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Johnny Depp's Kids Do Disneyland

Johnny Depp's Kids Do Disneyland

Proud mama Vanessa Paradis (sans longtime partner Johnny Depp) takes her kids — Lily Rose, 8, and Jack, 5 — to Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif. on Sunday.

FYI: A wax figure of Johnny Depp as the swashbuckling Captain Jack Sparrow is on display at Disneyland.

Jack wore a shirt emblazoned with three of the five New York City boroughs–Brooklyn, Bronx and Queens. Dare I say he looks a bit like Sean Preston and Jayden James Federline??

10+ pictures inside of Johnny Depp‘s kids doing Disneyland…

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# 1

What a beautiful family !!!!… i’m jealous ..

# 3

so cute kids!

# 4

lily-rose is so pretty!

# 5

omg he does look like the federline kids..and their cute as well…the daughter is gorgeous

# 6

The whole family is cute but Lily-Rose is gorgeous. She has an older look to her. So pretty.

# 7

ugh i was there on saturday why did they wait till sunday

# 8

Wow Lily Rose is gorgeous!

# 9

vanessa looks a little bit older maybe cause she tired. i mean disney can be tiring for the parents

what happened to vanessa @ 02/11/2008 at 8:00 pm

Vanessa used to be so beautiful. I’m her age, but I don’t think she aged really well. What happened? As far as I know, she’s not into alcohol or drugs?

His daughter is so beautiful

Lily-Rose’s older look? She almost died, her cosmic memory aged her 20 years with that event. She will be something – like her daddy, but more cause she’s a woman.

the kids are so cute.. =]


She has her daddy’s eyes holy heck, just the structure of her eyes are just like his. so cute!

beautiful kids! I knew they were going to be soo cute.. ’cause johnny depp is super attractive and vanessa is very pretty.

these are going to be such heartbreakers when they grow up.

sooo cute.

and I think Lily-Rose resembles Johnny Depp more!

Lily Rose is gorgeous

V looks so grey and haggard without make-up – she looked great on stage at the NRJ awards. I guess that’s what happens when you have kids….
That little girl is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING, it’s ridiculous how much so! :D

what the duck happend to Vanessa paradis?? she looks like a witch! looks nohting like the huge Chanel poster I see at the mall.

hmm… i feel kinda pathetic for feeling jealous of an 8-year-old’s looks! But geez, she’s beautiful.

OMG jack does look like Sean Preston!
And lily rose is beauitful!

Wow lily is so beautiful, she’s gonna be soooooooo good looking when she’s older, i kinda fell sorry for johnny trying to keep all the boys away.

Here's The Deal @ 02/11/2008 at 8:38 pm

Lily-Rose is absolutely beautiful. She looks just like her daddy, while Jack resembles Vanessa.

Vanessa is not aging very well and she doesn’t look too good in these photos. But she has Johnny friggin’ Depp, so who cares? Ugh, lucky b*tch…………..

Here's The Deal @ 02/11/2008 at 8:42 pm

Lily-Rose is absolutely beautiful. She looks just like her daddy, while Jack resembles Vanessa.

Vanessa isn’t aging well and she doesn’t look too good in these photos, but she has Johnny friggin’ Depp, so who cares? Ugh, lucky b*tch……….

Here's The Deal @ 02/11/2008 at 8:44 pm

Sorry, computer problems! :oops:

Audio-Animatronic figures of Captain Jack Sparrow make three appearances during the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride at Disneyland, none of which are made of wax.

I’ll bet Johnny will be thrilled with these photographic safari shots of his family while they enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth.

Wow, his kids are beautiful. It is nice to see Vanessa au natural. Nice to finally see them; missing Johnny though!

I wonder what they think of seeing dad in films and statuary like that?

I have to emphatically agree with everyone here…when I took one look at this photo of Lily Rose, I immediately thought, Oh my God, she is GORGEOUS! I had no idea she was so beautiful. She definitely has daddy’s eyes. Johnny Depp is so HOT, and his daughter completely takes after his great looks.

