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Amy Winehouse Pumps You Up

Amy Winehouse Pumps You Up

Amy Winehouse, fresh off from her 5 Grammy wins, appears to be pumped up for the launch of the A. Buckler Men’s fashion line on Tuesday in London, England.

Singer Natalie Colie (daughter of music legend Nat King Cole) has spoken out against Amy‘s Grammys, claiming that bad behavior is being rewarded. Having previously admitted to her own drug use she said, “It sends a bad message to young people trying to get into this business, trying to do it right and keep themselves together.”

More pictures of Amy Winehouse all pumped up…

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  • Logan

    How is this chick in rehab? I am rooting for her. But when they treat rehab as if it were a hotel, I doubt it will work.

  • Ifa


  • http://0000000000000000000000000000 um on no she did not say it

    Sure Amy’s not well yet..but what nerves Natalie Cole has..
    when she clearly got famous piggy back riding off her dads name (whom I love) .
    Amy may be an alky/addict, but her talent is clear- and thats why she was recognize. didnt Ms Natalie win a few awards while being a junkie herself and how many marriages have we had Ms. thang. Please dont call foul when youve smelled yourself.

  • stellar sophie

    Dearest Natalie Cole (not Colie, Jared),

    The Grammy’s is about judging music- not your lifestyle. If that was the case, even you Natalie and everyone else in the music industry would have to take your awards back along with an end to the Grammy’s. Although Amy is an overdue shipwreck and we all hope that she’s actually returning back to the reality of her talented gift, let’s keep the Grammy’s about music NOT morals!

  • ?

    Is she really in rehab or did she get a boob job?

  • mikeC

    She doesn’t look half way bad to be honest with you.

    As for Ms. Cole. She needs to mind her business. As previously mentioned, the Grammy’s are about the music not the artists lifestyle. But let’s get real for just one second shall we. I’m not one to pull out the race card, but if Natalie were really honest with herself, would she be so quick to judge had Amy been black? Me thinks not.

    And while we’re at it, where does Natalie’s support lie when Hip Hop artists like Eminem and 50 cent are receiving accolades for promoting violence, misogyny and homophobia? Where or where do you stand on that Ms. Cole?

    Those who live in glass houses should through stones.

  • jmo

    LOL Coming from someone that earned a lot of money and fame while sucking on a crack pipe and having failed marriage after failed marriage, talking shit about someone else’s accomplishments in the face of similar problems is the crack smoking pot calling the crack pipe black.

  • what

    Natalie Cole had a big cocaine habit in the 80′s. Did she forget? Or is she on drugs again?

  • becca

    Oh, nice bash someone who is still struggling with their demons why don’t ya?

    Natalie Cole should have realized that Amy’s Grammy’s were a small victory in a young life full of many personal failures.

    What a biaytch she is.. We all know Amy could give two shits about this non story anyway so…..All’s well.

  • gypsy Marie

    Oh f*ck natalie Cole. Amy is none of her business. Nor is she ours. She gives us her wonderful music. That’s what she signed up for!

  • missing the logic here

    what is amy trying to struggle through anyway??? Did someone in her family die, does she have a disease thats fatal.

    Why is she even an addict in the first place.

    She’s not trying to point fingers she’s just stating a fact, kids who want to GET in the industry and is baffled that Amy has dispite her many problems managed to get awards for one song..LOL I mean it makes me want to go back to playing the piano writie some good songs, win some awards (hopefully) and sit back and enjoy my crack as i let the money roll in and the royalities fill my account

    seriously explain the logic behind Amy notwithstanding her “problems” gets an award for one song. About rehab none the less….is that the world’s anthem now. Is that why ppl relate. to her??

  • Lisa

    I’m rooting for Amy, I hope she get the help she needs.

  • ihavenolife

    why am i finding her sexy? i so don’t wanna find her attractive but i can’t help it. :lol:

  • anon

    Amy is an ARTIST who uses real life as her muse. She lives a real life.

  • G550

    Honestly, Winehouse garnered those awards for the album. Listen to other tracks besides Rehab, listen to the music without video — which so many artists depend on for impression these days — and you’ll understand why she won. She has a unique vocal touch, the band rocks, she writes good material, it’s well produced. I doubt she was too screwed up while making the album, but certainly hit rock bottom while touring and promoting the recording.

