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Reese Witherspoon: I Want My Kids Teased and Bullied

Reese Witherspoon: I Want My Kids Teased and Bullied

Reese Witherspoon strolls along Santa Monica Blvd. with the nanny, her daughter Ava, 8, and son Deacon, 4, in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Reese, 31, was interviewed on Good Morning America earlier this morning to chat up her new film, Penelope. The film is about a girl named Penelope, who ends up with a pig’s nose and ears as the result of a family curse. Reese related herself and her kids to pig-nosed Penelope:

“We all sort of deal with that in our own childhood or raising children. I wouldn’t want my kids to miss out on any of that teasing and bullying. It makes you who you are–when you don’t make the soccer team and you can’t… The thing that drives me crazy today is everyone wins the award. Everyone wins an MVP. No. They’re not! I distinctly recall the two weeks of crying because I didn’t make the volleyball team. It made me interesting.

And what if Reese‘s kids don’t make the soccer team one day?

“You know what?” Reese said. “You deal with. Hopefully, it helps kids figure out who they are. But it is tough as a parent. But that’s part of being a parent!”

Penelope opens on Friday, Feb. 29. That’s right, leap year day! It’s the first film to open on leap year day since 1980!

The video of Reese on MGA should be soon be posted on

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  • Sc gal

    She’s so right. I wish more parents would understand that too.

  • Totally Agree!

    She’s soooo right!

    Way to go Reese- nice to see she’s sticking to her old-fashioned-Southern roots especially living in Hollyweird where excess is the norm not the extreme!

  • Carrie

    I agree with her completely. I thought it was well-said too.
    It really DOES build character, it makes you kinda scrappy, so you can roll with the punches.

  • pengy


    No where in the interview does Reese say the words “I want my kids teased and bullied” therefore, it’s irresponsible for you to imply that she said those words in the heading of your article.

  • bejeebus

    she has common sense, intelligence and good values. there is a lot to admire in reese. wish there were more people and parents like her.

  • pete

    being teased and bullied is why so many kids shoot up their schools nowadays

  • jannie

    We understand Ms. Witherspoonful: since you were tormented as a kid you want your kids to be tormented too. Good for them, eh? Would you want them abused in addition? Not that you were, but hey, it might toughen them up a bit, eh? Maybe you could get Jakeypoo to torment them some way or another, so that it could be calibrated and supervised. Think Jakey would be game for that? LOL.

  • Amy

    She’s a brilliant woman! Pete, kids used to get beat up all the time. The difference is that now we have “self esteem training” which pscyhologists have recently discovered has created a generation full of narcissism. Telling kids they always win and they can have anything and be anything is what screws us up, not bullying. Kids don’t learn to handle dissapointment from an early age.

    My dad used to get beat up by his neighbors all the time, but one day the little brother tried to beat him up alone and my dad popped him right in the face. My dad is a well adjusted adult. He’s the best guy in his office at his job, he has two kids who are in private college with no major mental issues, he’s been married for 30 years. He seems well adjusted to me. He’s never shot anyone. He’s not twitchy or reserved.

    Then you have about half my ex-boyfriends who sand “I am special, I am special, look at me” in third grade and they don’t know how to handle getting dumped or rejected. Do you wonder why there are so many more stalkers these days?

    Reese is right. We aren’t all the MVP. This is life, and if we shelter kids from it now we only impair them in the future.

  • jannie

    “No where in the interview does Reese say the words “I want my kids teased and bullied”

    No she says:

    “I wouldn’t want my kids to miss out on any of that teasing and bullying.”

    Which is essentially the same thing. She says in effect “I would not want my kids not to be teased and bullied.” Two negatives=one positive. See?

  • jannie

    Please note she “cares” for them via a nanny, like the rich aristocratic English do.She is not aristocratic other than being Southern, but she is very very rich. And she walks on ahead by herself while the kids run after her with their nanny. She is already teaching them that “mommy is a very busy woman, and important too, and may not always have much time for you. You kids sort of have to accept that…”

  • Maria (Shorty)

    This is one woman who knows how to separate fantasy (movies) and real life. She knows what it’s like to be picked on and — sad to say — it’s a fact of life. She’s preparing her children for life — a Mother’s most important task. Good for her!!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Amy: HERE! HERE!!

  • tr

    You sound like a miserable obsessive person. You should seek therapy for your obvious jealousy and anger issues.

  • Polly

    You sound jealous of Reese. Get over it. She’s beautiful, rich, successful, talented and classy. YOU are a little piece of nothing compared to her. Sucks to be you.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    Jannie. You need to get your facts together. The ‘rich’ British aristocrats were not the only people who had nannies. My friend in the UK had a nanny and her parents were niether ‘rich’ or aristocrats. ‘Regular’ working women have nannies as well.