Vanessa doesn’t look good at all. I hate to talk badly about her, but I was surprised at how bad she actually looks.

Johnny is hitting that every night!!!!!! Make up artists sure do earn their keep!

beautiful family

weird to have their dad as the main theme of a ride…

the_original_nika @ 02/11/2008 at 9:33 pm

vanessa is not looking good, is she sick?
its nice their hanging out.

correction: sean preston looks like jack depp. lily-rose is beautiful! they’re both beautiful!

johnny and vanessa’s kids are beyond adorable. however, vanessa paradis does look like a bit of a zombie in these photos.

which is kind of uplifting actually, to see that johnny depp can love someone who’s just like the rest of us.

but really, such cute kids.

Beautiful children. I am so glad Lily Rose has been better and she looks gorgeous..Jack is cute too Love his lil shirt!!! Their father is an incredibly talented and humble man his kids must be just as sweet :)

Electropoptart @ 02/11/2008 at 9:45 pm

Woot! I go to Disneyland EVERY friday evening. I might go tomorrow!!

Lily-Rose is BEAUTIFUL. She looks just like Johnny in the eyes and…okay well the whole face. hahaha

She also looks a lot like AnnaSophia Robb…

omg he looks exactly like shawn preston and jayden james. i was thinking that before i even saw it said that…


I miss Disneyland

I don’t like Johnny Depp, but little guy jack and Mz. LillyRose are beyond adorable. Too cute for words, by the way you shouldn’t stalk them because they are not used to the barbaric american media. They are french you know.

first time i see lily rose! she absolutely gorgeous !

What the hell? Is the mom on drugs?

WOW! she really does look like Johnny…lucky little girl! the little boy is cute as well

Vanessa really does look rough, i kinda thought she looked…off…at the music awards, she looks like how i feel after a long night partying. But like somebody else said, she gets to sleep with johnny depp,

maybe she doesn’t get much sleep?

my guess is Vanessa is/was a smoker b/c her skin has aged prematurely. but i love that she’s not obsessively botoxing and is out w/her kids–no make up, very natural.

Does she really look that bad? She just seems tired.

HAHA! You’re sooooooo right! Jack does look like Sean Preston / Jayden James! haha

but OMFG! Lilly Rose is the prettiest thing EVER! SHe’s only 8 and she’s drop dead gorgeous!.. Vanessa on the other hand..

Vanessa looks absolutely haggard. Just look at the big version of the picture where her mouth is open, and you’ll see some horrible looking teeth. You’d think that with all the money they have, that she’s look at least a little better.

lily rose has johnny’s teeth, the two on the front are always showing soooo cute. where is he anyways?
she is wearing an engagement ring i thnk. he needs to marry her i think she would like that even if in reality it doesnt really matter.

The kids are really cute. They both seem to have Johnny’s dark eyes. As for Vanessa, wow. I usually think she is really pretty, as long as she keeps her mouth closed. But she looks terrible here. Goes to show how far makeup goes . Johnny was smart in getting with an under the radar woman. I know she is famous in France, but not so much here in the US. They probably get to live a relatively normal life because of it.

Wait, did the daughter have a kidney transplant? Because of her sickness a year ago?
Beautiful mother and children by the way, look at how Lily-Rose’s hand is around her mommy! Cute :D

vanessa was a great mother a wonderfull artist and a very beautiful women
i’love her , she’s perfect

I love Johnny and Vanessa. They fit so well together.

They have beautiful children too.

Nononononooo! He doesn’t look like anything related to Brit brit! He’s the spitting image of his mom when she was younger. Remember the “be my baby” Video when she was all sorts of cute? Lily definitely takes after her dad, very beautiful! Vanessa looked better with more weight on. She’s too skinny. She was cute and looked healthier when she was younger.

xxLOSTGIRL92XX @ 02/12/2008 at 3:26 am

Lilly and Jack are so cute!

