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Rihanna in Car Crash

Rihanna in Car Crash

Rihanna was involved in a car crash last night following the Grammys awards ceremony, reports Extra.

After taking home a Grammy for Rap/Sung Collaboration for her hit song, “Umbrella”, Rihanna was inside her car outside the Island Def Jam party when another vehicle rammed into it.

Thankfully, no one was injured.

Last night, Rihanna performed a two-song set with The Time–”Umbrella” and “Don’t Stop The Music”. Watch that performance here.

Pictured here: Rihanna arriving at the Entertainment Weekly Grammy After Party Toasting LA Reid held at STK on Sunday in West Hollywood.

45+ pictures inside of Rihanna prior to her car crash

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rihanna car crash 01
rihanna car crash 02
rihanna car crash 03
rihanna car crash 04
rihanna car crash 05
rihanna car crash 06
rihanna car crash 07
rihanna car crash 08
rihanna car crash 09
rihanna car crash 10
rihanna car crash 11
rihanna car crash 12
rihanna car crash 13
rihanna car crash 14
rihanna car crash 15
rihanna car crash 16
rihanna car crash 17
rihanna car crash 18
rihanna car crash 19
rihanna car crash 20
rihanna car crash 21
rihanna car crash 22
rihanna car crash 23
rihanna car crash 24
rihanna car crash 25
rihanna car crash 26
rihanna car crash 27
rihanna car crash 28
rihanna car crash 29
rihanna car crash 30
rihanna car crash 31
rihanna car crash 32
rihanna car crash 33
rihanna car crash 34
rihanna car crash 35
rihanna car crash 36
rihanna car crash 37
rihanna car crash 38
rihanna car crash 39
rihanna car crash 40
rihanna car crash 41
rihanna car crash 42
rihanna car crash 43
rihanna car crash 44
rihanna car crash 45

Photos: Kevin Winter/Stephen Shugerman/Vince Bucci/Getty
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  • LINA


  • zahib


    i cant believe that

  • LINA


  • Waverly


  • antonia aka toni

    omg wow.
    shes soo dope.

  • j

    If no one was hurt, then how is it news? I mean I don’t ever want someone to be hurt in an accident but there;s no point to the story.

  • The Arab Aquarius

    Hope all is well. driving is so dangerous these days

  • Helena

    I hope she’s ok, but I hope she was DUI, because I dislike her and her singing/dancing, so she’ll get bad publicity!

  • Regina

    It’s so hideous how can anybody can win a Grammy nowadays.


    Word is that the cause of the accident was due to the driver staring and getting shocked by Rihanna’s ugly hair.

  • britney

    im glad nothing happened to her. she was great last night and looked great.

  • http://terrible terrible

    ewwwwwwww rihorror could star in that old movie Mad Max -she could be a dude -is that Bobby Browns old hair style or Ralphs..ewww

  • Janeee

    ewwww her hair :S

  • t

    I can’t get over how much I love her hair, so gorgeous for her face and modern, she said on the red carpet she may even go shorter so sucks for you haters, stunning.

  • Trickz

    Hey hey hey, the ONLY thing ugly about Rihanna is her nail polish! Only crack head transvestite prostitutes where that hun.

  • sign on dotted line

    Lets all sign a Petition” to force Riri to buy a Bag Of Hair and some glue.

    This hair is horrible,just horrible.
    Makes her look like a guy and her nose even larger.

  • bangs

    i thought she was keeping her 10 fingered 4head covered.

  • fugly

    once again, jared! why you posted this wannabe talentless loser so-called singer???? i hate her. she’s overrated and she cant sing shiit at all. she is ugly and always dress ugly!!! the hair is very tranny, just like her!!!

  • bajan

    @fugly, etc.

    lol. ur comments did not stop rihanna fuh takin a grammy award. she and i got the last laff.

    anybody could get a grammy is truth but at least rihanna did NOT buy hers like beyonce whose father buys her. if bey could get a grammy fuh weave, ass shakin, crotch shots, and split personality, i am sure rihrih could get one too.

  • y

    rihanna is not as talented or prettier than bey, im no fan of either, but i have eyes.

  • elisabeth

    Not talented , I think she did’nt deserve this grammy !!!
    Hate her hair it makes her look like a man and her the nail polish but I like her dress and shoes

  • kathy

    Haters. get it together she is here to stay.. am glad she is OK.

  • mailia

    Haters can hate, but she is beautiful. You can’t deny this. Did you see the chemistry between Jay and Rhi Rhi. I think Beyonce, Solange, or Tina, paid someone to run into Rihanna’s car.

  • hah

    probably set up by beyonce! lol

  • a

    I love her new short hair; I think the long hair made her face look even longer. She’s a cute girl and she’s rocking the cut. Those blue and gold dresses though… just awful!!!


    #24, LOL. Someone should look into that…..

