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Natalie Portman - "W Magazine" March 2008

Natalie Portman -

Natalie Portman shows her support for permitting gay marriage and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the March 2008 issue of W Magazine.

On equality for all in marriage: “I’m into monogamy. But I’m not really into marriage right now. I sort of hate the legal aspect of it. What does the state have to do with it? Why are they making rules that say my lover can stay in the United States if they’re foreign or share my health care benefits because I’m straight—but if you’re gay, you can’t have that?”

On being impressed by Hillary Clinton: “I met with about 10 representatives that day and Hillary was by far the sharpest. Did you read Gloria Steinem’s op-ed piece? Hillary’s just so experienced.”

On the impression she gives off in her public profile: “The only thing that’s a little bit annoying, is I feel that I come off kind of boring sometimes.”

On why she’s super-picky about the movie projects she chooses: “As an actor, you have to respect your position and know that you are fulfilling someone else’s vision. Mike Nichols always quotes Mamet’s line: ‘Film is a collaborative business: bend over.’”

Silk dress, collar and cuffs by Miu Miu.

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  • Lytha



    Do a movie in Brazil Natalie, we love you, and we’re tired to see you in ephic films. Stop it.

    Do something like a love story in a beach, in Brazil.

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  • shhiii_baby

    Smart and Beautiful!!!! Love her!!

  • JUC

    she makes pretty good choices if you ask me. shes knows that she is the only one in charge of her life. thats a pretty good thing to have in Hollywood or anywhere

  • jmo

    I read Gloria’s op-ed piece and it was horrible.

  • bejeebus

    we know you’re smart but you seem to be getting a bit big for your britches. save your moral, ethical and political commentary for when you are socializing wirth your friends and co-workers. i, for one, do not care to read your pretentious ramblings. it’s not your job to jam your thoughts and feelings down the throats of the viewing/reading public.

  • OBfan

    she look so much better from Scarlett … cutie

  • Mya

    Natalie is just beautiful! She’s also very intelligent to be so young.

  • Helena

    5: Not lately, sadly. Goya’s Ghosts and Mr Magorium weren’t so good and early word for this movie hasn’t been good at all.

  • Mya

    #7, you do realize these people are human and are allowed opinions and you also do realize that she’s ASKED these questions?

  • lola

    Weird picture, but I love her….she’s so smart! I don’t agree about Hillary, but I”m all for gay marriage.

    –read my blog at

  • mac

    love her

  • bejeebus

    hmmmmm, this is very interesting.
    “Regina” responded to my comment on the Scarlet thread with the EXACT SAME comment that “Mya” responded to me with on this thread. coincidentally, “Mya’s” comment came immediately after “Regina’s” comment on this thread. how interesting……

    you might want to be a bit smarter going forward. it’s obvious you are the same poster (Regina) trying to pretend to be two different people to “gang up” on me. very very lame and very very stupid.

  • Russian Girl


  • drebble

    As much as I seem to like her, she can profile herself as very intelligent and special as much as she likes, in the end she (should) gets graded on her acting skills, and unfortunately, from all the movies i’ve seen her in she didn’t impress me.

  • Tan

    #7 – I think this is EXACTLY her job. She’s a public figure and in our celebrity obsessed culture people are more likely to listen to what she has to say than some politician.
    I wish more celebs would talk about important issues when they are interviewed – and I wish more journalists would ask these kinds of questions of course.

  • mouche

    Ahh she is so beautiful and sounds funny and intelligent! Looking forward to see her in The Other Boleyn Girl!

  • cristine

    both Natalie and Scarlett seem pretentious and hypocrite

  • Jon

    Quite frankly, Natalie isn’t ‘shoving’ her opinions down anyone’s throat. She’s discussing them and you can CHOOSE not to read them. Actually, since Natalie Portman is known for being fairly political and discusses her opinions often, I’m surprised you chose to read them at all. Or why you kept reading them after you realized she was discussing politics. Also, she has every right to discuss her opinions just as you shared your asinine opinion with us.