Lilly looks all grown up! Aww,,,

And yup, Jack looks so much like Johnny…and looks like Sean P and Jayden J Spears too! :)

depp isnt french @ 02/12/2008 at 4:25 am

Depp has German, Cherokee (from a great-grandmother), and Irish ancestry
and oh yea he was born in Kentucky
Vanessa on the other hand is French

Vannessa is good looking.
She is just without make up and having a relaxed day with her kids.
She’s not 20 anymore.

She still looks gorgeous when dolled up for premieres and red carpets events.

She’s not ugly…it’s real life!!

His son looks like a splitting mini-Johnny, it´s crazy!

He´ll carry on the good genes.

Vanessa was gorgeous, one of the most beautiful women ever. Now she’s looking natural and that’s great. As for her skin, probably it’s because of smoking and weight loss, she’s really skinny. But she’s still gorgeous. And they make such a beautiful family, their kids are incredibly beautiful..but with parents like them, it couldn’t be otherwise!

ugh @ 02/11/2008 at 11:10 pm

my guess is Vanessa is/was a smoker b/c her skin has aged prematurely. but i love that she’s not obsessively botoxing and is out w/her kids–no make up, very natural.

yeah, a crack smoker.

Johnny is hot, his kids are beautiful but his wife looks strange, like she is around 60 years old. What happend to her? She used to be preaty.

anastasia @ 02/12/2008 at 5:45 am

I have always wondered why Vanessa never got her front teeth fixed. She still has that big gap.
She’s gorgeous though.
Nice a-rse too.

i think johnny depp and vanessa paradis are going to get really really mad when they’ll see paparazzy took pictures of there children and to all of you who think vanessa is ugly i’d like to see you’re face she’s just a regular girl who looks tired i saw her before with no make up on and she looks pretty

now this are beautiful kids!!

what a lucky man Johnny is !
the kids are very beautiful…

Lovely family! @ 02/12/2008 at 7:43 am

Their daughter Lily-Rose is hauntingly beautiful. I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a girl so pretty but with something older about her. She definitely has inherited Depp’s gorgeous eyes!

I love that Vanessa has gone all natural with no makeup and unstyled hair. That’s what a typical mom does when they’re spending the entire day at Disney with their children! Even though she doesn’t look absolutely gorgeous in these pics (she looks very tired) , I have seen other pictures of her looking very beautiful. Give this woman a break, she’s just being a mom!

Vanessa Paradis just chose not to care about her looks while going to Disneyland with her kids. What’s bad about that? She’s just a normal 35-year-old without makeup or botox.

Original Shar @ 02/12/2008 at 9:51 am

Yes, Vanessa is a good looking women, but when she opens her mouth it all goes to hell. Her teeth a messed up. I will never understand why people with money don’t get their teeth fixed. Does she really think that her teeth are fine? If she does, she needs a reality check. The kids are very good looking and I applaud both Johnny and Vanessa on the way they are bringing their children up. Lily Rose and Jack are absolutely adorable.

oh my god lily rose is gorgeous!! seriously, i don’t think i ever saw a better looking 8 year old. she’s gonna be soo beautiful when she gets older.

oh my god, most beautiful family ever! Lily-Rose- gorgeous, Jack- cute, Vanessa- beautiful <333 and of course, Johnny- sexy :D

Lilly-rose is absolutely stunning!!! What a beautiful little girl!!
I can’t believe shes only 8?????? What a gorgous family!!!

Can you say, beautiful kids?

The kids are gorgeous, thanks to Johnny! I think they both look like him. Jack still has a baby face, but as he gets older, we’ll see more Johnny. Sorry, I don’t see one bit of the mom in those beauties! I never thought she was attractive and too-thin smokers never age well anyway.

eurgh, Jack has aged. I thought he was still a baby??
Disneyland is cool.

