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Nick Carter is a Nose Picker

Nick Carter is a Nose Picker


Backstreet boy Nick Carter takes a quick pick (and we’re not talking the lottery here) as he waits to check in on Monday at LAX International Airport in Los Angeles, Calif.

Was it a pick? A scratch? Do we have nasal penetration? Ah, the joys of the nose pick. Just don’t get caught in public!

Backstreet’s back, all right! The Backstreet Boys Unbreakable Tour kicks off on Feb. 16 in Tokyo, Japan and ends on May 14 in London, England.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately for some) the Boys haven’t announced any stops in the U.S. yet.

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nick carter picks nose 02
nick carter picks nose 03
nick carter picks nose 04
nick carter picks nose 05
nick carter picks nose 06
nick carter picks nose 07
nick carter picks nose 08
nick carter picks nose 09
nick carter picks nose 10
nick carter picks nose 11

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  • hannah



  • Raven

    DIS-FUG-STING!!!! ||||||||| :lol:

  • bkzdreamer1

    1 st…nasty

  • Amanda

    GROSS! I mean I know everyone has done it at least once in there life but in public?

  • Amanda

    GROSS! I mean I know everyone has done it at least once in there life but in public?

  • Amanda

    Hmm… why did it post it twice?

  • nychica

    i think he looks good he lost alot of weight…but i can never look at him the same after he dated Paris Hilton and tattooed her name on his wrist must have been on drugs???

  • teehee

    he’s still alive?

  • Queena

    Oh quit being immature. It’s not like he’s got his whole finger up his nose, which is something I can’t say for half of the drivers I encounter on the road (who apparently don’t realize that windows don’t make them invisible to the public).

    Darn, I wanted a US tour. :(

  • nychica

    oh yeah and who can forget his terrible show on E house of carters! never forgive him for that either!

  • nicole m


  • danicky

    i love him…
    thanks for posting!!


  • shana

    no prob ohhhhhhh come on people yes it’s a little “ewwwwww” but it’s okaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy

  • erika

    cuteeeee noseee picker lol

  • nicholas boon

    i pick my nose too

  • noami81

    for crying out laugh … isn’t tat something y’all do when u think nobody is looking… and now u go on saying it is gross…

  • hello


  • Amy

    I bet all of you have picked your nose before in public without even thinking about it. And it wasn’t even a true pick, just a scratch from the side. How does something as stupid as this even get posted.

    BSB 4ever! Their new album is surprisingly good.

  • shammy

    No PIC-NICK!!!


  • Bre

    Oh come on ppl, lik you haven’t picked your nose once in a while =/

    But I’m glad to hear from BSB news, haven’t head from them in a while. Thnx Jared!







  • Sharie

    Well if they aren’t coming to the US, are they at least reaching Canada? I would cry another ocean if they didn’t come :(

    Backstreet Boys forever!

    You have fans here!

  • igotyou

    He’s soooo HOT nose picker or scratcher or w/e he does :)


  • trish

    he is human! so dont say ew you do that too

  • igotyou

    Sharie They are touring the USA and Canada in the SUMMER TIME – they are going overseas now ….

  • litlemissgiveadvice

    they will come here after the overseas tour they are just getting it out of the way first. they will be heading across american next

  • whynot

    i dislike this man!! Oh he is so gross!

  • idos


  • CG

    FORTUNATELY they won’t make any stop in US

  • eddie jones

    once you’ve slept with paris hilton picking your nose actually adds a notch to your collar

  • Camila

    I love him!!!
    BSB are the best!!!

  • http://=== clinic

    nychica @ 02/11/2008 at 9:45 pm i think he looks good he lost alot of weight…but i can never look at him the same after he dated Paris Hilton and tattooed her name on his wrist must have been on drugs???

    Not only that, is he std free, not hardly..sort of like dita and manson they had an open marriage from what manson says..people have lost their minds and can loose their health ..its gross.

  • .ew!

    but, any way, I luv him. I Lovee BSB \o/

    ~* We want BSB in Brazil

  • Toksie

    I dont believe this tabloid fodder
    the boys are coming to the US this fall :)

  • maria clara toledo

    Nick Carter is ugly!


    I don’t see what’s the big deal about this. Looks just like he’s scratching his nose.

    But I must admit, I wouldn’t have recognized him at all. To my shame I must say that He’s actually grown pretty hot.

  • michelle

    he look so good , nice to see him

  • Feña

    oh plz!! he’s picking his nose..BIG DEAL!!

  • Frida

    Cutie…and “OH MY GOD. he’s picking his nose!” To me it just looks like he’s scratching it. Welcome to Europe for the tour Backstreets, wish I could see your concert but I probably won’t be able to =(

  • Lauralovesbsb

    OMG NICK IS SOO HOT!! and that istn even a pick that is clearly a scratch… of course theyre coming to the U.S.! it’s a WORLD TOUR!!! they’re still planning it theyre not done!!

    thanks jared for posting backstreet boys stuff
    we want more!! please


  • hellene

    well that just proves HE IS HUMAN!!!…

  • http://amy1 peny

    iilikeyou and i love you nick and also iwoul like to meet you someday soonnick
    please write back soom from special fan penny

  • Raz

    So what if he picks his nose, in the end he’s a human being. It’s not like he’s some special kind of species that’s not allowed to do all the gross things we all do in our everyday life! And once in a while, we too, get caught by our parents or friends, if not cameras, picking our noses, it’s a natural act!

    Although I feel bad for you all in the US, I’m so sorry, I think it’s great that they’re coming out for a while. Here in Australia we see them once every blue moon, you’re so lucky, you live in the same country as them :(


  • Heidi

    Let the man pick – if he ate the bogey it’d be gross..

    And Nick is stil hawwwwt..

  • http://backstreetboys iuliana_backstreet boys

    hy,my name is iuliana,i from romania-bacau.i liks backstreet boys very id

  • Arjay

    Hey, I can do that too!

  • writerbook2509

    It is all true, all of it and I do miss BSB, and I am sorry Nick’s old neighbor is using him, BSB, and I, and their fans as pawns to make money, even through it’s all illegal. I made this group so it never, ever, ever happens again what has happened to 9 others and I in ohio or to any ghost writer that is an amatuer again. I am the best in the world, still even this year, for like my 11th year now as a writer, so BSB and them all loose their agrugments against me, etc. since I know the laws and all the rules, policies, laws, etc. BSB and others broke over me. I wish BSB would wake up too. Help them, please. Their e-mails are on here: . Here’s the group, I started and yes, I am as posted above and Sandra hacked my posts for the contracts or had someone do it for her and BSB since they paid or asked them to post their press releases. Not cool. But it is all true.

  • cris

    so wat??? its natural…I LOVE YOU MORE NICK CARTER my one n only love…

  • Cheryl

    looks like he is.

  • http://missy felichia

    hey sexe