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Rachel Bilson @ 'Jumper' Premiere

Rachel Bilson @ 'Jumper' Premiere

Rachel Bilson (in Monique Lhuillier) glitters in gold at the premiere of her new sci-fi film Jumper at the Ziegfeld Theater on Monday in New York City.

Rachel, 26, is currently on the March 2008 cover of Lucky Magazine.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson at the Jumper premiere…

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rachel bilson jumper premiere 01
rachel bilson jumper premiere 02
rachel bilson jumper premiere 03
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rachel bilson jumper premiere 07
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Photos: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for 20th Century Fox
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  • Hanne Sofie Honningsvåg

    FIRST!!!!! jeeeeah

    love from norway

  • LINA


  • nidyzylc

    she looks good…

  • Smilehexe

    It says a lot that the bad critics on this movie are mentioned in the section of Hayden Christensen, but NOT in this one of JJ’s “darling” Miss Bilson… I can see no justice in that, but it does not surprise me.

  • B

    she got annoying when she and adam broke up

  • yily

    who gives a crap. her movie will bomb anyway. the film looks cheap just like her.

  • ohno

    This reviewer calls Rachel “heroin chic looking Rachel Bilson” and adds “she acts as if she has no clue that producers are paying her a salary to give a performance. ”


  • ocsethummer

    In the link #7 the reviewer mentions that Rachel told in a interview that her and Hayden were together as a couple, did anyone else read or see that interview? Can you direct me to where I could see it on the net.

    I agree with #6, she was alot more respected when she was on the OC and dating Adam Brody, they were invloved in voting campaigns etc, I was thinking it was 50/50 positive/negative with her likability, but she is not fairing well lately from readers or critics.

    I cant see any chemistry, the photos seemed staged of the two of them.

  • amy

    Like her friend Mischa, Rachel is the kind of actress who spends too much time fussing about clothes and what she’s going to wear when she goes out that she doesn’t have time to focus on her acting.

  • page

    Rachel’s Last Kiss got bad reviews as well.
    Among the ex OC stars’ movies, the ones that the critics have liked are Junebug with Ben and Thank You for Smoking with Adam. Mischa’s Assassination of a High School President got good notices at Sundance.

  • g

    someone give this bitch a cheeseburger and tell her to eat something

  • truish

    So I heard that she SUCKS AGAIN at her latest attempt to become a moviestar… Thank God that her numbered days in the biz to go back to oblivion is fastly approaching!

  • B

    She has lost soooo much weight!

  • lissa

    I love Rachel

    She’s beautiful

  • lissa


    Rachel in The Last Kiss had very good reviews

  • face

    Rachel was basically playing Season 1 Summer in The Last Kiss. She’s Summer again in this movie.

  • oompa

    So far there are zero positive reviews

  • eva

    The complete neglect of charm, intelligence and any depth of character is like a slap to the audience’s face, Bourne Identity director Doug Liman clearly forgetting what makes a movie complete. The locations may throw up occasionally awesome cinematography, but relying on special effects and sharp editing to carry any film in any genre is a sure-fire giveaway that it’s nothing more than a money-spinning exercise. They really don’t know what they’re trying to acheive.

    It’s never a good sign when you find yourself actually wanting the ’hero’ to meet his sticky end about half way in, and praying for another instalment of Spiderman just to stop the rot. Please, please, please don’t go and see this, because if it does even the smallest bit of business at the box-office, you know they’ll curse us with a sequel.

  • xxxxx

    i’m not her biggest fan but people are so harsh on her here. she’s much prettier than half the girls in hollywood and she might not be the best actress but she’s not absolutely terrible either.

  • Love for bilson

    I haven’t seen the movie so I can’t comment on her acting but basing this purely on looks, she is GORGEOUS! The skin is flawless, her big brown eyes are beautiful and she manages to get the whole cute-yet-sexy thing down perfectly. The beat-up and bedraggled celebs like Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, with their orange skin and bad hair extensions will never come close to Rachel in the looks department.

