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Jessica Alba Uses Cash for Groceries

Jessica Alba Uses Cash for Groceries

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren keep it healthy for the upcoming baby and do a little grocery shopping at the Whole Foods store on Sunday in Beverly Hills, CA.

Jess‘ recent film The Eye opened on Feb. 1 and has grossed $21.5 million to date.

Check out Ms. Alba, 26, on the March 2008 cover of Marie Claire with some interview snippets!

More pics of our favorite pregnant celeb Jessica Alba

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38 Responses to “Jessica Alba Uses Cash for Groceries”

  1. 1
    jk Says:


  2. 2
    lucy Says:


  3. 3
    Yes Says:

    Jared, pliz put up anew amy winehouse thread.

    She’s done Britain proud.

    I’d like to congratulate her on her own thread.

  4. 4
    ernie Says:

    she’s not my favorite pregnant celeb.

  5. 5
    laurent Says:

    moi sien plus c ist my favorite acrtice Jessica the best nananan

  6. 6
    tom Says:


    boy, if i knew she shopped there you’d see me hanging out there doing a little ‘grocery shopping’ every day

  7. 7
    notmehere Says:

    favorite pregnant celeb?

    more like most annoying pregnant (or not pregnant) celeb…

  8. 8
    CelebreXXXViagara Says:

    She is so damn ugly without makeup!


  9. 9
    pauline Says:

    LOVE HER!!! she is my favorite pregnant celeb and my favourite actress !!you ROCK jess!!!

  10. 10
    Didi Says:

    how can you lot slate her for just going shopping?. this has nothing to do with her stupid comments in interviews or her sh*t movies so cut her some slack for going shopping at least.

  11. 11
    agathi Says:

    i love her

  12. 12
    blah Says:

    she never really looks very happy. maybe its the cameras in her face all the time. i hope shes not like that at home too…so depressing

  13. 13
    Alison Says:

    Does she ever smile? Jessica always looks like she has a bad mood on her.

  14. 14
    jean Says:

    She looks great, i love her scarf, it’s amazing.

  15. 15
    Hmm Says:

    Why is this girl so strange?!

  16. 16
    ED Says:

    EVERYONE IS JEALOUS OF HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. 17
    007 Says:

    Yay. She’s NORMAL!

  18. 18
    mk Says:

    Oh, Yessica! I want to call her Yessica, because she probably ******* hates it. Yessica MiserAlba! Yes, homey is at it again. This comes from Latina Magazine again and this time she said she’s hoping for a brown baby.

    “I’m excited for my baby to be brown. I just have to believe the dark gene is going to survive. Cash and I are like, please.”

    She already said she doesn’t want a cool baby and wants her child to only speak Spanish at first. This poor fetus already has so much pressure. It’s sitting in her womb, freaking out, writing down, “must be brown, must be nerdy, must speak Spanish or Alba will not loves me.”

  19. 19
    B*tch slap Says:

    Huh? This chick has to be the dullest, most egotistical ***** out there. There is nothing cutting edge about her looks or her mental capabilities. Either she has extremely low self-esteem or she’s fishing for compliments from other like-minded retarded peons.

  20. 20
    Ok, Catty. Says:

    “I’m so tired of getting the sexy roles! I want to be a serious actress.”
    Then don’t accept the SEXY ROLES, and stop posing half naked, idiot.
    “Oh my Gawd! I don’t know why people are sooo obsessed with my ass!”

  21. 21
    Im not jealous of a Says:

    no talent, sh*t talker

  22. 22
    If she only had a brain Says:

    Jessica Alba told Latina Magazine that she plans to only speak Spanish to her baby, but the problem is….she doesn’t speak Spanish herself. Can someone check this ho’s birth certificate, because I really think she was born yesterday.

    Jessica said, “I wish to God that my dad spoke Spanish to my brother and me, but he didn’t grow up with it. Hopefully I can pick it up because I want my kids to speak Spanish. I don’t even want them to speak English for maybe the first two to three years, until pre-school. We’re in the United States so they’re going to learn it anyway.”

    She said she regretted not learning Spanish when she was a kid, because it made her feel less Latin. “I got shunned (and) it made me feel really bad, like maybe I’m not (a Latina).”

