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Pink Carrie Underwood and the Puppy

Pink Carrie Underwood and the Puppy

Grammy Award-winning country singer Carrie Underwood departs from LAX Airport in Los Angeles, Calif. on Monday wearing a bright pink bandanna and carrying her pup, Ace.

Carrie won the Grammy for Best Female Country Vocal Performance and also Best Country Song.

In case you missed Carrie at the Grammys, peep her all dolled up!

20+ pictures of Carrie Underwood feelin’ pink with the puppy…

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carrie underwood post grammys 01
carrie underwood post grammys 02
carrie underwood post grammys 03
carrie underwood post grammys 04
carrie underwood post grammys 05
carrie underwood post grammys 06
carrie underwood post grammys 07
carrie underwood post grammys 08
carrie underwood post grammys 09
carrie underwood post grammys 10
carrie underwood post grammys 11
carrie underwood post grammys 12
carrie underwood post grammys 13
carrie underwood post grammys 14
carrie underwood post grammys 15
carrie underwood post grammys 16
carrie underwood post grammys 17
carrie underwood post grammys 18
carrie underwood post grammys 19
carrie underwood post grammys 20
carrie underwood post grammys 21
carrie underwood post grammys 22
carrie underwood post grammys 23

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  • Laura

    Look how cute she looks?! And the doggy poop picker upper thing, at least she’ll pick up after it.

  • shana

    she’s not a Beautyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy BUT she’s adorable and so sweet she looks cute with her PUPPY

  • Cieex3

    awhh i love carrie!
    shes gorgeous!

  • Tucker

    She looks like a cancer patient with that scarf.

    Rude as$ $kank.

  • Nicole m

    I think she won enough effin awards already!

  • flutters

    I think I like her better when she’s cute like this than when she’s dolled up gorgeous. I love her voice!

  • corey

    Actually Best Country Song went to the songwriters of Before He Cheats. Not Carrie.

  • agirlnamedjerry

    Love her, she just looks really weird there. Lol.


    i love her
    but she doesn’t lok great here.

  • pink dahlia

    I would have never known that was Carrie. That’s a good way to look,
    so she won’t be recognized. I like her,she is a great singer.

  • Lee

    She may be talented, but she is a DIVA. I recall being on a flight with her last summer. I wish she was nicer to her fans – let’s just keep it at that.

  • yellow rose

    Not everyone can ALWAYS be dolled up! For goodness sakes people she was sick with a respiratory infection. Hells bells, I wouldn’t have even put on any makeup at ALL if I were ill. And Carrie has ALWAYS been extra special to her fans and has never once failed to mention how much they mean to her and to her success.

  • Rosebud

    Geez–can’t the media leave her alone? And why was she carrying a passport?

  • poshy

    lol i have that same bandana and i got it from walmart… shes staying true to her roots i guess.

  • Landry

    I love her and Ace…and Chace! I’ll never understand why some are always putting her down. If you don’t like her, why waste your precious time trashing her? Maybe a therapist can help.

  • lola

    She looks nice dressed up AND casual. And I’m really offended by the demeaning comment, #4, that says she looks like a cancer patient. What’s wrong with looking like a cancer patient? And how dare you be so rude to people who suffer so much pain, only to be mocked by insensitive bigots like you?

    –read my blog at

  • Ron

    i don’t like her strangled voice and she has the same strangled sound when she speaks, kind of like kermit the frog on helium. she’s pretty but she’s not one bit sexy. her dogs cute.


    Everybody is nice to their fans when they are accepting an award so that’s no biggie. She treats them like shit when it’s unofficial, that is a biggie. DIVA.

  • Hailey

    Carrie’s so cute!

  • eve

    Lee people sometimes are to b****y and celebs need some space

  • diane

    Hey Carrie take that scarfe off of your head

  • Kayla

    I met her at a concert a week or so ago. She is nicer to her fans than ANY entertainer I have ever met, greeted me with a hug and kiss on the cheek. I think she looks very cute. Most people DO look like that at an airport about to catch an 8 or 9 hour flight. I love her puppy. he’s so cute. and to commentt number 4, how in one way does she look like a caner patient? so i guess everyone that wears a headscarf looks like a cancer patient. i guess brett michaels is a cancer patient, huh? and plus it was pretty damn rude for them to have cameras in her and her puppy’s face when she had bronchitis, and i’m sure it was a lot worse after performing the way she did at the grammy’s, that was amazing. carrie is an amazing entertainer and person. only her FANS know how she is toward her FANS. she writes very personal blogs on her fanclub at about how a bird was flying around in her house, how her doggy is, relationship troubles she is having, etc. she treats her fans as they were her own friends or family. before you cast judgement, get to know her, maybe. i’m sure if i was on a flight with a dick i wouldn’t want to talk to them either, which is what you sounded like, sure is funny that carrie is only supposed to take pics after concerts, and she takes them during concerts, once she brought a little girl on stage for a picture. and she has a time limit for fans at concerts, she doesn’t care, she takes as much time as she needs. I absolutely love her. just because she isn’t britney spears and doesn’t tell the world about her personal life and keeps it “personal” doesn’t mean she is a DIVA. get a life!

  • Bille

    Kayla: Well said!! I am also a member of Carrie’s Fan Club and am one of her biggest fans. The people on here who are bashing her don’t even know her. She’s a beautiful person and shows nothing but love and respect for her fans. I for one am proud to call myself a Carrie Fan.
    CARRIE UNDERWOOD ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mia

    carries the absolute best singer ever, & if you bash her, you do not know talent when you hear it

  • jane

    some of you people need to get over your carrie-hate, and hate in general. Some of you are so judgemental and rude and that’s not a good thing! I don’t know how some of you look in the mirror each day…you can’t be proud of yourself with such a negative attitude and by bringing people down.

  • Leave Carrie alone!

    Dont you people have something better to do than attack her for everything she does?????? Is the opinion you have off yourself so low that you have to cut other people down for no reason. PLease people work on your selfesteem and leave her the hell alone.

  • Leave Carrie alone!

    Tucker @ 02/11/2008 at 10:39 pm

    “She looks like a cancer patient with that scarf.”
    “Rude as$ $kank.”

    How was she rude???? How about you grow up.

  • http://WWW.NAINAITOK.ORG nai

    BLAH..CANCER PATIENT ? it’s a weird statement.

  • I love Carrie

    Carrie & Ace are the hottest ever! all you stupid haters need to get a life.

  • Aly

    Carrie is so beautiful and sweet she is down to earth!!

    I don’t care what other people say,she is a good person and I love her!! she is VERY nice to her fans!!!! she the best and is a good person!! and she looks so cute is this pic!! I love her, least she doesn’t party and get drunk like everynight and strips down naked on a pole!!! she a good person!!! and she admitted that she has her family who would not ever let her go too far!!

  • underwoodrayfan

    Right on!!! I have met Carrie once before and have seen her several times. My experiences and other stories I have read show that Carrie is an extremely sweet and humble person, and she is always so nice and loving to her fans.

  • Barb

    CONGRATULATIONS CARRIE AND MIKE and wishing you many years of Happiness
    Some of the comments here are just too much and ignorant. I think Carrie is a beautiful person inside and out. She’s an animal lover. I personally think her wedding in a private location was a smart move and her wedding went the way she had dreamed, everything fell into place. She has an amazing voice, she’s a natural.

    From Canada