    Rihanna’s performance was one of the worst performances I’ve EVER seen on any major award show… Morris Day, I love you, but please sit down. You don’t have Prince’s staying power. (Although he’s still super funny)

    #23 – I totally saw that. I thought Solange was going to jump on Rihanna when she grabbed Jay. Wonder how she got that record deal….hmmm…..

  • http://00000000000000 child disrespected on purpose

    those are some of the worse pics of her ive ever seen. her head looks elongated and her side profile her nose looks wide. these are not good pics, but then she aint that cute, she had an awful performance,and how disrespectful for her to be pulling up on jay in front of his woman, thats why bee showed her what a real star performs lotion your knees gurl>riri. and lotion your bunyons.

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    rihanna got jerked last night. how was umbrella not the ‘record of the year’, or ‘song of the year’?!?

    oh well, she’ll win even more next year.

  • Ally

    ahhh!! thank god shes ok! her performence was great last night!

  • shannon

    glad that she’s ok but the way i see it all u haters out thier can say she’s ugly or u dont like her hair but at the end of the day she went home with a grammy and yall r typing at home on ur computers like me so why hate!


    “Umbrella” didn’t win song of the year because that category honors songwriting ability and that song is incredibly juvenile.

  • Didi

    is it wrong that i don’t give a sh*t?

  • Whyyyyyyyyy

    This did’nt happen last night, the Def Jam party was the day before not after the Grammys…

    This is what happens when you get no spot light. for winning a pacifier grammy.

    Rap/Song how funny, and she got exactly what she deserved….

  • OMG



  • um 14

    # 14 t @ 02/11/2008 at 2:05 pm I can’t get over how much I love her hair, so gorgeous for her face and modern, she said on the red carpet she may even go shorter so sucks for you haters, stunning.
    U mean take the FRONT WEAVE pieves out til her real hair is shown, which is short short..going shorter haaaaaLMAO..

  • I Want to Like This Broad

    …But that crap she pulled last night being overly “affectionate” with Jigga , especially after it’s been widely reported that she f&cked him for tracks for this album, shows how classless and young-minded she really is. Even he started pulling away from her after he caught on to what was going on and she looked pissed for him not feeding into it.

    If she was the caliber of woman that could steal him from Bey, it would have happened. These are the type of stunts that will get you labeled as a jump-off in the industry quick. Not to mention that that rumor is what jump started her career and had people giving her a second look

    * I mean really, 3 albums later and she’s getting recognized as a “new” artist? Yeah ,ok, uh huh, whatever*

    I can see this chick years from now when she’s a z list never-was ,looking used liked she’s been f%cked alot, giving some entertainment show the exclusive interview on how she got ran through by alot of industry types, just to get press to sell her latest album.

    Karma is a big foreheaded bitch!

  • hotdog

    first of all beyonce is NOT jealous of rihanna on the tyra banks show rihanna herself confirmed that her and beyonce have absolutly NO PROBLEMS WITH EACHOTHER rihanna told tyra that her and beyonce aren’t close friends but they are deffinitly friends.

  • truth

    im glad shes okay. lol at you guys suggesting it could have been Bee. I would have thought it would have been either solange or michelle or even papa knowles who “accidentally” hired someone to bump into her car…….

    is it just me or is there something that stops rihanna from being beautiful? i cant put my finger on it, maybe its her forehead??? or how far apart her eyes are. not that it matters but just a thought.

  • fl

    your’e right rihanna isn’t a beauty, she is cute at certain angles. for me it’s her nose and lips + 4head.. Ri is another one who is over exposed, pushed down our throats with the ”HYPE” thats she is all that. fortunately people aren’t so easily -Brainwashed- into this as her PR comes at you like Tom Cruise with a new young wife he’s invoking into his scifi cult.
    I think Bey knows she needs to keep an eye out for Ri , she probably has a mad crush on JZ, but can’t act on it in public.


    @ FAMOUS

    Though “Umbrella” was huge…even huger than “Rehab”. Rehab was a better song, that was also sung better, by a FAR better artist/performer. Hands down. To give the Grammy to RIRI would have resulted the Grammy’s to the level where the Oscars are now-just another “award giver”.

    If you dont understand what im saying about that-JENNIFER HUDSON won an Oscar for her very first film…it was an OK performance-not great-not good-IMO. Meanwhile, KATE WINSLET-still have yet to win one. SHAMEFUL!

  • http://Yahoo Freedowiser

    Yo Rihanna…Have you ever noticed how when u throw a boomerand it does’nt come back…well…It’s not because of the wind speed, its because of your iglyness

    PS. your biggest Fan

  • Jameya

    I am glad you are okay rihanna


    she didnt get hit by a car
    she was hit by chris brown
    thats why both missed the grammys and so little was put into this report.
    look it up

  • fatir

    Rihanna is so sexy

  • mirical

    i feel a little bit sorry for rihana

  • mirical

    i fell sorry for winthey houson