor that he’s looking for a nobody non-celeb to date.

    The more hits JJ gets, the more this stuff will keep coming. But I have to admit, reading some posts here is better than a soap opera! LOL!

  • Name Required

    Remember everyone talking about their being pictures of Reese and Jake together then a day later they hit the net. This could be the same thing but Orlando and Miranda are no Reese and Jake and I can’t imagine any really caring outside of this blog which consists of 5 people with rotating screen names lol.


    jUST SEEN some after bafta piccies,he has his arm round an attractive Brunette who he took as his date….and no its not Miranda, funny how he will openly take another woman as his date, put his arm round her and smile for the cameras!!

    Yet he wasnt seen or heard of being near his cutie pie Miranda- and you expect us to believe this tripe?

    I dont think it is a girlf as she looks a slimmer version of Samantha so maybe its Colins daughter from another marraige? Either way he certainly doesnt mind being open about being with another woman!

  • Bafts

    If it was a date, he wouldn’t have his arm around her. She has to be a relative, or an employee of some sort. She looks older, maybe late thirties, and relatively plain compared to his normal taste. No way that this woman is a romantic interest.

  • how ya doin?

    can u supply a link to that please tweakle

  • dt is at it again

    Maybe the DT gave it to them, Maybe she is pissed that he ignored her in NY and this is her way of getting back and keeping her name out there, knowing he wouldn’t deny it. If no pics show up, then there will be some excuse like he stopped them or they were paid not to print them., Either way once again she has her name hooked with his. It seems an odd relastionship. New and hot for each other and yet over 8 weeks apart, no reports of them hooking up in NY, no pics as of yet of them in London. Does anyone know if she is even in London. I thought she had fashion week stuff to finish in NY.


    I didnt say she wasa romantic interest Im just saying how he can be so open with another woman whoever she may be! I dont think they are “TOGETHER” but I still class her as his “date” really lolThe link is here>

    I agree she may not even BE in London,she wasnt at Heathrow with him was she?

    There was alos a PRE baftas party last night, how do we know he didnt go to that anyway? Most celebs did, Sienna et al

  • Shango_Hispanico



    LOL his date looked better from a distance lmao!!!

    Either way why not take his lover Miranda? lmao

  • L

    His lady friend is attractive for her age, she’s very striking. Maybe she’s not some young hot shit but I don’t get why anyone would think she’s plain. I doubt she’s his date in a romantic sense anyways though… She looks so familiar to me however, I feel like I’ve seen her before…I wonder if she’s an actress? I feel like I’ve seen her in something before.


    Agreed she is an attractive for her age, she has nice features.But shes certainly not ugly by any means!

  • lo and behold

    right when this drama was about to end since it seemed they were no where near each other in NY…we get this crap.

    I have to wonder if it is Game On for MK’s camp.
    It’s no mistake this is where they would go to start some s**t since they know this is where she is talked about.

    It seems VERY odd considering all the other factor already mentioned in the last thread. The DT writing articles about her defending her about a three week old fight her ex had calling her a slut??

    If it ISN’T true I wouldn’t put it past them to release a personal picture that she has of her and Orlando since he never acknowledged her.
    Maybe even one in London since she may have visited him there in the summer?

    I wonder if what was said about the David Blaine connection was true. Maybe this is her payback?

  • lo and behold

    forgot to add:
    The DT is shady enough to lie about her many times over the past few months. I would not at all put it past them to do something to try and help her out of this.
    Again, that article last week about the ex was very strange especially considering the timing.

  • xoxoxoxo3

    dude, orlando bloom is so cuute, and he’s a great personality too, i don’t understand why he would choose someone like miranda kerr, personally i think she’s pretty, but not right for orlando bloom.


  • ricki

    Sooo……if he’s with a girl like Miranda, then he’s a shallow guy who only likes the skinny dumb models. If he’s with a normal looking woman, then he’s a loser who can’t get a pretty date. LOL. Looks like he can’t win with you people. Probably a good thing he doesn’t give a shit about anyone’s opinions here. I guess you’ll cry into your pillows tonight. Don’t lie.

  • Bant

    who said the normal looking woman made him a loser…. erm nowhere.

    BTW just realsied its Valentines day this Thursday, just in time for all of this crap,everyone has to have a love story for then, is that when the pics will come out Jared? lmao what a joke!

    Cry into my pillow though- you are joking? Why? I’m not upset, on the contrary I’m very amused tonight

  • Thursday

    Do Brits (or Aussies) celebrate Valentine’s Day? And if so, do they celebrate it on Feb 14th? I ask because I know that they celebrate Mother’s Day on a different date than we do.
    Just curious.