    I’ve liked Natalie Cole but the continued use of her Dad’s recordings turned me off a bit. No longer on the fence now. She sounds sour and jealous and tasteless for hating on someone who is battling a serious problem, er, which she also had. Sorry but Rihanna and Beyonce did not deserve to be awarded ahead of Winehouse for what Cole believes is their perfect behavior and appearance. Maybe she could make the case for them winning more if they wrote some of those damn ad jingles they sing.

    gNat, get over it. The Winehouse album was eligible this year, voters judged based on what their ears told them, and she was awarded 5 statues. End of story.

  • http://tyyyyyyyyyyyyyttttttttikdj ita 15

    Here’sAmy before and after and she will get well, when i dont know, but as a fan i know she will.

    Get well Amy.

  • Jughed

    I think she looks great in these pics.

    Natalie Cole has a point, but the fact is Amy Winehouse is genuinely talented and a great singer — even if you don’t agree with the subject matter. She’s the most exciting thing happening in pop music right now, anyway.

  • tom c

    What’s up with her boobs? They look like rocks. Did she get implants?


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  • piper, with a low

    # 3 um on no she did not say it @ 02/12/2008 at 11:01 pm

    I’m all for people taking personal responsibility for their actions, but I just don’t get Natalie’s reasoning. Yes, last year was all about girls behaving badly, but Winehouse had a good album. For Natalie to target Amy when people and groups like Eric Clapton, Aerosmith, Ozzie Osbourne, the Allman Brothers, etc. were allowed to claim any awards without a finger-wagging just comes across as hypocritical with a twinge of sour grapes. H@ll, I believe the Grateful Dead got their first Grammy after Jerry Garcia died of an overdose.

    Sufficient to say, Amy was not the first Grammy winner to win while battling a monkey. And Amy is hardly glamorizing drug abuse. She and Blake are poster children for not using drugs… the emaciation, the nasty appearence, the jail time, and in Amy’s case, the squandering of talent.

    And FYI to Natalie… I do remember back in the 80s when Guns & Roses came on the Grammy stage, with booze in hand, and accepted their awards high as kites.

    Drugs aren’t good, but they were never good, so why use Winehouse as a whipping girl?

  • Stevens

    The Grammys are about music, not about personal behaviour and I’m glad it’s that way. Because, if you start to withhold awards based on behaviour, where would you draw the line? Drug use is bad, yes, but for some divorce, promiscuity … are just as bad.

  • gi

    Shame on U Natalie:)))

    Amy is trying to get rid of the drugs, right?
    HOPE SHE GET’S CLEAN, music deserves it…

    Congratulations Amy…
    I like her voice and music
    5 grammys, way to go;)

  • andrĂ©

    Natalie Cole’s speech is just so ridiculous that it’s not even worth discussing it.

    Amy is looking amazing.
    She was amazing at the Grammys, a totally different Amy from what we’ve been seeing from her before rehab.

  • kate

    that poor trainwreck

  • GirlyGirl

    Yeah, it certainly seems like someone is jealous! I think the Grammy wins should serve as encouragement for Amy and show her how much potential she has and that she has so many reasons to clean up and shine like the star she is. I love her music, she is unique and so incredibly talented. I really hope she can get past the drug problems. I can’t wait for another album!

  • She-who-shall-not-be-named

    What happened to getting back in rehab without fail after the Grammys? I read in the press that Amy is out of Rehab for real . This girlor her camp thinks her Grammy wins can justify her prematurely leaving the treatment facility? Amy is a heavy crack addict, I don’t think she can make it on her own so soon. Remeber she was having intense withdrawal systoms a few dayz ago.Wanna bet that Amy’s demons will overcome her in a matter of dayz?
    I give her props for looking fresh and pretty in these pics. Was she really in Rehab or recovering for boob lift surgery?

  • lili

    She finally looks clean as if she took a shower and brushes her hair she’s looking good to me

  • macdougal

    She looks great, she did a great record, she deserves to win. Maybe Natalie Cole shouldn’t have exploited her dead father singing a duet! Let’s face it, Amy is an icon, an original, not a reality show contestant, she’s self made with unique style and great talent. Let’s hope she can cure herself from the disease of addiction and grace us with more music.

  • v

    I don’t like people whose has drug addiction!