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Violet Affleck Plays Peek-a-Boo

Violet Affleck Plays Peek-a-Boo

Peek-a-Boo I see you!

Violet Affleck and mom Jennifer Garner spend the day playing games in the park on Monday in Brentwood, Calif.

Violet had a ball as she played on the swings, had a few peek-a-boos, got a flying ride and made mommy smile all day! Before the park, the perfect pair stopped by Whole Foods to stock up on some groceries.

More pictures of Violet Affleck having a girls’ day out with mommy…

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violet affleck peek a boo 01
violet affleck peek a boo 02
violet affleck peek a boo 03
violet affleck peek a boo 04
violet affleck peek a boo 05
violet affleck peek a boo 06
violet affleck peek a boo 07

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  • ANdrew

    she is the best mom!!

  • Ugh

    I love how when she’s with Affleck she pretends to hate the paps and when he’s not around she LOVES the paps and hams it up for them.

  • wow

    Yes, she’s the best mom in the entire universe. Like, can you believe she actually spends time with her kid? Imagine. I know there are no other mothers who would think of doing such a thing. I think she should be mom of the year:)

  • Ugh

    I know. GMAB. She’s the best mother in the world because she constantly has her kids photographed for the paparazzi? She is such a phoney

  • silvia



  • Janet

    She’s just spending time with her kid. No news here.
    For those of you who don’t have kids, if you are stressed and unhappy you’re child will sense that and react to that. What kind of mom would she be if she let the paps interfere with her time with her daughter? In most pics Violet seems pretty oblivious that she is being filmed, this is because her mother is distracting her. You don’t get these times back with your kid, you have to enjoy them.
    When she’s with Ben, she can act however she wants, they are adults and smart and know what kind of impression they are giving out when they are photographed.

  • sunshine

    These are beautiful pics. You haters should just give yourselves a break and skip over them & go to the next pictures if you think she’s playing up to the cameras. Funny there were pictures of Ben and Jen at the meditation park and she didn’t act like she hated the paps, she just ignored them like she always does. She never talks to them or looks at them. Pictures of them at the market and parks the other people around them don’t see the paps, why do you think she does? They are prob. taken by long lens (I hope for Violet’s sake)

  • poor Violet

    Pixs of this child are seen every day! Jen is courting the paps with her child. They live in a big mansion with plenty of room for this child to play at home but no her mother makes sure she is seen everyday. Not a good mom at all!!!

  • Wha

    If mom knows she’s going to be photographed everywhere she goes, why does she subject the kid to the inevitable intrusion day in and day out? Why not just keep your ass at home and venture out only occasionally? I’m sure she can afford a swing set or two to put out in the backyard.

  • live in LA

    She takes this child to places where she knows the paps are to be found 24/7, and she does this everyday. Don’t be fooled by her act. She starts a new movie soon and this is free publicity.

  • em

    would you rather her look miserable every time she’s seen out with her kid?

  • Julia

    Why is she a ‘phoney’ because she takes her kid to the park? It’s better than making her kid stay inside all day. And she doesn’t like the paps, look in the last pic, she’s looking at them with a mad look.
    Why post if you hate her?

  • Jen’s new movie info

    Jen will be filming in Boston beginning in April for 3-4 months with Ricky Gervais.

  • reality check

    Would I rather she look miserable every time she is out with her kid? Of course not, she saves that for when she is with the hubby!

  • kelly

    Are you kidding me? You think she is bad because she takes her child to the park??? Have you never had kids? Cause if you have, you know you need to go out with them to different places…like the PARK! She doesn’t play up to the cameras…she just goes on with her day. Again, why post, or even read about her, if you are such haters?

    Jennifer Garner is a beautiful and talented actress and a great mom…who likes to take her kid to the freakin’ park!

  • Haters skip to next picture

    Its about Hayden Christenson I believe. I think you will be happier reading and posting about him. WHy use up your valuable (?) time on someone you don’t like? Dont let ugly feelings destroy you it makes you ugly inside and out.

  • So beautiful

    Have you ever seen such love a child has for her mother as in that second picture? If that was Shiloh with Angie, Jared would post it 8 x 11 all over this blog!

  • [☆F a m o u s☆]

    damn, violation’s fug even got to jen! lmao

  • Julia

    I agree #17. It’s beautiful. Pic 5 is adorable too.

  • Contra

    She’s out pimping that child again and her image as hollywoods most normal mom, yeah right! what normal mom wears juicy $300 sweatshirts to the park. She’s so desparate for publicity of any kind because her acting sucks so she’s using her daughter to keep herself in the spotlight.

  • sarah

    They are cute and all but damn, they are photographed almost everyday. Next to Britney, I see their paparazzi photos the most.

  • You/Me

    Jen is losing more and more weight, she is so pretty but she is getting way too skinny. For a film maybe?
    For the record I don’t think she knows she is be photographed, it really must be a tele-photo lens. Jen seems to just go about her business and she and Violet have their routine of going to the market and the park. Why let the paps rule their life??
    The absense of Ben in 95% of the pics is what bothers me. Wtf is wrong with that guy that is can’t get out with his family. I mean, sure, Mommy & Me time is great and all but uh, so is Daddy & Me, or better yet the whole family together! I think the smiles all day by Jen when she is with Violet and the total transformation when she is out with Ben says alot. They do not look like a couple happy to be together.

  • Julia

    How can anyone say she’s unsuccessful? She was just in Juno. That movie was amazing. She has a pretty successful career.

