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Nelly Furtado @ Grammys 2008

Nelly Furtado goes for a bright blue Arthur Mendoza gown at at the 2008 Grammy Awards held at the Staples Center on Sunday in Los Angeles.

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Photos: Frazer Harrison/Getty
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  • kiki


  • Bre


  • dsdfsdfs

    ugly wonky eyed bird who’s trying to be white

  • http://,,,,,,,,,,, blah

    IDK why but I find her incredibly ugly, and her body shape is not desireable, don’t like.

  • cris

    i dont like the hair!
    alicia keys
    and nelly furtado
    wtf with te way they work the hair :S

  • Here’s The Deal

    With long, dark hair, she looked exotic and sexy. With short, blonde hair, she looks cheap and trashy. I say: BRING BACK THE DARK HAIR, NELLY!!!!

  • unknown

    since when did she get fat??????

  • cmo


  • lelu

    She kind of looked like she was pregnant when she was presenting.

  • cmo


  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    ~thumbs down~

  • http://,,,,,,,,,,, jmo

    she’s fat , at least 65 lbs over weight..and her azz challenges Jlo’s…plus she’s fug.

  • nunya

    WOWOWOW you people are really pathetic… give her a break and stop being so damn judgemental. NELLY ROCKS MY WORLD!

  • lily

    Halle wore a dress like this a few award shows back. She looks like repeat.

    Her dark hair was definitely more striking for her. The blonde does nothing for her

  • selwyse

    ugh, that hair color makes her look old and uninteresting. .

  • Jill

    Why in the world did they put a big black industrial zipper on the side of that dress? It ruined the whole look.

  • Jes

    ewww! so fug!!!!

    Hate the effing hair and that dress is so 2 years ago with the Grecian thing! And the necklace eww!!
    the hair is like a helmet
    all around thumbs down!!!

  • West

    A pretty woman without botox and with curves.Orgulhas os Portugueses Nelly !

  • becky

    dont like the hair. brown looks way better. but she’s cool.

  • dude

    def looked preggers

  • LT

    she looks unrecognizable…she used to be so exotic.
    the short blonde is not doing her any favors. go dark!

  • amber

    She looks pregnant in this dress, especially when she was presenting. Please go back to your natural haircolor, Nelly. Blonde doesn’t become you at all.

  • andré

    i dont like the hair.
    she’s looking fat.
    i like the colour and the necklace.

  • GOrgeous black women

    Her original hair color is much better. She’s really pretty, but this dress just doesn’t suit her at all. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever see her look fab in a dress. That probably means she needs a new stylist who can dress her better.

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  • missy

    Her hair is horrible! The blonde and short do aint working Nelly! And im not sure if it was her necklace or earings… but she didnt need both, they just clash!

  • Anonymous

    I really like her hair darker, but hey whatever floats her boat. Fat…you’re kidding right?!? seriously? Not even close to being fat.

  • zoe

    she’s a beautiful woman but honestly, the blonde has to go. brunette was very exotic looking on her and it also brought out her features. now, she looks too ordinary. the dress is nice…love the shade but hating the necklace and earrings. agree with person above, they clash.

  • dimi

    Arthur Mendoza.

  • Tara


    Get Help… she is not 65 pounds over weight!

  • Laurie


  • Sophia

    What the hell has she done to herself! Her blond hair is shocking, she’s lost all her exotic, sexy looks. Dye your hair back!

  • soopx

    Congratulations Nelly love all of your music.

  • pvc78

    I don’t want to play the judge of the situation but it’s clear that she’s trying too hard to be cool. the fact that she keeps changing her looks proves it. thumbs down.

  • Kali

    Arthur Mendonca designed Nelly’s dress. She’s a real, beautiful, and curvy girl. Amen. I thought she looked gorgeous.

  • x-becky-may-x

    i lyk nelly but sorryy i cant get over the blonde people are born brunetter for a reason y nelly y?

  • http://dddddd drapery dress & blonde um no

    man shes a walking mess ,when did she blow up so heavy.
    she has a buttaface..and the hair -is she serious?

  • duloit

    I love her, but Her original hair color is much better.
    Thanks Jared!

  • Cndgal

    Look at the way she’s holding her belly. When she was presenting she totally looked preggers. I’d bet a hundred bucks she’s incubating a baby right now!!


    El pelo es horribleeeee!!!! me gustaba mucho mas con el pelo negro, estaba muy guapa y ese corte es espantoso!!!!. Beyoncé y Fergie lucian maravillosas.

  • caroline

    I hate the hair color on her. It does not go well at all and it makes her look really, really old. She is only 29, but looks 39 in this get up. For such a pretty girl she really looks jacked-up and needs to seriosly fire whoever sent her out of the house looking like this. Hated it!

  • kate


  • Adrian

    How do her makeup artists and designers not see how bad a job they did WOW she needs to dye her hair back to black with bangs like in her say it right and all good things video. The bangs on her make her look so good her eyes look so full and exotic. I can’t believe a Portuguese girl would do this to herself and try to look white. And I hate her stupid smile she always makes like she has the most beautiful eyes but hides it in all that makeup and squinting. Her skin tone looks horrible with blonde hair. What happened to my exotic mysterious beautiful Nelly Furtado? Fire your makeup artist and wardrobe person ASAP lol.

  • peter

    this women has the most nicest ass ever shes compatible with jlo and shes pregnant again so shes probally feeling a bit uncomfortable with her body and wants to hide it and hopefully she gets black hair again and bangs becaus ethis dosent suite her at all it makes her look way to old her eyebrows look grey its discusting but i still love her

  • qawi

    I won’t contest your objections to her face, though I think she is cute in her own way. But her body, she looks very good. I only wish she were more revealing of it. The word of the day is “curves”. Sexy is… how comfortable she looks in her own skin. She is stunning. And by the way, you ever wonder why you people are so intimidated by women with big asses. Possibly something to do with your own self doubt that your ‘drill’ won’t be long enough to tap that ‘oil patch’. Think about it.

  • Laura

    Man, WTF is wrong wit u people, shes PREGNANT!

    Shut the F*** up!

    NellyLover s2

  • Lorin

    what are you fat and ugly people talking about! She’s an effin’ singer not a super model! Besides Nelly is the HAWTEST MILF alive!

  • Fafa Love Nelly

    hé Nelly ,I don t now if you now it but you are MY star!!!!!

    And You are always beautiful!!!!Never change furtado!!!

    And your child ,Nevis is soooooooooo CUTE.I have only 2pictures but there are beautiful!!
    NELLY FURTADO FOR EVER§§§§§§§§§§§§

  • Fafa Love Nelly

    wééééééé Nelly is pregnant
    I m so happy !!!!!!!cuz nNevis are going to have a brother or sister

  • Fheroan

    skin color of tan is better if ur hair is black or brown..i think she looks fat there b’coz she has a short hair..better make it long again…and maybe b’coz she already gave birth…