  • pengy

    My point, Jannie, is the two following statements:

    “I want my kids teased and bullied” (which Jared used as the headline)

    “I wouldn’t want my kids to miss out on any of that teasing and bullying.” (which Reese actually said)

    The first statement is much more shocking and blunt which is why it was used. My problem is that it was made to look like a direct quote, which it wasn’t. And that is wrong. Her words were twisted to use as shock value and then misrepresented as a direct quote.

  • food for thought…

    Can’t commenters leave their own opinions without being attacked by others’= i.e.: polly & maria- sure, you don’t have to agree with jannie’s view on reese, but to then go on the “warpath” and “attack” her because she has a differing opinion/viewpoint as you do? That’s insane! Also- hasn’t anyone here learned to debate/disagree civily? Makes a world of difference when you are trying to get your point/opinion/view across… No one will take your point seriously if you muck it up with verbal insults… Just a little food for thought…

  • food for thought…

    Sorry- meant to say: polly and tr… not maria…

  • passingby

    That is not a Nanny, that is Reese’s mother and her children’s grandmother.

  • hohum

    What she is trying to convey is that children need a little hardship in their lives in order to deal with everything that will come their way once they reach adulthood- INSTEAD of being yes’d to death as the younger generations have, starting with all this “let’s protect the child’s self-esteem”-psychology. I do not think that she is implying that it is alright for children to be “bullied” to excess- just that it is good for them to expeirence a little dissapointment in order to build the life skills they will need to grow into productive members of society and therefore be able to put those learned skills to use once life has really taken hold of them…

  • jannie

    pengy: you split hairs to excess. The two statements are substantially the same. As for Reese, I couldn’t care less about her one way or another and why should I be envious? She makes more money than I do, although I am not poor by any means, so what? So does Tom Cruise and a zillion other people. I simply comment on some odd things in her statements. If her “nanny” is the grandmother, fine. Having a nanny of any kind sure makes parenting a lot less “tough”. I suspect she wants sympathy where none is due. Yeah it’s really TOUGH being a parent when you make 20 million a movie and have a nanny to take care of the children. Poor poor overburdened Whitherspoonful.

  • Anon

    Reese is doing that bcz she wants the paparazzi who is stalking them to take her picture and stop pestering her kids. These animals shout and say terrible things in front of children, so che really has a difficult time going places alone with them and getting ambushed. They really need some stricter laws about paps and little kids and also about them shouting at people and chasing people in cars. Years ago the chased Reese and caused an accident. Fortunately, she wasn’t injured. She is a strong person to handle things as well as she does. I agree the headline is totally misleading. Reese is right. Kids need to face some adversity. It builds character. Sometimes you have to be disappointed. Some times you have to try really hard and lose. Or not get picked. That’s how real life is.

  • Ivana

    Reese looks like a school girl!!!!

  • nicole m

    I think she’s trying to say that she wants her kids to kick son a**!

  • nicole m

    I think she’s trying to say that she wants her kids to kick some a**!

  • nicole m

    I think she’s trying to say that she wants her kids to kick some a**!

  • nicole m

    ****! Sorry guys. Technical difficulties with computer!

  • Anon

    She wants her kids to be strong.She has a solid outlook and a good support network. Her parents and extended family are real close. And she has Jake. (sigh!)

  • Toni

    she was spoonfed.

  • Didi

    She needs to be careful about what she says and how she says it. There’s a difference between playful teasing because you suck at a sport and actual bullying which destroys lives. bullying makes your life hell and leads to many kids committing suicide.

    So STFU Miss Witherspoon.

  • lu

    she seems like a wonderful mother, a true inspiration!

  • Milla

    THAT’S NOT A NANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • scram

    I agree with pengy #7 completely. Don’t take things out of context.

  • N

    It is time for this women to be retired. Her films give lot of loss for Hollywood studios. She has lot of money and if she would like a little privacity with her children and her boy toy it is better stay at home and enjoy the money whose she had won. Nobody like to see her films out of USA . In Europe there are lot of blonde l woman whose walk on street. The european man needn’t go to the cinema to see a ordinary person. There are profissionals actresses in Hollywood whose are better them she.
    I would like to be free when I will take a airplane in Germany of escrement or vaginal secretions with lot of sexuals illness in the chair I will sit. If this prostitute would like to practice public sex with the whore men Jake Gyllenhaal she can make in haus of her mother or Naomi Foner or on streets like every street prostitute.