  • sal

    Is it me, or does she have a massive head?! Too much air in there?

  • deli

    Now Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson have something in comon. Both have appeared in bad Hayden Christensen movies.

  • peter

    Beautiful Beutiful Beautiful :)

  • kate

    shes pretty and looks like my sister

  • Kim

    @ ohno “This reviewer calls Rachel “heroin chic looking Rachel Bilson” and adds “she acts as if she has no clue that producers are paying her a salary to give a performance. ”

    That’s because she was not hired to ‘act’ she was hired to look like Natalie Portman! Jeeze, it’s so obvious. And no, she’s not pretty, attractive when she’s not gaunt and dehydrated looking like she has been this last year, but not “pretty”. Total rubbish!

  • Kim

    # 8

    “In the link #7 the reviewer mentions that Rachel told in a interview that her and Hayden were together as a couple, did anyone else read or see that interview? ”

    I think thats a misprint or misquote. Neither of them have admitted to being a couple. In fact Rachel said when asked if her and Hayden were a couple in Playboy (Feb.20008) interview .

    Playboy: “is it safe to assume that you and Hayden are a couple?”

    Rachel: “No.”

    She said then when she would not talk about her love life.

    Also in the Feb. 2008 issue of Insite Gainsville Magazine Hayden said that he did not date her or Sienna. And these are direct quotes from recent interviews. Insitegainsville magazine

  • positive comment!

    I love Rachel! The dress is amazing – fits to the backround*hehe* Go 2 hell jealous haters!!

  • Kim

    @positive comment!

    er, Rachel…is THAT YOU? Hehehe! :)

  • Kim

    @positive comment!

    and since when are actors supposed to dress to blend in and match their movies’ poster? hehe I christen that dress the ‘glittersac’

  • mothernature

    I think this is sad that Hayden section of the web is getting bashed with the bad reviews when Rachle is the reason why the movie is as bad as it is she is not a good actress Liman knew this used her anyway and now has to pay the price for her bad talent he should have left her on the OC or TV and went for a more experienced actress for the part.

    #26 don’t feed into the press PR that Rachel tried to heave at people she isn’t a couple with the man and PR are experienced enough to know if they are or aren’t and Hayden even said he had to give up a personal life to be a celebrity and knows that Paparazzi will get anything on him they want even his private life and they have done that in the past..The fact we see not even one once of affection towards this woman at all. I say they are friends at best but nothing more..

  • demi

    Who cares if the reviews are terrible. Audiences are stupid anyway and the studio spent a gazillion dollars brainwashing everyone into believing this is a terrific movie, and that includes throwing money to blog owners like Jared and Popsugar, so they can go on and on about how great Rbils is.
    It’s going to be No. 1 this weekend and Rachel can continue with her fantasy that she’s an A list movie star.


    @ demi




  • irishdreams

    You won’t find to many people who even know who rachel is only unless you follow RAYDEN fan boards and also if they watched OC. I don’t doubt if people have nothing better to do over the long weekend they might go to see this but, many people are already sick to death of Rachel Bilson and her troll voice is driving people crazy..She has nothing intelligent to say and she acts like an airhead in almost every interview you can’t trust one interview to the next..And that remark about needing to take a shot of tequilla before she did the sex scene granted it might be a joke but hell that really talks bad about her co-star that she needs to get loaded before she could do a scene with him..I’m sure there is a ton of hollywood actress’s that would do any sex scene with hayden sight unseen..

  • Just a by stander

    No offense, but does eveyone listen to the critcis when movies come out. I personally never liked critics or ever listened to them. I believe they are way to judgemental on everything. The movie hasn’t offically come out yet so there is no way in telling whether it’s good or bad. From the clips I have seen online, Rachel seems to be doing a decent job. Just my opinion though

  • me

    I usually truest critics review. especially if most of them agree about the quality of a movie, like in this case where most critics dislike it. And beside I also read reviews about the movie from regular people who saw the movie and didn’t like it.

  • rachel +++++


  • Brooke

    she looks pretty