Beautiful kids…just like Daddy. Both have his mouth. Mom doesn’t look too happy. Not sure what he sees in that one. I was going to say that she must have a great personality, but from the looks of things, maybe not.

can someone tell me what brand glasses vanessa is wearing

what a gorgeous family!
look at Lily! she’s soooo beautiful!
and Jack has the daddy’s nose. hahahah =D
so cute!
parabéns pra Vanessa e pro Johnny!
familia MARAVILHOSA!!!!!!

I think it sucks the way the paparazzi stalks them. Everyone knows Johnny doesn’t want his kids picture taken. Do we really need to know what kind of ice cream they want? And then people have the nerve to be upset because they want to spend most of their time in France! People suck!

I feel bad for his kids…or any celebrity’s kids these days. They can’t even enjoy a day at Disneyland without scum invading their privacy. Taking a picture or two is one thing, getting in their face and following them around is another. They’re probably counting the days until they go back to France.

I find it amazing that we very very rarely see paparazzi pictures of these kids and this family when they’re in France and then pretty much as soon as they land back in LA, they have cameras in their faces. I don’t blame Johnny and Vanessa for living the quite life in France – it seems to be a much more real place to thier children to grow up.

Beautiful children but would more would you expect? With parents like Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis those kids were always going to be gorgeous. :)

Indeed, the little Lilly is very pretty!

heatherbreakable @ 02/12/2008 at 3:32 pm

omg, even MY mom looks better than vanessa paradis, she is hideous !
how could johnny have married THAT ?
at least they made beautiful kids, specially lily rose. she’s gorgeous.

wow, lily rose is beautiful and jack is adorable! but what can you expect from a model and the sexiest man alive?

“and I think Lily-Rose resembles Johnny Depp more!”

False : Lily rose resembles vanessa paradis ! I am french and i saw vanessa paradis child ! They are alike as two drops of water !

you are right kate i googledo some images of her and younger she was more beautiful, here she looks ok, but she is fair and probably sunbathes too, but she looked beautiiful in her older chanel ads

Lily-Rose sure is a pretty gitl and V is looking terrible….so grey. Johnny can look so grey to at times! What she does now …how knows, but she did take bad thing al long time ago. The time she was with Lenny K. And then Johnny with Kate Moss… know what she does!!

Lily Rose looks just like Annasophia Robb! very pretty. Jack is adorable.

WOW, the little girl looks like Johnny Depp (except for the blonde hair).
The boy is gorgeous too.

But I think Johnny is gonna be really upset for these pics.

Me and lily depp have the same b-day

hey lily so pretty et jack too..

renee @ 02/12/2008 at 12:12 pm

Beautiful kids…just like Daddy. Both have his mouth. Mom doesn’t look too happy. Not sure what he sees in that one. I was going to say that she must have a great personality, but from the looks of things, maybe not.


I’d like to see your face with two little kids at disneyland (specially Jack that is known to be a roller coaster- not a calm boy at all!) plus the stress of being stalked with paparazzis, knowing that Johnny and her made it very clear that they don’t like at all seeing paparazzi pictures of their children..

I think Jack’s so beautiful.. and Lily is pretty too.. nice to see her doing well after the sickness…

And Vanessa looks goos on the photos too.. she’s all natural.. i love her very much…

They’re beautiful kids! And Lily’s gorgeous while Jack’s cute!

Wow Johnny and Vanessa’s kids are so beautiful, Lily-Rose sure does have Johnny’s eyes, what a beautiful happy family.

lilly rose is sooo beautiful!!!

Aladinking @ 03/12/2008 at 8:24 am

Johnny Depp is HOT!
And so are his kids..

Jack looks a lot like Johnny when Johnny was around 8 years old. You can find that picture on DeppImpact..

Lily-rose has Johnny’s gorgeous eyes!
But I kinda feel she’s growing up too fast..
She’s so young and she already look like a professional model..