  • holly

    She seems like such a B itch.

  • Alison

    Reese wants her kids to be like any other – and so they should be. She is right on in my opinion.

  • poorbabies

    She sounds SO MEAN!

  • N

    Herr children won’t be like any other because their parents house is a prostitution house. They will learn at home how to use the people to have advantages for themselves. They will learn how to use sex in work to become better position. Look at the son or daughter of director or actors or actresses of Hollywood. They can’t do nothing. They don’t have any kind of profission. Look Jake Gyllenhaal. He is a ignorant without background… We saw what was happened with Heath Ledger and I wait what will happening with him and other promiscuous element of this brothel in USA. I don’t know what this women make with this bisexual. He is wearing the same jeans trousers and the same t-shirt of another men. And somebody whose worked in Reuters told in a blog in computer that Jake Gyllenhaal had a homosexual lover whose worked there. This person told the name of this men too. I will wait what will happened with these people in future. I can see a good future for none of them!!!

  • just me

    Reese sounds like she doesn’t understand that unrelenting, long term, vicious teasing and bullying can really damage a young child. However, a little adversity can certainly teach a child that life is not always fair, easy or fun. There are degrees of that lesson, though, and too much is not beneficial to anyone. A wise parent knows where to draw the line for their kids and not let things get out of hand.

  • zara

    If she means that her kids would be better off not having everything handed to them because their parents are actors, then of course. A doctor’s kid still needs to provide insurance to have an operation. Extend that to anything you like.
    But either the way she said it or the way it was reported and spun makes her sound like suffering “should not be missed out” by any child. That’s a bad way to look at it and phrase it. Too much spoiling and privilege without hard work should not be given to kids or anyone. But “missing” out on suffering and teasing, that’s not the right way to put it. No mother should WISH anything but happiness on her children. Suffering alone does not build character, it’s how you deal with it that matters.

  • zara

    She’s not “preparing” her kids for anything. She is wishing that her kids go through the same kind of bullying, teasing that she was used to as a child. Well, easy for her to say, right? Look how everything turned out for her, not to say there isn’t tabloid gossip and rumors in her life, but her success tends to overshadow that. I can’t understand parents who adore their kids to death such that they never learn to work hard and achieve things of their own merit, but I also don’t understand parents who want the same cycle of failure and reject to repeat for their kids. There is a middle ground and a middle path, why doesn’t she just encourage her kids to be the best they can in life? No need for this kind of pressure. MVP means nothing at a kiddie level, sorry.

  • lidia

    Oh, come on! Stop taking it out of context, people. Even though it does sound like she’s okay with her kids getting teased and bullied, I think she might’ve used the wrong words. I think she’s trying to say that she doesn’t want her kids to be coddled and privileged, but would rather have them prepared and able to tackle difficult circumstances. No matter how much you try to protect your kids, they’ll never escape hardships.

    I’m pleasantly surprised. I never hear any public figure speak so candidly of what life is truly like. You don’t always get into your first-choice college, you’re probably not going to get a Jaguar for your 16th birthday, and not everyone is going to like you. People here are saying that she’s cold and doesn’t really care about her kids. Well, if she didn’t care, she’d hire a tutor and keep her kids comfy all the time so they wouldn’t complain and bother her. But, seeing as how she wants her kids to be able to confront life’s obstacles, she seems to be an involved, responsible parent who actually cares about how her kids will turn out.

    Kudos to you, Reese! It’s refreshing that some people can see beyond the self-esteem propaganda that’s been shoved down our throats since the 80s.

  • Jim

    Hey if you’re rich and make 20 million a movie, you’ll get a lot of support from people whatever you say. Money talks and money attracts and money rules in Hollyweird. She’s got the money and as a result she’s Queen of Hollywood who can not say or do anything wrong Anyway you will probably never see her in rehab. Not the type.

  • SofiaRocket

    I guess Reese knows best what’s good for HER kids, but different children need different treatment. What makes one child stronger, may crush another.

    And perhaps the best thing she could to to her children was to keep her husband=their dad…

  • cheyenne

    DIDI….you’re the biggest fcukin’ schoolyard bully of them all.

    You are a nasty, vicious piece of work and your comments on all the threads on Just Jared are always so callous, cruel, spiteful, vindictive, negative, vile and mean.

    You are one of these bullies who hides behind your computor to spew your own special brand of hate.
    The anonymity of the internet is the perfect vehicle for you to do this, isn’t it you gutless wonder.

  • JAne

    Stupid bitch!

  • eM

    Reese is a terrible parent!