  • It’s late!

    Hi! post #22
    Ben was out with them this past weekend. Starbucks, Pet Store, Meditation Park.

    Google Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Pet

    You’ll see them together……..the whole family.

  • Didi

    this is just a mother giving her child some attention. give credit where credit is due you f*ckers. most parents think ‘attention’ means buying their kid a big mac so at least she’s doing what she’s supposed to. I dont mind hollywood celebs who are human beings and not giant walking child pimping lizards in disguise.


    so cutee<3333

  • Ben doesn’t show affection

    Well . . . at least Violet hugs her back.

  • ariana

    why is she being a phony? She took her little girl to the park…her daughter cant sit around in a house all day no matter what the size is…

  • me

    Ben looks like he is on crack!!!!!have anyone seen him lately, he is so skinny. Proably regrets being married to a troll and having a troll baby!

  • Anonymous

    pimping out this child again.ppl in hollywood are taking notice of this too.don’t always believe everything you see.jen’s smart and quite media savy.she knows exactly what she is

  • angelina_mmm


  • anonymous

    You guys think she’s a bad mom? She’s just spending time with her daughter just like any other mom would. If other moms with their little kids were photographed and stalked by the paps like she was, we would see them doing exactly what she does. The woman is enjoying being with her child, it’s not her fault the paps keep stalking her.

  • Maja

    VI is such a cutie and she looks like her daddy more and more by the day….

  • Nice

    I wish Jen were my mom! My mom NEVER took me to the park as much as I wanted, which was EVERY DAY!

    She shouldn’t lock her kid up indoors, is that what everyone thinks she should do?? Lame. Don’t be jealous cuz your mom didn’t love you as much as Jen loves Vi.

  • zoe

    aww…these are such adorable pix of them! i feel guilty looking at these pix….mainly, because i know its awful being stalked everywhere. anyways, all the haters are pathetic, saying jen’s career is over, ‘showing’ off her kid everywhere and is phoney. good mothers spends time with their children. also, her career is so not over! she’s been on broadway and had two movies come out this year. they were fairly successful and, she’s worked with some of hollywood’s most acclaimed actors!

  • raye

    Wow, she likes to be out for the paps everyday! Doesnt she do anything now besides exposing her kid?

  • Poor violet

    This weekend Jennifer and Violet have been photographed at starbucks, mediation park, pet store, palisades markets and now the park again. No celebrity exposes their child in the media to such an extent as Jennifer Garner does, that poor little girl growing up with cameras constantly in her face, it can’t be good for her. I’m not surprised Violet was crying at the market in the palisades (check out pacific coast news online), Violet had been paraded around town all day by her stupid mother was tired and started crying because she saw another camera, she’s as sick of it as we are.

  • B&J

    awww cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    and while Jen kept her occupied Ben went to check on the house they are building: he looks HOT :P

  • Love them

    can they get any cuter!??!?!!??!

    and yeah ben does look hot!

  • lailai

    I used to like her but truth be told I find her so incredibly boring now. If you watch old interviews with her (ie before they were married), she has always had a HUGE crush on Ben (who BTW, looks a lot like Michael Vartan in that link mentioned by no. 38) As for her pimping out her kid… I’m beginning to think so too.

  • Agree with lailai

    Was a fan of Jen but now seeing her for what she really is…

    Poor Violet having to be paraded out in front of the paps daily.
    I feel sorry for her =(

  • sandy

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, OMG, they are so cuuuute!!! My favorite family for sure! She and Ben make a great couple and their daughter is adorable! They MUST have another baby!
    And haters please, shut up!
    Love them!!!!!

  • Violets Auntie

    Aww. I took my toddler out every day, weather permitting, because she was an active baby and loved the playground and had to get rid of a lot of that energy.

    Jen isn’t out for the papz, she just chooses to enjoy her daughter in spite of them.

  • Beth

    She does not parade V infront of Paps. They follow her. If she did she would put on a show. V would be dressed to the nines.

    I think people just come here to start trouble, so that others will argue with them. That is sad.

    These are 2 people that live their lives….they happen to be famous so paps follow them. Are they never suppose to leave the house? Let servents get them things?

    It is either rude people saying ben is never around when he is or others saying about V being photographed by paps. Give me a break.

  • sunny

    Wow taking your child out to see and explore the world around them is better than having a gaggle of kids who are locked inside every day so the bogie man doesn’t get them. Or keeping them caged so a camera doesn’t see them. At least Violet knows what a park and a grocery store are. More than can be said about some other rag tag kids.

  • ben_fan

    The cutest kid! And Jen the cutest mom…
    I love this family, they’re great together!
    And Ben is a great father and a great husband!



  • gypsy Marie

    She’s a good mom. My son wishes I was that into playing. And I wish I could afford groceries from whole foods!

  • Jen know where the paps are!

    You’re all kidding yourselves if you believe for one second that Jen is not a famewh*re! She will do anything to have her pictures taken by the paps.

    Why don’t you see other celebrity stars out with their kids??? It’s because those celebrities know where the paps are and take their kids out where paps won’t be found!

    Jen and Violet having their pics taken is on a DAILY basis! NOT every other day or once a week, but DAILY…. So PLEASE, don’t feed us bullsh*t that Jen is a wonderful mom and can’t help it if the paps JUST HAPPEN TO BE THERE………BULLSH*T!!!

  • #50