    This dumb ass ho. She doesn’t speak Spanish, but she wants her baby to only speak it? I hope she doesn’t speak at all around this poor baby. It doesn’t need to learn the language known as MORON.

  23. 23
    barbado slim Says:

    B**ch, you used to be… somewhat…hot, or so I’ve been told. Now you are just that gross ho’ who had a kid. Pray to god you get another Fantastic Four sequel and then it’s straight to DVD, honey.

  24. 24
    bettiep Says:

    Does she talk about her looks in these interviews, too?

  25. 25
    nyah Says:

    Shut. The. ****. Up. Jessica. Damn, NOBODY f*cking cares, okay?
    Dude, nobody cares about your race. The only reason why you’re still ******* revelant in Hollywood is because you show off your body and you’re deemed as “hot.” Which really isn’t true, but whatever. This is the world we live in.


  26. 26
    madam dufarge Says:

    She’s trying too hard to look like she is ok with her ‘heritage’. Trying too hard, overcompensating…protesting too much, yadda yadda.

  27. 27
    blah Says:

    yeah, because she is the first person in hollywood with something besides just western european heritage…yeah, uh huh. take a look around you honey, people of different races and backgrounds are everywhere. don’t act so put out. it must be tough to be young, pretty and rich and not have to have any talent at all.

  28. 28
    miss priss Says:

    What is she talking about!

    She hated being called latina. She doesn’t speak spanish and she wants the kids to speak it?

    What a f*ckin’ B**ch.

    Shut up!!!!

    I can’t stand her

  29. 29
    green is good Says:

    Buenos días Sl**ts!

    In honor of this pretentious, hypocritical twat’s newly found pride in her culture, I will verbally abuse her in Spanish!


    Jessica hace un estúpido, malcriado, wonky de ojos, el hombre manos puta mirar como un cohete científico.


    Jessica makes a certain stupid, spoiled, wonky-eyed, man hands ***** look like a rocket scientist.

  30. 30
    findleynb Says:

    Don’t worry Jessica, the baby will speak your mother tongue, ‘Tard.

  31. 31
    blah Says:

    Ugh. *****, you suck at damage control.

    And of course she’s mainstream – never more so than she was in the Fantastic Four movies, with her Swedish-blond hair and blue contacts.
    I think that’s what pisses me off so much about her sudden desire to be thought of as “Latina”: the fact that she didn’t have a problem looking as Caucasian as possible when it landed her a movie role, but the minute her agent clued her in to the fact that, uh, you might have offended a few people, she tried to do this complete 180 and act all proud of her heritage.

    Jess, your inability to act is not limited to the silver screen. Please give it up.

  32. 32
    Bee bee Says:

    Okay move on with the “Jessica doesn’t like anyone already. She doesn’t even like herself and hates the fact that she considered sexy.

    Whats worse then hating yourself? Nothing. So we don’t need to add fuel to the fire. She’s already defeated herself.

  33. 33
    aubrey 04 Says:

    Oh for crying out loud. Didn’t she denounce the spanish side of her family? That’s why they call her Jessica “don’t call me latina” Alba.

    Is she schizophrenic?

    Now all of sudden, she wants to be accepted into the Hispanic community.

    Give it up *****. Zip the lip and just pout and look pretty.

    When you open your mouth the fug just spills out like vomit.

  34. 34
    and quick on Says:

    Somebody get this **** some poison.

  35. 35
    amanda Says:

    SHUT.THE.F**K.UP Stay Home. Quit giving interviews. You’re last movie sucked ass, so you’re not promoting anything. you’re only whoring out your pregnancy.

    She’s so GD annoying. and a moron.

  36. 36
    m ichelle Says:

    sometimes i think these paparazzi have nothing to talk about seriously hu the heck doesnt buy groseries with cash?1they need to get a life..1

  37. 37
    alyssa Says:

    HAHA #22 YOU ARE TOO FUNNY —–”Can someone check this ho’s birth certificate, because I really think she was born yesterday.”

    and Miseralba says that she’s in the US, so her daughter will learn spanish anyway, but Miseralba didn’t learn it. She always says she doesn’t speak spanish.. Who is she kidding?? She either chose not to learn it, is really slow, or does know it but pretends she doesn’t… come on Miseralba you “are in the US you are going to learn it anyway”

  38. 38
    abstemy Says:

    she looks great with or without make-up..

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