    I’m down with her choices. Not all of her films (or anyone’s, frankly) are financial successes or critical darlings; but she isn’t a director, she’s an actress. Her one responsibility is to give a performance, to take different roles. And I think she’s done that, better than mos tof younger actresses. Between playing a brassy gambler, a manipulative British queen, a depressed piano prodigy, and a man, she’s making very good decisions. These things may not make her into the Greatest Movie Star Of All Time, but I don’t think she wants to be. I think she’d rather be an actress.

    Also: HOT! I’ve seen the rest of the photos from this shoot, and while this one isn’t the best, *rowr*.

  • Arab.Aquarius

    shes beautiful. and shes a great actress as well

  • Sara

    Drebble, your post makes absolutely no sense. “she can profile herself as very intelligent and special as much as she likes, in the end she (should) gets graded on her acting skills”

    Maybe I’m dense but I don’t recall Natalie Portman ever so much as implying that she ought to be given special merit for not being an idiot.

    Tan- Word, dude. And like Jon points out, the only celebs who really go on about politics are known for it. If you don’t like reading it so much, why, you know, read it? Only idiots and people who whine for the sake of whining do this.

    Cristine’- “Hypocrite”? I’m wondering where that comes from (especially since that is not only the most overused insult when it comes to celebs and their opinions, but it almost always used inaccurately).

    There’s another quote from this interview where she calls The Other Boleyn Girl “history through porn”. Ha! Very, very true.

  • kate

    shes GORGEOUS

  • momodd

    I’m surprised so many people find her great on that picture! I think she looks like a transexual!!

  • Regina

    you might want to be a bit smarter going forward. it’s obvious you are the same poster (Regina) trying to pretend to be two different people to “gang up” on me. very very lame and very very stupid.”

    Too sad that you’re wrong. Do you spend all day thinking of cráp like this? It doesn’t have to do with the fact that both of these articles were posted back to back because they are related? IDIOT!


    SHE looks creepy in this picture! ewwwwwwwww


  • Amy

    I adore Natalie, but I’m very disappointed in her choice of candidate.

  • d

    Yes vote Hilary. I love her. and you choice in candidate sucks Amy, probably voting for gay obama

  • mothernature

    Natalie is a great lady she is talent and intelligence rolled into one small petite package..Yes the picture isn’t all that great but, she makes it look good no matter what..

  • mikey

    stunning as always…. cant wait to see her next project.

  • holly

    Regina, Maybe you should just STFU! You are always trying to start sh*t with people. You are a miserable b*tch.

  • hilary sucks

    f*** off d, obama is the best. Hes a real hardworking black man who has came to the top via hardwork and has drawn people to his side with his charisma and honesty, unlike hilary who has mostly gained her popularity by being associated with Bill Clinton.

  • irishdreams

    Natalie’s next movie will be out end of the month The other Boleyn Girl I read the book and Natalie looked great as Anne Boleyn..and her MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS was due out tomorrow but I heard they movied it to april..too bad I wanted to see if give Jumper a run for it’s money..Jumper got nasty reviews and MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS got rave reviews thus far from critics..for Natalie herself..To me she rocks..

  • rae

    She looks beautiful. I love Natalie, though admittedly it helps that I agree with her political opinions.


    Portman is hot. But I’ve got a man-crush on Eric Bana. Wow!

    Here are more photos of him:

  • Carmine ragusa

    Wow this apartheid supporter Portman gets attention on this site.

  • kate


  • Jon

    Carmine and Kate are both racist idiots. Why are they allowed to post?

  • d

    as always when a person reads someone’s else opinion that is different from their own, stupidity prevails. how difficult is it to comprehend that people are different and that we are all entitled to our own opinions without being attacked by those who are extremely narrow minded? i know that not all the posts are from the US but the ones that are only show why some people, including some celebrities who have been chastised for thinking so, think that the US is such a callow and undereducated country.

  • someone

    What a remarkable woman, I love her.

  • Sandra

    Natalie has always seemed stupid and inarticulate to me, especially when she is unable to script interviews in advance. I think if she weren’t a little Jew celebrity that she would never have got into Harvard, because if anything, she’s average and in fact quite dumb in a cliche sort of way. Furthermore, she sucks as an actress and is not impressive intellectually though the press often brainlessly portray her as such. The way she goes on and on about Clinton’s experience…hello!? such a basic example, move on dumb shit, give me more.