ILOVEJOHNNYDEPP @ 03/31/2008 at 2:19 am

Yeah! I checked DeppImpact! I saw his young picture. Totally resembles his son, Jack!

I love Johnny !



Booom, eu aaaaacho que essas footos estãao lindas, rs
Lilly & Jack seeeempre, (LL
Vanessa & John seeeenpre, (LL

Catherine @ 05/29/2008 at 6:41 pm

There kids are so cute. Lily-Rose is pretty. I agree with everyone here. ^^

I love Vanessa, really I do, she’s great, but the reason she looks like that is because she smokes…I wish she wouldn’t do that to herself.

ke bonita familia y johnny esta muy guapo y vanessa esta muy bonita y sus hijos tambien ojala y nunca se divorsien johnny depp y vanessa paradiss

people think that she looks like anna sophia robb but i think she looks more like a blo9nde version of julia winter from charlie and the chocolate factory…and also does anyone reckon her hair will turn brunette when she gets older like her parents?

also if they loved their kids so much y don’t they stop smoking? there’s a pic of vanessa walking with lily rose in her hand and smoking!

A long time fan, I am shocked to see Vanessa Paradis. She not only looks tired, she looks gaunt in the face only, so 5 don’t think she has lost weight. Her body looks fuller and healthier than at times. But her face. What happened to the gal that looks like this? She is unrecognizable!

Nicole (: @ 09/27/2008 at 6:53 pm

wow. the kids are beautiful.. very much like johnny i must say. Jack- so cute + Lilly- absoolute stunner!
+ i dont see why everyone is giving Vanessa stick. she’s just being a mom; taking her kids out for a day + trying to not worry about anthing + making sure they have a god time! i give her a thumbs up!

they look like their mother =)

jdandvalo! @ 11/04/2008 at 11:41 am

lilly rose is the spitting image of her daddy wow theyre all gorgeous and with Johnny depp as your father life couldent be better sooooooo jealous! ha ha ha

Great pictures of the family. But I do really wish everyone would quit talking badly about Vanessa. I think she’s beautiful, and the only reason any one is talking about her is just b/c they are jealous! I do however still have to agree with everyone about Lily Rose, she does favor her father the most, but they are both beautiful kids:0) I have daughter named Lily too she is 3:0)

Sasha - x @ 05/23/2009 at 5:39 pm

i was at disneyland that day he was dressed up as captain jack sparrow opening a new ride and he hugged me i even hav a photo with him omg wow i love him forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lily-rose should totally get together with presley gerber/crawford – imagine their kids! lush!

no Amy…cause the world would not be a safe place anymore^^
that boy Presley is too stunning for words….

hellokitty @ 07/31/2009 at 10:43 am

lily rose looks eeeew!!!!why does everyone think shes pretty?u guys have no taste!she barely has eyebrows and looks dead and pale!

babygirl76 @ 08/06/2009 at 2:02 pm

aww the lil girl looks just like him a spiting image only she has blonde hair and that boy is so darn cute with his long hair .

those are the best looking kids i have ever seen! the girl lily looks like vanessa and the boy looks like johnny

Lily is REALLY pretty but i think Jack’s going to turn out cuter.
he’s probably just going to be another Johnny exept with i light complexion.

Cute kids but Vanessa…How did she snag Johnny? Love must conquer all, because he could certainly find a woman better looking than her. She is aging so quickly, look at other women her age! If I looked like that in my thirties, I would never leave the house!

Stunning simply stunning most gorgeous children i have sen perfect

Johnny puts out at least one and some times 2 movies a year. So how much is he at home to help his wife with the rigers of daily life? Don’t we all age but at various speeds. I’m sure she has a lot of help with the children and house keeping and stuff but it’s hard to know what really happens in other people’s lives. She also has a career or is that on hold while the kids are growing up? Part of her aging could be a family trait.
Come on give her a break! We were all beautiful once!

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